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a memory pop up
what' s up?
missing me or missing her
don't blame me that I cannot bear
the thought of you with someone
the thought of you of being not the one
i have this tendency
i can't see some consistency
until i can touch
until i can kiss
until i can hold
those hands that you say will hold me
those hands that you say will love me
hear me say
hear me cry
hear me
i just want me

I drove past the block you live on
It's not my fault, it's by favorite spot
I have no excuse why I pulled in the parking lot
Steve Parker Sep 2018
I wish I had flowers and gifts for you
   A whole room full that was well arranged
But if you think that I've forgotten you
  That thought is quite insane!
I may not have much money,
  and all my credit cards are dead
You're partial to gifts of labor(not paid for with paper)
   So I wrote you this instead:

If you could see inside myself,
  My heart, My head, My soul
You would see the fear I have of you
  of a burning love that's beyond my control.
If you could only hear my thoughts,
          and day
You'd see how much I love you,
  no one on Earth could lead me astray!
For earth alone does not bound my love, if there're chicks on planets far beyond
  You have no need to worry- I still would not Respond!
Even if they were hot and green, just like that Star Trek show,
   And if they tried to correspond, my answer would still be "No"!
"Pack it in you *****-*** hoes," is what I would decree
"None of you even have a chance, Brenda's the only one for me!"
As we walked away, we would laugh and say,
(And I think you will agree)
"They gave Captain Kirk a mess of herps'
      and Spock got Hepatitis B!"
Thoughtful sway of emotions
Oscillates in  mind
Forging vibrations  of you
So distinct and divergent
Recurrent so cheerful
Sadness at rarity
For the  tidal waves  in me
You are the shore to touch upon
To hug on
So  fiercely  !!
I think about calling you
But I know it would only disappoint
“Hey, what’s up—your friends not home?
Why are you calling me on the phone?”
I’d lie and say I just had time to waste
Went from my safest place to saving face
And it’s sad
Sad I no longer know you like that
Lily Priest Jul 17
What line can
I draw
Where I dont want
You anymore
Let me stand behind it
Because missing you
Is too painful
To endure.
how can i consider one to be
a perfect sight to see
is it when nobody can plea
how amazing that feeling will be
love is not around
or this world is just too round
who needs to do it first
i was about to search
my heart went to burst
whenever i see and about to perch
of all the places
i want to just be in your presence
i can't go on mazes
i just want to smell the essence
please be the first
i wanna be the last
that was found
on lost
sea above
all the ground

Chris Calkins Jan 2018
my lips are too numb
from lack of kisses and I
must miss you again
Missing my girlfriend a lot and yeah.
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