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Amy H Mar 2015
When dreams become
nightmares that
twist in the brain,
how long can love
in the heart remain?
Will nothing ever
quench the flame
or fill the
lonely spaces?
As always it's you,
the affliction
and the cure.
When it isn't working...
Amy H Jul 2015
A sound goes off from the other room.
oh boy who's coming in to see me?
should I play it cool with a glance,
or abandon myself belly up?
Here she comes,
and goes.
that **** smelly thing
I get this a lot.
if I could I'd break that coffee ***.
Here he comes,
oh yes,
I'll get this going.
my tail should work,
faster, faster, and a look him in the eye
But the door opens.
"Out.  Go ***."
always the same, "go ***"
be grateful your spot is inside
Open door.
person on couch!
oh boy!
it's my turn!
man, I love you
please scratch here, yes here
and this is the life
So forgiving,
no matter
how we make them wait.
Watching my two dogs eagerness is so fun.  I always grew up with a dog, but never had two.  Having more than one brings to attention the differences in their personalities.  But eagerness is something they all possess.  We probably should be taking a few plays from them.  It would sure make the people we love feel wanted, wouldn't it?
Amy H Oct 2017
“No,” she said “just no.”
I wilted,
watching her detachment
as if I was an insect crossing her plate
to be brushed aside.
Embarrassed, shutting down
where hope to share myself had sprung
but met her disdain.

But I’m your mom,
and they don’t care,
these strangers without a single string to your heart
or mine.

And yet she yanks on mine
as if my thoughts will hurt them.

What can I do
to get through to you?

It’s not my life but yours,
and someone else who loves you
that may fight
then move away.
I pray it’s not ahead for you.

I don’t have the luxury.
You demand my heart
the way you did my womb.
The hope of all our years
placed in my arms and at my breast
after sweat and tears had left my body.

My baby,
my everlasting love,
my singular weakness.
The one I could never turn away.
Dismissing a part of me with “No”
as if I need permission to be tender
and reveal myself.

Where did I go wrong?
I don’t allow this from anyone.
I walk.
But no one else has my soul by a cord,
through my heart,
taking nourishment for life
and sending back a sense of purpose.

Nothing greater in joy or pain,
than mother.
And this, I know,
is *ahead of me for life.
For anyone who has ever been bruised by their child.
Amy H Mar 2015
a moment in the future
bids us come.
it can't come back to us
so we must run;
hasten our steps
along the winding path
that straightens as
it leads to us at last.

a moment in the future
bids us strive
for in it is
the start of both our lives;
when you and I are
only just a part
as oneness binds us
body, mind, and heart.

a moment in the future
bids us share
what can't be kept
from One with whom you care;
when evening talk turns
minutes into hours
and time and love and words
are only Ours.

a moment in the future
bids us walk
while hand in hand
Our strength will be my rock;
an anchor to my mind
and to my heart,
Our love will always
have the greatest part.

a moment in the future waits for *Us
A very old moment indeed, and yet still not arrived.
Amy H Apr 2018
intensity is measured in
a  m p s
m i  a  p
a  n  s  i
z  d  i  r
i       o  i
n      n  t
g      a
Power me up baby
Amy H Aug 2016
time and distance
too little and too far;
my love has sailed
an anchor never hoisted
and sails with no wind
while I wait on the rocks

salt is cruel
swept in my wounds
where sun burns it in
like crust…

why wait?

the tide is rolling
but you my love are working
to remain
time is on your side
not mine.
I left the rocks so it is time to share this one.
Amy H Mar 2015
If you listen,
If you dream,
If your heart fills with stars
At the thought of the Love
Binding you to your guides;
Then open your Spirit
And hear what they breathe.
For guidance will tell you
What you need.

Ask wisely, and it will be.
A verse about listening to inner wisdom.
Amy H Sep 2015
Succumbing to
Undulation provoked by
Cunning words of a poet, I
Under the surface,
Nourished word like
Oh holy... Where did that just come from?  This can be the poet's surprise, can it not?
To be so moved by poetry, this is something understood by those who truly love the genre.  This is the intent of my piece.
Amy H Jul 2019
it’s roast on the roll
and no au jus.
I haven’t had my
dip in you.

the daily grind
that fills my cup,
isn’t quite
the pick me up.

every tedious
task or chore
passes on
with nothing more.

you didn’t leave
and nor did I,
but something’s gone-
I can’t deny.

there is no draw
without a laugh;
the fun has left
the other half.

