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Mose Oct 6
She was beautiful.
The moment I was graced with her presence the air became a warm, calming breeze. It took me over in the way an ocean wave would.  I’d been with her for five minutes before I wanted to undress her. Not in the way which her black lace dripped over her shoulder exposing her sun kissed skin. I wanted to undress her in the way which she was naked and exposed in the light of her own essence. I desired to know what dark day allowed her eyes to read such solemnness. I clung to know of the day that gave light to the darkness & allowed her eyes to twinkle of the stars.
She read books in the dim light corner of her faux leather chair surrounded by plants. Gleaming to the light as if she was the only reflection of its pure form. I’d been admiring her from the across the room as she grazed up the pages of her latest novel.
She always looked to have known something more than that was ever said. I swear, there was a whisper through the crack of her bay window. The wind breathing secrets to her instead of air.
The way she smirked led you to know that she knew of something you never would. I’d never have known what love was but looking at her in that moment I thought I just might.
Bibhusita Mar 10
I undress my mind
To the rhythms of earth,
And off my skin goes dancing
Into the light;
The light,
That skips your eyes!
Autumn leaves
Flutter to my right
Shivering in delight

The breeze, a flirty male
Caresses, strokes
Wanton orange fragility 

Curling inwards they do sigh
Caught by the devils eye
Misty morning browns
Bidding goodbye
Luna Maria Oct 2019
oh darling,
undress me
I want to feel
my lips against your lips
skin against skin
hands wandering on your
damped body
touching you
careful and slowly
kiss me passionately
                 & love me deep.
promise me that you will love me forever.
rk Sep 2019
if you cannot
unravel my soul,
then you do not deserve
to undress
my body.
Makayla Jordan May 2019
you undress my mind with your eyes
see behind the walls surrounding my thoughts
and caress my worries and pain
rk May 2019
you succeeded where others failed
you undressed my mind first
now all my words are for you.
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