Bright and bold people
Few are gold
Rest are gold plated

I feel I am a carbon particle
With the warmth of heart
I change my worth
Either Coal or Diamond

Flexible to that level
She said

With mesmerizing smile
Lastly, she emphasized

Diamonds are forever
Genre: Inspirational
Theme:  You deserve nothing less
Umi May 13
Perhaps it was destiny,
That we met on that rainy day,
You looked so happy, saying the teary raindrops were like jewels,
Joy surely comes in different kinds but what made them like gems for me was that bright, luminous grin of yours, while gazing away,
Out of selfishness and lonesome thoughts I drove myself near you,
To feel your warmth, to feel your soft, delicate skin and to feel loved.
Drawn into the imaginated landscape within my heart you lit an evening star, made it shine so my dim thoughts shall not corrupt me,
How generous you were, sharing your light with one who has none,
Yet, when I understood the meaning of eternity, you were long gone,
Passed away due time, an old dreamer who always saw the positive,
Fallen to the destiny of a life's end, oh how ruined I was then.
Since I cease to fade, I may as well keep the light you lit within me forever, so you too will never fully disappear from the face of earth.

~ Umi
Hillary B Apr 26
much like the sea glass that I wear on my ring
I too was rough

broken from its whole
sharp edged
too jagged to be held
eventually discarded

it wasn’t till the rough seas shaped me
eroded my body
smoothed my soul
drove me to the shoreline

I found my worth

from man made debris
to a nature shaped treasure
I have been molded by my environment
polished into a gem
smooth enough to be held
nice enough to be kept
Arielle Mar 29
Don't judge me of my size
I am still the hidden gem
You are not looking to find
Covered in dirt forever
Looking to find the heart
Don't look for me when I ask
Those who wonder have my heart,
Shay Moore Jan 30
You are the opalite
In my shaking hands
Each angle shows
A New fluorescent gem
And as I sit and weep
You reveal what hurts
I thought that loneliness
Made me happier...
Sweara Ahmed Dec 2017
Thou hast the ability

to seek the flickering light,

of hope in the dark

Thou hast the power

to gather thy shattered pieces

again and again.

O thou real artist!

Thou paint the colors

in thy life.

What thou do is not so easy

when thou choose what thou like

rather than being bound by hallow promises and fake  love

Thou finally free.

O thou real beauty!

What thou do is not so easy.

Gathering thy broken pieces

holding hand of those who once betrayed.

masking pain with thy most beautiful smile.

O thou touchstone!

What thou do is an art.

An art to be practiced.

Art of choosing.

The hard way to right destination.

O thou real artist!

What thou do is not so easy

To be true to yourself

to be honest that make thou so lovely.

O thou beauty!

thy sedate tone...

After all the hardships of life.

proves thou a king.

O thou real artist!

thou paint the colors

in thy life.

O thou king!

thou got no jewels in thy treasure

but when thou unlock thy word-hoard

In whole world's treasures,

there left naught.

O thou king!

O thou beauty!

After losin' everything.

Thou win, thou win, thou win.

O thou touchstone!
~Sweara Ahmed~
Brent Dec 2017
Every word
might not be enough to describe my
best wishes for us,
even if I try to learn every language and
read every book.
Good times are ahead of us.
Every bad second assures
more moments that we'll much cherish.
Let this journey of ours make your worries
over and done and let Him
guide us to the rest of our days
and always know that I will
never leave your side.
I actually two poems for my future spouse, this was the other
Remi Leroy Nov 2017
Falling apart from a height
Laying shattered on the ground
Broken shards reflecting light
Casting myriads of hues all around
Is it only then do we realize how beautifully broken we are?
Lure Pot Oct 2017
Mama, you're the best gem
You are my life,
Mama, the world is filled
with your love.

Mama, you give me everything
all of you, self-goal
Mama, you are the most special
in the earth, first of all.

Mama, you are starving
but give me food
Mama, you are the cure
when I am sick.

Mama, my heaven is
in your care
You’re the most important one
in my whole life.

Mama, I hurt you so much
but you still give me love
If something happens to me
You got beat up!

Mama, you understand my sadness
that I can't language
Mama, let your tears fall
in my sadness,
Mama, you are so happy for me
when I am happy.

Mama, you are my everything
all my love for you, Ma
You have my love and respect
for my whole life!
Unknown Sep 2017
your ghost still lurks and i swear i can still feel you.
im in pain, i dont know what to do. i swear im going insane.
i hear your laughter, footsteps and presence but youre nowhere to be seen.
nothing has been the same since youve been gone.
dads gone mental,
mum isnt gentle, shes turned judgemental,
brother has lost the humour and is the consumer of loneliness,
sister lost the fierceness within her, while trying to forget the mayhem that happened when you left this earth.
you were the gem in our lives and we were oblivious to that, but now that youre up in the sky chillin' with God - we miss you more than ever.
you were never the villain in our lives, but its hard living without you here.
i dont need no pity, just these written words make me understand that youre gone.
we've drawn the line, we've come to the conclusion.
i just want you to know that,
you were the gem to our lives.
this is dedicated to my grandpa and my dog. they both unfortunately passed away and they both played a huge role in my life.
i love and miss you both.
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