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Nina 1d
You wonder
Where you stand in his life
You wonder what he wants

Baby girl
You think he wants to love you
But don't be foolish
For all he want
Is to *******

Look at you
You're irresistible

You think he wants you for you
But he clearly just wants to use you

It's quarantine
Everyone is insane from the lack of ***

You were naive to think he wanted you
He doesn't even care about you
He pretend to
Just so he could get in your pants

Just remember
No guy in this world will want you
All of them just wants to *******
Applause to this object
A star to look up,—
But stands lower than a house
Who gathered all the fantasies— of hopeless travellers,— Which seek for devoted fancies.

Sparkling garlands,—
Simply, a life of itch
Flashlights everywhere on the platform,— Inutile to its basis
I memorize the trades of their toasts—
One day, I shall have my own boast.

After wiping spots on gold bars,—
I am still not a debauchee of love;
Even if they buzz,— Beehives— Are not mine to offer,—
But a gourmet to their stomach.

Assets clothing their merchants—
Reserving the furnitures—
To show the best features
For myself, I want a slammed window,—
Not some firm statues
"Galatea, we all desire Galatea!"

How adorable when 'twas knotted,
Lovely, but not loved,
Sheltered, yet not protected;
Paid, but not proclaimed
How many landlords will adapt me?

There is a target—
To a sudden stampede—
Oh, how startling!
Please, capture me
I will submit to your traps!
This bird is willing to be caged— Away!
I may now have my arrows— To run the bay!
Flipped death is my reward..
We do neither want to be objectified nor sold. Everyone is priceless, especially our lives.
Nina 6d
Am i a friend?
Or am i a stranger?

There are times when i feel special
And times i feel ignored

So tell me
Where do i stand in your life?

Because you're confusing me
When im here
Wanting to be so much more to you
But i don't even know where i stand

Or could it be
The only reason for you to be close to me
Was in order to use me?
What am i ?
An object to you?
Or just a play mate?
solfang Apr 3
all these items used
to describe my love
for you;
but I'm the one
treated like
an object
in this relationship
does anyone want to share their experience as well? I would love to hear them and give you some words of comfort.
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