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Zack gorenstein May 2020
I once thought          of the bird           on  the window
            it cawed at me            I screeched back
I wonder     what what was it              about the bird      it wasn't
              that I was bothered         I just couldn't     Understand it
we went back          and forth          time passed slowly       through the
      rainy day       I began to realize        the bird       wasn't     lashing out          it simply       wanted to live          through the storm
    the storm        that followed     every place it went    what a silly bird
                            it should have just        simply asked
Mrs Timetable Mar 14
Made for you
You didn't use it

Can't get it back
Gone forever

Always there...
Is it waiting for itself?

If you find out
Let me know

I need more...
Time you really know how it was spent
selina Jun 2021
like a compass that has lost north
spinning without pattern, without end
my heart races erratically, unmoored
by just the soft touch of your hand
Ray Dunn May 2021
cheap beer will always taste
like the bars that raised me

and your lips will always taste
like the thing that saved me
Merlie T Feb 2021
..the night when heaven wept..
..the flowers turned their petals' down..
..quiet, the footsteps on the ground..
..pick me up out of this mud..
..take my hand and pull me back..
..some sad, some sick, some lost, some lone..
..they'll roam anywhere to find a their home..
..the truth's its gone, but they can't move on..
..keep on singing this sad song..
..the night when heaven wept..
This is actually a song a wrote. Very slow tempo/emotional
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