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Dec 2021 · 644
understanding women
solfang Dec 2021
boys do not want
women who understands;
they want women to
understand why
they can't be
I hope you understand this.
Dec 2021 · 177
sad eyes
solfang Dec 2021
don't look at me
with those sad eyes,
I might just cry;

they are speaking to me;
it's as if they are asking
if their deceitful looks
are the reason I'm leaving

so close your eyes,
so they can't see me
when I walk away

open them now,
for now, I'm gone
There was a time I thought I saw our future through your puppy eyes
Nov 2021 · 716
so sad it got me rhyming
solfang Nov 2021
don't mess with my feelings,
I'm not just another fish
you're reeling;
I might have bitten your bait,
but god,
how did you make me think
meeting you was fate,

you left me drowning,
so lost I can't even
see our future shining;
so let me go,
for now i know,
your "love" for me,
is just another dumb show
sadness gets your heart coming up with verses
Oct 2021 · 185
love me
solfang Oct 2021
don't love me for my nice;
love me for my ugly

love me when I transform
into a monster
with the power to
drown everyone with
my tears

love me when I have
claws as my tongue,
even when the words I say
might stab your heart

love me when I lose control,
and start staring at you
with my crazy eyes;
the kind you experience
when hurt is in your sight

I wasn't ugly before;
rather my nice couldn't
mask itself any longer,
and decides that it is best
to let loose by destroying itself,
leaving room for nothing else
but whatever niceness that's left.
it's sad to not be loved when you're ugly, and only wanted when you're nice
Sep 2021 · 506
empty heart
solfang Sep 2021
I didn't realise
it was temporary,
or perhaps it was
always sympathy;
either way
our love was unhealthy,
and my heart is now
left empty
Yet another unsurprising heartbreak
Jul 2021 · 760
bad weather
solfang Jul 2021
i want you to
sleep through the rain;
you once said this weather
reminds you of pain,
the misfortunes that it carries
in its tiny droplets,
almost felt melancholic

I, too,
have the same fear
when the roaring thunder
comes roaming
above my head,
I close my eyes
and lie on my bed

But like what you once said,
we can only believe that
the storm will pass
and we'll be awake someday
I'll be by your side and I will hold your hands, okay?
May 2021 · 742
seasons of love
solfang May 2021
the clouds on my mind
are forming rain;
and it is leaking
through the drain
of my eyes,
after I said my goodbyes
to a summer of love,
and welcomed winter
from above
reposting a draft; I'm currently stuck in winter, but occasionally feeling its warm rays.
Apr 2021 · 2.2k
solfang Apr 2021
I don't know
if the air on the other side
is fresher or cleaner;
all I know is,
I'm suffocating here
Gonna change to a new job for better career growth; loved my company and the people I worked with
Apr 2021 · 647
solfang Apr 2021
she said
I should suppress
my feelings for now
and she is right;

deep down I'm just
too tired to fight;
sometimes I find myself
walking further from the light;
and for that I feel like
my life can never be bright
(cont. from previous poem)
my therapist said that it is best if I increase my dosage, so I can temporarily suppress my feelings
Apr 2021 · 1.4k
sadness | madness
solfang Apr 2021
she asked,
"what is the cause
of your endless sadness?";
and I answered,
"nothing unusual,
it's just inner madness"
went to therapy today; doctor said I'll need to have a few more sessions to resolve my problems. Have to increase my dosage as well.

just as I thought I was getting better.
Apr 2021 · 1.0k
solfang Apr 2021
my heart is mad at my mind
for it chose to let him go;
but deep inside it knows,
unlike my heart,
his love for me
will never grow
learn to let him go
Apr 2021 · 2.3k
will time heal?
solfang Apr 2021
they say,
time will heal;
but the clock broke,
the day my heart
stopped ticking
for you
Feb 2021 · 523
solfang Feb 2021
you're the open sea;
endlessly wild and raging,
dangerously untamed,

yet I find myself
floating in it
toxic relationship problems
Feb 2021 · 1.6k
sleeping pills
solfang Feb 2021
the memories of us
induced my insomnia,
and the tears on my pillow
became my sleeping pills
how does it feel like being able to sleep at night without crying?
Jan 2021 · 1.2k
solfang Jan 2021
the truth is I can do
a thousand and one things
with him,
that reminds me of you,
but he's just not you
taking a hiatus in getting into a relationship
Jan 2021 · 339
solfang Jan 2021
my body recognises
what heartbreak is today;
my vessel is leaking tears
and I can't seem to fix the hole
that once made me whole

am I broken everywhere,
or just missing a part,
I can never tell,
for I've finally lost my heart

if love is this painful,
I shall learn to grief
or my feeling that was once hopeful,
might end up turning hateful
Let me know your experience post-breakup, and how long it took before you felt whole again
Dec 2020 · 610
out of the wood
solfang Dec 2020
my heart hurts lesser today
and that is good;
perhaps it is starting to feel okay,
or in a better mood

