singing your name
dreaming  your scent
smiling at nothing
loving you

#itisjustyou  #theone
nanimono Sep 21

All my poetry it's all about you
From me,
I enjoy writing every poem about you in this place
Because you may never found it
This is totally my securer place
About an expression of my feeling
Expression that I can't write in my social media
You may never read it
And my message may never delivered to you
But I'm sure this will be delivered to the world
That there is a man who still never lost his hope about you

I have been blessed with a guy sent from above
Someone who my thoughts and heart have stolen
Whose voice and presence brings joy to my days
Someone whose love I will never let go
What have I done to win someone like you?
Someone so pure, kind, and true
Whose love and care shows me every day
Someone whose patience cannot be compared
You are my answered prayer, my one true prince
You are my best friend and my guide
You are my confidence and the one
You have come to this world to lighten my life
My days I want to spend with you by my side
Happiness I want to give you until death finds me
But faith we have that heaven we will reach

for that special someone.

Oh I dreamt of him my special someone
The one I'm supposed to be with for the rest of my life
Is it finally him?
He looks at me with that dazzling eyes
That perfect make up
He is far prettier than most girls
He is like a model oh hoh
When he moves with that long high heels
I cannot keep my eyes away

Uh. It seems like there is no need for explanation
it seems like he knew me already that charming smile
That melt an awkward and lame girl like I am
He said something but I could not hear as I focused my attention to him
But all I could hear is the word love
Oh hoh is it the one I'm gonna spend my life with?
He is so beautiful and when he transform back to his true self
He is too handsome and so hot
That black silky hair
Is it the one?
The man who is prettier than most girls

Holly M Aug 31

is it true that in one lifetime
one can have many different ones
with to share their time?
but if that is so, then
why is it called 'the one,' singular?
and if that is so, then
what happens when one finds the one
and right through their fingers-
just like butter
-away the one slips?

because i found 'the one,' singular
the one who jump-started my heart
the one with whom i wanted my life to start
the one who warmed my heart, chilled and cold
the one who would love me
even when my body grew wrinkled and old

but when the cold turned to heat
you got wandering feet
i woke up cold and alone
with the loneliest feeling
that i have ever known
the one whose existence i doubted
the one who made me believe
was gone

i don't know where you are
but i know where i can always find you
sitting right there on the tip of my tongue
running through my mind
pulling my puppet strings
making me see things
eyes that are just shades of you
baby blues bring bad news
i should have known better,
i should have known better

oh, what a fool
how dare i trust fate?
she is not that kind,
but you tricked me in
and now there is nothing i can do
for i am a believer
and i could never leave you if i tried
your trust in the unknown did not extend
to the mystical one, to the mystical me
that is the heavy truth i must carry
inside of my cold, ghostly heart
for the rest of my days

you hold my heart
but it is breaking
and my empty chest is aching
for i found the one
the one who gave my life meaning
the one who made every day better-seeming
but alas, just like butter
away the one slipped

Holly M Aug 30

all my life i've been skeptical
that "the one" exists for every one
'cause in my life i've watched "the one"
turn too many hearts skeletal
but they all scoff at my fear
they say, "holly, you'll know when you fall"
well, once upon a time, i fell
all that resulted in was tears
and enough self-esteem issues to last me for years
but then they have the absolute gall
to say, "when in doubt, just try try again"
try again? try again?
how many times do i have to lose a friend?
how many times do i have to pretend?

god this is awful
how can we as a society consider it lawful?
it's enough to make me pray for an end
to the madness, the search, the chase
to bow out with just a little bit of grace
after all, cats are cute
puppies are loyal
and i've got my friends
so pick up the phone and call me
when this shit ends

enter you
i didn't know what to do
my glimmer of hope didn't spark
you weren't my flashlight in the dark
but soon i saw less gloom
i saw flowers bloom
my heart opened up like a rosebud
while my mind still remains closed up
because mom and dad live at separate addresses
because colorful words paint a picture
because i doubt my ability to break the chain
so love is the thing that my heart suppresses

you wormed your way in
got right under my skin
slowly at first, then all at once
for the first time my heart didn't yell, "there's been a break in!"
it only extended a friendly hand and said, "welcome home."
so for now you have my heart on loan
and yeah, i still don't believe in "the one"
but my love, my darling, i believe in us
and for me, that is enough

My heart starts beating fast
I keep wishing the moment would last
Seconds, minutes, hours?
I guess they all pass
When I see you.
I can't even look at you
My eyes dart around the room
Checking if anyone else can see
What your meer presence does to me.

This is about someone that for some reason makes me so nervous yet I know it could never be anything real.
redberries Aug 2

never have I ever been confident in myself

so forgive me
when I fear

that this 'love' I think it is
isn't The love

Trust me when I say
with all my heart,

I want you to be The One.
so very much
more than anything I've wanted ever in my life

which says a lot.
I have many wishes that came back as disappointments

But I've always known how blessed I am

So I wish
this time

with all the blessings I will ever have
for the future and love we promised each other
to be real.

redberries Jul 30

You treasured your body,
you kept it for me even before meeting me.

I treasured my heart,
I kept it for you even before knowing you.

You once gave your heart away,
it came back bruised and broken,
I helped it heal after we met
But the thought bothered me,
I wished we met earlier
so you never felt pain like this.

I once gave my body away,
it came back numb and broken,
You helped it heal after we met
But the thought bothered you,
You wished we met earlier
so I never gave up like this.

You kept your body locked down for me
I kept my love locked down for you
so they are not polluted, so they can be pure as new
we collide.

I wish
we met earlier, so
I could give you the unbroken and whole me
that you deserved.

Together, it 's a whole.
redberries Jul 22

The Perfect way to know for sure is “wait”
or you’re just leaping to the next thing you think that’s great, with a chance of running against fate.

Given a fairy-tale reality
You try your hardest to fight the insecurities
a motivation to finally learn to love yourself
The default setting,
”It's too good to be true."
embraced the idea of bliss soon fleeting

The beginning
Was everything sweet and heart-melting
it was pleasant and pure, simple and warm
It's sitting closer to you just to steal a little warmth
a lovely secret you swear to kept to yourself unless Otherwise
It is a fresh start from hell since you got into your birthday skin

The Otherwise happened
it was so unexpected
like two painters meeting in the middle of the canvas
Realising what they were painting
was just half of something wonderful
and together you created a masterpiece without knowing

Retracing that your entire life was leading up
to this
being overwhelmed
natural instinct kicked in
But being Home
Prevented it from happening
being home disconnects the motherboard

It was like being crippled your entire life
then given a walking stick
And I would ask for nothing more

Just grateful you added a new colour palette in my life
wishing. With you
I could finally
walk slower and enjoy the view I have always loved
Hoping we'd walk to the end hand in hand

How I wish we are so far away from the end
knowing even when we do
Hands would still be linked after crossing the line

I want the entire room to be filled with paintings we paint
trusting nothing could torch it, even with a burning fire Match

Wishful silly thinking hoping it becomes reality.
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