it fizzled like
an opened pop;
without some Sun
the flower flops.

it’s kinda sad
but what to do?
my roast was meant
to have au jus.
when it hasn't been the same
Amy H Sep 2016
like sugar on berries when I look at you
my heart gets soft and juicy
and I wonder what to do.
the sparkle in my eyes like frost on a pop
freezing my gaze on yours
and I don’t want to stop.
but berries and sugar are just a flavor
and what if you prefer
a bite with a little more savor?
I cannot tell what’s in your heart
or if you think I’m sweet
but I may fall apart.
this is either berry good or not at all
every berry crushing
under my fall.
oh that awkward stage of the first crush on someone
Amy H May 2018
I could write you in
between the lines,
slipping in nuance
like a kiss in the sheets;
but would you stay?
I wish to keep you in
the way you’ve gotten
neath my skin.
Hold me close
and whisper,
“take my body
feed my soul.”
A script we two
make the love
and write the prose.
Amy H Apr 2018
a million little things
make me smile;
like star light that glitters
in my eyes
when it touches me again.
memories and stars,
the brilliance
of left-over light.
Stars like memories, ya I write for fun.
Amy H Mar 2015
that night I read your note
your words
your song
and knew it was the butterfly
still chasing the raven;
who, with her heart caught in his mouth
sees the ground and fears the fall
from his lonely perch;
so drops the heart she gave to him
and doesn't even see it
there's her body
but out of reach, this heart
cannot be joined with her again
and ravens always crush what they catch.
the heart is his forever...
there under stars
and in our eyes,
you held me close and
kissed my eyes,
"I'm ready."
without demand I hoped;
loving my raven free,
raven drops these hearts
when they taste of fear.
but he forgets
and takes hers, new again
and this could go forever...
a dysfunctional cycle, with Raven the scavenger, and Butterfly who reinvents herself to start again
January, 2011
Amy H Apr 2015
cactus moon,
makes me swoon
as stars appear tonight;
my eyes reveal
the blossoms frill
have folded for the night.
but not my mind;
I often find
my dreams are locked so tight-
on fragrant flowers
and soft rain showers
and faces by moonlight.
bring me beauty,
love’s my duty,
sharing is my plight;
and in the garden
the Moon is warden,
the Universe is right;
as long as life
and sharpened strife
yield flowers to sunlight.
An evening to reflect on the purpose for two people...  To understand this poem, you would be familiar with cactus flowers and how they only bloom during the day, folding at night to reopen in the morning.  And this goes on for only a couple of weeks.  Like my Love, the blooms are worth watching for but temporary.  The darkness can close them down but I'll wait with the needles as long as the blooms will return by day.
Amy H Mar 2015
Can the poet make you dance?
She could put you in a trance
with pretty words
like pirouette or waltz.
If you should start to shiver
when toes and fingers quiver
most assuredly it isn't
all her fault.
Just like music from a player
the rhythm starts to layer
but not unless you
choose to turn it loud.
And then we see you choke,
you poem-loving bloke.
Just being here we've
found your fancy out!
All in good fun, ladies and gents, and a pun for those who enjoy their poems privately.  ;-)
Listen to Can the poet make you dance? by Amy Hilton 4 #np on #SoundCloud
Amy H Jul 2020
Comet Vernon never stays.
the specialty is a fly by
in the dark of night;
zooming long away
then drifting close,
kissing your stratosphere-
just not enough
to melt it’s core.
~~the razzle dazzle show~~
would end for us all
if Vernon was ruled
by gravity
<--more than velocity.-->
cover your eyes
if comets aren’t your thing.
best not burn yourself
by it's luster.
Come and go, man.
Amy H Jul 2015
I was composing
and lost my composure
when my composition
lost its position
as Hello said goodbye.
Late last night
my poetic plight
must not have been right.
So to answer myself
the measure of love
is put back on the shelf
for now.
I did, I lost a whole poem to a "bad gateway" glitch.  So... If it got lost in translation it wasn't meant to be answered.
Amy H Jul 2015
The words are a playground,
no bell to call me in.
And wander I must
past fences, over grasses verdant
finding trees that take words
and split them like branches.
I eat the apples
leaving some of me behind along the way.
I am a constant poet.

