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As for the rest of my life, I shall remain attached to the wondrous magic of love.
If I continue in life with pain as excruciating as this, I will only do so with joy-love.
For myself, I've wavered beyond expiration.
Shrinking, I've been a coward for ages.
I even tucked away for far too long.
I shall stand with courage in my temporal clay house and produce, giving what I can.
I've given offense an abundance of honor and time, not realizing how crippling I already knew it to be.
Now, Noah, let each day release much weight.
I latch onto the responsibility to rise and let the gifts within have their righteous place to let grand present me.
camps Jan 6
i heard a strange knock at my door
and when i looked through the peephole
i saw all the reasons men go to war
and a thousand men felled
they were laid out at the altars of mountains
that still glistened with their mystery

please hang me in the silence opposite your kisses
and make me wish the stars were alive
so that i can watch them burn trails on your skin
the echoes of a universe long disappeared
they're a reminder that i too would spend a lifetime
to reach you

who would they meet if they met you

i remember that charming daring boy of twenty two
who fought to stay standing while flirting with the snow
and who set in motion a life of movement
to look for places where he could stay still
the same boy who'd look into eyes the color of ice
just to set his soul on fire

or is it that kid of twenty five
whose anxiety is eating him alive
it's the question of whether couches or purpose
is what fills the space between four walls
the same kid who's so afraid to die
he doesn't learn how to live

do we even need stars when we can wish upon our dreams

it's been a few winters of stepping out with a broken zipper
that still remembers when i invited myself into that sunday night
just to have the frozen trees watch me as i took the long way back
if only i had kept on walking i would have touched the arctic circle
but that's okay because the thought of you alone makes me want to
touch alaska from the other side

she wears roses on her neck but can't quite explain the reasons
why this type of quiet is so attractive or why god has a glass eye
he's sitting somewhere in the corner and wondering out loud if
it's the coldest cold he's ever felt or if it's just the pasta in my soup
and since i somehow ended up here i listen in and when i do
i hear him say

give me everything forever or nothing at all
one of my most personal works to date

the last poem in my book 'anywhere but here'
herfragilemind Dec 2021
There are people whom believe to escape the mind, you must travel and see the world. Little do they know they are just carrying the baggage of their hearts. Running away will get you nowhere, it will only lead you face to face with reality but to write, it is where you discover the beauty of ones heart, the inner child you thought you had lost. If you must escape, look within and try writing.
13 Oct 2021
I never thought I’d see the day when I would agnise the depths of my desire.

Ingrained in every cell; the swell of emotion
ebbs and flows into each passing day
like the waves we’re all familiar with.
A calling card;
reminding me of the expectation of love,
the anticipation of hope,
and the abuse of obstinacy.

I learn from it everyday.
Paying respect and gratitude as tuition for the lesson called ‘life.’
Freshman year, every year.

Can’t complete the puzzle even when all of the pieces fit.
There is meaning in this.
Sometimes, I wish it wasn’t so.
But I can’t pursue it alone, so I won’t.
“If it can be realised, let it be so when the universe wants it”, is my escape.
But there is no escaping yourself.
You are the universe and it is you.

It has never felt like it wasn’t meant to be.
It has never been like it wasn’t supposed to.
Maybe one day it will manifest again.
Or perhaps fade like all beautiful, fleeting, moments.

You won’t catch me chasing something that doesn’t want to be caught.
You’ll see me walking the other way.
You’ll see my aura welcome it.
And you’ll see me turn around to embrace it with every fibre of my being.
But only if it wants the same things as I do.

If it doesn’t, that’s okay, too.
G May 2021
From the moment our paths crossed,
I know it is more than what you came for
And I know it's a trap
But I just can't seem to stop

During the absence of flames
You put fire in me
And even the coldest of days
You make it hot through the nights

I know I can only hold you
With your chosen number of minutes
Yet these little times are far from what I expected
That I would like to do all these things over and over again

Your silence makes it confusing
But your pain make things worthwhile

(Oh, how I wish it hasn't have to be this way)
zelda rangel May 2021
You know I read your books, right?
You've always fascinated me with your eyes -
very sparkly, dauntless, always looking for an ending.
The truth will be out, and I guess you will never
linger again with your systematic veins to which
I have become attached. Like a weapon in the making,
your silvery hair creating a shimmer across
my bedroom window. And it stains the whole atmosphere;
when you left and went back with your hobby -
knitting, fixing everyone but yourself, and to cavalry, too.
They're burning your throat, but you insist on saying
that you're becoming more at peace and unbothered,
like a succulent, but I don't see it that way.
I see lots of empty pieces behind you
and the places you went back in that no one thinks
you did. As well as the people you tried to ran away
from and the people you've left behind, only to find out
that they are the one. I am the one.
Don't worry, you've always been sunlight. I'd still pack
your bags when we go for a trip together,
and I'd still cook your favorite dish while
you scrutinize my behavior. Am I your date or your lover?
Don't you think we've come so far?
Don't you think I read you too much like your books?
solfang Apr 2021
she asked,
"what is the cause
of your endless sadness?";
and I answered,
"nothing unusual,
it's just inner madness"
went to therapy today; doctor said I'll need to have a few more sessions to resolve my problems. Have to increase my dosage as well.

just as I thought I was getting better.
Cait Feb 2021
Who am I?
A question I am asked in every new class and every interview.
Something that seems to be so easy to answer.
A few months ago I had to write about who I am.
I pushed it off for days and days thinking it will be easy.
It wasn't, it was in fact the complete opposite.
I sat there for hours and hours,
Staring at a blank page with a pen in hand.
Who am I?
What words define me?
Which box do I fit in?
Well, the answer is I don't know.
If you looked at me today and asked,
"Choose one word that defines you."
I would say, I don't know.
I don't know which box I am categorized in.
I don't know where I really belong.
I know my beliefs and what I believe to be true.
However, I do not know who I am.
ohellobeautiful Feb 2021
you were the kind of hope
that soothes an aching soul
just the sound of your name
makes my bones feel whole

maybe i never got the chance
to tell you

that the kindness you carry
so delicately on your shoulders
and the rooted rhythm of change
you’ve had to learn to dance to
has created waves of hope

maybe i didn’t tell you enough
that the love in your eyes
was exactly what
i didn’t know
i needed to

your l o v e
your goodness
a glass overfull

and it has over poured
into a soothing memory
a blanket of comfort
where i can find peace

so i snuggle into the loss
comforted by the knowing
that out there exists someone
as honest, as brave
as soul-shaking
as you

this alone has moved me
deeper into myself
a soothing to my soul
you’ve reflected
e v e r y t h i n g
i needed to see in me
and left me only with
tiny bruises
of what-ifs
the always wondering of
what we could have been

but these growing pains
are mine
i will kiss them
and sometimes
i will cry
i will fall asleep alone
to the rhythm of my own
to the peace of knowing
what comes
must sometimes go

the world keeps spinning
let it take what it must
to make room for
what will
b l o o m
with even more beauty
than any life experience
has yet to do

embrace all that has left you
stretch out in this new space
of self discovery
keep hope & be eager
for all that’s yet to
u n f o l d
until next time, mi amor <3
Jaicob Dec 2020
At first I was falling,
Stuck in a whorlwind,
Stragiht for the ****** bin.

Twisting, turning,
Tumbling through-
Then I found you.

You held me firm,
And helped me stand.
Now I know me.
Here I am.
How peculiar that a single person can change your life so much...
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