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SAME Sep 2
Cloud shadows are cast over the moors.
I can see why the ancients adored,
their Gods,
against all their odds.

A tempest wind reminds me of my place.
I am just a visitor,
I am to leave with no trace,
forgive me, Gods,
against all my odds.

I feel bygone amongst these English Moors.
Of winds and sky, I envy you, for this is all yours.
Kashish Jul 29
Every time I sacrifice my happiness
And devote myself entirely
Just to bring a grin on your little face
I realise,
The sacrifices my mother made
Were prodigious as compared to all I do for you.
The realization of my ‘self-sacrifice’,
Took me back to the days when your sacrifices meant nothing to me
And I hold deep remorse, mother.
It’s now that I know,
Sacrifices are what you made
Adjustments are what I’ve ever managed to do.
Kashish Jul 27
Strolling down the bridge I was,
As I witnessed a day of dappled seaborne clouds
A sudden clash of wind caressed my cheeks
The sky turned into shale grey, and I knew the rain has come

I got the first splatter of rain
I looked for a tree to hide under
But I also couldn't resist dancing in the rain
Despite the mild lightning and thunder

I got drenched, I got soaked
I felt every splash that touched my skin
As the droplets fell onto the ground, the sound seemed melodious
That reminded me of a heartfelt croon.

Scintillating beams of light broke through the clouds
After a heavy yet, soothing downpour
The flowers got covered in dewdrops, the tiny droplets fell off the grass
And I cherished the musty petrichor
as we sat there in the theatre
i watched him build so many walls
to stop me from entering
in the dark
funny what we notice when we observe a little
solfang Jun 16
when my
heart breaks,
my soul does too;
and I can only afford
to lose one,
but not two
Extracted from my previous poem; I feel that it deserves its own spot
Tu Anh May 19
Have you ever wondered
About the youth of your parents
How do they look like
How have they been brought up
How did they meet
How did they fall in love?
How did they make us?

I had these questions with me since i grow up
Probably because my parents aren't that open up
Probably because they were so busy raising us up
Probably because its an Asian thing i assumed privacy as such.
So somehow, to me, parents’ life before us were so blurry and doesn't seem to ever existed
Not until the day i had my mom on the back of the scooter
As we rode to the temple where we store the leftover of our beloved dad

She told me about their past
A young guy in his teenager days
Lay eyes on her as they met on a communal working day
He asked for her hand before summoned military service
Not directly to her but through a relative
She forgot him as soon as she left for college
Busy chasing her love life, never heard from him in thousand days, he was too far away.

When the war over, he returned home, she was working in a distant village
He refused my grandpa’s arrangement, went on a journey to seek
For his first and only girl he ever fallen in love with
He found mom after her 5 or 6 failure romances.
They started distant relationship for a while before getting married.
She continued working in the faraway village and he returned to military service
To serve in another “nonsense war” (this is my words)

And honestly i still cant imagine how did they make us
‘Cause i never seen them holding hands, showing affection in front of us
But its real - they do fall in love
They do have their heyday before us

And even though i never seen them talking about love
I now realized its just a different way of showing how they love
By fighting; yet, taking care of each other for better or worse
By sometimes hurting each other...
But at the end of the day, one can change other’s diaper when he can no longer move

I cant tell if he was the love of her life when she decided to tight the knot.
But looking at her shivering shoulder, her teary eyes now every time we talk
About our beloved and only man
and whatever reminded us of him
I can think of nothing to explain but love

Have you ever wondered
How did our parents live before having us?
And how would you tell your future children
About your youth...
Don't long for the wilted flower
To stand tall again
It's time is spent
Turn your attentions to another bloom
stay in the present
Rise and shine,
Cherish your days,
And live in the moment
even I deserve
to be happy......
This is the first ever poem I wrote after a very long time. Do follow for more at my instagram page and also here.
I asked my dad to lend me one of his hats
I got Booked for a part in a popular tv show as a field worker
How about that?
It’s perfect. That’s where I come from
In the early morning hours he stopped by my home and left me one of his favorite sombreros and a small lemon cake
The memories lemon cake brings are bittersweet
Years ago, when I was a kid and I was too high, lemon cake was the only thing I could eat
Now it’s the life I grow inside of me’s favorite treat
Feelings that a lemon cake could bring
Are tangy but sweet
Like my adolescence
I take a bite and memories surrender
And they’re welcomed,
I’m grateful to be able to remember
Where I come from.
Brandon Apr 24
Since April 16th, I've been dressed in fatigue
I'm emotionally damaged with my blood on the leaves
Death purged my soul from my body; Ancient One's Creed
Natural selection took her, made me realize I failed her
How do you have the apple of Eden and still miss her?
They say don't hold your life for a pet; I'm still held up
Watching my heart swim laps in pools of bourbon cups
I should have been there to see the innocence check out her eyes
To hold her paw and camouflage my cardiac scars in disguise
I find pleasure in resting my eyes until the new day interweaves
And I have to walk this path looking into the sky with disbelief
Reality wipes you out like Japan's tsunami rolling up to receive
I had to find a way to deter the sob filled days and time freeze
And when I have it on the ropes I see pictures and the recycle begins
Recently, I have been pondering about mortality and where I stand with it. A death in the family only amplified those thoughts. Cherish every moment that you have with your loved ones.
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