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JL Jan 24
Engineering change through creativity,
Is like giving a fragrance its own flower to go by,
A vessel for the intangible emotion.
Remember her, old friend?
She was...hideous,
You think she was ugly,
oh no, far from it.

She was the fairest,
Her lavishing sable hair,
Her viridian eyes,
Her glamorous smile,

Her soft-hued skin,
Her delicately slender body,
Her dazzling manners,
Her ever so warm demeanor,

Her moves,
Fluid, graceful, focused,
Capturing the essence of the music,
with her mesmerizing artistry.

She was indeed perfect,
Unique, as no one could be as elegant,
Charming, for no one, was as lovely. no one was as rotten.

What she was, my old friend,
Was an empty vessel,
the soul of which had perished,
mortified by its actions.

For all she ever wanted was approval,
so what she did was put on a mask,
losing herself in the process,
becoming a ghost of her formal self.
I am personally very proud with how this one turned out. People have told me that it reminds them of the main heroine of the movie the "Black Swan".
Arrow Jan 2
Alive in theory
But dead inside
A vessel
I'd been a vessel;
I don't want you
to bear the feeling
of emptiness.
Karijinbba May 2020
Ye have writen to mine heart
a memorandum in gold and blood
ancient revered venerable Angel beloved.  
These withered red roses
bloom again E.T. divine.
Gold hearted Thermo King
wing mine
Revolving door fly by
patient ancient Lancelot
Knight commenting;

Ye shifted to one better human by mine story poems
consigned to thee and the four wise winds.
Myself regaining sanity
yet sighing madness despair
revealing mine heart to thee
Ye agreed I've got more than wisdom owning truth in mine ink revealed  

Ye've delighted reading mine scribble as thine beloved pet
to run hands on mine kitty fur
all as truth in thine mind's eye,
and yeah ye're dearly aroused
as ye cry me a river.
Privileged is thine life partner!
relished recipient of thine better change.
While still mine vessel soul is unresolved shunned
destitute forlorned bleeding
crying thee an ocean for thine river wept hush-hush.
I sigh all night til morn,
Mine nucleous inner core pains for thee waiting too long to offer small charity shielding
before mine bereavement
quietus curtains end.

Even dogs eating of thine table's crumbs lived, thus surely can "i."

I adolize delighting in thee taking heed thine steps quickening
fast lifting wing and landing
onto mine heart's chambers
longing to see thine will
break free rescuing me-cpr

mine wrecked ketch cursed existence empty forsake me not
and shelter me please.
By: Karijinbba
Copy Rights- 5-19-20- revised
I have more lives than my cat
.ore patience the. G**
more blessings then a nun.
Chase Pamplin May 2020
I’m a walking vessel but my corps is out to sea. I walk this land pretending to know who I am. I pass different eyes everyday and all they see me as is the straw man. In the flesh I know exactly who I’m meant to be but on documents an paper a disclaimer, false identification, the g.o.v. has taken my name but you won’t believe me. What is it that my soul has felt? Whips and chains, backlashes from a belt, aches an blood stains. A slave I still am but that’s something I had to rediscover, I demand more pain....please sir may I have another?

solfang Apr 2020
how is it
possible that both
love and hatred
exist in the
same empty vessel
my body owns?
gotta stay strong, gotta keep the feelings going
LC Nov 2019
on some days,
my feelings spill
over the rim of
the vessel that is my body,
so I compress them
until they're ready to burst.

then I relax and remind myself:
my feelings need space.
the people who have space
will reach into the vessel
and help you hold them
until everything is okay again.
Lia Oct 2019
Skin, soft and fragile as marigold petals
Bones thin as papier-mâché
Holding the shape of a person I love
Holding together our bodies of clay

Candles, dimming light behind the eyes
Weary wind slipping through parched lips
Sweet and weak the voice of a person I love
Spirit readying voyage on vanishing ships
All people are like grass, And all their glory is like the flowers of the field; the grass withers and the flowers fall, but the word of the Lord endures forever.
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