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When he talks, she hears you.
When he laughs, she pictures you.
When he holds her, she feels you.
When he hugs her, she smells you.
When he kisses her, she wishes it is you.
It's unfair and unjust.
She likes one, but she loves the other.
Seems like the people switched positions,
"The one" and "the friend".
Lily Feb 2
He was the one who had
The reds of love in a halo around his head,
The one who had the oranges swirling in his cheeks,
And yellow sunshine spilling out of his mouth as he talked.
New green buds sprouted wherever his hands touched,
As if he was making everything beautiful and new.
His legs were a bright blue sky,
And his indigo ankles never stumbled.
His purple feet sang wherever he went,
And when he opened up his arms to hug me,
His body turned pink,
The pink of Easter eggs and innocence.
I knew I would never see black again.
I tried another painting prompt! Please tell me what meaning you find. :)
Mya Baertlein Jan 16
One day
That’s all it takes
To know who is the one
For me, my mind knew from one day
My heart didn’t trust my mind at first
My body wanted it to be true
My heart hoped it wasn’t
But a couple more months it knew
My heart now hopes he is the one
He’s sweet, loving, caring and, gentle
And I’m happy
He is different then all the other guys
And he is mine and I don’t plan on letting go
My mind knew what the heart didn’t want to accept
Jack Dec 2018
******* in a car,
Screaming Matty’s lyrics,
An angel placed before me,
With a voice not meant for the ears
Of mere mortals like myself,
The chocolate ocean of her glistening eyes,
Swallow me whole in a Marinas gaze,
But for once I can reach the floor,
Able to stay afloat and no longer
Battered by titanic waves of chaos,
The sweet glow she resonates
Illuminating every dark corner of
My mind,
Once an inescapable void,
Now filled with the fruitful warmth of love,
For the person who surely came from above.

Before me stands a towering figure
One that is doubtlessly divine,
Her shadow consumes me,
But it’s warmth is surely a sign,
That she is the one that all the hurt was for,
And how I just want her to be mine,
A single tear seeps from my eye,
Graced by your beauty,
Unable to make a sound
Out of my corrupt lungs,
Speechless until I force the words out,
“You really are the one, aren’t you?”
Ijla Oct 2018
When you said the word "Love",
What I saw was a loaded gun.
You holding the trigger
and I, looking down it's barrel.
Standing at this very spot again
my demons were screaming.
"Runaway" they said.
"Save yourself from yet another wound."
It was instilled in my mind
that love, brings pain and suffering.
That love.. was a matter of
Until when.
Until when would you love me?
How long till you would shoot me down,
and leave me bleeding,
Suffering from the after effects.
Just like every other person
who brought up the word "love".
So as the days passed
I waited,
I waited for the moment
that you'd pull the trigger.
But you never did.
Fearing the repetition of history,
I hadn't realised
that the gun I was petrified by
was no longer in your hands.
But forgotten
on the ground.
This was something
I never anticipated.
I had only dreamt of.
It was hard to believe
'Cause dreams never came true
But unlike everyone
Before you
In your arms
Happiness finally chose me.
When you meet the one.. it wouldn't be like any other. You'd let your guards down no matter how much you've suffered in the past. 'Cause that's just what love is.
Samruddhi Oct 2018
Love me like I am your only addiction,
that always keeps you on the edge
Love me so real like that romantic fiction,
that looks so much like a ledge!!
Love me like I am your lovely yet unfinished dream,
that makes you work hard to make it real
Love me so soft that only for you my heart scream,
that finally lets this broken soul heal!!
Love me like I am your entire world,
that is running up and down in pace
Love me like I am to be kept furled,
that would ******* out of my hiding place!
Crave for the love that keeps you off the edge always.
Find a love that is an adventure everyday!
For to love is to live!
Sakif Hossain Aug 2018
My sweet fairy, my only one
The one owner of my heart..
Why my heart feels so warm,
U guessed right, it's her..

Well sure she's far away,
But hey it's only distance,
I know she thinks of me every day..
Though we can't talk for days,
But that one hour with her worth waiting...

They say there's a day for love,
For me every moment is for love..
I love her innocence,
I love her every cute antic..
Cause she's the one,
The one fairy of my heart...
emily Sarker Aug 2018
My mind wants one thing
My heart wants another
And for my eyes, well they lay in the middle seeking to please them both
My mind orders my eyes to close and stay closed
But my heart orders for them to open to see you
When my heart takes over my mind gives in
When my mind takes over my heart gives in
For my heart sees nothing but unconditional love for you
But my mind sees the reality of the fact I cannot take a chance with hurt for now.
My mind will not risk letting you into my life in the fear you will hurt me
And my heart will not stop beating to be closer to you and loving you
As for my eyes, it sits, and watches this race
Heart vs mind who will win…….
i fell for him when my mind wasn't ready to love in fear of having my heart broken but i simply couldn't shake the feeling he gave my heart won<3
You were the it,
the only thing.
The inspiration I hadn't yet met.
The hypothetical metaphor,
in story book prose.
Anika May 2018
Just as the Earth had given up hope
The Moon came waltzing in.
He took her hand and guided her lane
And steered her clear from sin.

“Darling don’t make me throw you a rope,
“Even though you know I will.
“This world can drive anyone insane
“But yours is a special skill.”

And he stayed and showed her how to cope
Encouraging her to leap.
“Your destiny is more than the pain
“And your beauty you must keep.”

And he stayed and showed her the Earth’s scope
For his orbit kept him there.
They knew that the world had much to gain
From this formidable pair.

And then just before they could elope
The Sun finally broke free.
“Now’s the time for destiny to reign
“And there have always been three.”

But now this is a slippery *****
When the three become The One.
The Sun will set and the Moon will wane
But the Earth is never done.
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