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She changed my vocabulary
Before her, the words breath taking
Were either too abstract or too corny
For my mind to select them
And then pass the filter of my lips,
To say nothing of my heart

But she brought us all into a unity
Causing my filters to erode
The beauty too much too care what
Anyone thinks but the two of us
Right here and right now

I lost my breath so many times
Next to her that I started to believe
She wasn't human, instead she was
Some type of magical being who
Could transform time into gold

But maybe she was magic
As sometimes I feel the fever
She left me, and I turn my own
Straw into gold, something I never
Thought possible before her
Sarah Sep 24
love comes to us in many forms
and oftentimes
we question if it even exists
this thing of fairytales
but all I know
is that when I first saw her
time stopped
and the world became brighter
and I would question no longer
Julia Rose Sep 14
I wave my decorated stick
I push the button to my screwdriver
I imagine myself going on great adventures

I bury my nose deeper into the book
Watching the tale in my head
I laugh
I cry
I smile
All with them
I feel the same pain

I see myself on a pirate ship
Back to back with my captain
Sword in my hand while I fight off raiders of the sea

I feel the wind in my hair when I'm on a terrace
A flowy night gown and a tiara
Are the only people to hear the declaration of love

I memorize each page,
I remember each character.
I live and die
My heart breaks for the heart broken

But then I am pulled away
Back to school
Back to my mundane life
Dreaming of tales I can never live
I have always loved to read. And often now, I can't put a book down until it's done and gone.
I identified
So strongly with
A Character
In some other
Person's movie

That I forgot
It wasn't me
I Am Not Dead
This is not real
My movie is just
city of flips Jun 25
Letter to Cinderella (and her Texas Fairytales)

~for EJ Love~

now lookee here, girl,
slow down pardner,
blanket love-spells need to be addressed,
especially if a return requested back to
the great state of big ole Texas

as I am loved in Texas, I’m well aware
how hard it is to find love in wide open spaces,
more trucks and cows than people,
which is NYC in reverse,
both hard places in different ways
to make angelic fairies appear,
released intact from busted soap bubbles

so here’s my idée fixe,
to the reading, less,
to the writing, more,
command thyself to march towards
the seventeenths poem, and many more
to arrive at the promised

take the formless visions, potions,
drifting in you, figure them into words,
shaped with passion and cunning, twitching in
a creme of teasing, a dollop of wanting,
a whimsy, sense of humor, stir with another’s pinky finger,
bigger than the ineffable lone star of lonely,
an eye tear for flavor, a salty secreted ingredient,
that needs, requires another’s hand to wipe away

and a flashing neon sign:
Texas Red Amber,  Chops, and
real good loving desired!

only good loving people,
steady on their feet,
need apply, poets favored,
but a certain kind of cowboy,
ok as well

what be my expertises in matters these,
why I am your chastened, mean no more,
sweet sister who see your spells flying by,
who writes to you with newly learned humility
Mary Frances Apr 24
People thought it only existed in fairy tales.
She found it cliché.
He brushed off the very thought of it.
But then it happened.
They happened.
We happened.
And we never expected it.
Thera Lance Apr 21
Unlike in Fairytales,
Sometimes we never fall in love.
The scars are cut too deep through the leather of our hearts,
Leaving nothing soft and tender for the ones who pass us by.
This poem is a part of my ongoing collection of poetry called Life Will Bloom in Our Shadows on Wattpad under the username TheraLance.  If you're really curious, I've also overlaid this poem on background imagery in my gallery at
emily Sarker Apr 4
Every book,
is filled with beautiful chapters.
filled with adventures, strength, and love.
but it also has bad ones
filled with hurt, uncertainty, and loss.
but the bad chapters doesn't mean an ending is coming.
it is purely just a ****** in the story,
and you must push through to reach the happy ending.
always remember most stories end with happy endings and in life, the book of life that we create we have more control over it, how the ending of your book will be is up to you:)
allison Feb 17
  y    ou
noticed the most
common thread in fairy tales?
your best wishes and desires will
all come true if you indulge in one
life-altering task. losing your voice
for legs, going to a ball for a few
hours to fine true love... it's all
a fictionally painted image.
telling us that something
amazing will
                          if we take a bite
                                 of the poison apple.
it's supposed to be a caramel apple? i have no idea if that came across, but the caramel apple is a reference to Enchanted.
Mona Feb 13
And for a short time baby
You made me believe
That in reality
There can still be
A fairytale lived
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