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kassie Apr 15
ever the shade of blue
you've left us in;
my walls painted purple,
the evidence between my fingernail
and the skin.

i chip off the paint in bed.
high off the fumes of a dark empty room and visions of you.

curtains falling
it's a billowing view
late summer nights bring wind from the sea
remind the lonely how cold it is,
or maybe that night mother earth wanted to remind me
how to breathe,
and how you can feel alive if you let the cold hit your cheek;
it was disconcerting
to say the least.

i was listening from the sheets
between the curtains and underneath

each gust of wind
visions of you
walking in the room

i dont know what i believe in,
but i guess it's not you.
silence on dark roads past winding view
all my men have left me
nothing to do

feeling purple & cleaning my room
Do you feel the splashing of the waves?
Do you feel the shakes of the earthquakes?
Do you feel my heart when I'm wide awake?
Do you feel my soul when its afraid?
Do you feel my words or is this a mistake?
To dive right in
Too fast, too slow, I want this to last
Rewrite the past, one year ago, this I asked
This I ask
One more time
Is it a crime?
To ask
Do you love me?
I dont know what to feel... so just wrote what my heart felt
I cannot take the pain away
From missing you.
And I cannot interfere
With these recurring memories
The ones I thought I’d buried deep
Inside my boundless ocean.

No matter how many songless walks,
Or bottles of wine,
Poured down my long blue sundresses.
From behind my dark brown curtains,
Beneath my raging waves;

And keep smiling to me.
NightOwls Mar 11
I see you
leaving tiny bread crumbs.
I'd follow them
and eat them along the way.
I feel as if maybe
you'd poison me.
Or maybe you would lead me
into a deep and empty abyss.
Feeling trapped, I would
never be able to let go.
A prisoner in my head,
but yours too.
Brie Pizzi Mar 5
Do you think the moon ever gets frustrated repeating the same phases over and over again?

Do you think the moon wishes to stay full?

Do you think on the days the moon is not full, it feels incomplete?

Do you think the moon ever feels lonely, missing the sun?

Do you think the moon stares at its reflection, criticizing every crater?

I wonder if the moon knows how beautiful it is.
ICN Mar 1
I’ll kiss whoever I’m with tonight
to take you off of my mind.
It’s not the first time
that I’m fighting to keep you out,
but I don't wanna close my eyes.
In the dark you’re all that I see.
He’s laying in my bed but I'm staring at the ceiling, reminiscing you.

I’ll make out with three strangers tonight.
None of them will make it back to my room
but if they did it still wouldn’t matter,
I just don't wanna be alone at times.
Need to feel someone else on me,
so I can stop feeling you,
so I can forget you.

Cause I’d run to you
even if you were just a mirage.
And I’d follow you,
Through a desert.
Through a blizzard.
Through the eye of a hurricane.
I’d run to you!

and it’s been six months,
we still haven't talked.
I don't know anything!
I miss being your everything.
Tonight I’m all alone,
no one touching me, I’m on my own.
I tried the hook-up thing but couldn’t keep pretending.
When I look in their eyes I just see yours, blue and green.
Where did you go?
Why’d you stop loving me?

It doesn’t matter
If I never get an answer.
If you hit me up one day
I’ll still remember your voice,
but I’ll also remember
how pathetic you made me feel.
Alone even when we were together,
looking back is bittersweet.
Fond memories and love,
welled up fears and disappointment.
I’ll always remember you, love.
But I won’t go running back,
even if I want to,
I won’t go running back.

but I hope that you do
I hope you’d run back to me too.
The once sunny days
are replaced with the rainy
as wet as tears on my face

your infectious laugh
fills my ears
so desperately
until I can’t hear nothing more
than a faded memory

and the pictures on my phone
have been looked at
more than the work on my desk

your texts
aren’t as memorable
as the seconds of happiness
i squeezed out of us
like a sponge

and the time we spend
isn’t as fun
when we’re six feet apart
we'll get through this
on rainy days
i like to pretend
that i am sinking into the water
so i can drown in something
other than my thoughts.
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