If every morning that began with words in mind prompted a new poem, then I'd be a constant poet.  Like this morning, would have been a bit about gerunds and how you just shouldn't gerundize some nouns because it isn't right.  And then some are right but not because the connotation of the word or context remains the same.  Take pan and paning, for example.  One is breakfast and the other in film.  But anyway, if I'm allowed to not make sense often then perhaps I am a constant poet.  I asked the question, "Why is the expression take a ****?  Taking isn't what we do..." Perhaps the language affords us  many luxuries of interpretation that forgive literal correctness and rules.  Like writing a paragraph of prose for Hello Poetry.  But maybe we are here because we question the limits and take the license and more.  The words become a playground, not a chore.  Yes that's it!  My morning meandering leads to a single poetic thought.

The words are a playground,
no bell to call me in.
And wander I must
past fences, over grasses verdant
finding trees that take words
and split them like branches.
I eat the apples
leaving some of me behind along the way.
I am a constant poet.
Rambling.  Nothing but a rambling.  But I kinda like it.
Listen to Constant Poet, poem by Amy Hilton 4 #np on #SoundCloud
Amy H Aug 2015
0ff a boat
landing in a chair
at the back;
Vietnam to Utah,
one jungle to another.
But all signs
were foreign
and words, for naught.
Hiding in the girls' room
with tears
and no one to understand.
Laughing held some
hope for me
to make her part.
Those paper wads
dripping and sticky
grabbing the tile
with a smack;
they were just right.
Every smack
brought a crack
of lips that had
been silent.
Enter the custodian.

Exit all the kids,
but me.
The bell was no relief
until my teacher had his say
and my seat held me in
for an extra stay.
Well said Mom
You got what you asked for.
And though she couldn't say
I knew
the laughter was as much
to her as I.
It was the only time I was ever held after school. Trying to break language barriers, even then.
Amy H Oct 2015
like the flavor from bubble gum
after I've swallowed the last
juicy, sweet, bubble gummy bit
some time back.
after too many pops,
rolling and chewing and dying,
resisting my mouth
with no bit willing to stretch.
the ache in my soul
like jaws did all the work,
folding and pushing and missing
that you're no longer fun.
on warm ground
to find a shoe and grip,
unwelcome, scraped aside,
I've already got the good parts out.
Old gum when you realize you're chewing just to go through motions.
Amy H Aug 2016
Sunrise wakes me slowly,
moonlight lets me rest.
In between, the light of day
leaves nothing to confess.
If through the fading sunset
my heart sings sweet and loud
by sobriety of daylight
my mind can stop the sound.
What can come of dreaming
where joy will always win?
My life should be a day dream then
and love should never end.
It's new again.
Amy H Jul 2015
Man of dreams
it often seems
we ride the silken thread
of words that seep
the passion deep
of soul where they are bred.
In my mind
the heart I find
to buy the message whole
and see it done
the battle won
because of the soul.
It was, once.  Things change.
Amy H Mar 2015
the rain was just a drizzle
like my feelings any more
as we stood in awkward chat
and you can't find me any more.
not in here, at least,
in a quasi-happy fete,
with celebrations halted
because they make you fret.
I can't see my heart to give it
for it's always given back
and we'll stand in smoke and raindrops
with me turning myself black.
the black;
it can't reflect the light
so you'll perhaps not see
that my eyes have turned away
and my heart it didn't stay
and the part you have
is just the surface-me.
I won't let go, or let you in,
not again.
you'll only get the drizzle
not the swim.
My how it flows when it's a current, current.
Amy H Sep 2015
Where is the poem,
the one I culdn't feel?
Escaped, like a flock of gulls
when all that's left is shells.
The mussels gone
or rotted
by heavy salty air;
exposed like a heart
to a fisherman
who never eats his catch
but hasn't the sense
to toss it in the water.
I am a shell,
with nothing succulent
to share.
Do you know the feeling?
Listen to Empty Shell, poem by Amy Hilton 4 #np on #SoundCloud
Amy H Aug 2020
sometimes silence is the verse;
a cave of visions
where still, the air surrenders
to water and time
seeping through rock
as cuts that carve my heart.

a stream flowing inward,
each drop knew sun but now
reflect the bit of light it meets
and carries life below.
in cold and dark this fortress
makes rest for weary mind.

