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The words I write mean everything to me, something to other people, and nothing to others.

But it isn’t what people hear from my words that matter, or how people see me because of them, but what those words mean to me.
A friend asked me
how to be a writer.
I wanted to say,
Set yourself free,
sing until you have
a poem and no voice.
Open your chest
and let your heart say
what your mind can't
Act as if you own the day
and all that you live
and all that you see
and all that you feel
you boxed up for inspiration.
Write your mom a letter,
and tell her that you miss her
but you'll be back someday.
Because being a writer is traveling
through a wide and dangerous and wonderful world
and coming home must wait.
Remember to love yourself
even if it's hard to do with
ideas cluttering your brain.
and Reality tapping at your skull
saying is this worth it?
Warn the neighbors that if they hear voices
It's just your soul
changing and creating.
Learn how to accept others.
Learn to let go of everything you don't need
in order to stay sane,
Learn how to grow
from your failures.
A friend asked me
how to be a writer.
All I said was
Here's a link to ally ann's poem: https://hellopoetry.com/poem/2580179/how-to-be-a-writer/
This is not to put down Ann's experiences: she just inspired me to write my own.
Amanda Nov 29
I do not want to bring you down
I can't help you while I myself drown
I've made some bad decisions
Days are darkening with rapid precision
Tired under so much pressure
Sky collapses crushing pleasure
Feel every text you send
Smile but in reply I pretend
Wherever I go not thinking of you
Ball of longing in my throat for what we knew
Friends reassure I'm better alone
Thought that was true, I still obsess over my phone
I want to call often because I really care
Then you'd see my weakness so I don't dare
Trying each day to keep a safe distance away
You make it hard with each word you say
All I want is to be yours forever
Until I find myself we can't be  together
I need to figure out who I am and I hope you understand that this wasn't part of my plan I just don't think that I can be happy with a man until I learn to stand without a helping hand
Alaynah Nov 12

the only things that never leave your side
the ones that are always there for you
distracting you from the world
as your life passes you by

constantly reminding you
that you don't need anyone else
so why would that be a question

"hey it's us again! the ones that
assure commitment,
anxiety and depression"

you cling to their words
as they've lived up to their promises
of never leaving you alone

"never question our loyalty we'll always be here!
you're wanted, we want you! and that will never be unknown!"

"we're not sure why you don't want us around
you're always saying you want someone to come in your life
and stay a while
we thought coming around when you felt lonely
would at least make you smile!"

I was never scared of the dark until I met anxiety and depression
they lurk in the nights and watch me sleep and then yell "WAKE UP"
to let me know that self guilt and sadness is still in my possession

it's time to go out and find the cure for this ****** disease
the only things that will make them go away, self love & inner peace

it will be a long time before i find it
but i know who will push me
in the right direction

my old friends who said they'd stay by my side!
Remember them? Anxiety & Depression.
envisioned painting
man a warrior
walking with intention
where he once had his heart
pinned to his sleeve
sits a deep sea reel
endless incalculable string spun out
heart attached
floating near the edge of the sea
only when it rains
Salar De Uyuni
you can see
hearts flicker
magical mirror
providing the means
like tracking a kid balloon in space
you can see it clearly
unconditional love beacon
call for shield-maiden
significant leader
capable and fearless
two fierce hands
reflecting pursuit
needed fulfillment
dreams become daydreams
turn reality
do you fly there or reel?
Obassi Bholai Nov 11
I could tell you more about the hurt
inflicted into us by what we thought was love
and to find it be an inevitable pain
followed by tears that flow off the face
ad the guilt that maybe it was out fault.

we NEVER get the love we deserve,
manipulated and programmed the generational stigma
to love one more than yourself and unfulfilling
what we as the human race should've
been instilled with was self love.

too busy lost in the social media haze of
losing yourself into everything that we
forget to love ourselves
forgetting we have to do that before we
can truly love any one person.
misha Oct 26
don't treat me
as if i'm fragile
because i might
seem quiet and shy
but i've got opinions
that are so strong
that they want
to break

opinions that want
me to tell you
to stop
being a

opinions that
make me boil
because you
won't ever
understand how
it feels to be
shut down

opinions that know
what i am
is not an option
but it's what
i've become
and what i've

opinions that
you have of me,
that i'm not
confident or

here's my opinion:
i'm confident that
you don't know me

i'm confident that i
don't need your
retorts in my life

i'm confident that
the words you
say that might
even hurt,
mean nothing
to me

and i'm
that i won't
ever let it
effect me

i feel pretty in
the clothes i wear,
i don't need your
comment on them

i feel pretty with my
hair like this,
my shoes like that,
with my eyes on my
book because
truth be told,
it's way more
interesting than you

so wash my name
out of your mouth
because you say
i'm fragile and
oh so weak

so what if i am?

why do you care?
dear reader, you look amazing today but not as good as you'll look tomorrow! take care of yourself

- misha
Mia Oct 24
Staring at my reflection reminds me of a horror movie when a scary scene is about to happen and you just want to look away .
Disgusted by my acne face and small eyes ,a big nose.
My mind is telling me lies.
I yet have accomplished to see the beauty in my hidden features of imperfections.
I'm a dumpster waiting to be cleaned.
In hope I'll feel better about the trash put inside me.
Disfigured ,longing for some peace.
I don't want to be in this skin that was stitched neatly to make me complete .
I want to pull out my strings and form a different shape.
All I am is a circle empty to the reach
Please let me be a sphere
Let me grow into a 3D figure my feelings need to grow bigger .
These lies need to hinder .
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