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zoe nichols Jan 26
Would you smile
Would you speak
Would you look

Would you think twice if she wasn't there
Would you smile
Would you show me love
Would you have lifted your hand
Would you have thrown me

Would you love me
Would you care
Would you take a second thought
Would you want me

If she was gone
Would you come back
Could I forgive
The abuse
The hurt
The bruises
The memories

I watch you
Fight the hurt
Fight the heartache
Fight the depression

Yet you stayed
While she pushed us away
Now your a stranger
You won't even look
Won't even smile

I just want my dad
The man
I looked upto
The dad
I loved

The memories
They won't fade even if I try
The gigs
The laughs

Should i forget
Will you ever come back
Or should I feel
Forever wishing you didn't do what you did
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

So how come it only took me 1 date to fall for you,

3 weeks to love you,

4 words to to shatter my heart

And  21 months to stop wanting you back...

I thought you were my world,
My addiction,
My favourite habit

But no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to break the habit of missing you.

“please leave a voicemail, beep”

Hey, uh, I have missed you.
Not like Romeo did Juliet
Or like Noah did Allie,
More like Han missed Chewie.
The point is, I wish things were normal.
I want our long talks about nothing,
Even the occasional silent ones.
We seem to have been playing phone tag lately,
Which is okay but I am ready to talk,
Ready to hear about your horrible drinking habits and your endless girl problems.
How does two years feel like a life time?
I guess friendships are like that sometimes.
Life goes on but it goes slower without your
best friend making you laugh,
Or calming you down when you need it the most.
I heard you are coming back into town,
I hope to see you.
Sorry to drag on,
Call me back.

-a voice message i wish i made
CandidlySubtle Feb 2022
An easy breath,
Blows through a swing,
An uneasy melody,
Fades in the horizon,
Of pink and blue,
I chased after the sky,
I climbed up this hill,
To abandon memories,
I hear,
Your breath,
A whisper from a music box,
Repeating the same tune,
I don't want to linger,
I cannot forget,
This rhythm,
That is your breath.
pnam Jan 2022
Aati hai kya yaad meri?
Mere mehboob kuch to bata do
Tadpati hui in judaayi
Ke palon ko kuch to salaah do

Aaj apne dil se pooch kar
Is mohabath ko kuch silaah do
Dil ki Jaadui chiraag se pyaar
Na kabhi kam **, maang lo

Aati hai kya yaad meri?
Mere mehboob kuch to bata do
Tadpati hui in judaayi
Ke palon ko kuch to salaah do

English Translation...

Do I come in your thoughts?
O my love please do tell
Painful moments without you
is pleading for a prayer  impel

Today ask your heart within
to reward our love graceful
Wish  hearts magical lamp gin
to always keep our love brimful

Do I come in your thoughts?
O my love please do tell
Painful moments without you
is pleading for a prayer  impel
Valya Jan 2022
I miss you
The way you wrapped your tender arms around me
The way you looked at me when I was mad trying to find the answer in my eyes
The cold December nights where we laid cuddled up under blankets
The sunny spring days where we'd fall asleep under the shelter of the dark green trees
The humored voice you'd always use when telling me to not be scared of your mother
The way your eyes would settle on me as if I was the only one there
waiting for the impossible
Raven Mc Chim Dec 2021
Holding onto the old days that won't repeat
Excepting a magic to happen
But at the end everything goes downhill
Maybe letting go of the old memories doesn't hurt much.
But hoping those memories to repeat is a mere imagination
Memories happen not created
You made me feel that remembering those doesn't hurt.
But here I'm siting alone for seeking your precence
while I stare at the sky filled with stars
Now moon is filling your company
Walking with me and hearing my rants and talks.
Will you come and be with me again. I will take good care of you.
Time scares me when you leave my arms
A single breath without you seems like wasted years
When your heart and my heart sit on the balcony of what we built  together
Every other ***** of my body seem to disappear
I guess your irresistible beauty takes them away
For only the melody of my heart beat I feel
Probably beating on the walls of my chest trying to get to you

But now you are far away
The ghost of your kiss haunts my emotions
Can't have a clear thought without the memory glistening in my mind

This body have become an abandoned house
No one dares comes in
Cause it's haunted by your memories
Dark without the torch of your smile

I want you to know just a single day has made all this difference
Imagine forever
Please don't do imagine that
My heart wouldn't endure such pain
Kewayne Wadley Nov 2021
It's been so many nights
I've scrolled down my contact list
& Highlighted your name.
So many nights you've crossed
My mind and never left.
Wherever you call home
Wherever I call home.
Places I thought we'd never go
Desperate finding our way back.
You're name a direct reflection
Of the sun,
My finger an eclipse.
Unknown to the philosophers
And professors who study science.
It's been so many nights
I've scrolled down my contact list
& Your name has shone bright
Like some shooting star
Searching for something it's lost.
Knowing our history
You'd have to be there to have
Seen it.
Without first contact,
I miss you every time
Merlie T Oct 2021
I lift my head up from the bow
A risk to take just yet
Iron caves have rusted
Surround and keep me warm
To leave here now frightens me so
But to stay will do the same
Years and year so dream to return
Forever I sorley yearn
To speak you and to find you
Is the only vision I can see
Your hand reached out to mine
So calmly and serene
To step over that threshold
Into the safety of always
Where we dance in memories past
Laugh as we always have
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