my tears no longer wet my face,
and that is good;
perhaps I am in the right place,
or my mind finally understood
that recovery is not a race
and I should not be rushing
to get out of the wood
2 months post-breakup; I think I've finally reached a point where I can't cry when I think of my ex anymore. When someone says time heals, they are just spreading the truth.
Nov 2020 · 1.3k
solfang Nov 2020
for you to write something
so beautiful and open,
how many times has your heart
been broken?
to everyone who might be reading this, your poems are as beautiful as your souls. Be strong, and choose to be the heroes of the battles that you may or may not have won
Nov 2020 · 350
dreamt a little dream
solfang Nov 2020
last night,
I dreamt of you;
in the dream,
we were holding hands
while walking down
the park we frequented,
we were laughing,
and your presence felt stronger
than the times
we were once together

and even in the dream,
I was well awake and aware;
that this is nothing more
than a dream
my dreams are personalised; often enough, it is about things I can never achieve or desires that I have never gotten. This is written for an old crush I longed to have a chance, but I've learnt to let go
Nov 2020 · 763
missing love
solfang Nov 2020
the love
that I've never
gotten from you,
is the kind of love
that I miss the most
find someone who loves you the way you love them
Nov 2020 · 1.1k
my biggest fear
solfang Nov 2020
the monster under my bed
grasped my hand tight,
for it too,
felt my fear
of loneliness
I am my worst fear after my breakup. Was about to go to sleep when I wanted someone to hold my hands, and I wouldn't mind even if it's the monster under my bed. I miss warmth.
solfang Oct 2020
my heart does not understand loss
or the idea of what's not yours;
it had only yearned for love,
not heartbreaks that dove;

torments itself with violence,
when memories unwind;
but suffers in silence,
and left sanity behind

oh, this heart of mine
someday you will learn
to somehow be fine;
but as for now,
love and treat yourself kind
breakup ***** cause I can control my mind but not my heart
Oct 2020 · 505
Wednesdays are here
solfang Oct 2020
when Wednesdays are here,
my love slowly disappear;
loneliness became what I fear,
when I no longer call you
my dear

perhaps after a year,
my mind will be in the clear,
my emotions, more sincere;
even if some days,
my feelings for you reappear,
I will be brave
and not shed a single tear
So, I broke up; when we were still together, Wednesdays are the day we go on dates. I guess at one point I realised that I fell out of love because I can see that even he was too.
Aug 2020 · 355
solfang Aug 2020
they say
time will heal your heart;
yet both are infinite
feeling lost.
Jul 2020 · 429
wish i wasn't the one
solfang Jul 2020
I wish I wasn't the one
you wanted to see change;
I wish I wasn't the one
who'll change herself for love;
I wish I wasn't the one
with the feelings you
don't love;
I wish I wasn't the one
for you
potentially going through a heartbreak soon - wish me luck
Jun 2020 · 1.1k
when my heart breaks
solfang Jun 2020
when my
heart breaks,
my soul does too;
and I can only afford
to lose one,
but not two
Extracted from my previous poem; I feel that it deserves its own spot
Jun 2020 · 468
solfang Jun 2020
I locked myself in
this doorless tower I built;
but you bragged that
you are a pious locksmith,
and the curious me
wanted to see you try

you wanted to play
knight in shining armour
but alas,
I was the princess
you did not save

forever trapped
in this sealed tower,
when will I truly be free;
for today I learned,
even the experienced you
do not have the key
choices were made but my heart is filled with regrets.
Apr 2020 · 546
solfang Apr 2020
she was the gem
that shined bright
in your eyes;
but today,
you compared
her with trash

one man's trash,
is another man's
perhaps you've
not seen her value,
or you're never a
lapidary to begin with
thought of a relationship my friend had, and it didn't last.
guess I knew why
Apr 2020 · 364
let it go
solfang Apr 2020
let it go,
and it's going
to be okay;
my mind gently
comforted my
broken heart

my mind chooses
what it wants to see;
but my heart
knew exactly
what it felt
my feelings right now
solfang Apr 2020
I can't afford to
hurt myself anymore;

my heart shatters
into tiny shards
each time it breaks;
and I've lost
too many pieces
to mend it again

my heart
no longer has a place
in my body;
it always chooses
to come and go
to find love
with pain

