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leolewin Jun 2023
If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply look up at the stars,
And I will twinkle back.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply close your eyes and listen,
For I will be singing with the birds to you.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simple feel the earth below your feet,
I will be with you every step of the way.

If you want me when I’m gone,
Simply smell the sweet scented flower from the black locust tree.
Pause and move on with your day.
leolewin Sep 2022
Pardon me as I burst into flames and vanish into a cloud of smoke.

The world's some sick joke and I'm done trying to laugh.
Nikita Sep 2021
She smelt of
Burnt coffee,
And hopelessness.

Glass shards cloaked the floor,
Smothering her belongs,
Like a blanket used to suffocate captives.

Amongst the chaos,
Stands tall pictures of her family.
Untouched and distorted with dust.

Step by step,
She searches through the rubble.

Through tear swelled eyes,
She stares into the floor.

I’m not enough.
I need to be more.
They count on me.
I’m not enough.

Her thoughts spiral around her mind,
As if each one were a razor blade.
Slowing blending her brain.

Her muscles ached,
Her head pounded as the tears fell from her cheeks and onto her cracked lips.

In a wave of realisation,
She ****** air in through her nose and exhaled harshly.

Carried by a whisper;

She pushed herself to her feet,
And found herself cleaning her room again.
As a writer with ADHD I struggle to handle life’s stresses. This poem lets you see into the disappointment in myself.
solfang Sep 2021
I didn't realise
it was temporary,
or perhaps it was
always sympathy;
either way
our love was unhealthy,
and my heart is now
left empty
Yet another unsurprising heartbreak
Anna Alycia Aug 2021
I'll turn my eyes
into the stars
and put them in the sky.

they'll show you
the way to go home,
even if the day is dark.
Brandon Aug 2021
Walking home, I told you I've been down this road before
Broken communication, insecure intimacy; what a toll
Emotionally vacant, there was no saving our chemistry
This version of the ending's nothing new to me
We met one day and in my eyes, I foresaw a flourishing life
The heartache burned my silky strings
The pain was sharper than a yellow jacket's sting
The confirmation in your eyes was colder than a winter's eye
My fingertips caressed your face once, it melted my cloudy sky
Our political and social morals disrupted our beautiful contortion
Like bi-polar seasons, the effort was that of feedback distortion
You drowned in your insecurities and blocked any trust in me
As the bed we slept in had no portion for me to lie in
I smelt smoke from inside; my strings were crying for waves of blue
breakups are unfortunate because for the most part, you don't see them coming to an end. we're so caught up in our rose-colored glasses that the red flags glide right past us until the relationship status changes. communication is so important in keeping a relationship thriving. if you don't have that, then it'll wither away like your favorite flower.
solfang Jul 2021
i want you to
sleep through the rain;
you once said this weather
reminds you of pain,
the misfortunes that it carries
in its tiny droplets,
almost felt melancholic

I, too,
have the same fear
when the roaring thunder
comes roaming
above my head,
I close my eyes
and lie on my bed

But like what you once said,
we can only believe that
the storm will pass
and we'll be awake someday
I'll be by your side and I will hold your hands, okay?
Miriam Jul 2021
All I thought I knew before
Comes crashing down to the floor
Everything about you that kept me awake Doesn’t even matter now I know your fake
All the feelings I felt for you
Have melted away if only you knew
Was it all for nothing you kept on bluffing
left me with questions and distrust
Oh you Shut me out without a doubt
Now I just want to scream and shout
Left me numb and you played dumb
But I ain’t dumb I know who u really are
Think you can carry on leaving scars
When will it all come to an end
How many more people will have to mend
You think it’s all harmless fun baby
Well don’t think you can ever harm me
But you play a dangerous sick game
And how many will take the blame
For something that only you did
Called you out but then you hid
What a coward that covered
Up everything in lies  
Another of your efforts dies
So don’t you ever think you can come back
Whoever you pretend to be I ain’t talking.fact
You make me sick and I’m sick of feeling this
So glad I walked away when you wanted me to stay
Just know we know the secrets you kept
So be careful where you once stepped
we ain’t gonna stop fighting for justice yet
Don’t think you deserve this song for you
But people deserve to know what you do
Sometimes in life we meet toxic people and let them trick us with lies but you have got to push through and once you are out the other side you now have a story to tell to help others so they don’t have to go through the same
Miriam May 2021
Fall in love with yourself again,
Look within,
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Learn to love yourself first then the rest will fall into place
solfang May 2021
the clouds on my mind
are forming rain;
and it is leaking
through the drain
of my eyes,
after I said my goodbyes
to a summer of love,
and welcomed winter
from above
reposting a draft; I'm currently stuck in winter, but occasionally feeling its warm rays.
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