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I am no longer running away
from what I said.
They know and I know
I am smart,
so never again will I lie saying,
"I don't know."
But God give me the strength to say,
Out of respect for my privacy,
I do not wish for you to know."
-shevaun stonem
drop a like to claim your privacy too!
Zywa Jun 26
The robots are served
by me, I have no choice
They squeak horribly
when I don't do it well

Then I hear the people
who don't get enough
They are entitled to their dose
of electronic alcohol

and to a nice development
of their plants, growth and
flowering with artful scents
controlled in the room next-door

After the beverage sensation, there is a choice
between avatars and dreams
with or without *** –
everything Bien de Luxe

After work done, it is sweet
to rest for those who are in the pass
of electronic life
that knows what is good for us
Collection “Different times"
Jay M Jun 4
Funny thing about being teenager
Is that privacy is a foreign concept.
Everyone has to know everything
And nothing is without ulterior motives.

Want a moment alone?
Nope, not allowed.
"You must have done something wrong."

Want to go see friends?
If you haven't brought them up,
Or brought them up too much,
"It's suspicious, and a no."

Decided to change up your style?
"Hell no, no way you're going out like that,"
Unless you have secret plans.

Voicing your opinions and concerns?
"Your opinions don't matter."
"It shouldn't concern you."

Having a horrible day, and need a break?
"Shut up, you're being dramatic."
"That's not an excuse."

Tired at any point?
"Quit it with the attitude."
"It doesn't matter how tired you are."

"Okay, and?"
"That's not an excuse."
"It's just for attention."

Overwhelmingly anxious?
"Get used to it."
"Quit being so dramatic."

"Okay, that's nice."
"Just be happy! It's not that hard!"

"Shut up and go get your sh*t done."
"Don't give me that."

Curious about something?
"Someone is clearly a bad influence."
"What's going on with you?"

No matter what it is,
It either matters too much
Or nobody should care at all
Slowly, over the course of time
It all eats away at you, consuming you
Nothing is every "okay", or quite as it seems
Appearances are very, very deceiving
Or quite possibly revealing

- Jay M
June 3rd, 2021
Either things that have been said, or just generally how things go.
Oh, and nothing changes.
Sick of mistrust
eyes on my every move
It's your anxiety
I have nothing to prove

Double check?
A much higher amount
Control for (in)security reasons
my privacy doesn't count
His5Her is a series of poems with different points of view of fictional people
Zywa Apr 17
I take a bath in salt water
where gravity does not exist
On the shelf, there is a new set
of the same clothes laid out

There is no concert hall here
and no outside for walking
only a greenhouse
where I like to sniff scents

free of human traces
the skin creams and soap
with which we, counted acquaintances
distinguish ourselves

And when I take care
to *** silent and to ****
not sputtering
leave the light out

and have *** carefully slow
I am the only one on the toilet
in my bed and the bath
who spies on me
Covid-19 Lockdown

Song “Space Oddity” by David Bowie (1969, album “David Bowie”)

Collection “BloodTrunk"
xjf Feb 3
Oh they're going to find out, how can they not
Without a singular doubt, I'm going to get caught
I even suspect a friend, who maybe thinks I'm sick
because I've lost the path of God. Oh it’s her, isn't it?
There's something greater at stake as well
not just missing out on the praise
But there's so much in name
it’s your well of glory
Will I regret it in the coming days
Is it worth it?
Does it add or take from the story?

Where’s the proof
where’s the undeniable proof
that I'm here and that it's all worth it?
What I am going to talk about
What rhyme will I remember
Do I really want to **** half of them this December?

Who do I brag to?
How much is it going to hurt?
If your friends and family don't know
Did you even do it?
Abraham Jan 3
I used to get very annoyed with my mask
each day I’d implore, “Is it too much to ask -
that my glasses don’t steam up when I walk in a shop
or to not have to swallow down buckets of snot?”
But lately my viewpoint has started to waiver
as I discover new uses for this multi-lifesaver
like wiping the grit from my spectacle lenses
or warming my beard when I’m out mending fences.

Then there are subtler means of employ
(I’m not talking about some ***** *** toy)
where this sliver of material,
though appearing unmanly,
has proven itself surprisingly handy.
Only last week, on a long evening walk
I crept into a church round the back of Earls Court
and sat down to the tones of an ***** concerto
that whirled within me like Dante’s Inferno.
Out of the blue I began to cry
emotions stuffed deep inside reached for the sky,
streams gushed forth from each quivering eye lid
I’d not wept so fiercely since being a kid
yet though it did not cover the whole of my face
with my mask pulled high I was
at least,
saved some disgrace.

When this is all over (I promise it will)
hold a thought for how
your mask did fulfill
so many functions,
besides helping you survive
and perhaps carry one in your pocket
to keep the memory alive.
Carlo C Gomez Dec 2020
the veil of
trees, I can
peer into
your window,
and count
the family,
imagine them
gone to bed,
dreaming of blue,
"underwater, unaware."

Those summer
evaporations tickle
my skin,
bring on such
an observational
how you,
freshly out
of the pool,
brightly on
Carlo C Gomez Oct 2020
High above this

I can see your private

Mechanical wasp controls
the hive

Its sensors are buzzing and about
to go live

Over the shoulder, around
the bend

The naked you is about
to trend
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