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Mae Feb 19
You said I was precious, like a valuable gem.
No wonder you strung me along,
wrap around you like beads of pearls.
Honey colored gem,
a resin relic;
sweet suspension
of past to present.
Ssoho Dec 2019
gia sanchez Dec 2019
The only thing that makes me happy is my family.
We may argue everyday but when i'm hurt their my remedy.
They always have my back
especially when i tend to lack.
I might not have the best relationships with them
but i treat each one of them like a gem.
so special and unique in their own ways
and they all glow on cloudy days.
My family is my breath of fresh air
when i need a little guidance, i know that they will always be there.
just a little something i just came up with. i hope you like it.
Keithlyne Aug 2019
At one moment, i just saw myself smiling like there is no tomorrow.

Finally, you came into my life and you changed it into a beautiful one.

Little did i know, that it will be possible for me to find happiness within you.

Finally, you're part of my life and i know everything will be okay when i'm with you.

Unexpectedly, i didn't know that someone will make me the happiest like you do.

Finally, you answered the prayer that i always asking for.
Thank you, my favorite gemstone.
Verse 1:

I thought that
It'd be obvious
That you and I
Would be

I knew it
From the very

But maybe I'm
Since I met you
I've been

At The


But now that
Things got hard
We lost our way
Between what we
And what we

Let's go back
In time
This crime
And we'll
We Just

2nd Verse:

We were at the top
I thought that
We would never fall
The view was
From where we

Days and months and years
Would pass and
All would stay the same
Cause we would do
We could

Last Verse
To Come
a beef
Wellington is
a serenade
on your
birthday night
with candle
light on
your plate
where Aphrodite
beget Zeus
as she
did want
the dish
with pastry
and frothy
post with
her wine
Shofi Ahmed Mar 2019
It may be only
a little pearl.
But someone
reached out to it
peeping in the giant sea.
Johnny walker Feb 2019
Awoke to the sun beautiful
this morning the kind of day one feels alive admittedly
still a sense of losing emptiness but somewhat
less than winter
I suppose days like these It's that I want to live for the both of us Helen would not want me sitting around
moaning but to get out there live for Her
Go some of the places we went together just to sit and remember all the fun things she loved to do and to think back to days at seaside those Ice creams
dinky doughnuts and of cause
But just to Imagine she In the sat beside me which I'm sure she still Is giving Instruction how to drive all those things at the time might seemed annoying I'd
have all back
complaint because I loved her so much never stop missing her one In a million a real rare gem priceless
Helen was like rare Gem priceless one In a million there will never be another
Each facet, a surface so resplendent,
Till ground away with endless polishing
To find innate sparkle magnificent,
O’er timeless glow that we’ve been cherishing.

O the eons spent on its perfection,
Dulled easily without the jeweler’s lens.
What gain had from chiseled vivisection?
To scratch the surface with corrosive cleanse?

What value is in diamond edges smooth,
Where lines mark surfaces with precision?
Is natural shine too luminous to soothe,
So we treat works of time with derision?

Hardened we underestimate its glow,
Its care requires the finest instrument.
The process used to make it shine was slow,
But dulls with the pressure of improvement.
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