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Jay M Mar 5
I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in things just out of reach
One hand out, off the rails
Listen to what they've got to teach

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in dreams
And crazy adventure
As bizarre as it seems
Not a single lecture

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in this connection
This magic between you and I
Wonderfully deep rooted affection
Come on now; it's ride or die

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in what I know
Through the expanse of time and space
Neither you or I dared to let the other go
Two bound individuals in our own pace

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in what could be
The future in all of its great mystery
Tell me everything that you see
In just what we could be

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in the unbreakable bond
Between the two ever daring souls
It is you that which I am so fond
Together we shall reach our goals

I don't believe in fairy tales
But I believe in you and I

- Jay M
March 5th, 2021
I don't believe in fairy tales, but I believe in you and I. We shall stand the test of time.
Thick within the night
It holds your dreams back
Lurking in dim light
Waiting to attack

Down paths you flutter
By crumbs you were took
For the taste of butter
Back you’ll never look
Inspired by the 2015 film The Witch
Life's a fairytale right?
Life's always happy and full of sunshine and rainbows and smiles, love and laughter as the stories they tell you as children.

Yeah... life's a fairytale, for the ones that see it through rose coloured tainted glasses.

But that's not reality...
Life's hard and complicated and full of sorrow, suffering and pain.

If you're the type to see that life isn't tainted by all the negative things. You live in a different dimension.

Reality sets fairytales apart from it.
Reality taints everything in life with all the different colours in the spectrum.

It's not black or white or the different shades of grey.
Life's not always full of bliss and good things.
But you know what reality teaches you that fairytales don't?
Is that no matter how much negativity you go through in life... It's always your choice to get back up and keep going, keep going to live a full life with bravery, passion and the strength and will to get where you want to be no matter how tainted life makes you feel.
A thick spine of brown
edges of gold
stories passed down
forever re-told.
The book looked at me
and I looked back
wondering who would read
something like that
Now the thick book
sits in my room
it tells me the secrets
of stories once doomed
Snow white's evil witch
was tortured to death
dancing over coals
until her last breath
Red riding hoods ferocity
was never shown
the wolf's stomach cut open
and by her filed with stones
Why don't they tell these?
I do not know
but next time a book seems to whisper
please, listen close.
Complete Fairy Tales, by the Brothers Grimm
Drew M Jan 6
They have all signed their names in the register,
they are figures in a satirical play
the city is veiled with smoke
It’s 5 o’clock.
Rapunzel is in her tower
which she built it up herself  
without doors or any window
beneath there’s Orwell’s world;
Merida is still running through the forest,
She wants to find a brigand
To go after the gargoyle’s register,
But the forest is burning.
And the Little Mermaid,
No longer came from the depth;
Though Peter Pan is still flying,
To find a curious
Sleeping Beauty
It’s 5 o’clock
and they have signed the register
they are people in a satiric world
they have covered the city
chang cosido Nov 2020
in storybook endings ,
the princesses
found their princes.
The valiant heroes
chases away all the dragons.
The lost would find
their way home.
And people would find
what they've lost.
But then, whatever happened
to those who fell in love
with the dragons instead?
The damsels,
who became too comfortable
with their own distress?
still mad at disney
Ariana Solo Oct 2020
We live in a world full of nightmares while searching for fairytales

We look for the sugar among the salt knowing what the truth entails

We pursue the light amid the darkness aware that we are doomed to fail

We dig for gold knowing that we are digging up our own grave

i made up a fairy tale for her
about me and tiredness
(about us?)

but she put on her lipstick
she was glad to see me

and took a bag with things

we were supposed to spend the night
together with the same story
Anthony Pierre Sep 2020
Fireflies dance pretty
well, byte-sized fairies' tale
long & twistle: a tongue's whistle
In the dark, dark arts made
bright lights sing like a clock:

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"

This chime, time circles
red like Asian kings: vultures
tightening the noose like Zeus
on Douyin's long neck. Hands dance, bytedance on a fairytale clock

"Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
A fairytale clock goes: "Tik Tok, Tik Tok"
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