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Jayda James May 6
This version of me, no more sad memories to follow
A heart that didn’t know how to love so bitter and hallow
This version of me more laughter and less pain
So many things that I endured will never feel the same
I’m letting go of all the bad things, they no longer have power
I spent hours and hours of being bitter and sour
Searching for love, searching through lust
So many broken promises, so many broken trusts
This version of me, I intend to keep the biggest smile
Im controller of my happiness
New editions tend to keep me at my best
To stay happy forever, you’ve brought me to my best
My best state I usually complain
Something about your soul just not the same
The only reason I’m not the same
The same, I could never be the same with you
I grow to be better once I obtained you
Filled with such peace, I never knew I could have peace
I hope you stay forever with me
, Please don’t ever hit release…
More inner peace and love
Broadsky Mar 21
I was born in the summer and love watching the clouds move with the night time breeze
I am the youngest of four girls and when I was 13 my older sister left my eyebrows over tweezed
It was the night of my 8th grade dance and when I looked in the mirror she saw me freeze
13 years later and I laugh about how I was afraid I’d get teased

My favorite colors have always been red and green but over the years the shades of each color have risen or fallen in coolness and warmth
I have always tried to guess which direction I’m standing in with my internal compass, I always bet I’m facing north
I am learning to not run from my feelings of unrest but instead rush forth

I love when it’s snowed all day and the clouds finally pass and the moon illuminates the fields around me as I'm driven around fast
I'm in love with the idea of moving forward yet somedays I can feel the shattered somethings haunting me from my past

I love Marilyn Monroe
I love Lana Del Rey and Tina Snow
these women who have come before me, have similar scars to me that they aren't afraid to show
I love the feeling of being known
I love feeling as if I'm finally taking my rightful throne
I love this room my mind created everything hand etched and carved of marble stone

The curls in my hair sometimes come out to say hello
I've always wanted to learn how to make choux pastry dough
I love walking, anywhere and everywhere, it reminds me to take things slow

I like pickled radish
and the water of the bay that is brackish
I love when someone says "you're going to love it, try this"

I regret anytime I allowed someone to challenge the beauty and fire I hold in my eyes
and how I wonder why in the first place I even allowed them to try
I allowed them to convince me the strands of my hair didn't shine with such beauty it made the moon cry
I allowed them to drown out my colors with cheap black box dye
and tell me "I've never seen that before" as they point at my full and curvaceous thigh

I buried myself in the deepest dirt and hibernated
while everyone else above celebrated
how being away from me means they successfully evacuated
Their plan was beautifully and tragically orchestrated

I slept and I slept
through every season and even after all the leaves had been swept
I tried to hold onto anything that made me forget why everyone left
Then one day the sun made it's way down and through all the cracks and crevices, it crept
it crept til it woke me up from this comatose dormancy
"how long have I slept?'
the sun said "long enough"
and I wept

but as I wept the sun lifts my head and looks into my eyes
"you are whole and alive, These eyes have yet to see the wonders where my light shines, will you look up at the sky?" and as I look I see clouds the color of the painting above the floor in Versailles, I see every time I felt alive, I see every time I showed mercy and how many low spirits I was able to raise and revive. I see every time my presence has lovingly and unknowingly given someone the strength to survive.

"In time you will see how your depth and beauty goes farther than the bottom of the sea, you will hear my hello from every leaf and every tree and when the ground tickles your feet, be still and know I am with you and will never leave. You are who you are and I couldn't be more pleased, you are the same girl who at nine fell of her bike and scraped her knee, you are the same girl who at thirteen got her eyebrows over tweezed, I promise your garden will grow once you plant your seeds."

For a moment I couldn't breathe
I was in awe of the way the sun could see me
and how even though he sees everything from all sides he still felt this way, how could this be?

"Because you have fiery embers that glow within you, your flavor is more complex than the finest coffee maker could ever brew. Your presence is favorable, please stop allowing your point of view to get skewed."

I stare at my hands and remember how they looked when I was little and how I dreamt of a life where I'd smile so much you'd see my dimple, one where every day I'd be drenched in crystals, and maybe at this point I would have finally learned how to whistle... I haven't mastered the art of it yet, for me it's not that simple. But little me would be happy to know that now when she sings she sounds hymnal.

Little me would love to know that a beautiful cobalt blue journal bought by a friend would begin the journey of a love affair between me, some paper, and a pen.
Little me would stare at the thousands of words I've written about the deep feelings brought on by men
wounds from my father and boys I loved back then
she would walk up to me and she'd be so short I'd be able to rest my hands on her head
she'd squeeze me tight and sigh before saying "I love that we never leave anything unsaid."

