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Simon Sep 2020
Forever, isn't a contemplation for a girl's nature of "temptation" to be (now and forevermore)...become "tempted" itself! Don't be naive.... Because if it does go according to this very standard wish of one's very contemplation state... Then your again (now and forevermore) meant to be..."naive!" Wishes don't contemplate your desires into a wishful bottle full of unlimited possibilities. But instead take rapid possession of that very "bottle full of unlimited possibilities"... And suspects that very girl to commit (right away) towards the very situational desires that grow on that very contemplation state itself. (Like vines that are just willingly able to sprout itself as part of it's tempted nature to do so, among natures own contemplation state.)
Something this very girl would argue isn't the same (when and ONLY when)...they start to officially "doubt" that very contemplation state (first and foremost).
And this is when the very quote to this very passage weeps accordingly to that very contemplation state. When it (first and foremost) becomes "tempted" by that very nature (that's made to be this main ingredient...forever)!
Because when that happens... Then that very girl's "tempted" contemplation, is made too be (forever open) to the possibilities for more issues to start to arise more attraction to the girl's very temptation towards that very contemplation state. And it does this either (first or last). Since it now (forevermore) doesn't matter what implication first arises in whatever order or category, essentially speaking. Whatever exchanges that very trade for trust to be the beneficial reason for doubt to "taint" ALL for a single contemplation to meet it's end... Would then officially (more than ever)...become the last certified "lasting" impression for the girls very tempted self among a contemplation.
Then whatever comes next (before whatever had just "centered" itself first and foremost) will in fact bend to the will of the next sequence of events, essentially too follow.
PS... Remember, "forever" is made to reason the abstract will to a girl's more "primal" justification at heart!
Detesting full logic to the benefits of some untested angle here (without knowing of the entire implications ahead of time)... Would in fact spill out trouble for the (least likely too succeed), reasonably speaking.
Am thinking of you
Every time
Am thinking of how to please you

Sometimes I wonder why
I do things I do
All because of your love
I know you’ll runaway if I don’t have money
Now am holding a gun
Will I steal to make you happy?
solfang Apr 2020
a big catch
that is worth it;
that's what you once said
when you attempted
to reel me in

yet I see there's
no longer a bait at
the end of your hook;
perhaps an easy catch
just wasn't thrilling
enough for you
suitors aplenty, yet they seem to disappear the moment I return their affection.
MSunspoken Nov 2019
Midnight marks the darkest hour
And I lay in bed awake-
As I listen to the tiptoes of an intruder
Trying to be sneaky tonight

A lean figure appears in my door
A smile on their face

I swoon as he stands in the moonlight
Gleaming in all his dark glory-
Mystery always did have a wonderful lure

Everything about him spoke a million questions
The true embodiment of mystery -
Such as
Why would this fellow visit me in the dark of night?
There were thousands resting just alike

My mystery man stalked closer,
No caution displayed openly-
And as he reached out his gloved hand
I felt sparks ignite my form

I shot up from bed-
The shock was evident on this greek god
But I could care less

I was done playing games
I asked him his purpose
His reason
For tempting me when the night has grown so cold

He vanished-
Once my fingers grazed him,
He was gone as if he hadn’t come
And yet again, I was all alone

The mystery man visited me every night-
same time same place
But once we touched he was gone
So I wondered if I was going crazy instead

As time grew on
I began opening my arms wider
To the dark mystery that was this man
And eventually, he joined me

We became one
Madness and all
Some say things aren’t always what they seem
And perhaps they were right

My mystery man
Now clear as day-
Is no man in truth

A man is a monster
A darkness
My darkness

He filled me with fear
And anguish
And madness

Those who cannot resist the temptation
Risk losing more than just that-
They risk their sanity and mind
And revert into their darkest side

The temptress always so evil
Will wear you as a ring-
And mold you to their liking
Until you can't think a thing

Beware of midnight visitors
Though they seem perfect so-
They are filled with more lies then mystery
And it has truly come to show
Jay M Oct 2019
Tempted so
Just a drop
A little hint
A moment to flee these things
Colliding in my mind
Leaving nothing untouched

Just a second
Just a time
For one such as I
To unwind
To come clean
Then all that hear
To forget
And just love
Despite ones failure
Despite ones mistakes
Despite ones awful thoughts
To understand
To empathize
With open-mindedness
And acceptance
Beyond what can be placed into words

One slip up
One mistake
But there are one too many
Overtaking the brain
Spewing rage from each
Onto the cause
Making all worse
Slowly killing one
Until it is no more.

- Jay M
October 8th, 2019
Jay M Apr 2019
Approaching the day
Oh that day
Fate tempts
Yet I ignore it
Telling it
That was the past

Fear and excitement
This is something I can't escape from
No hiding
Pacing back and forth
Looking to the clock


The days pass by
In the blink of an eye
I'm not ready
I'm not that strong
Not another year...

Feeling my soul; so *****
Dragging me down
To the depths of the unspeakable

None, nothing
Inside I feel nothing
But everything all at once

You raised me
Yet what do you know
Of my pain?

A sea
Waves crashing down
Like everything I touch

Knocking on the door
How could I do more?
I am in constant wonder

That's all I have to do


Today is the day
Throw my life away
Or should I stay?

They sing
They dance
But they don't know

8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...

The day I planned
The day I longed for
Now fearing

Plan ahead
Don't dread
It's all in your head
It's all in your head...

The past is the past
Don't cut the cord
It's not your place
To erase all you know

- Jay M
April 30, 2019
Tehreem Jun 2016
I crave your soothing voice
To fill the holes of my soul
For you Beautiful. If you only knew how complete you are.
Liam C Calhoun May 2016
I watch the moths bounce off,
And imagine every attempt
I’ve ever made to love.
I feel the night like they do,

I feel the flight like they do, futile,
And remaining drawn to the flames;
If only to pray upon altars ash.
And when the goddess leans

To burn once more,
When the mosquito licks my arm;
I scratch and scratch and scratch
To bleed;

I hope the one next to me,
I hope she slices when I sleep,
I hope she plants flowers,
I hope she was jubilant,

And if only for those few hours.
"Normality is a paved road: It's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow." - Vincent van Gogh
KILLME Apr 2016
I listen to music
And i’m tempted
To rush over to your
House and run away
With you
Because i’m in love

It’s four am.

I’m sorry.

I sound like him
When he talks about
That baby mama

But i know we’re different

Because we're not whole
If we’re not together
I just scribbled this down because when i hear music i hear you. Us. And my heart just wont stop until i get something down
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