Steve B May 19

Insomniac routines of cyclic obsessions and thoughts, of the one... I'll just wait here, for my number, from the other side of an oh-so familiar queue  ... Is this even the right queue?

I took your heart and made it mine
We intertwined our souls so we could connect on a soul level
You are my pride n joy
Lover of my heart
Art in form of a woman
Picasso wishes he had painted
Your presence fills me with joy
And my eyes light up every time I see you
As long as you loves me
Life will be worth living

© Katli Mathobela 2017

You made me like dancing
The way you made me feel
We were touching one another
Feeling the rhythm of our favorite songs
There’s nothing I love more than this
Swing dancing
That’s what gets to me
The second any country song came on
You grabbed me
And we started dancing
We didn’t care who was around us
We danced and we sung
You made me feel light as a feather
You threw me into the air
And caught me as I came down
You dipped me
You spun me
You swung me
I can’t think of anything I love more

I want to feel that again
I want that touch
That grab
Your hands in my hands
Dancing as the night grows old
Swinging to the beat
Getting our boots dusty in the dirt
Making memories in the crisp night’s air
Or in my kitchen
Anywhere with you
You made me feel special
That was swing dancing
With you

I can't think of anything I love more than dancing with the one I love
DJColzz Apr 12

Come my lady, let me show you
I'm the one who'll get to know you
I won't let you out of my mind
I won't let you down you will find
We'll feel like our two souls are freed
I will be everything you need

If you see the moon in the sky
Think of it as my loving eye
Looking down and connecting you
To the one who's protecting you
I'll be sheltering you from harm
So walk with me, just take my arm

Let us walk into the sunrise
We don't have to live in disguise
I will not ever let you down
In a sea of emotions drown
I'll be the one to bring you out
oh my true love there is no doubt

When you see the sun is shining
On these hearts true love we're signing
It takes you from the dark to light
From ground level we will take flight
I'll let you know how love is won
I'll let you know you are the one

Months have gone by, but the pain remains

They said it’ll take time before it fades

Harder and harder I try not to think of you

But thoughts come back of you leaving on that plane

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to love again

You have my heart, you took it away

I feel empty and lonely inside

Every hope and dream is shattered within

I don’t understand how you continue to hurt me

We haven’t had communication since

You would think I’d be ready to move on

The thought of you- us will never let me be

I wanted so badly to end up with a ring

To live together happy for eternity

You made me believe this could be real

You took it all from me, my everything

My family took you in as theirs

My brothers looked up to you, though they shouldn’t

It wasn’t more but false hope you gave

You took for granted all their care

You aren’t the same as you once were

But that’s what happens with time

Or is it because you hid the true you

Your mind was a mess, you were never sure

Now I’m the one feeling this way

You’re in my thoughts, my prayers, my dreams

I can’t escape the reality

You’ve done nothing but betray

I've gotten my heart broken by someone I completely trusted and fell in love with. Some how it's been several months and I can't get over him. There has been no contact or communication but my hopes is to use this poem as an outreach of my emotion to him.

This holiday...
This delightfully cheerful,
Wonderfully happy,
Endlessly beautiful holiday,
Is also so terribly lonely.
Every year I spend it alone,
No Valentine to give my heart to,
And no Valentine gives me their's.
I'm happy for those who
Have found love and
Have Valentines,
But I can't help but feel
So lonely and sad on this day.
Because the cute couples,
The sweet letters,
Kind gifts,
And warm cuddling
Just reminds me that
I can't have the one I want.

February 9, 2017.
Elyssa Night Dec 2016

I love it when you gently rub your strong hands through out all my hair

I love it when you look at me with your deep ice blue eyes like I am yours forever

I love it when I can hear your laughter all the way through the house

I love it when as you walk through my door and I run, you pick me up and hold me just as tight as I do

I love it when you play guitar and sing to me for hours on end without a care

I love it when you hold my hand proud everywhere we go

I love that you always take your time telling me just how beautiful I am everyday

I love the way your warm breath tickles my ear as you whisper you love me

I love how passionate you touch every inch of my body, between kisses telling me how perfect I am

I love making love with you, wrapping myself around your masculine body, feeling myself melt underneath you

I love it when we lay and you pull me from behind against your chest, holding me telling me sweet nothings

I love it when you put your hands on my stomache and say, "I can't wait to have a family with you".

I love all and everything you do

But most of all I love you

Ma Cherie Oct 2016

I hear you gotta girl,
so this ones just for you my Son,

I hear she makes your day,
when you are,
on your hurried daily run,
when every step is slow,
as you take & take,
another one,

If your load is feeling heavy,
if it feels just like solid ton,
when they are on your back,
& aiming with a snipers gun,

When skies are turning grey,
& you just cannot see the sun,
when every moment you're awake,
& everything in life is fun,

She's your baby darlin' dear,
your sweetest little hunny bun,
she says you two are juxtaposed,
in a lovely lil' funny pun,

When life just makes you dizzy,
& at night,
when you are feeling spun,
every day, all day
on every leg,
& race you've won,

She loves you in the morning,
& when the day is finel'y done,
always she is shining,
shining on,
shining on,
shining just like the rising sun,

I'm just so very happy for you love,
so very happy,
that you,
yes you,
you have finally,
found the one.

Love you,

Cherie Nolan © 2016

For my boy. : ) ❤ & I'm OK.
R A Lee Jul 2016

Green as clovers,
his eyes make me feel as if I'm his lucky star.
With an embrace stronger than any ocean current, he  holds tight to our dreams.
Stronger than Atlas, he carries the weight of both our fears.
My love for him rivals every god in the heavens;
the perfect offering for Aphrodite.
He makes my cold heart burn with desire.
He is my person and no one else's.

Joshua Adam Jul 2016

Oh baby don't you remember
You brought thkse grey skies and rain
My heart ripped apart like a game,
But my love still burns only the size of an ember
See these photographs they fill the void I'm trying to remember

I'm a prisoner of Love
I'd say its a fools game
But I still dream of holding you
Even if it's only a one day.
Because to quote the greats
"We're the best lovers this world's ever seen"

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