And she's right
I have poured my heart out in the depths of the night
to the people with who I wanted to give a final goodbye
I know the rule of ignoring my heart is one I will always defy
This declaration of claiming my life back is one I will amplify

I have spoken my truth terrified even after drinking up all the courage I could liquify  
and albeit terrified I know I'm one of the lucky few who will stand up and speak first of how things are unjustified

I will stand and put my finger in the face of any angry man who tries belittling a woman and tearing her down as much as he can
I will fly over to shield her with my 7 foot wingspan
and put a stop to all of this before it even began

I will dance in the aisle at the grocery store and not care because they are playing a song I adore
I will sing with the fervor of a thousand voices and belt it from my very core
I will drench everything in love for when it rains it pours

Hi, my name is everything I have been and ever will be
my name is the first flight of every butterfly and every bee
my name is the feeling of when the person you love gets down on one knee
my name is the way a new born baby breathes

my name is the way flowers bloom
my name is the way you stand back and smile after you've just painted your very first room
my name is the way you feel when the fireworks on fourth of July go boom
my name is the way you felt when you were a kid wearing your favorite Halloween costume

my name is the way you feel when you've styled your hair just right
my name is the way you feel when it's the first time they ask you to spend the night
my name is the way you feel when your best friend hugs you tight

my name is the way you feel when you're happy and you've had just enough to drink
my name is the way you feel when the sky is that perfect shade of orange and pink
my name is the way you feel when you finally know what to say after having some time to think

my name is my own
and when I get older I'm going to buy a horse that's a blue roan
and ride her for miles
for I used to be out on that lonely road
and my soul will forever want to roam
and as I look at her mane to comb
it's full of beautifully ornate braids with flowers sewn
I look at her and see myself and I say
"You're finally home."
This is the first poem I've ever truly written about myself and I feel whole.
Who I am now is who I'm meant to be and I love her.
Raven Mc Chim Nov 2022
I love you
Though I didn't tell you properly
I don't know when it started
My crush developed into love
But I don't mind if you don't love me back
I'm glad that I found a good close friend with that I can share all the things  roaming in my  head
You know the things that I didn't dare to tell anyone
So, never doubt yourself there are always people who love you dearly.
Loving a person is not a crime. Don't hesitate to express it. Don't think you don't deserve love. You deserve everything in this world, even though you are a disappointment to some people
Cambrie May 2022
Should I grow my hair
Stop biting my nails
Lose a few pounds
Shave everywhere
Have a dainty nose
Clear skin
Lightly shaded eyes
Slimmer thighs

Should I change my speech
Never use profanity
Only speak when spoken to
Talk softly
Laugh lightly
Tone it down
Have a higher voice
Solemnly ever ramble

Must I change my entire self?

Goodness, no.

I know my worth and believe I am stunning in every single way.

Recently learned how to love me and I can only thank myself for that wisdom.
Bella Isaacs Feb 2022
I've been falling
Or rather standing
Before you
And falling in your eyes
And rising in your eyes
And too due
To tell you
That it's true
I've left the plain
Secure and sane
And I endure pain
Quiet and vain
Loud and bold
The old tales told
Of lovers like I
And still I try
And all
Will fall
Or maybe it's all the other way about -
It's only that I'm flying, and you're not.
SGP Nov 2021
I am a powerful being of creation, able to control my surroundings.
All I need is a thought to manipulate what is around me.

I am the happiness that flows from one moment to another.
Its just life's way of letting me know that it can be every colour.

I am the love that wraps me and everyone around me.
Making me feel safe from any dangers that come find me.

I am the sweet melody that transport you to that place,
A safe heaven that temps you to stay.

I am everything I have ever hoped for.
I am everything I need to be.
I am grateful for what I have.
I am.

This little spark inside me.
The one that keeps my dreams alive,
I will make it shine brighter, as the days go by.
Srujani Oct 2021
the more you go ahead
the more you have to things to lose
the more you fly high
the more scary the journey becomes
the more sad you becomes
the more happiness makes you happy
the more you dare to dream
the more you get energy to flow
the more low you put yourself
the more others put you down as well
the more you search for the pain
the more you hurt your heart again
the more you think it's in your hand
the more you get the things hold
the more you make it positive
the more people thinks it as their motive.
give it a'll never regret
JR Oct 2021
Oh mirror
I believe you were made to taunt me
Few see beauty and peace
Most see something they can never be
Wanting is a burden
Having is a crime
What do I say to that?
Just give me some time
Paralyzed I stare
Oh mirrored me
Talk to me sweetly
Tell me
"wear and tear is normal
just confide in those who cry deeply"
I sigh alone fractured by despair
I walk outside
and I see mirrors everywhere

I still love it here! Treat yourself like you treat others. Unless you're mean. If so, work on that! :)
and nourish

Cutting away
the weeds...

From our
hearts and
our life,

That's toxic
and threatening
to our peace
and health.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Love yourself
heal and keep the
toxic out.
You burned
me with your,

Devilish eyes
of deceit
hoping to ruin

You have
no power over
me for your
charms have
run out.

All rights and
Copyright belongs
to ©BSM

Claim your freedom and
remember no one should have possession over you male or female regardless of their ***,

no one has a right to
claim you like a possession
that's not love so love

For someone
that's struggling
to love themselves,

remember your
amazing your
beautiful your
handsome and
love yourself

makes us as we are he doesn't make mistakes or scrapes and never compare
yourself to another that's
disrespecting yourself your
an amazing person look
inside and you will see
once you get past the hurt
there's someone amazing
inside you.

Remember your beautiful
handsome and beautiful is your soul your humor
personality poetry
everything about

Make a list of
what you love
and don't love
about yourself
but remember
God looks at your
heart not your
looks because kindness
and love is beautiful
and attractive just be
around ones that support
you encourage you inspire
you not put you down remove the toxic from
your life believe me
I know I've been there.
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