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Zywa 7d
In cities, country-

men speak softly, everywhere --

someone will listen.
Dagboek "Een jaar als (g)een ander" (Diary "A year like (no) other", 2003, Kristien Hemmerechts)

Collection "Truder"
Zywa Jun 10
My private statements

have been made public, although --

I wasn't under oath.
Omnipresent media, smartphones and surveillance cameras

"Aftasten a.u.b." ("Get a feel please", 2022, Christiaan Weijts)

Collection "Truder"
Zywa Apr 15
Automatic face

recognition: wearing masks --

for your privacy.
****** recognition systems

Collection "Half The Work"
there is beauty in secrecy
not the kind that means to do harm
but the one that leads to privacy
ultimately bringing serenity
but only to the two that are present
a clandestine meeting
intimately shared

reminiscing on that one day
the snow was silently falling
chillingly beautiful
revealing those who came
but hid those who left.
Steve Page Oct 2021
Making sure
she kept to the right
of her best misdemeanors,

Rising slowly,
incrementally above her
sub-basement failures

Looking for all
the world like the world
owed her a life
time of favours

Striding unnoticed
past her past
jailers, her angry slavers

Throwing her chains
into the back of her dark
red Daimler

Passing sixty
screaming for privacy

Dying for worthy.
I think this is about fame - but I'm not sure
Anais Vionet Sep 2021
The recent lockdown certainly made family the center of everything - from fun to daily irritations. But after a month of being at college - which I know, objectively, isn’t long - those memories seem like echoes from another life.

I love the sudden privacy college has provided - like I’ve personally rediscovered something seemingly new.

I get calls from high school friends who were close as skin a few short weeks ago and there seems to be a disconnect which certainly isn’t because they’ve been “replaced” with new friends.

I’ve always been slow to mesh with new people so I’m trying hard to look engaged in social situations. “Get OUT there and meet people!”, everyone tells us. So I’m working on it - practicing my best fake, friendly smile in mirrors for when deep down inside I want to run.

At least I’ve hit it off with one of my suite-mates, Leong (thank god). She‘s from Macao, China (the “Las Vegas” of Asia) which is about 41 miles from where my family used to live in Shenzhen. When I started talking to her in Cantonese she shrieked with joy - now we can evaluate everyone and everything with delightful discretion.

My classmates are SO smart that classes move really, REALLY FAST.
“Everyone got that?” the professor says, no frantic hands waived “Moving ON!”

If I daydream for 30 seconds - I come back and - “WAIT, huh? - what are we talking about?” It’s not like high school at ALL - it’s actually scary.

So I’m moving on.
My familiar world has been replaced by a fast new and scary norm
-elixir- Sep 2021
The eyes have made their way back
once again, to pry on what I lack.

The eyes open wider as I undress
the layers of old skin that I won't address.

The eyes skim on each hair
that stands up as I lay bare.

The eyes that once died have resurrected again
to see what's in store for them to gain.

The eyes drown in opportunities,
as they fail to see their inner mutinies.

Yet, their eyes never dry out
from their bed of lies from which they live out.
Beaux Sep 2021
I can’t look myself in the eye
I can’t gaze upon my face
Reflections are my enemy
Pictures are my fear
Poisoned by standards
Intoxicated by privacy

I stand here wondering
I stand here asking
Will I ever be unmasked?

Mask my face
Mask my name
Mask my home
Mask up
Don’t forget it
Don’t let them see
Don’t let them know

Break a mirror
Punch a wall
I don’t want to see
I don’t want to know

Red wine
Rainy day
Stay inside
Stay away

Don’t leave and you’ll be okay
Shevaun Stonem Aug 2021
I am no longer running away
from what I said.
They know and I know
I am smart,
so never again will I lie saying,
"I don't know."
But God give me the strength to say,
Out of respect for my privacy,
I do not wish for you to know."
-shevaun stonem
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