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Joie Yin Sep 18
Growing up takes
Miles of challenges
Making mistakes
Tests of patience.

Admit shortcomings
Isn't easy to process
Embrace imperfections
Is maturity in progress.

Anticipate tomorrow
With hopes for the better
A sign willing to show
Efforts to start over.

Responsibility is a word
Adults work hard to pay
It is but a tough world
We fight to live another day.

Battles of inner peace
And the harsh reality
I want nothing but ease
To be remembered kindly.
but mama,
i m all bruised
black and blue
not only from outside
but inside too.
Rodium Tek Apr 11
I don't really have much to say
I just want to have a poem of the day
But don't expect me to write something good
If you would rather read something else, you should

But it doesn't matter how hard I try
Nothing I write will be good anyways
But I don't care, I'm not gonna lie
Because I probably won't come back here for days
If you don't know, this is still a joke
Anna Apr 5
When the days are long and the nights are restless,
we seek for a way to forget.
We bathe in our sorrows.
We rip ourselves to shreds.
We bleed to feel, because not feeling hurts more then the pain of blades.
When life ***** us over we struggle to climb back up,
and when we get up. Life laughs and kicks us down again.

Whats the point.
We feel nothing.
We are in an endless cycle.
Whats the point.
Brandon Mar 20
Set I
I don't want a friend
I want my life in a pair
I'm the one to always make amends
Miscommunicate and impair
Show me why life's not bleak
With them I know I can't compete
I see it as you look at me like I'm someone else
That's a potent drug in itself
Oh well, you can't see
So don't follow me to the bottom undersea
Where I'll be slow dancing in the dark
Follow me and you'll end up in my arms
At the seafloor, we'll find a path to embark
As long as we have the keys to our hearts
We can swim through any current to Montreal
Let me be the one to hold you when you fall
Have you made up your mind?
Do you know what you want and where to find?
I don't need any more mixed signs
Immaturity begets emotional crimes
You ever find yourself slow dancing in the dark awaiting the spark of happiness that takes the form of a lightning bolt? That bolt that'll give you that missing piece that's been absent from your life? Yeah, me too.
Joie Yin Feb 16
Sometimes in life
We jump into rivers
To figure out
Whether we are
Good swimmers.

Blame not the current
If we struggle
It shows how
We deal with scars
And trouble.

It is not giving up
If we turn away
It is life saving
Fret the stream may
Carry us away.

It is alright if
We do not swim well
As long we live
To continue the story
Only we could tell.
Brandon Jan 26
Set I
My closet is full of obscure sorrows
How do you give CPR to a heart that's hollow?
I wish I had the desire to care less about things
This inception came from people cutting my heartstrings
This monkey on my back won't loosen my grip on life
Its claws gnaw into my back like a corkscrew knife
I've made too many fumbles near the end zone
I doubt the success in my life with emotions I must condone
Once upon a time, I played life loosely
I cut off my ears and was deaf to the wise
Life's tsunami washed me away from paradise
Cutting off core friends sunk my heart acutely
I treated my life as a volleyball game
Kept everything weighing me down in the air
The risks, the lessons, bounced freely in the hands of others
It was only a matter of time before I was betrayed by my brothers
Before I blamed my failures on everyone else
Without examining my dysfunctional intellect myself
I tried to rely on others; I was left in the ocean to wallow
Learning from my actions I pieced together a fragment of sorrows
"the desire to care less about things—to loosen your grip on your life, to stop glancing behind you every few steps, afraid that someone will ****** it from you before you reach the end zone—rather to hold your life loosely and playfully, like a volleyball, keeping it in the air, with only quick fleeting interventions, ..."
Joie Yin Dec 2018
Living is but a lifetime
Long run forever marathon
I am at level twenty nine
Which are you currently on?

There are times in between
We feel like giving up easily
It gets tiring to lose and win
We’d think of quitting half way.

Take a break and breathe
Drink water and get some rest
Run again when you’re ready
Don’t stop running just yet.

We’ll keep running on the track
Fall down and stand up again
Cry tears of joy and wreck
I’ll see you at the finish line.
Joie Yin
Joie Yin Nov 2018
She is a young girl
Who cry tears to sleep
In darkness her body curls
Falling apart as she weeps.

It is not the first time
The lullaby she heard
It has been quite a while
Since she last laughed.

Screaming of a woman
Beaten by her husband
In the night of suburban
Her body bleeding wound.

The girl musters up courage
Runs while he hits the wife
Break into neighbor’s place
Plea for dear mother’s life.

Police arrive in minutes
He is caught for violence
Finding mother’s heartbeats
Have gone in silence.
Stop domestic violence.
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