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Kasansa Kuya Jul 2020
far past the horizon
is where I wanted to go
The day was ending
and there was still much I did not know.

Without caution,
I planned my trip.
Without distraction,
I was ready to skip.

In twilights arms the memories came back
as all my years put me in a trance.
Readiness to embark on a journey without caution or distraction and a strong desire for freedom and discovery
to be the kind of person
who will glimpse
the cherry blossom tree
beautifully delicate
in its early bloom
fluttering the palest pink
against a fragile white
desperate against even
the gentlest of breeze
but only observe
the black and the white
of what the premature
might mean for later
commenting how soon
these branches will lose
their graceful lustre
no longer to inspire
those hopeful wanderers
only to appear barren
and lifeless once again
Mays Benatti Dec 2023
We become a new kind
By feeling a new kind
Stepping out of the mind
To allow reality,
To refine,
I’m fine
In the spaces I thought I wouldn’t be fine
I’m finding myself
In the places I thought I wouldn’t be
In the spaces I thought I’d never go  

But now I see the world anew,
And all the possibilities too,
I've shed the chains that held me back,
And found the courage I once lacked.

I've learned to trust my heart and soul,
And let my instincts take control,
I've stepped outside my comfort zone,
And found a life I now call my own.

I've found a new kind of strength and grace,
And learned to love my own true face,
I've become a new kind of me,
And now my spirit is truly free.

So let us all step out of mind,
And leave our fears and doubts behind,
Let reality refine our souls,
And help us reach our highest goals.

For in the spaces we thought we wouldn't be,
We find ourselves and our destiny,
And in the places we thought we'd never go,
We find the courage to grow and glow.
Mackongo Nov 2023
a sense of shame brought upon by old social media profiles
a glimpse, a gaze, a window to my past,
and the cringe and depression comes flooding back.

a quick purge to the page shall do,
but im not sure thats good enough,
but it helps to know im in a better place,
the one that "she" was searching for.

lonely and confused i was,
but now that i'm mature,
i can love myself more.
i go by they/them now and i am a much happier person. its a learning experience. fill yourselves with love, and to find something to love, whether it is a person, a pet, or a hobby.
Lennox Trim Oct 2023
My fortitude is formed with the force of Brutus' crooked dagger in my back,
These fictional factualities ferment my mentality and thats a fact,
However I refuse to forfeit,
For I am fighting external forces with this existential forklift,
Uplifting my energy, channeling my inner G ,
When I step I centipede then with this the pen I bleed,
Think it's all a process of auto-biology,
I'm always overthinking- in need of an auto-lobotomy,
I'm the hero and the villian in my autobiography,
So its a automatic mutiny for this auto-autonomy,
It's self righteous how felt this self fight us,
It's shelf life is kelp like but felt like years ,
They say that legends never die,
Oh this lonely hell of mine,
The look of death ever present on my absent mind,
Long-winded, but these spurts of happiness are short-lived,
**** bingeing , cups overflowing with beer,
My thoughts Tinted, heavy drinking till I'm light-headed,
I don't eat or get sleep ,
Steady thinking, "where's my life headed??"
Need to stop running my mouth,
Too busy tryin to exercise these demons,
I keep pushing my luck, and im exhausted from this heaving,
Heavy breathing , and sold separately are these hellish hiccups,
My nightmare begind every mornin when I sit up...
D'evils pt. 1 (this was originally one piece but I decided to break it into two) depicts the depression and low self esteem that had bonded itself to me when I was at my lowest  💔.  Yours truly , Legendary_Lox
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
I want to trade my days
Away for
Something better.

I want to let go
Of the light
So I can repair,

Falling in the
Black, desolate,
Void and

Stuck in this
Fixation on

I wish I didn’t care,

But a part of me
That died left the
Feeling that lingers on,

And now I’m numb
and in disrepair.

With every new perspective,
I wish that I didn’t let the past
Pull me in every direction.

I know there’s no reason to
Focus on the matters

But all I see is old reflections.

Hearts drift away,
And I remember
Just like it was yesterday.

Memories are never
Gone, but sparks
Get crossed, and now I’m
dead and gone.

I wish I didn’t care.
I wish I could repair.

But right now,
I’m feeling numb,
And in disrepair.
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
I used to see
the world in  
black and white

Always thinking of  
the best or the worst,
falling apart.

But here I am, surviving  
and I'm hoping to save myself

Always followed
by my footsteps,

I’m haunted by a
never-ending dream
that puts reality to the test.

Haunted by the ghost of a
past state  

I hope to never
become again.

I’ve hit my lowest  
of lows, and all I  

Need is some reassurance,
that everything will be  
more than fine

Because I don’t  
want to fall apart

I used to see
the world in
black and white.

Always thinking of  
the best or worst,

But lately, it feels
I was handed a lifeline

and my world suddenly

When I met you.

I used to see
the world
in black and white

But together,
we'll color the world,
one hopeful brush at a time.
Joshua Phelps Sep 2023
Almost a year later,
I still wish I
hadn't lost my focus.

I let the
Lens focus
on the wrong things,

In the wrong places,
And it’s all just a

An accidental shutter,
Now the picture's
faded, and

It's hard for me to
discover what life’s
meant to be

When it’s just me

Out in this vast,
dark world,
feeling lonely.

Burning out,
Just like a dying star,

Feeling temporary,
I'm barely
holding on.

Just being alive
doesn’t feel alright.

Feeling out of place
and overexposed,

Just like the
Polaroid on my chest.

Looking at the smiles,
A bittersweet moment,

A moment in which
I hope I don’t regress.

I know it’s hard to progress,

And I know I just need
to convince myself and
trust the process.

I know this won’t
last forever.

Photos capture
And I must remember

This isn't the end
of my chapter.

The world moves forward,
and moments last forever,
and hurt is only temporary.
Annabel Rose Jul 2023
When I look at myself
I see someone I’m ashamed to be
I see someone who is not who they wanna be
I see me
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