I've spent hours
waiting for it to
skip back in glee;
but my heart
always returns
with nothing but
sad, sad memories

when my
heart breaks,
my soul does too;
and I can only afford
to lose one,
but not two
when will it be the right time to let go?
Apr 2020 · 394
solfang Apr 2020
if our love
was meant to be,
why is it
that you were
the only one
who can't see?
got me doubting if we're in this for real
solfang Apr 2020
I learned
why clouds
sometimes rain
on sunny days;

it's hiding
sunbeams that light
the days away;
because when people
get too comfortable
with warmth,
they'll forget
thunderstorms exist
sometimes when you get too happy being in a relationship, you'll forget that it can potentially hurt you
Apr 2020 · 378
solfang Apr 2020
you were my muse,
the creative influence
in my poetries;
the inspiration
to my many
tales of heartbreaks,

a performer,
you sang the
songs of sorrow
that played in
my heart;
yet I found myself
singing along

your presence
is a unique form
of abstract art,
and I was the curator
that knew
your real value

I am no longer
a starving artist,
but even I had once
dreamed a dream
we'll be making
art together again
your affection has been inspiring me recently, but I can feel you're slowly ghosting me– and it hurts.
Apr 2020 · 263
solfang Apr 2020
all these items used
to describe my love
for you;
but I'm the one
treated like
an object
in this relationship
does anyone want to share their experience as well? I would love to hear them and give you some words of comfort.
Apr 2020 · 307
solfang Apr 2020
goodbye, my soul

I'll see you again
when I stop lying
to myself

when the reflection
in my mirror
looks beautiful to me

when I am kinder
to myself

and when I finally
stop writing poems
like this
Apr 2020 · 341
this feeling
solfang Apr 2020
this feeling
you did not want;
this feeling
that was once mine,
deformed over time;
this feeling,
warped and wrecked,
this feeling,
stomped and threaded;
this feeling,
has no cure,
this feeling,
it hurts for sure.
feeling sad
Apr 2020 · 299
break the block
solfang Apr 2020
not only did you break my heart,
but also my writer's block;
let this help me tell our stories
in the form of scattered poetries
Apr 2020 · 798
fairy tales
solfang Apr 2020
a girl can dream
for her prince;
but fairy tales
just don't exist
Apr 2020 · 466
solfang Apr 2020
a big catch
that is worth it;
that's what you once said
when you attempted
to reel me in

yet I see there's
no longer a bait at
the end of your hook;
perhaps an easy catch
just wasn't thrilling
enough for you
suitors aplenty, yet they seem to disappear the moment I return their affection.
Apr 2020 · 334
solfang Apr 2020
how is it
possible that both
love and hatred
exist in the
same empty vessel
my body owns?
gotta stay strong, gotta keep the feelings going
Mar 2020 · 1.2k
solfang Mar 2020
our heartbeats
can never be in sync;
for I know mine
will always be beating
faster than yours
Mar 2020 · 530
solfang Mar 2020
they call it the honeymoon stage
as it's supposed to taste sweet
but why does mine taste like
a different kind of bitter?
choices were made, but were those the right kind?
Mar 2020 · 319
solfang Mar 2020
you told me
I smelled like butterflies;
perhaps they've escaped
from your stomach
and metamorphosed
into this fluttering feeling
you're having for me
So recently, someone told me I smelled like butterflies (I'm not kidding).
I guess they were just flustered and messed up flowers with butterflies.
Feb 2020 · 300
body with no direction
solfang Feb 2020
is my body gravitating down,
or levitating up?

either way my body
is out of control,
and I'm stuck in the middle
trying to figure out
where my feelings for you
is taking me
Not sure if this feeling will take me somewhere good, or it'll just spiral downhill from here.
Jan 2020 · 494
solfang Jan 2020
I'll go back to my roots,
and sprout up new strength;
and when I blossom again,
it'll be done beautifully,
for the bees and butterflies,
and the gardener who believed in me.
started a new job; previous job took away my spark, but it's time to shine once again. During this period, I'm glad I had great support from people around me.
Dec 2019 · 1.1k
solfang Dec 2019
your love is a decoy,
because you'll always be a boy,
and my feelings,
is your toy to destroy;

that is how
you find joy
Boys will always be boys– because real men knows how to handle things with care
Dec 2019 · 256
learn to love again
solfang Dec 2019
a lesson to learn,
a passion to return,
a new love I yearn,
my trust, for him to relearn
the feeling of hurt; love itself is a process, and whether if it progresses, it's a different story to tell.
Dec 2019 · 285
white christmas
solfang Dec 2019
How can it be a white Christmas,
when my feelings is blue,
And my eyes,
all red from the crying;
the room emits sombre greyness
just because you're not here ,
to tell me how pure today is
Merry (?) Christmas
Dec 2019 · 431
pleasure is pain
solfang Dec 2019
seek me for pleasure;
and you might end up in pain
physically, and emotionally speaking.
Dec 2019 · 287
solfang Dec 2019
I've tainted our friendship
with love that isn't platonic;
it's spreading fast,
yet I can only see
it's covering nothing

because like us,
we're nothing
should learn to stop liking people that doesn't like me back
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