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Donna Aug 16
Listening to tunes
Whilst sanding down and painting
These are my best days
I’m at my daughters and her lovely partner painting up there living room :)
I love to paint one of my best hobbies xxxx
Zoe Grace Aug 11
I ******* love the snow, i was dancing around like a little five year old.
Donna Aug 2
Don’t let no one take
away your happiness , live
it and love it well
Carl D'Souza Jul 29
Is the purpose of living
to experience
joy and happiness
in the present-moment?
If so,
find an activity you enjoy
and enjoy it!
For example,
is eating tasty nutritious food enjoyable?
Enjoy it!
Is talking a walk in a park enjoyable?
Enjoy it!
Is romancing a person you love enjoyable?
Enjoy it!
Search for activities to enjoy
and enjoy it!
Ava Jul 1
Oh what did I know of joy and merriment
back in those blessed days of libertine novels
and joyous desecration. 'Twas a cerebral
invitation that I did receive for the occasion,
bound by leather upon a book of red,
harboring ancient whims that from an
ancient head did stem. My mind was made
not hollow nor engorged with temptation,
but was instead enriched by the many
joyous declarations!
Wilde, with his flamboyant talk, did make
the young lady in me gallantly strut and
Keats, with his decadent displays, enchant
me did he upon my fallen days.

But of them all, there was but one
who could deliver me from madness
only to punch me with fun!
I shan't speak their name
so as to run biases thin,
but you ought to find yours
and let the excitement begin!
Poppy sways on the edge of the garden
like some exquisite ***** dancing for her own pleasure
rather than crumbs.
She's full fed of her toxins, intoxicated
She drears  left then right, bows a bit....
The curves are stem so peculiar.
How she slipped perfect hooks and turns
into that no wood, indiscriminate thing
bending, looking so supple.
but it would snap in fragility.

Oh poppy, I sigh, chin resting on my palm....
thinking of the warm feeling of harvest.
Herbs and flowers are my favorite
Music flows like water;
mixed with electricity in my blood
with the waves reflecting off, through my skin
lets ride the waves.
Maegan deme Apr 30
miss a few beats,
mistime a jump.
make a mistake-
it's part of the fun!
AmeriMav Apr 15
I adore
The way you
Make me laugh

Moments that
Feel lighter
Than feathers

To the top
With a song

Or maybe
Fuzzy moths

You tickle
My very soul
With your love

I cannot
Contain joy
Found in you
Tricubes form
Ickabobroe Apr 6
The blade pushes deeper
And yet I smile
A sick enjoyment
Of torturous pain

The cage is loose
As so the beast
Within from depths
Comes with wounded hide

The gaze unbreaking
The bond unfaltering
The life unending
The pain unbearable

The enjoyment unwavering
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