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episkey Mar 2
kita bertemu dikala petang
dua jari saling bersilang
aku minta izin bertualang
kau beri restu penuh sayang

dengan itu ku bertualang
tak peduli akan halang rintang
semua halang aku terjang
dan diujung senja aku menang

wajah penat berganti riang
sang aku menjadi sang petualang
semua halang kan ku kenang
untuk diceritakan kepada sang sayang

sebelum sang senja hilang
kupenuhi janji untuk pulang
dan dikalau aku datang
aku disambut sang mata berlinang
all credits goes to my ma
Dredd Feb 8
using emotion as bait
to reel and reap
for their selfish rewards
not thinking about the cost
of toying with someone's feelings.
You can't uncover the future
If you never tease your fate
Knock the door you want now
Before it becomes really late
Love can happen with a glance
When your courage is the bait
© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
January 2nd, 2019
my wriggling
dory in
nautical wine
that attested
my craw
with my
line high
now artistry
win a
bite-sized cling
that naturally
could sing
and dance
with the
air and
rhythm of
its strand
Festus Boamah Sep 2018
Money is a bait
It covers any hook
With just a small weight
You are in charge
By hook or crook

Money is time
It pays the best interest
Time makes money
If you are late
It becomes a waste

Money is a bait
Root of all evil
Like alcohol and driving
When it is cunning
It is devil and evil

Money is a rate
Read in account book
So the teacher educate
Hard to earn
Easy to spend
Mary Frances Aug 2018
I never thought sweet words would hurt.
From your lips to my heart, it created a wound.
Words so sweet, now the cause of my pain.
Words so sweet, but scars I gain.
It's too painful.
It's too late.
Your "I love you" is a bitter bait.
Brent Kincaid May 2018
He’s the kind that likes to swindle
He’s always got some deal cooking,
(His bait and switch game doesn’t dwindle,)
When he doesn’t think we’re looking

You went to school with a **** like this,
He always claimed others were cheats.
He showed up early only if and when
They were serving food and sweets.
But never showed up for the work
Or did playground games honestly.
He claimed twice the victories he had
And lied to everyone constantly.

All the deals he makes are scams
He pulls the rug out from under.
(Were his steaks really just spam?)
And leaves giggling at his plunder.

When he got older, he took his dad’s gold
And parlayed it into a lifetime game
Of promises not kept, and half-truths
And, as usual, never once took the blame
He preferred never to pay his bills
And then bragged about how gullible
The creditors were, and how they all
Should really have charged him double.

Hey, **, he thinks we don’t know
Just what kind of game he’s playing.
Just listen to his promises online
It’s the opposite of what he’s saying.

But that’s how snake oil salesmen are;
They cook up a batch of ***** and herbs
And sell it as a cure-all and hurt folks
Then laugh and claim it’s what they deserve.
And, when his books turn out to be cooked
He lies about it way before you start.
When asked how he could be so crooked
He says, “That’s because I’m so smart!”

He’s the kind that likes to swindle
He’s always got some deal cooking.
(His bait and switch game doesn’t dwindle)
When he doesn’t think we’re looking
Shadow Dragon Apr 2018
White and yellow.
Empty mind.
Light sounds.
Shadows written in the nouns.

The blues.
A swinging tune.
Blue notes.
Sailing boats.

Tones swirling.
Shapes floating.
Trapped mind.
Everything lined.

A passive state.
Coming late.
Let me be the bait.
This is your fate.
pk tunuri Mar 2018
Isn't it so easy to hate?
Forgive them before it's too late!

Lemme tell you something straight!
Holding grudges isn't so great!!

Take it as an update!
It may not change your fate!!

How long will you wait?
Forgiving someone isn't a bait!
we tend to hate easily than forgiving someone. No matter what happened it's better to let go hate and be kind to all
on your nuts
enjoy the feeling
we are
chew them off

while your crying
maybe you can
catch my


he micky
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