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Mark Sep 12
Liking all the latest pics
From the keyboard of my device
Posting all the time
Push a button to make a dime
Gathering members from afar
I'm a star

Why did he have to reinvent the book
By typing right here, everything you need
He plugged us in, created social network for greed
The info guru of the whole **** world
That's why he had to reinvent the book

We feel your caution behind the firewall
Finding an app to help us all
It's paradise when your video goes viral
Accepting new friends you've never met
Want to make a bet?

Why did he have to reinvent the book
By typing right here, everything you need
He plugged us in, created social network for greed
The info guru of the whole **** world
That's why he had to reinvent the book

Making it feel more like a celebration
Spreading the likes and dislikes
To a whole new generation
More like New World Order of sanitisation

That's why he had to
That's why he had to
That's why he had to, reinvent the book.
Carl D'Souza Jul 26
Do I need privacy
when my emotions and thoughts
are flowing
and I need to express my self
to my self
to become self-aware?
Yes I do need privacy!
Carl D'Souza Jul 25
When I fear to say
to myself
what I fear to say
to others,
I insist on expressing
in the privacy
of my own mind
what I feel and think;
and I remind myself
that self-awareness
of my emotions and thoughts
enables me
to evaluate my level of happiness
and strive to improve
my level of happiness.
Zywa Jun 26
The hermit in the web really lives
very sober when I look
at the camera images
(twenty-four hours a day)

he smiles at the people
who visit him, curious
about this man and this place
without secrets

A ten minutes walk away from him
the inn is doing good business
there are trees to sit on
(the bark is rough)

in the annex resides the official
who can get you married, in good
weather, you eat among the birds
outside in the forest, around open fires

It is a day out
everyone takes photos
and private are only the toilets
(where waterfalls are running)

nakedness and intimacy are prohibited
in this spiritual domain
the whole world is watching and whispers
what you have to do and not to do
Collection “Mosaicvirus”
Zywa Jun 14
In the open field, there is more to see
than you like, poo and pimples

nothing private, trust no good
for anything, shame everywhere

because it's not a secret
in which you deviate, what you eat

which fears and diseases you suffer
how you wash and experience ***, when

you *******, have a miscarriage, cry
quarrel, are greedy, mean and unreasonable

or sweet, everything that is wrong with you:
someone who can be missed very well

or needs to learn a lesson – for mercy
there are re-education camps for that

with many see-through mirrors for self-knowledge –
the highest wisdom is there for the taking
Collection “Mosaicvirus”
Yenson Mar 4
With the magical banner held high
invoking the crocodile rain of oppression by elites
of greed by leeches and bacteria, amoebas and suckers
oh come all come one, join our revolution against dark powers

Oh.. who in rightful mind could refuse
off she went to hear hot propaganda of those high and mighty folks
who took food from baby's mouth  and live likes kings in our homes
fed in Le Cordon Bleu a'la Rouge with lashings of aspic fabrications

Without hesitation she swallowed all up,
I'm in and I am an Activist show me the culprit, what can I do
all for one, one for all, that parasite deserves miseries and doom
Easy comrade sister, get to know him and help us do his head in  

It's a sport for us that elitist blood sucker
just get under his skin for us, let's play his mind and infest his head
report back to us, inner knowledge is power and we're fighting a war
comrade sister, our hot Activist marched forth on with vim and vigor

comrade sister wholly followed her brief
though soon saw things weren't as the revolutionaries  presented
conflicted and confused she felt pity for a rare icon held in gallows
but the majority carries the vote and all is fair in love and red war

At her cost and with a wretched heart she gave her all
did as she was told and played her part as a true comrade in line
Solidarity she give to the fight, was mean and nasty as demanded
It's them or us they say and see comrades I give my services to you

No medals for Comrade sister, no epaulette yet earned
rather at her cost her privacy invaded and smears throws at her
tales of dark deeds and loose morals hung on her in dark corners
yet that poor heroine fought and gave so much blood for the cause

where is the honour amongst thieves and knaves
she did all that was required of her
told the lies she was made to tell and played the game as taught
stood at the barricades and ****** her guilt and conscience
yet they still don't trust her for paranoia rules them all
Annika J Mar 4
When the school day's going by fast
And I'm late to class
Guess what's swarming the halls?
Ugh, people.

When I want to be able to think
And there's screaming throwing me off sync
Who's making the calls?
Yep, people.

When I need my personal space
To get away from all the race
Guess who's here?
Dumb people.

When I'm feeling stressed and trapped
By expectations for my life map
What's the source of the fear?
Lots of people.

People can be nice
In small amounts
But when they're being annoying
It doesn't count
i can’t hide from the monolithic machines
that try to take my face
they feed it to the invisible giants
whose words keep bending into nothingness
I can feel the silver limbs growing out of my veins
as they slowly take my place
for this new world order is biology
and is chemically engrained

the portraitures that float above me
live alone in silicone ethers
and have no home
or places for honest solitude
i can’t breathe without the satisfaction
of my voice being heard by figures
this new world order is biology
and is chemically engrained
Briar Ren Jan 31
Apart from the isolated confines of my mind,
the warm comfort of your embrace
is the safest place I know.
My thoughts are still my own.
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