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Florenza Dec 2018
There is no way out there is no second chance
There is no innocent child ready to dance
There is a fight there is a death
There is a girl ready for her final breath
There is a tear running down a face
There is a walk at an unsteady pace
There is a sadness that causes uncontrollable madness
There is a day that they call the end
There is a foe once a friend
There is a story That ends in indescribable glory
There is a chapter they say is the start
There is a boy who gave his heart
There is a stranger killed for the cause
There is a queen showing her flaws
There is a knight fleeing in cowardice
There is a king finally powerless
There is a princess who saved herself
There is a bottle fallen from a shelf
There is a choice remembered for a lifetime
There is a friend at the end of there line
There is a pauper climbing the ladder
There is a servant turning madder
There is a dragon wanting a life
There is a baker without a wife
There is a witch who did not burn
There is an executioner who was given there turn
There is a hero for once defeated
There is a villain who never cheated
There is a sidekick learning at last
There is a spell that was unexpectedly cast
There is a loss never to be forgotten
There is a final meal left to rotten
There is a nemesis left misunderstood
There is a toddler robbed of its childhood
There is a parent hated for mistakes
There is a family that’s hole still aches
There is a feud based on a gamble
There is a scratch caused by a bramble
There is a legend based on their existence
There is a village that showed there persistence
There is a country fighting for what’s right  
There is a day that didn’t end in night
There is a lesson that should be remembered
There is a love that cannot be measured
Kamini Dec 2018
5 yr old me: “I really liked him. We were having such fun playing in the shallows. He knew all good pools to find exciting stuff in.”

Adult me: “yeah I liked him too. He’s a good listener, interesting, gentle and attentive.”

“He made me giggle and had shared good stuff to eat. He didn’t care that I’m just a girl, made me feel special. Told good stories too…”

“yeah he’s sensitive and made me feel desirable …”

“now he’s gone… why did he go… what did I do? What did you do? Doesn’t he want to play with me anymore? Was I too noisy… maybe I talked to much, asked too many questions… you are always telling me not to talk to strangers… but YOU were snuggling up to him!”

“No you didn’t do anything wrong… you’re right it was me I got carried away with the play, the conversation… my desire…”

“but why did he go he was having fun too…”

“he got scared”

“scared? of what?”

“I don’t know.”

“Will he come back?”

“I don’t know.”

“I’ve got a pain in my heart.”

“Me too.”

“And in my tummy…I’m scared it feels like I’m going to explode.”

“what are you scared of”

‘ the pain. If he never comes back will the pain be there forever?’

‘ I don’t know’

“But you said you would look after me. You said you wouldn’t let it happen again. You promised.”

“I know I blew it”

“ please make the pain go away?’

‘I can’t’

‘why not? You’re the grown up’

‘I’m afraid too’


‘because the pain might last forever and I don’t know how to make it better’

‘so what shall we do?’

‘we’ll hold each other tight and feel it together’

‘that feels better… I’m still scared’


‘if you’re scared… you might leave too’

‘If I do I’ll take you with cos we’re inseparable’


‘cross my heart and hope to die.’

‘I feel like dying’

‘shall we go to bed instead?’

‘Ok but can I have a story….’

‘ sure, but no more fairytales’
Sarah Nov 2018
I was raised believing in fairy tales
Those magic-filled nights
Where love was in the air
Beautiful gowns, and even more beautiful women wearing them

But my glass slipper has already been shattered
And the once sweet chorus of birds
Became the fears that flutter my mind

My dreams may have turned from flowers to thorns
And true love may never find me
Yet still I wish for happily ever after
Or maybe just happy.
Yuna Nov 2018
What if
... I could turn back time
... I could go forward
... I could change the days
... I could read your mind

What if
... fairytales would come true
... superheroes do excist
... magic was for everyone
... happiness wasn't a bubble

What if
... I could fullfil my dreams
... I wouldn't be too scared
... I didn't lie to myself
... I could get my happy ending.

What if...
Our story isn't like
Those fairytales,
It's not all about
Happily ever after,
We just live happily
But not ever after.

