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solfang Dec 2021
boys do not want
women who understands;
they want women to
understand why
they can't be
I hope you understand this.
solfang Dec 2021
don't look at me
with those sad eyes,
I might just cry;

they are speaking to me;
it's as if they are asking
if their deceitful looks
are the reason I'm leaving

so close your eyes,
so they can't see me
when I walk away

open them now,
for now, I'm gone
There was a time I thought I saw our future through your puppy eyes
solfang Nov 2021
don't mess with my feelings,
I'm not just another fish
you're reeling;
I might have bitten your bait,
but god,
how did you make me think
meeting you was fate,

you left me drowning,
so lost I can't even
see our future shining;
so let me go,
for now i know,
your "love" for me,
is just another dumb show
sadness gets your heart coming up with verses
solfang Oct 2021
don't love me for my nice;
love me for my ugly

love me when I transform
into a monster
with the power to
drown everyone with
my tears

love me when I have
claws as my tongue,
even when the words I say
might stab your heart

love me when I lose control,
and start staring at you
with my crazy eyes;
the kind you experience
when hurt is in your sight

I wasn't ugly before;
rather my nice couldn't
mask itself any longer,
and decides that it is best
to let loose by destroying itself,
leaving room for nothing else
but whatever niceness that's left.
it's sad to not be loved when you're ugly, and only wanted when you're nice
solfang Sep 2021
I didn't realise
it was temporary,
or perhaps it was
always sympathy;
either way
our love was unhealthy,
and my heart is now
left empty
Yet another unsurprising heartbreak
solfang Jul 2021
i want you to
sleep through the rain;
you once said this weather
reminds you of pain,
the misfortunes that it carries
in its tiny droplets,
almost felt melancholic

I, too,
have the same fear
when the roaring thunder
comes roaming
above my head,
I close my eyes
and lie on my bed

But like what you once said,
we can only believe that
the storm will pass
and we'll be awake someday
I'll be by your side and I will hold your hands, okay?
solfang May 2021
the clouds on my mind
are forming rain;
and it is leaking
through the drain
of my eyes,
after I said my goodbyes
to a summer of love,
and welcomed winter
from above
reposting a draft; I'm currently stuck in winter, but occasionally feeling its warm rays.
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