I wasn’t always thus
but you would never know.
a soul is built
from life eroded.
come, guest of mine~
walk through what I have made.
Amy H Apr 2018

with mischievous smile
and painted skin,
if ever man should fly
it would be him.
the world a ground
for wanderlust
(no place could
keep him in)

has bid goodbye
while up he climbs
on quest
to clear his mind.
Africa, Andromeda
mountain peak to star;
no limits of time
or place too far.
‘ere he leaves
this Earth, before we all,
one rock
will surely call.
atop its peak
he’ll stop to rest
Everest, Sam,
ever rest.
For a departed mountain man, my friend.
Amy H Oct 2017
Spring has gone to Summer
and Summer falls with me
into the leaves that die
separated from their tree.
the sap has gotten thick
and the flowers nodding off
the birds have disappeared
and grass has gotten rough.
the thing that never changes
the sky that stays so blue
covers me with sunshine babe
like happy thoughts of you.
I see it from a bed of leaves
through branches sleeping now
my dreams away like birds
my body on the ground.
the thing that ever changes
the clouds that cover blue
a feeling bittersweet my love
like all my thoughts of you.
Nothing special. Just an image of a girl day dreaming up at the sky.
Amy H Sep 2017
For a time tossed
Over rocks and in the under-tow,
Released from the fight I
Tame my spirit;
Reclaiming my composure to
Embrace lessons learned
Since time began to
Stir my soul.
This is what happens when you wake from a dream to life that has become far too simple, again.
Amy H Mar 2015
fortune made us friends,
gave us common minds to share
speaking true you tell me often
what I need to hear.
let's accept what is,
and relish time it has,
view what new perspectives it may show.
truest friendship
rarely found;
when to it
we can let ourselves be known.
Amy H Nov 2018
I’m a love kitten
I feel a little smitten
I think I’ve been bitten
by you

the way I stare
across the air
with eyes so fair
at you

it fills my mind
you’re one of a kind
I’m in a bind
with you

I can’t keep back
this love attack
I need some slack
from you

forgive my daze
this lovely haze
my soul’s ablaze
for you

I anticipate
this will be great
but I can wait
on you
you have me up at night
Amy H Apr 2016
entirely possible,
very probable,
highly likely,
that you are
it's an explanation
that you're impossible.
it has to be the reason;
the exercise was futile,
trying to keep my grip
and ride.
thrown off,
again my possee
gives a hand
for dusty pants
and ****** knees,
while you
keep up the dance
of the bucking bull.
No embarrassment
you tossed me off
so quick;
just that I kept choosing
to try and tame a *****.
A little grit from a little way back.
Amy H Mar 2015
There once was a gal in the bar
who never thought she'd get far.
Her *** waved with dance,
the gents went to trance,
and for a night she was the star*.
Amy H Mar 2015
Take from my heart
this tender part
that longs to find
in you the same.
Too much to keep,
to hurt to fly,
afraid to play
a losing lovers' game.
And so in stone
it finds a home;
for if it hurts
then I'm the one to blame.
Sometimes you know before you can let go...
Amy H Mar 2015
Not every honest thought
is full of truth.
Careful what comes out
in times of heat.
For honest thoughts can sear
a face with tears.
But truth will serve
and make a union sweet.
Amy H Sep 2015
My lips on wine, my mind on you,
My mind on wine, my lips on you.
Intoxication pure and sweet,
I drink it deep.
With my lips on you
                         my mind with you
                                             my whine in yours,
a sweet elixir
we drink deeply.
Love sweet love.  A quick little write.  Nothing special.
Amy H Oct 2017
beauty from openness,
vulnerable and soft
finds a way to surface
only after pride is lost.
but pride is hard to break
behind a stony wall
to keep the ego safe,
my heart from shrinking, small.
much as heart desires
to flaunt about the sleeve
fear can keep it hidden
if I think you will leave.
what is the precious stone
that weighs me down this way?
pulling in my chest,
not diamond, but jade.
pride is a game
one can play alone.
release takes two
but cuts to the *bone.
Pondering.  Be brave.
Amy H Jan 2019
life is poetry my dear,
while minutes and moments turn to years
and all the laughter, all the tears
teach us to release our fears;
to live like kings surviving jeers.
so raise your glass and let’s make cheers
for love keeps living, far or near;
a story for the poet’s ear.
I’m glad you’re in my story, Dear.
savor every moment, be happy for what is
Amy H Jan 2017
like a melody he moves
the rhythm of his mood
reflecting clouds;
grey turns to silver
shone on his head,
and a smile
so soft across his face
brings my mind
and longing to his space.
the dance of a rag in hand
smooth like jazz
caressing every surface.
nothing is neglected
by long legato strokes
along a smooth, pale canvas
cleared for his next composition
to do it all again.
I am jealous of his kitchen.
Amy H Nov 2015
Like stars
we rise
we shine
we flicker
we turn
we blaze
we burn
we die
we fall.

