Stewie Apr 25
There will be a day, in which you meet a man who makes you whole again.
He will make you believe in magic
He won’t stray to another woman’s thighs
There will be a day, in which this man will cry tears with you
You will begin to wonder why you swore off love before him
He will redefine ‘the one’ all over again
Autumn Lewis Apr 25
I love the one who makes me laugh for no reason
I love the one I've made it through all the seasons
I love the curve of his smile and the way his eyes grow when he sees me
I love the one who took the bitter out of my heart and replaced it with glee

I will never forget the touch of his skin for the first time
I will never forget the hours we spent on my back porch listening to the wind chimes
I will never forget the everlasting kiss that sealed our fate
I will never forget the words that took away my breath , "Would you want to date?"

I will never forget and always love the one
To my perfect boyfriend and mate I hope forever <3
Bella S Apr 6
I thought he was the one
I was wrong.
My parents told me I was singing the wrong song
That I needed to be strong
Not to hold on
But I didn’t listen.
I chased an impossible dream
I needed a different scheme.
My heart wanted to grasp someone,
Call them mine
But I couldn’t consign.
I broke him,
He broke me.
I wanted to flee,
These chains that held me
Why? Oh, why does this hurt?
I felt like dirt.
Sitting in my skirt
Waiting for him to arrive,
But he left me to survive
The wilderness haunting
And he didn’t mind flaunting,
That I needed him more than he needed me.
He knows he wasn’t the one, but he left me to figure out that by myself
He left my heart on top of the shelf.
For me to climb high trying to reach it,
But I was so lost that he wouldn’t preach it.
Why? Oh, why did he do this?
Why did he flirt?
When all he did was hurt.
Tell me why this happened?
Why did he flatten
My once beating heart
And rip it apart.
For the mistakes he made
That he will never aid
But yet he never triads
The love I had for him,
Back to me.
Tell me why; so I can understand, so I can heal, so I can learn.
Tiana Marie Apr 4
I was walking down the street the other day
and I swear I saw you walk past me.
Now, of course, you don't even know me, and,
well, to be honest, I don't really know you too.
But you believe in love at first sight, right? Well, don't you?

I bet you don't. You seemed too sophisticated for that.
I could tell by the way you walked on by
and the way you talked on your cell phone like you
had authority or like someone was waiting for you in strife
on the other side– I know I've waited for you my whole life.

When you walked on past, did you notice me?
Probably not, but that's okay. I'm not the type that turns heads.
I'm only the type that turns them away.
But, if you are who I think you are– my perfect Mr. Right–
then someday you will walk past me again. You just might.

On that day, I'll be ready. I promise you I will be.
I'll take you into my loving arms and kiss you softly.
Well, won't you like that? You must, for if you're my Mr. Right
then I'm your Mrs. Right. Unless you weren't sent from above
and even you– the perfect one– becomes an act of unrequited love.
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Tiana Marie Apr 4
They say you'll know
when you feel the butterflies
take over your stomach
and you can't think.

They say you'll know
when you grab their hand
and you feel sparks
ignite in every direction.

They say you'll know
when your mind clouds
so much that you feel dizzy
and you have to take a rest.

But the day I knew
I didn't feel
In fact,
my mind hadn't been any more clear.

The day I knew
I was sick in bed
and you brought me some
chicken noodle soup.

It was a simple act
that told me you cared
and made me realize
how much I care too.
Cyndi Marie Apr 1
He's the one
That kisses my fingers
From base to tip
As if nothing so fine has ever met his lips
He's the one
That holds me at night
While he snores in my ear
And it's the sweetest thing I'll ever hear
He's the one
That stays up late
Talking about his dreams
And it's enough to make me burst at the seams
He's the one
I'll spend every day with
And still find myself missing
All his loving and his kissing
He's the one
I'm going to marry
And we'll spend the rest of our lives
And falling in love all over
He's the One
Future Mrs. Something.
BW Mar 20
I took out my heart, piece by piece
from the bin and you stuck it back
fractured, cello taped, but back in one piece
And I wore it carefully on my sleeve for
them to see you were there for me.

Then it became toxic, what was cute turned into
poison. You grew sick. And I frantically
annoyed you harder, desperate
not to show what fear was driving me.

My naivety, my vain, my egos and my tears
I didn't know whether you liked them
Probably not,
Probably I promised too much to be kept up
All I know is I wouldn't show them to anyone
else, I put a wall for everyone but you to find out
I was a child and you were the plushie
ripped from me, then apart.

I was your Kitty but I am a stray cat without
a home. How can you be a stray cat with all
your diamonds and pearls? They ask.
YSL Black Opium. Tiffany Collars. Cartier Bracelets.
I would give them all up.
A kitty will always be a stray cat, when without your love as her armor.
LizO Mar 18
A greeting with no words spoken.
My longed-for thunderstruck moment.
The question that doesn’t need asking,
Where to go, where to go?

A passion that sends me reeling.
Too scared to love, but too scared to leave.
The look that leaves me knowing,
Where to go, where to go.
Chloe Feb 23
the one that caught your look
the one that heard the roses like you
the one that smelt like a antique book
the one that pissed you right off
the one that made you want to take your clothes off
the one that made your nerves feel electric

the one that tasted like love,
but was never fully digested.

the heartbreakers
and the still waiters.

for hope is still about,
waiting while they have some doubt.
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