Our story isn't like
Those fairytales,
It's not all about
Happy ending,
We just live happy
But it never ends there.
I never knew why I wrote this piece. I just wrote it down.
Persephone Aug 2018
Standing on top the waters edge
I dream of lands too far
Of wishful castles dripping with knowledge
And flying fairy contraptions that wing across glimmering oceans
I wander about looming buildings sculpted by giants
And stars that ponder them from above
I hope for twisting tales connected to dragons
And dandelion dancers beckoning you to love
I imagine rain cloud laughter
And a time where the impossible believes in us
I breathe for the days that this land will come
And if I am ohh so lucky it might welcome me home
Astra Jul 2018
I wish I believe it when people say they'll never leave,
But I still taste the salty tears of the goodbye note you wrote,
The lullabies of heartfelt cries,
An those times I was to good at say goodbye,

Behind my pain-filled eyes,
I see a girl I use to recognize,
A healing heart,
On a open battlefield,

A little girl trying to believe the bedtime story she told,
But being told by her soul the real world,

One where princess have to wait for there Prince Charming,
One where the frog kisses the wrong princess,
One where the fairy godmother is to late,
And one where she broke her shoe,
her carriage has become a cage,
When her hair as faded from every page turn,

The war that has been raged inside her,
Because she afraid to believe in one day,
She afraid to believe the nevers and the forevers,
Because she seen everyday turn to parades of the same fake forces daze,

To never forget that life to short to trust salt,
That was confused for sugar,
That being nice with only take you so far,
And that one day,
You wake up feeling the same,

You'll flap our wings one more time,
And sing your fairytale song,
And your true love will sing along,
You’ll remember what it like to dream,
And believe it could be a happily ever after,

And wake up in a world,
Of your own,
And those goodbyes,
Will turn to mournful cries from forgotten peoples eyes,
Because just than they will realize,
There boring lives,

As she thrives,
She survives,
And now truly now,
She good at goodbyes,
And hardly recognized,
For the rest of her life
March, 20th, 2018, All rights reserved
Lily Jul 2018
“They say dreams are true while they last, and do we not live in dreams?”
-Alfred, Lord Tennyson

Fairytales that the heart alone knows.
Glimpses of the princess’s life,
escape from the peasant’s,

Truth as the heart perceives it.
Limitless possibilities, timeless hours,
once upon a times and the happily ever afters,

Courage in the heart that allows expression.
Restrictions are no more, convections don’t exist,
the heart has courage, and so it may


What happens when
the glimpses turn into prolonged stares,
and those who escape aren’t ready to come back;

What happens when
desire and illusion overpower all reason,
and the heart’s fairytale distorts the mind’s reality;

What happens when
you fail to realise it;
like most things beautiful, dreams are transient,
Temporary —

What happens then?

Everything you know swims before your eyes;
A mirage created,
As the two worlds collide.
As the dreams slip away, ready to hide,
As reality approaches, with purpose and with pride.

And all that is left —
A certain uncertainty, and nothing more;
Fairytales are born out of pure desire,
Truth is but an illusion,
and Courage, Courage is never enough to prepare us for this end.  

And now you know that;
like most things beautiful, dreams are transient,
Temporary —-

And still, it holds true that their beauty is eternal,
I wrote this poem when I woke up from a particularly magical dream, wishing it was true.

The structure may seem a little messy, but I tried to keep the form unrestricted to reflect the infinite possibilities of dream worlds.
Anya Jul 2018
A certain little mermaid
wished to have feet
to walk
to run
to dance
perfectly to the beat

A certain gingerbread
knew his feet were key
to run
and escape tragedy

When a certain princess fled
She would have never seen her beloved again
As the clock finished stricking twelve
if not for her feet
whose slipper led the prince right to her street

A certain large monster
is known for its abnormally large feet
and when one sees its footprint
they can either give a
Or they can flee and not become mincemeat

So you see feet are important
very much so
Whether in fairytales or real life
They allow us to go to and fro
So next time you consider what you’re grateful for
Take a though for your feet
although real life’s isn’t a video game
they are your cheat
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