We live
with mystery,
but beautiful.
The energy
we show, misunderstood
except by our creation.
Dwarves compressed by pain,
displayed in open sky
where we hide
all but what we think is light.
But life is in the dark
between us all.
Somehow we see
like stars.
Inspired in the moment I remembered those two shooting stars from last night.
Amy H Apr 2015
when goodnight brings resistance
and words say time to part,
I can't convince my heart
to do the same.
Time be still,
give me a moment, then,
hasten me here again.
It matters not the place
just the face.
Wherever there is we
I can breathe.
A goobye kiss.
Amy H Jul 2015
grace my lips
with tenderness,
touch my spirit;
you will have me, won.
no matter the rest;
anatomy is dead in a minute.
if you want my soul,
know my eyes
and wake my lips
with honey.
There is nothing to replace sweetness.
Amy H Nov 2017
I hope
therefore I try
I lose
and so I cry.
I dance
to make me high.
I fall
And then I sigh.
I love,
so I will fly.
I live
then I can die.
Amy H Oct 2017
I had a line but she left
when my pen insulted paper.
The alabaster canvas
wanting nothing of my stains,
sent the line away by screaming.
I lost her
in my pain.

The line flew to the wood
like a fairy sparkling green
and now is lost to wonder
dropping silver magic
round the blooms
on the leaves;
her hiding trick.

If you wander in the wood
keep an eye for me.
When you catch her
please be true.
The line I lost to wonder
belongs to me,
not you!
Last night I lost a line on my way to dreaming.  Who brought her back to me?
Amy H Mar 2015
Many a lovely sunset
has taught me how to breathe.
From magic light
my soul receives
a breath
so slow
             and far
                        and deep.

If only sunset
took all night
my immortal breath
would keep me right.
Just rambling on a former thought that trickled in during a hike at sunset.
Pardon all my editing folks.  I'm new here and still learning how the site works.
Amy H Mar 2018
the lover’s rent
is paid in pain;
the memories you’ve made,
are hiding in the dark of mind
waiting for the night.
and when you hit the pillow
with no one lying there,
these visions seep
from misty shadows
to taunt you
as you drift to sleep.
a gasp,
you grab your chest
as if to hold your heart
to rest,
and from this place of madness
find the past is still the best.
the love you lived in
kicked you out;
a homeless, hapless mess
you wander through the visions
from this open wilderness.
it’s cold
it’s isolation
no fire to warm your face
for love has left you out again
you must find new space.
find it deep within.
face the memories
make your peace.
the pain is there to taunt you
until your rent is paid.
The price always has to be paid, and usually after the goods are gone.
Amy H Dec 2015
Hope is dashed
And interest lost
I've waved for a ship
that doesn't recognize my raft
most any day.
I am worthy of a rudder, commanded,
intention steered to find me,
moving into port
as though my little light were a beacon.
But still the ship moves past
until a cannon shot
leaves need for rescue;
And then my raft
she sinks with the weight.
I can't sail forward thus.
Waiting to be more.  Have you ever waited?
Amy H Mar 2015
My book has empty pages
that only you can write.
I'll turn them, leave them blank.
I'm giving up the fight.
I could search forever
and wonder what they'd say.
But time will leave them empty-
words gone, just as those days.
Still my heart will wonder
if I m in your book?
Did I leave some pages empty?
Do you ever take a look?
The story is unfinished,
it's trapped in times before.
But words I cannot read
will echo evermore.
For the stories we write together.
Amy H Mar 2015
My Dear Man,
my soul mate,
the one who raises my heart rate;

When I find You
and you are mine,
we'll show the word fantastic times.

When we depart
as all men doth,
Heaven shall have to take us both.

For me no world
could heaven be
if you do not remain with me.

And in my heart,
my soul, no joy,
without you my forever boy.
I must seem lost to love!
Amy H Apr 2018
I’ve been
by a smile,
a touch,
a laugh;
an interlude
that lifts my mood.
And after a while
I’m aware
of the sea,
the sun
warm on me,
the waves
breaking hard
round my tiny isle
in the midst
of life.
My boat may rock
in the ocean sway
and the salt
can sting my skin;
but an island-
my secret rest-
waits in my dreams
just close enough
to see
when I close my eyes.
A little journey
I someday make
when bid back
by a smile
I desire.
Sweet distraction.
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