Bryan 2d

Men have scoured the earth
In search of lesser women than you.
Wars and famine,
In veneration,
Have been stricken in pursuit
Of the likes of half your substance.

Lain waste, the kingdoms of men,
And religion alike
In the name of madonnas
A mere fraction of your awe.

Tearing hell through this earth,
Here you stand before me:
Never prostrate, but exhilerant!
Sparks flowing from your hairtips:
A woman scorned!

All for the adoration of a poet:
The subject of your wrath
For his perception.

Abby Brummel Oct 11

fuck you for making me feel this way
this is not fair
don't make my heart skip a beat
and then knock the air out of my lungs the next minute
this is why I don't allow myself to feel
this is why I'm so jaded and don't let people in
Everyone says to let it go,
but I don't want to, they just don't know
fuck you for making me feel this way

Amy Hilton Oct 9

beauty from openness,
vulnerable and soft
finds a way to surface
only after pride is lost.
but pride is hard to break
behind a stony wall
to keep the ego safe,
my heart from shrinking, small.
much as heart desires
to flaunt about the sleeve
fear can keep it hidden
if I think you will leave.
what is the precious stone
that weighs me down this way?
pulling in my chest,
not diamond, but jade.
pride is a game
one can play alone.
release takes two
but cuts to the bone.

Pondering.  Be brave.
Leal Knowone Sep 26

Tears flow down her face. Agony from the near past, she clings to like a drowning body at sea grasping for debris. A taste of the duality in all things. The sorrow reality brings.  Though this is a mere moment in time it seems like it is everything. and how does one gauge pain if it is something we hope not to be remembering. She lets herself became jaded, a heart slowly tearing to stone. heading down this path she may let herself believe she knows all there is to know. If she takes a turn there will be more suffering, but more joy then she would otherwise know. who really knows which way to go.


You run,
Chasing after none
There is no fear in your momentum,
Not a bitter thought once fallen.
Your memories are new
At thirty-two, I have made a few.

You will run,
Chasing after some.
There will be fear in your momentum
Many bitter thoughts once fallen.
Your memories are new
How could I forget, mine are too.

Brooke P Aug 11

My soul moves with fidgets and twitches and dreams of back porches.
feels like it’s constantly wasting its time, and smells like the air after summer rain.
My soul has not been patient lately, and went home at noon.
it sounds like a car crash on i-87.
I keep extra socks for my soul.
It can’t get over you, tolerate immaturity, or wait around.
My soul looks for a loophole or justification in everything it sees.
It gets older, impatient, and tired.
My soul remembers simpler times, when learning had a purpose.

Jack Jenkins Aug 7

why is it
i give my
best to the
my best
to people
all I get
in return
is the

Spent the whole weekend meditating on my life and why things are the way they are. I understand why I am bitter and jaded now. The only question is do I have a right to be? I'm angry. I don't get angry often.

It's okay I'm used to it
She broke my heart and doesn't give a shit
I wish I could rewind time
Return to a time when everything was fine
Before I ever met her
Before we ever had each other
Before she pretended to love me
Now I know she never did,  not entirely.
Being mixed up in her world made me do things
Something that can't be recognized through just feelings
She made me start to cut my arm
Never did I think I'd commit to self harm
Self harm coming from experiencing a heartbreak
A heartbreak from that stupid ass snake
I'm so completely done with this shit
But it's okay, I'm used to it.

The first time she broke up with me I started having these self harming thoughts and then when she started to ignore me leading up to this second heartbreak I actually started to cut myself but it didn't puncture my skin because my knife was too dull but I do have some pretty nice scars.  Maybe I'll start again if I don't find a new girlfriend soon.

I just get worried when she doesn't message me back
Can't you guys cut me some slack
I only message her sister because she's there with her
It makes sense to do that so something doesn't occur
Something that I can't control because I'm over here
There is something that I fear
That I can't physically be there for Hannah whom I hold so dear
Why do you two feel the need to give me attitude when I am in need?
Don't piss me off or I may just smoke you like some rolled up weed.
I considered you two my closest friends on GTA
But now you've pissed me off oh so royally,  okay.
So you guys better apologize soon or feel my fury
I'll be here waiting gamertag/ real name: DaddyKiller and Holly.

So apparently Holly is annoyed with me because everytime Hannah doesn't respond to me I message Holly asking what's wrong with her and that annoys Holly according to her boyfriend DaddyKiller and he was getting annoyed too. Here's his exact words when I said I don't know what I did it said to make Holly pissed at me: Cuz you askin about ur gf u can't find out urself
Cuz u keep askin us bout ur gf
So naturally I put on the sorrowful facade and apologized but as you can tell from my poem I'm fucking pissed.
Philip B Jul 17

Talk - it's cheap and full of sheep.
Air moving, mouthing, making
words to distract and bamboozle,
meaning is used to confuse you.

Colour - superfluous and intangent.
It divides just as much / as it unifies,
the masses and controls our thoughts,
trick of the light, a tailored emotion.

Taste - individuality in isolation.
Eating. Engulfing, endlessly entropic.
Consumers call connoisseurs canon,
Sordid selfish sense, seldom shared.

I read an interesting thought piece written by an author, and it really did get me thinking about how, special moments, experiences and sensations are commercialised by Hollywood and the marketing industry, and how we respond to it over time as we are increasingly exposed to it.
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