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a flat white cools
far too quickly
for prolonged enjoyment
steaming the window
above the table
where it rests
next to it
my latest trial
of literature
at times
lengthy of word
but probing
while others
   in page number
though not
   in meaning
brief yet pointed
but always
formidable enough
in name
   or title
to impress
a wandering eye
Michael Jul 2021
Escape from this busy life if for just one day.
Have some fun, do something good.
Go out and play.
Hit the pool 'till you've had enough.
Get some sun in a game of golf.
Just get out and take a breath of life,
it'll be okay.
Enjoying moments alone,
Having fun by yourself,
Just entertaining, your mind,
Not thinking of, anyone else,
Your enjoying personal time,
Exploring spontaneous thoughts,
That appear, in your mind.
Not worrying about your troubles,
Keeping visions, on positive signs,
Searching, through your stuff,
Seeing what treasures,
You may find.
A period of relaxation,
Forgetting, all your binds,
While keeping your lips, wet
With a glass of your favorite wine

The Original : Tom Maxwell 6/14/AD 2:45 PM
Sushri das Dec 2020
The new year is arriving,
It's the time of Christmas,
The day we all were waiting for,
With jingle bells and tree of X-Mas.
To share pleasure in different forms,
The streets will be filled with lights,
All will relish its bouquet,
In these cold winter nights.
Houses are decorated with garlands,
And are hold up by the alluring poinsettias.
Those luscious pies of pumpkin and apples,
And the Christmas pudding,ornamented with leaves of maples.
It's the time of Festivus ,time of feasting,
With kindness in our hearts,it's time for gift-giving.
Let's sing loud so the world could hear the deepness,
With the season's greetings and a lot of togetherness.
Time for Christmas
Nidhi Jaiswal Aug 2020
Due to force of gravity;
An apple fall down from tree;
And Newton's gave law of gravity.
In Today's time,
I feel situation like same.
Due to force of attraction;
Boy's falling behind girls;
And we gave the law of attraction.

This poem is for enjoyment...
I really felt like the situation so i write in like such manner
Thanks for reading.
Sanjana Jun 2020
Hold my hand, I'll walk you through the rainbow.
Up and above the blue the sky.
We'll ride on shooting stars, in circles around the moon.
Eat cotton candy made with the yummiest of the clouds.
We'll dance all night, jump along Venus, Jupiter and Pluto.
Sing along playing the strings of the sun rays.
I'll put you to sleep at the end of the rainbow.
And take you back home with the morning rain drops.
A date nobody would want to refuse.
Paul Butters Apr 2020
Television cooks rarely do
Fish, chips and mushy peas
With spotted **** for afters.

It’s got to be
Creamy coconut curry
With Balingud Zalud
Soaked in Chimichurri sauce.

Or Jalapena Lime Slaw
Accompanied by spicy Sriracia mayo
And Rachero Sauce.
Plus a side-dish of fluffy soufflés.

The starter is a vibrant veggy ratatouille
With sashimi, tacos and tortillas.

But then there’s always vemuelli noodles,
Pommes frittes
Thana messala
And Enchilada Casserole
Covered in Romesco Sauce
Or Hollandaise
With Falafels and couscous.
Then Neapolitan Ice Cream souffled Erotica.

All impossible of course.
But don’t we love
The sheer seduction of those Words.

Paul Butters

© PB 28\4\2020.
Food, glorious food. Haha
Michael R Burch Apr 2020
by Michael R. Burch

If only we were not so eloquent,
we might sing, and only sing, not to impress,
but only to enjoy, to be enjoyed.

We might inundate the earth with thankfulness
for light, although it dies, and make a song
of night descending on the earth like bliss,

with other lights beyond—not to be known—
but only to be welcomed and enjoyed,
before all worlds and stars are overthrown ...

as a lover’s hands embrace a sleeping face
and find it beautiful for emptiness
of all but joy. There is no thought to love

but love itself. How senseless to redress,
in darkness, such becoming nakedness . . .

Originally published by Clementine Unbound

Keywords/Tags: caveat, eloquent, eloquence, sing, enjoy, enjoyment, inundate, earth, thankfulness, praise, song, light, welcomed, enjoyed, enjoyment, bliss, joy, love

Caveat Spender
by Michael R. Burch

It’s better not to speculate
"continually" on who is great.
Though relentless awe’s
a Célèbre Cause,
please reserve some time for the contemplation
of the perils of EXAGGERATION.

Stephen Spender in his best-known poem wrote: "I think continually of those who were truly great." This near-limerick suggests that Spender may have exaggerated the time he devoted to hero worship. Keywords/Tags: caveat, spender, truly, great, think, continually, hero, worship, exaggeration, contemplation, awe, fawn, fawning
Greg Muller Feb 2020
Metallic hinges squeaked and then squawked
Single sliced rubber seat swung under a lime green bar.
An adolescent boy. Bemoaning his brother’s turn.
Heave, **. Swinging hard.
Capturing the tops of trees.
Leaning a few feet off the ground returning once more with fast pace.
Rose-colored cheeks, squinted,
One tear then two, until both cheeks puffed
Runway skids in the wood chips. Cruised him to a halt.
Sniffles, and tears were handled
Hand in hand
They were scripted together for life.
silvervi Jan 2020
Out of time
No one minds
At all

Two crazy
And two

Far away
But home
In your

Your touch
And comfort
Like snowflakes
On the windows

Like the sound
Of rain in the summer.


Is our
I am sure
You heard it
This night.
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