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Leah 1h
I can't really tell if its just lust that I have left for you or it's actually love that I'm actually craving from you.
See  I can crave for your presence
I can crave for your touch
I can crave everything that we used to do.
but no matter what it's not the same no more.
Or is it just the love that is dying from me and lust is taking over...
I'm trying to get better at sitting with my self
(we’re in this 'til the end, after all).

I'm trying to listen and not judge,
to ask her (kindly) where those thoughts came from.
Whose judgments are being repeated.

It's not that it's a comfortable journey.
She hurls words in poisoned darts,
with wild eyes of blistering flame,
so sure of my faults that
I believe her more than I've believed anything
in our whole life.  

But I know what it's like to be in her body.
So lately I've asked her to sit next to me, quietly,
just for a moment,
just for a pause.

I think it's working.

She's taken to sitting beside me more often these days,
arms wrapped around hunched knees.
She speaks gentler here,
tells me I am scared we are not enough.
But she lets me place a hand on her shoulder,
and remind her: We always have been.

We breathe slowly as we soundlessly observe
the cosmic traffic of shooting neurons.
Of clusters of clusters of memories
and half-said things.

And I'm finding that, after all this time,
I am sitting well with myself.
polihelly May 15
Every night I wonder
How it feels like to be winter
Where everyone's wrapped up
Windows fogging up
Waters freezing up

In this cold weather
I saw a flying feather
I followed and lead me to a shelter
I looked up and saw a flower
A flower that withered

Never knew I can be the answer
T'was once a blooming flower
T'was once a happy shower
I saw it bloom and gave me power
Till the day it dries up and weaken

Looking at the mirror
I saw my reflection
A lonely flower that withered in the winter
Need to find a solution to bloom again

I fight alone in this cold gloomy weather
I lose hope and gave up
Until you came and helped me up
Your words that made me bloom
Your presence that made me smile

Months passed in the blink of an eye
The lonely flower that withered
In the cold winter
Had bloomed and everyone shivered
I, a lonely flower that blooms in the winter

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Broadsky May 13
you can rest your head, honey, I see the wrinkles of your furrowed brow.

you can rest your feet, darling, there’s no one chasing you around.

you can rest your heart, sugar, no one’s going to break it now.

and you can rest your body, baby, you don’t have to make a sound.
loving yourself isn't an easy thing to do, but with patience and forgiveness the love for oneself will grow.
Nicole May 11
That's what they call me
But I change so much, I forgot what colour I started with

That's what they call me
I can be anything that they want me to be, but I will be who I wanna be

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

I feel them watching
Yeah, I'll give them the show
They say I'm crazy
But they don't really know me

I hear them talking
But I'm deaf while I soar
The sky is falling
After rains, I explode

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go

They wanna build me up
They wanna nip and tuck me
But who I am is enough
I know I'll always love me for me,

Underneath it all
When the colours flow
Underneath it all
I'm a rainbow
Underneath it all
There's a place to go
Lee Aaun Apr 29
If you still are an option for someone to choose than darling,
it's better to change your route
as those who love you dearly,
they don't take you as a choice.
Michelle Apr 28
I only wanted you
To love me
Where I couldn't love myself.
Just love me in all of the spaces that are empty. just love me until I can hold myself together again. You! Your love will take me home.

Home is the empty spaces you are too scared to inhabit yourself.
They call to you.
Eery is the space you do not know. Invite it in.
Offer it tea.
it will call out in a familiar song soon enough
Senali96 Apr 15
I stood before the mirror,
Thinking how much I have changed.
While the world is turning back on you…
What were you doing all this time?
Why give up now, when I have you, I thought…
When I already know my flaws, why let others point it out…
Suddenly I straightened my back seeing how dazzling I look through the mirror…
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