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Sienna 1d
thinking about you doesn’t help me,
and it doesn’t help you.

yet i just can’t seem to stop.
Sienna 1d
i hope she makes you smile
i hope she makes you laugh
i hope she makes you feel special
i hope she makes you feel wanted

i hope she tells you she cares
i hope she tells you she’s proud
i hope she tells you you’re beautiful
i hope she tells you you’re everything she ever wanted and more.

and if she doesn’t,
i hope you think about me.
Sienna 1d
i miss you so much,
that sometimes i wish we had never met.

but at least i got to call you mine,
even if just for a little.
Anaya c Dec 6
winter days are passing
and the air feels a little more bitter
debilitated by losing you
i am kept awake each night
the hurt keeps me busy during the day
the days had gone by too fast
the days i had you last
had i known
i would've taken my heart back
Pyre Dec 6
I let the rain cry for me
I'm too afraid of what you do
I'm just a man that be
I want to be more to you

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because of everything you did
maybe I'm too afraid to see
what would happen if you saw me bleed

I'm letting the rain cry for me
because I can no longer shed tears
I've grown old, but good you'll see
I'm getting over these banal fears

so I HAVE to let the rain cry for me
because If I didn't let him do it
I'd be curled into the bottom of a sea
that I filled by myself, so I'll admit

that I let the sky cry for me
let his sorrows wash my face
because you are everything to me
because I'm still sitting here waiting
In hopes of one final embrace
In hopes of one more night of kissing
ginny lou Dec 6
every time i let my mind wander, it goes straight to him, straight to the night, straight to his touch. lying there with him, and hoping it would last forever.  paying close attention to the places on my body where i felt pressure and warmth, his warmth, pressing into me.  trying to remember the feeling forever. the quiet and peaceful sound of his breathing in and out, in and out in my ear and his heartbeat, beating against me.  his feet slowly wrapping around mine and his arm gently going around me and pulling me close. and finally his hand reaching over and intertwining with mine.
my cheeks flushed as people came in, flustered the night would soon come to an end. i felt his arm reach around me as we sat up, and the warmth and comfort of his shirtless body gently wrapped around me. i felt his lips, so soft, press into my head, as he held me tight, and then my forehead as we said goodnight. such a small, but grand gesture.
i heard him say he didn’t want me to leave and wanted to live the night on repeat. didn’t he know i wanted to also? and i felt eyes on me, as if to ask why i was being cruel with my actions and leading him on.
i felt cold as i went back to my room, missing his touch, his softness, gentleness, and his warmth. missing him.
missing his hand slowly interlocking with mine.
i miss his laugh, it’s so real and pure. and he’s real.
no one else is.
Anna Dec 4
I see you in the stars

I hear you in the rain

I feel you in a warm summer breeze

I hear your laugh in the falling pine needles

And I’m every wind chime

I see your smile in every shiny trinket

I taste your memory in apples

And in hot chocolate

And in pancakes that are slightly crispy around the edges

You’re in every Christmas song

You’re in every tear I cry

You’re in every bird call

And in every shimmering lake
Your soul lingers in every part of my life
Aleah Dec 3
I miss the way,
Your arms,
Wrapped around me,
When our fingers laced,
And I could tell,
You were nervous,
By the way,
Our hands started,
To stick together,
I miss your heartbeat,
Every beat,
Pressed into my skin,
Those were,
The only moments
I ever felt safe.
I miss not missing you
I miss not thinking of you
Go back where you belong,
Anywhere but my thoughts
Lily Nov 25
Normally, when you're missing someone,
You think you see them everywhere.  
You see their face in everybody's face that passes by,
Hoping against all logic that it's them.
You hear their voice in everybody else's,
Thinking for just a
Heartbreaking second that you hear their laugh.
But not me.  
For me, it's your car.  
Every car I see that's even remotely a gold shade,
I think is yours.  
My heart leaps, and a kind of
Happy panic shoots through my chest,
And sometimes I physically jump.  
Then when I look closer, it's
Not you in the driver's seat, and it doesn't
Have the same dent as yours does on the fender.  
It's not the car where our hands intertwined,
Our lips touched,
Our souls met.  
It's not the car where our favorite songs
Blasted from the speakers and
Our voices joined together in a familiar duet.  
It's not the car where I sobbed into
Your shoulder during a panic attack, and
You kissed my hair and whispered memories of
Sunny days and giggles into my ear.
It's not the car where you told me about
Your hopes and dreams,
Flinging your hands this way and that,
Showing me all of the places you wanted to travel,
All the wonders you wanted to see.  
It's not the car where I finally took the chance
And leaned across the cup holders and
Pressed my lips against yours, and
They fit so perfectly it was like
We were a lock and key.  
It's not the car where I fell in love with you.  
But I think it is.  
Every time.
This has been in my drafts for too long! :)
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