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White Shadow Dec 2023
In the quiet hush of evening's embrace,
I sense your absence, a lingering space.
Moonlight mirrors the glow in your eyes,
Yet, without you, it's just starlit skies.

Your laughter, a distant, haunting song,
Echoes in the silence, where you belong.
In the symphony of memories we share,
I find you in every whispered prayer.

As time dances on, a relentless tide,
Longing for you, my heart can't hide.
Each sunset a reminder of your touch,
I yearn for you, missing you so much.

In the canvas of dreams, you're a vivid hue,
A portrait of love that continues to grow.
The miles may stretch, but love persists,
Aching for the day we reunite with bliss.

May every breeze carry my love to you,
In the longing, may your heart stay true.
Until the moment when distance will cease,
Know you're missed, wrapped in love's increase.
Haley Lana Aug 2023
Just ten days but it feels too long,
being without you's way too wrong,
and I miss you lips latching onto mine.
Miss your hands sliding on my skin,
miss the taste of our sweetest sin,
four long days 'til the finish line.
Your honeyed voice is what I need,
feel your strength as you take the lead;
gotta melt again in your arms.
I feel so safe when you're holding me,
the warmth in your eyes - all I see,
getting lost in your charms.
The way your laugh lights up the room
will raise me up, out of my tomb,
like the Universe is all ours.
Oh my love, my soul, my light,
I can hardly wait for that night,
So I can breathe your scent for hours.
(for G.)
Tiphane Moraa Jul 2023
Loving you from a distance has not been a fair play
An extreme sport maybe ,sometimes I am worried that ,the memory of your touch may start to fade
Loving you from miles away and even though we talk everyday ,I still get this sense that,
there is much that I need to say through my touch ...
Like how I'd occasionally hug you from the back
I want to touch your face and I know that the long distance love is what we have but incase you are wondering I...
I never stopped looking forward to the day when you'll be back in my arms
zoe nichols Jan 2023
Would you smile
Would you speak
Would you look

Would you think twice if she wasn't there
Would you smile
Would you show me love
Would you have lifted your hand
Would you have thrown me

Would you love me
Would you care
Would you take a second thought
Would you want me

If she was gone
Would you come back
Could I forgive
The abuse
The hurt
The bruises
The memories

I watch you
Fight the hurt
Fight the heartache
Fight the depression

Yet you stayed
While she pushed us away
Now your a stranger
You won't even look
Won't even smile

I just want my dad
The man
I looked upto
The dad
I loved

The memories
They won't fade even if I try
The gigs
The laughs

Should i forget
Will you ever come back
Or should I feel
Forever wishing you didn't do what you did
They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit.

So how come it only took me 1 date to fall for you,

3 weeks to love you,

4 words to to shatter my heart

And  21 months to stop wanting you back...

I thought you were my world,
My addiction,
My favourite habit

But no matter how hard I try, I can't seem to break the habit of missing you.

“please leave a voicemail, beep”

Hey, uh, I have missed you.
Not like Romeo did Juliet
Or like Noah did Allie,
More like Han missed Chewie.
The point is, I wish things were normal.
I want our long talks about nothing,
Even the occasional silent ones.
We seem to have been playing phone tag lately,
Which is okay but I am ready to talk,
Ready to hear about your horrible drinking habits and your endless girl problems.
How does two years feel like a life time?
I guess friendships are like that sometimes.
Life goes on but it goes slower without your
best friend making you laugh,
Or calming you down when you need it the most.
I heard you are coming back into town,
I hope to see you.
Sorry to drag on,
Call me back.

-a voice message i wish i made
CandidlySubtle Feb 2022
An easy breath,
Blows through a swing,
An uneasy melody,
Fades in the horizon,
Of pink and blue,
I chased after the sky,
I climbed up this hill,
To abandon memories,
I hear,
Your breath,
A whisper from a music box,
Repeating the same tune,
I don't want to linger,
I cannot forget,
This rhythm,
That is your breath.
pnam Jan 2022
Aati hai kya yaad meri?
Mere mehboob kuch to bata do
Tadpati hui in judaayi
Ke palon ko kuch to salaah do

Aaj apne dil se pooch kar
Is mohabath ko kuch silaah do
Dil ki Jaadui chiraag se pyaar
Na kabhi kam-**, maang lo

Aati hai kya yaad meri?
Mere mehboob kuch to bata do
Tadpati hui in judaayi
Ke palon ko kuch to salaah do

English Translation...

Do I come in your thoughts?
O my love please do tell
Painful moments without you
is pleading for a prayer  impel

Today ask your heart within
to reward our love graceful
Wish  hearts magical lamp gin
to always keep our love brimful

Do I come in your thoughts?
O my love please do tell
Painful moments without you
is pleading for a prayer  impel
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