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There's a girl I couldn't stop thinking about
She often smiles, she gives when she has none to give,
And she likes to do the right thing.

There's a girl I'll never stop thinking about
She winked, she took when I had nothing left to give,
And she liked what power could bring.

There's a girl in between that I sometimes forget
She did not talk, she had nothing to give,
And she liked to be honest in everything.

The girl I am is probably memorable
I flirt a lot, I give when there is something to get
I like a piece of each of them.

Where's the catch, where's the fairytale
I'm playing a game, all to no avail
Will I dance in the middle of the storm
To hold you in my arms
A wish to the daylight, rise of the sun
Will of my heart, flourish to the edge of the earth
Holding your memory in the back of my eye.
as I close my eyes I paint a picture.
it is you, again.
my pencils are filled with colour,
a perfect mixture

and it seems,
as if these shades
only exist in my dreams

I draw you, line by line
I play with the thought,
you might wanna be mine

I draw your skin,
you’re smiling eyes,
your chin

I draw the lips I’d like to kiss,
but what is this?

you’re not here,
not even close

and if you read this;
I am painting.
for you, 
I’m still waiting.

- gio
Lee Aaun Feb 28
if my wishing for myself makes you insecure,
then baby you need to fall in love
with yourself rather than chasing
someone else's 'the one'
choosing yourself should be a trend!
hello dear,
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

I’m getting better, day by day,
and I just want you to know,
that I’m tired of waiting,
but I’m doing okay.

and I know that soon we will meet
and our souls will fall in love,  
so our life can be complete.

so dear, 
I hope you’re on your way, 
hope you’re somewhere near.

and if you’re currently working on yourself too,
you might be my man, my hubby, my boo.

so please don’t give up,
just keep moving.
I’m writing these lines,
because I know there is someone for me, too,
just like in the movies.

so let’s keep going,
keep growing
until the day we can water each other.

I’m searching for you, lover.

and I’m always excited,
while the story extends,
‚cause my favourite movies,
are the ones with happy ends.

- gio -
Amelia Feb 10
As you told me I figured you could be my guide
I put my guard down as you take me
This is somewhere too far
And yet you have made sure
That you could leave me, anytime
I didn’t see that coming but of course
I have to find my way on my own
Just to realize you took me where I once were
Am I really kind and selfless?
You reminded me my old pains and angst
And still made me feel like I’m worthy
Most of all, I admired what I saw
I can’t help but to think of my endless possibilities

Thank you,
But are you still there?
Almost unreal,
What was that?
Where are you?
A wind,
A whale song?
My, my, my mind is all over
I can’t stop thinking of getting better
But I also can’t stop thinking of getting better with you
Inspired by Polaris by December Avenue
Junnie Jan 30
If I will finally found that person

Who gives light to every darkness

Who shine brighter than anyone

Who brings calmness in my system

I don't want anybody else

But you, my endgame.
Nylee Nov 2020
Why should I seek the other
When i have the one?
Melissa Rose Nov 2020
Her head lies heavy across my chest
both grasping for closeness
her breath in rhythm with my breath
both intimately silent
her heart aches as mine aches
both dreading the distance
we are One
masquerading as two in separation
not yet noticing
Life’s infinite unfolding
we remain forever entangled;
lost in Love’s dream
of endlessly pursuing Itself
in the other
Zack Ripley Oct 2020
I know you like to be alone.
I know you like to do things on your own.
But some day, you're going to want a friend, so I was wondering,
Would you let me catch you
When you fall?
Would you let me be the one you'd call?
Would you let me help you end a fight?
Would you let me be the one
Who texts good night?
I know you don't want to rely on anyone,
But in the end,
Would you let me be your friend?
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