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Sally J Sep 21
It was a clear, cool summer night
As i approached you, my heart felt a warm familiar feeling of home
You held my hand
We walked
We talked
For a minute, we forgot our past
This was it
The moment we had been aiming for
We gently started colliding
The universe was the witness of our unspoken love
That Friday night of July
Tommy Randell Sep 15
Thinking about feeling about
When I was feeling being loved by her
Was some kind of spiral
Some kind of collaboration with her -

Like our times together were on film
And it was a Her-in-my-Head kind of time ,
All the memories and the moments
From a **** Bill pantomime.

It was like our living & loving forever
Was going to go just as planned
And we'd be Adam & Eve at the End of Days
As the last tree burned and we held hands -

Don't get me wrong we were no Bonnie & Clyde
Playing out the tragedy of the old Midwest,
In a lovers' rush to take one final ride
On our way to a certain romantic death.

Thinking about dreaming about
Being her dream of perfection
Was some kind of wish fulfillment
Like an immaculate Inception

As she made it all up and our screenplay unfolded -
Every day in every way I woke up in her story
Until the CGI FX in my head-space exploded
In 5 point surround sound and Technicolor glory -

It was Cinéma vérité, a Love Affair with twists.
It was endless sequels, Terminator and Matrix,
The Towering Inferno and us trapped in the lift -
Fade to a pile of melting yellow bricks...

The End.
imparo Sep 2
You and I
have a story
behind closed doors,
sneaking at night,
stealing kisses,
secretly holding hands.

But you and I
both know
this story
shall never be told
not even to a single soul.
Nicole Aug 29
im still in daze
are you my love story?
or just
another picture to burn?
It is late night of November
This street seems so empty..
But the bar where I'm waiting
Filled with a thousand thirsty
Oh it's so long no see,
No touch, no warm, no pain
The girl comes and touches me tipsy
Is blue dressed after rain..

Then she takes my hand
And leads me to the street
So frosty, so cold
But snow melts to her bare feet
Oh it's so long you lost
I was afraid but you brave
The girl dancing crazy under midnight's lamp,
Is blue dressed ocean wave..

Stage of frozen time, under the porch light
She pulls me to the dance floor
Earring pearl that sings to this haze blue
Reminds me this eternal heart with open open door
Oh it's so long, now I own
I own you beauty, so pale love's stain
The girl circling this waltz in my arms
Is blue dressed cold mountain..
Arya Night Jul 24
You are my love story and I write you into everything I do. Everything I see. Anything I touch. You are the words that fill all my pages. The one thought that has entered my mind and never left. My hands belong to you as I write every one of your smiles into our story.
Some may envy our tale because what we have others can only hope to hold. But I shall not waver in my trust in you, for they are just dragons for you, my knight to slay. With your hand in mine, we'll leave the beast in the shadow of our past and step into the light of our future together.
Then I shall hold my breath until the next page turns, because I am eager to see how our next Adventure spells out like a never ending fairytale. For you are my love story and without you. My life would just be empty pages. Without your laugh, I would have not reason to hear. Without your smile, I would have no reason to see. Without you next to me, I would have no reason for a heartbeat.
You are my knight, my sword, and my pen. I love you.
I will eventually learn
how the tables tend to turn.
And I will have to comprehend
that you should just be a friend.
A friend that gives me butterflies
just by looking into my eyes.
A friend I have once fallen for,
never expected something more.
Someday I will comprehend,
That you should only be a friend.
why am I so attached to you?
Every good love story starts with a friendship and it's usually like that for a while.

until every word that escapes their mouth feeds your infectious smile.

Then eventually someone questions where did they go wrong?

Aimlessly picking up the pieces to discover you were perfect for them all along.
Flashbacks -
Yes, sometimes they are happy
And sometimes they are sad.
They make you proud
But also embarass you.
A thing done innocently in the past
Seems silly in the present.
Words spoken harshly
Sometimes hurt us more.
But what happens
When you love?

He was there for me.
I was there for him.
It was all perfect
Until one of us left.
It was him.

No, he did not
Fall out of love.
But he had no choice.
Maybe his time to leave
Had come in quite early.
On his farewell, I silently cried.
I saw him go away,
His body, his soul,
His smile and every memory.
I could cling onto them
But I chose to let go.
After all no one can defy

But see, now I am all
Happy and full.
I see him looking
Fondly at me,
The way which
Always makes my
Heart run fast.
He's here leaning
Over the table
Where I am writing
This piece of mine.

As I complete writing
I look up to see
Innocent love in his eyes.
He leans in towards me
And whispers,
"Darling it's a flashback."
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