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alexis May 25
i am the end of a rainbow
faded in color by choice
interrupted by design
a soft finish that calls upon wistful feelings
and a bittersweet finish
but i am part of something greater
clouds and sky and a brighter before
and that is enough for me
G May 10
From the moment our paths crossed,
I know it is more than what you came for
And I know it's a trap
But I just can't seem to stop

During the absence of flames
You put fire in me
And even the coldest of days
You make it hot through the nights

I know I can only hold you
With your chosen number of minutes
Yet these little times are far from what I expected
That I would like to do all these things over and over again

Your silence makes it confusing
But your pain make things worthwhile

(Oh, how I wish it hasn't have to be this way)
zelda rangel May 10
You know I read your books, right?
You've always fascinated me with your eyes -
very sparkly, dauntless, always looking for an ending.
The truth will be out, and I guess you will never
linger again with your systematic veins to which
I have become attached. Like a weapon in the making,
your silvery hair creating a shimmer across
my bedroom window. And it stains the whole atmosphere;
when you left and went back with your hobby -
knitting, fixing everyone but yourself, and to cavalry, too.
They're burning your throat, but you insist on saying
that you're becoming more at peace and unbothered,
like a succulent, but I don't see it that way.
I see lots of empty pieces behind you
and the places you went back in that no one thinks
you did. As well as the people you tried to ran away
from and the people you've left behind, only to find out
that they are the one. I am the one.
Don't worry, you've always been sunlight. I'd still pack
your bags when we go for a trip together,
and I'd still cook your favorite dish while
you scrutinize my behavior. Am I your date or your lover?
Don't you think we've come so far?
Don't you think I read you too much like your books?
solfang Apr 10
she asked,
"what is the cause
of your endless sadness?";
and I answered,
"nothing unusual,
it's just inner madness"
went to therapy today; doctor said I'll need to have a few more sessions to resolve my problems. Have to increase my dosage as well.

just as I thought I was getting better.
Cait Feb 9
Who am I?
A question I am asked in every new class and every interview.
Something that seems to be so easy to answer.
A few months ago I had to write about who I am.
I pushed it off for days and days thinking it will be easy.
It wasn't, it was in fact the complete opposite.
I sat there for hours and hours,
Staring at a blank page with a pen in hand.
Who am I?
What words define me?
Which box do I fit in?
Well, the answer is I don't know.
If you looked at me today and asked,
"Choose one word that defines you."
I would say, I don't know.
I don't know which box I am categorized in.
I don't know where I really belong.
I know my beliefs and what I believe to be true.
However, I do not know who I am.
you were the kind of hope
that soothes an aching soul
just the sound of your name
makes my bones feel whole

maybe i never got the chance
to tell you

that the kindness you carry
so delicately on your shoulders
and the rooted rhythm of change
you’ve had to learn to dance to
has created waves of hope

maybe i didn’t tell you enough
that the love in your eyes
was exactly what
i didn’t know
i needed to

your l o v e
your goodness
a glass overfull

and it has over poured
into a soothing memory
a blanket of comfort
where i can find peace

so i snuggle into the loss
comforted by the knowing
that out there exists someone
as honest, as brave
as soul-shaking
as you

this alone has moved me
deeper into myself
a soothing to my soul
you’ve reflected
e v e r y t h i n g
i needed to see in me
and left me only with
tiny bruises
of what-ifs
the always wondering of
what we could have been

but these growing pains
are mine
i will kiss them
and sometimes
i will cry
i will fall asleep alone
to the rhythm of my own
to the peace of knowing
what comes
must sometimes go

the world keeps spinning
let it take what it must
to make room for
what will
b l o o m
with even more beauty
than any life experience
has yet to do

embrace all that has left you
stretch out in this new space
of self discovery
keep hope & be eager
for all that’s yet to
u n f o l d
until next time, mi amor <3
Jay Dec 2020
At first I was falling,
Stuck in a whorlwind,
Stragiht for the ****** bin.

Twisting, turning,
Tumbling through-
Then I found you.

You held me firm,
And helped me stand.
Now I know me.
Here I am.
How peculiar that a single person can change your life so much...
kmr Dec 2020
I see maps
And roadways
In everything.
In the scars
And all the marks
Upon my skin.
In the veins on my arms,
In the lines on my palms,
And in my eyes
When I stare into a mirror.
But these paths,
Where do they all lead?
Where is it  
I am meant to go?
Where is it
I am meant to be?
Mystic Ink Plus Nov 2020
History repeats.
Someday you will come to know.
Life is not always about keep moving, it is more about where to pause, where to jump and where to stop. It is more about feel the ground everytime you step the foot. It is not always about looking forward, It is more about looking back and adore what you learned from the bygone time. It is more about understanding of pivotal swift to stay in the track. It is more about silence than the nonsense talk with phantom hope for a temporary calm. It is not just about 5 days of colorful lights, it is more about the constant light that remains. It is more about choices, not how many times you breathe, it's always about how consciously you breathe.
Sometimes It may be more about being anonymous. Cast away everything that defines you, strip the identity and get lost in time, as the end purpose of hide and seek is to fine. Find your being.
Else history repeats.
Someday you will come to know something more.
Unsaid, unheard and unseen from revolution within.
If one mixed
Gold with bronze
Neither it is gold
Not pure bronze
That simple
Yet it opens to
The many answers
Nothing to say.............
Genre: Observational
Theme: Truth of life
Author's Note: Nothing to say....
Lo Oct 2020
Her body
Is a desert
Bare and minimal
With Dry parts that build up
on the surface
and fly away in the wind

Her body
Is a forest
Lush and life giving
With parts that chirp and growl
All at the same time

People have
trekked the highest peaks
explored the darkest caves
picked the sweetest flowers
Taking with them
much more than she would initially care
Leaving behind
much more than was initially there

People have come
And gone

With vessels as small as row boats
Or as big as Noah’s ark
They navigate the floods
But trust me
there is nothing
holy about these ventures

they did not seek to
save two of every animal
They only sought to save themselves

Her body is a beach

Covered in shells
of Past lives
Past lies
Past blessings in disguise
These shells are beautiful

But Leave them
They’re too heavy to carry around

Maybe one day
someone else will take these shells
make them into concrete
And use them as foundation for the grandest, safest, most stable
Sandcastle around
And call it, Love

Because from a strong foundation
Love can only grow
No matter how many times
The wind changes its appearance
From fertile soil, love can bloom again

Her body
is a garden
But be careful
Nature has a way
of hiding poison
In beautiful things

Only to defend,
She is never malicious
It is survival of the smartest
Not the fittest
an autobiography of sorts
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