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If he leaves you
Let him go
Because when you fight for him,
It’s not a fight for love
It’s a fight for your own obsession
Love is being happy together,
Not possessing each other happiness.
kiran goswami Aug 15
I walked down the snow-covered land.
It was windy but I could not breathe.

As I walked, the snow under my feet whispered,
'there are lovers more in love than about who Shakespeare wrote,
but such stories once heard get stuck in the throat'.

So, there I lay down on the snow,
the snow felt warm.
It narrated the story of a man and a land.
How the land love the man and the man loved the land.

The man's love was the one that would last forever.
It was not the kind that would sink into your heart
but float right through it so your waves long for more.

The man loved so much that,
the cold snow on the land made the man's blood boil
and the land stayed warm.
The land loved the man so much that,
her rocks became his stage
and he acted his last act with love.

The man love the land and so much that,
his breath made her tricolour hair fly.
The land loved the man so much that,
her shrieks turned him into an artist
and he painted it all red.

The man loved the land so much that,
his blood left his body to embrace her
just the way Bhagirathi descended on mother Earth.
The land loved the man so much that,
she embraced him tight under her snow blanket to protect him.

The man loved the land so much that
his body lay on the land
while their stories loved each other.
The land loved the man so much that
she let the man lie on her
while she was crushed under all the weight she held.

His body was still holding the land,
the snow was still red.

The man loved the land so much that he died for her.
The land loved the land so much that she lived for him.
Simran pawar Jul 31
When i fell in love with you,
I knew that it won't be easy and yet,
Still i did it,
I knew this distance would hurt even our soul.
Kyle Aug 13
We started from enemies;
Until we became allies.
We became closer and closer;
Until we were struck with limerence to each other.

Our love for each other was ineffable;
And we treasure each other.
But there was an accident;
That flipped our entire lives.

We protected each other;
And in the end, we died together.
Our lives maybe ephemeral;
But our love will last forever.

What happened to us proved the promise that we made for each other;
"Till death do us apart."
I knew him 63 days
We'd been together for five
But he was never one to be afraid to speak his mind

He told me that he loved me that drive
Taking me home for the summer
That we'd spend apart each night

He said he loved the way I kissed him
We started out over long distance, I tried so hard to make sense of it
The way my heart was feeling things without my permission

It's funny now to talk about those first days
When we couldn't hang out because of your roommate
You asked him how he'd feel about you taking me out on a date

We went to the sunset but we didn't watch it
Too busy talking with our hands on each other
It was clear to me then that we were in trouble

You said I'm the only girl that you'd called baby
I said you're the first guy that I let taste me
I don't even know what we were really saying

I had one hand in your hair and one on your chest
You looked at me and said you didn't want nobody else
I said don't say it if you don't mean it

I knew on the day you picked me up from the airport
In your ripped blue jeans and your dark, black t-shirt
You were someone that I actually cared for

We were both young, but you were younger
Something that I often even forgot of
Must have been the way you talked to my father

Or maybe what you said when you left for the summer
Ocean Jul 17
It was about a day and every day
The silence not reaching his ears
The voice not reaching her tongue,

Not the silence of unspoken, but of paradox
Not the vocals of vowels, but few words of truth.

The Moon was often bright,
His sea always shiny,
The beach at the end muddy,
The clouds near him in a hurry,
As if to not hide, Sea to his Moon.

A cheerful morning with chirping birds
Hosted a Mister and his Missie,
She shimmered as if an heiress of upper lands
He looked content as if the master of time,
She laughed and laughed as to chorus song of birds
He chuckled often, whenever laughter nuzzle.
And the magic of eyes was also present,
She looked at him with her forgotten existence
He looked at her as if his most fragile possession.
She blabbed and blabbed and said nothing,
He spoke on occasion few words of Solace.

On his dimmest days, Sea would often ask as if scared "will you come tomorrow", gazing hopefully
And the Moon would speak as if drunk "for sure". Seeming, weary.

i held her hand
i didnt want to let go
held the most beautiful girl in the world
her warmth felt like home
hand in hand can we forever go?
we might be a ferry, a bus, a train, and a cab away from each other but whenever i come to visit her, i always feel like home
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