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Miriam 1d
Fall in love with yourself again,
Look within,
There is beauty in the places we try to hide
You know
Learn to love yourself first then the rest will fall into place
Lilac Apr 15
Everyday i try to show her this world
With a happy filter
A bunch of smilies and a heartfull of love
A sprinkle of laughter
Trunk full of tantrums
I wipe her tears with a silk cloth
woven out of best memories
I hide away all scary thoughts
And  i tell her everyday that she is a masterpiece
Even if she messes up and worries too much
I tell her 'its okay' and that i love her so much
She is me i am her
I take care of her and embrace her
even if everyone leaves we know we have each other
Descovia Feb 17
You can stay in dreamland all you want.

What is the next big step?  

Your story will not write itself!

Your story. Is incomplete.

Descovia Feb 17
STOP. Stop stressing. The very things out
of the surface of your control.

It's the best for yourself.
It's best for your health.
Open up to the suppressed emotions you conceal
Before you E X P L O D E!
Mathieu Jan 29
“In a world that profits off your self-doubt, to love yourself is a rebellious act”
Credit: - Bliss n Eso, Lighthouse
Leeann Rose Jan 19
It’s time to let go of that pain..
Drown the sorrow ..
Find the peace that echos , at the deep end of your soul ...
Throw away those thoughts, that take over your head..
Throw away those knives that cut deep in your heart ..
Forgive those that cut you deep with words..
Control your emotions...
Pick up the pieces of your face .. trying to prove to others, your worth ..
Build a garden with beautiful roses, smell them in the morning time ..
Drink some coffee, and feel that soothing feeling..
Look in the mirror and touch your body at night ..
Love every part of you.
Let go of the pain.
cratylus Jan 15
too far to reach
too close it burns,
yet as the skies
changes to its darkest color,
nothing seems to change.

Poor beautiful thing,
look up to the sky
and see
how much
the moon loves you
please, I beg you,
no other creature
in this cruel world
would dare to dislike you
or even
how dare for them
to dislike you.

Know that this universe
needs you,
know that you need yourself
than any body.
/for those who feels alone these days.
Brett Dec 2020
Why does it always feel
Like I am drifting away
Slow decay
Seems like a steep price to pay
For seeing the crowd
And choosing another way
My soul fades
Like letters in the sand
With each crashing wave
To meet my own demands
How can I use this gift of gab
To string words together like strands
And stop hearts
From always feeling sad
A pen
A pad
Mixed with the best memories I have ever had
Maybe I find a rhyme
That properly pieces together your peace of mind
And helps recall times when you didn’t feel like cryin’
When you weren’t dyin’ inside
See there’s nothing wrong with driftn’
But listen
Give yourself permission
To find all the things you feel are missin’
Jay Dec 2020
-Hate yourself to the point of misery

-Slash your skin into oblivion

-Make your flesh a canopy of the hatred you feel

-Still feel numb after all of the pain

-Get yourself a rope

-Hang the rope on a sturdy branch

-Tie the knot properly
         - make a loop
         - spiral the rope around the loop
         - tuck the rope through the loop
         - pull on the end to tighten

-Pull a stool under your necklace

-Stand on the stood and wear your craft

-Kick the stool away

-"Look, Mum! No hands!"

-Think of your mum.... and others you love...

-Gasp for air but find none

-Shed a tear, cry out in agony

-Feel your neck being stretched out

-Remember the lovely touches from your loved ones... Remember how your brother used to nuzzle up by your chest and whisper against your neck

-Remember the times your friends used to hug you around the neck

-Remember the way Their lips felt against your supple skin

-Cry out harshly one final time


                                       Nothing is left anymore...

-You did it!

The pain you face doesn't go away when you do. It's simply transferred onto others. The ones who cry at your funeral, the ones who will miss your voice, the ones who notice an empty place where you used to sit, the ones who shed a tear at the mention of your name, and even the ones who seemed to hate you will still love you the same. They'll be devastated. If you ever need to talk with somebody, I've been here before. I've been to the lowest of lows, and I've attempted before. You can always talk with me. My instagram DMs are open all the time. @darlingdrawingqueen

Don't be afraid to reach out. Your life is important, and you are loved by so many people. If not until now, then I love you. I love you so much, and I really want to get to know you.
If you're ever feeling this way, please reach out to somebody. If nobody else, you can ALWAYS message me. I love you dearly, and life will get easier, darling. I promise.
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