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Dawson Sep 20
It was me.
I thought it was you who helped me find my light again
I thought it was you, the reason for my joy
I thought it was you who held me up when my legs wouldn’t walk another step.
But it wasn’t.
It was the innermost me
She gave me light
and joy
and strength.
How naive I was to think that you could be those things for me.
She didn’t know what a beautiful soul she had
Her dreams, her goals
How far they could have lead her
If only she had let them lead

Maybe she’d have a taste of happiness
The kind she can only imagine now
Sitting on the floor behind her bedroom door

A knock on the door
A voice
As a spark of hope reaches her eyes
She lets it go

People will wonder what they failed to see
And she will never know what it is to be
Because she can imagine that it’s all a dream,
But her sleep is far too deep
I don’t mean to trigger anyone and if I did I’m truly sorry. I just think it’s important to talk about.
Bella-Lee Sep 10
I love how your hair cascades down from your head,
How the brown contrasts your pale skin.
I love how your eye are the window to my soul,
How it shows the pain and scars through its crevaces.
I love how your clothes hang off you like bags,
How you could wear anything else but you don't.
It's taken me years to start loving myself again,
Just a start but it's something.
I love how I'm not scared to say it anymore,
I love myself.
What do you guys love about yourselves??
kell Sep 6
You feel like your a burden
your mind is over taking by these thoughts
you don't appertain
disconnected from the world
like a plug from its outlet
no longer in use
useless at the least
priceless to those who don't see
who you really are..
who are you really?
Your acting we can all tell its so impostress and fake
like a bad spell
whose fault is it the wisher or the witch?
We want you raw, vulnerable, authentic
and true to who you are
This is the alternate you
we hear your screams inside your own mind
"this isn't me why am i acting this way"
save me please, im adrift from myself. the actual me

Your beautiful,you belong,you have an understanding beyond your years keep your head clear you got this

to my lovely friend
BE yourself please its OK there someone for you
Orategile Aug 31
Your love is the greatest feeling you give to me
Never will I compare
Never will I despair
It is home to my sanity
The common place for my tranquillity
The high to my low of which I can call my Mary Jane
Nonchalantly, away you take the pain
My wish is for it to take most of it away
But these are the unspoken words I wish to hear
Making you happy
Driving you insane to the sight of seeing me
Not feeling ashamed
And most of all loving me without a doubt
I know I'm too far from being perfect
Too far from being perfect for you
But these are the unspoken words I wish to hear from you

Nina Aug 29
Learn to love yourself
Because no one ever will
Selena Aug 28
It is the color of love
The calmness of her hand in yours
It is the quietness
Of your empty house
It is the feeling of peace
when you down the pink Moscato
hoping it fixes your problems
Because the heat is gone
And you’re alone
It is the feeling of
Your alarm going off
Never shutting up
Always happening daily
It is a lapse in time
When you think time has stopped
When you wished
Time had stopped
And you wish you could sit there smelling the lavender flowers
And the heat making you feel
Just tired
But time continues and burst of slow
Calm winds hit you peacefully
It is the color of sadness
Because her hand is no longer there
Your bed, empty
Your pillow the endless clouds
The lavender fragment gone
Because you’ve stopped trying to imagine sunsets and how your life would be like with sight
You’ve given in
It is the color of darkness
The color of your life
But don’t fret
Because when your head hits the clouds
Our worlds are the same
For when you close your eyes
And they close theirs
Our worlds are the same
As the sunsets
Ash Jul 27
I was told I was fat.
Shamed for my body, called names and all that.
I learnt to hate myself by them at that time.
They made me feel like being a little curvy was a crime.
So I started working on getting thinner, not for health or fitness though.
But because I thought that way I would be loved and accepted more.
I finally did become slimmer and i was happy.
I slowly started to regain the confidence that they had mercilessly stolen from me.
And just as it started getting a tad bit better, I was shamed for being short.
Couldn't they just let me live my life in peace or what?!
They crushed the little confidence i had gotten back.
Again in their stupid circle of high expectations and "physical beauty is true beauty" I was trapped.
I worked on getting taller everyday.
Crying myself to sleep when nothing worked at the end of the day.
And so they taught me time and time again to hate my body.
And I know I did, I am so sorry.
They said my acne was **** and it needed to be hidden.
Going anywhere without makeup or not dressing girly enough was forbidden.
"No do not sit like that, talk like this, wear this not that, always smile."
They said these horrible things and silly me, I actually listened for a while.
But one day I decided I did not care.
So what if I didn't have what they called the "perfect figure" or the nicest hair?
I loved myself and that was it.
I was beautiful whether or not they believed it.
It was not an easy fight.
But I think I did alright.
They still say things all the time.
But I've grown to listen to just one voice, mine.
If you've ever felt this way, or been shamed and feel insecure, or told you're not good or pretty enough just know you're not alone. But you are beautiful and deserve all the happiness and love. On the bad days remember you are enough and absolute and it will all pass. You don't deserve to be made to feel bad about your body ever. Love yourself and be yourself always.
Ash Jul 10
When she looked in the mirror all she saw were words like ****, not good enough, fat.
I silently cursed them for labelling her things like that.
Because of them she didn't think she could be loved.
Because of them she cried for hours until no more tears could come.
She didn't see how beautiful she was.
The most incredible despite the flaws.
She didn't realise she needn't change.
For I had fallen for her anyway.
I knew I loved her more than she ever loved herself.
She despised herself actually, thinking she was worthless.
How would I ever show her I loved her more than this whole world?
They made sure she hated herself so much that she wouldn't even believe my words.
But more than showing her I loved her more than anyone else.
I wish I could show her how to love her own self.
And then I inhaled,
A deep earth quaking breath.
And exhaled
With an earth shattering roar!
Fire poured from my lips,
Smoke billowed from my nose.
I was no ones little lamb anymore!
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