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Shofi Ahmed Jun 6
True, the sugar tops
sweeten everyone's mouth.
Hold onto the salt though
let's not lose out.

Pinches of sea salt
    dancing smash hit
deep down the sea floor
   ace extracting ice cores,
boom, the clouds form high,
show the upside is sky!
Jubilant cumulus pop
only crystal clear vibes 
let the wind see through
that sings the rhymes.

Oops, it's not always a blue sky
wispy white clouds turn dark.
The storm soars the larks fly low
busy men down the trees
seek refugee for a mo.

Sticking my head under a roof
pondering me find a room.
Is this 'smash hit high sail
of the clouds rising from deep core,
all is gone in a blink of a storm'.

Not far in the sky
nor deep down the sea.
I see a raindrop on a shining
flower before me.
Something more to tell
very closely!
I was reading Seamus Heaney's The Death of a Naturalist poem lately. Few daws later I wrote this poem.
(this one is about a piece of cloth)

The said attire is not common wear
Needing no further introductions,
or additional instructions
Its layers are abstruse

It is of certain quality of tension,
one resembling clumsy bodies
trying to meet each other  
bodies that aren't free
but reserved and loved by others

You are a handmade vase abandoned on the doorstep
to be somebody else's problem
while they are the new glass sticks
replacing you in the kitchen table

Who cares if you meant more to them?
The ornamental simmer over there got the best of you  

Ready to look at the attire again;

One layer got lit by a precedent match,
which was there, once upon a time,
It was not due to some recent arson
Caused by the one tattooed on my leg

Everyone is promised to someone
who lives in another country,
and will break their heart
and turn them into a pillar of salt
for looking back to the tragedy

Forever drawn too impulsively to those
she is not supposed to look at
She touches them as often as possible
Only a few times she is able stop  

The ones which she doesn't
sure are interesting
associative with a repetitive pulse
same in its essence
alternates on the patters and pace

I can see you are listening to me right now
I  should probably want that

Listening is a beautiful thing,
a blessing in disguise and
acting on the details of your acoustic research 
is a physical translation of affection

Tell me that you are not unable to translate

I at least need to feel you again
Laugh at you even though our situation is dead serious

I scrutinize the piece of cloth for any signs of damage
You see I wouldn't want it to get ripped off
anytime soon

Although I'd gladly tear off
the rest of your clothes next time I see you
Thomas EG Mar 18
I finally accelerate and you sense it, pulling back before I can try to satisfy this thirst

The plotting smile in your dark eyes is mischievously magnetic and I lunge forward to steal one last kiss

But one more is never enough, with you

And goodbyes are so hard even when our hello is still so fresh.

How am I expected to pass your heart over to summer?

Your lips, your hands, your salt? Who am I to just let them go?

We are two bodies, becoming one, irrespective of the distance between us

If I am, then we are. If we are, then I'm okay.
Falling x
Snipes Sep 2021
~ Some people are scared to show their heart
I was to shy too speak my mind  ~
So I’ll give you some time
The puzzle of my mind
The pieces of peace
The picture you seek
As framed in unfinished architecture
Off bad lighting
A glass house
A stone thrown
A glass lens
With fogged up f/2 aperture
Off good positioning
The devolvement
Of my soul building
A dark room
With a beautiful film
Being golden
Ah but **** all that
That Snapchat
While I snapshot
Your main thought
You’ve lost
Me distraught
This drought
Is at fault
I can see
Why your water runs with salt
You’re *** got caught
Now your *** is my last thought
I’m outside
I’m not giving a ****
I’m what you sought
Sore eyes
Lore ties
Nots hide
But I am
julius Sep 2021
i can't focus
i'm stuck in a room with you
and whatever i do
seems to speak to you
i can't think
i'm inside your skin
and although i try harder
i can't seem to win

i can't get out of it
can't get out of this hole
that's 6 feet deep
and taking my soul
her name is piper
and she's not a fighter
and neither am i
but i have to try for her

she's not as pretty
as funny or witty
but she's someone
that says she likes me
she's not a poet
or anything close to it
but at least she holds me
when i'm so lonely

she stays in my head
or lying in my bed
shows me things
i never thought
i wanted
to see
she calls me things
that at any other time
would make me cry
but somehow
it's nice
to be told
what i am
by her

how do i tell her
everything is wrong
this is wrong
this is so so wrong
i'm so wrong
Dave Robertson Aug 2021
At the core of my being
I reckon there’s oil
and garlic and salt
and probably chilli flakes,
lemon or lime zest and juice,
or orange at my heart

applicable herbs, like basil
thyme, oregano,
always rosemary as it grows

stock cubes
or those new jelly ones
to amuse the palate
in each experiment  

all to hold off the meal deals
we know are coming
Katelyn Rew Aug 2021
I visited you today,
felt you crunch against my toes,
smelt you from a mile away,
heard you in your throes.

You covered me in wet kisses,
as I languished in your swell,
you promised me an ocean,
one you knew so well.

I took you in my mouth,
let you spill down my chin,
and as I walked away, I smiled,
knowing I could still taste you on my skin.
Megitta Ignacia Apr 2021
catch some rays
where the sun blaze
on the **** days

I'm Moses
where can I flee
between the red sea
Egyptian army
are behind me

sink into a deckchair
boulder inside my chest
dancing with a feet bare
on a sandy beach, I know I'm very blessed

tranquil waters
let me be uncaged
140421 | 10:47am
today is galungan day & 3rd of fasting day, so I can spend my day at the beach. My mind is a mess, everything's good, but anxiety hugging me tight. Triggered about google drive sharing, stressing out about the floor, still sad cause Norton gone, scared. about everything. I just want to soak in the sea, because salt water heals.
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