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He's critically ill
He desires to write his will
Bids are hereby invited
Submit separately technical and price bids
In sealed envelopes
First technical bids would be opened
Those qualify
Their price bids to open
Highest bid higher than double
The net worth
Would be accepted
Otherwise all bids
To be rejected
Critically ill wouldn't be allowed to die
On a ventilator
He would be kept alive
Hospital bill his networth twice!
Jana Pelzom Aug 29
Loving is easy
Being loved seems impossible,
People have asked how can you love another
Without loving yourself?
But I have loved and can’t comprehend
How to even start loving myself,
I am not worth enough of the attention,
Although I try
and whisper words of good faith
All I hear is a wail in the dark
A silent message ringing clear
I am not made to be loved
But maybe I hope
I be made for loving.
Finding how to love yourself as you love others ©️2021 Jana Pelzom
This was a darker poem but I wanted it to have a silver lining. Some people are too self critical and no matter how much love we are shown we don’t think we deserve it and I wonder who decides what worth love is?
selina Jun 30
like a compass that has lost north
spinning without pattern, without end
my heart races erratically, unmoored
by just the soft touch of your hand
Ray Dunn May 26
cheap beer will always taste
like the bars that raised me

and your lips will always taste
like the thing that saved me
karly codr Apr 7
i feel like i annoy people
because i get over-excited
about taylor swift
or twenty one pilots
i get made fun of for it
but i just laugh along with them
how am i supposed to explain
that im still here because of their music
1 month 13 days until scaled and icy
29 hours until fearless taylors version

and i'm still gonna end up crying myself to sleep tonight
Merlie T Feb 8
..the night when heaven wept..
..the flowers turned their petals' down..
..quiet, the footsteps on the ground..
..pick me up out of this mud..
..take my hand and pull me back..
..some sad, some sick, some lost, some lone..
..they'll roam anywhere to find a their home..
..the truth's its gone, but they can't move on..
..keep on singing this sad song..
..the night when heaven wept..
This is actually a song a wrote. Very slow tempo/emotional
tanglaw Feb 6
I am always there when needed,
Always found when searched,
I give everything I could to people I love,
To people closest to my heart,
I can be a clown,
a fighter,
an entertainer,
a super-friend.
I'm there when somebody needs me,
I'm there when you want a shoulder to cry on.
I save others,
But who saves me?
Connecting starlight over rooftops,
Pleading to save my soul.
I look to the night sky to make me feel whole.
Perhaps it's the beauty
Or is it its presence?
When all else fails to be,
It is.
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