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Yazad Tafti Sep 9
green eyes like pickles
brunette hair like the bun toasted to the crisp
smile and a warm feeling like nuggets out of the fryer
compliments just as the best customer service
we ordered 5000 cheeseburgers
but when i joked about being 35 you left just like the customer who left their stale burger on the table
whateva...i'm eating it
Humpty dumpty
Cracked and
All you
Sit there
In your boots
Looking so **** cute!
Laying down
Spending my time
Reading books
Browsing the internet
Watching the sun
Finally set
As my family
Sits outside
In a proper family circle
While I wait
For the night
Yay... I guess this is happening again.
Don't want be nice.
Then watch my ***.
Someone proves their love. Someone sits on lazy ***.
The chicken baulked, "Phaulk!"
Before Latin chose to roll around,
And the "Librarian's sound, it"
Has been through pursed lips
Oedipus was clapping cheeks,
Long before Middle English clapped any,
When lions and tigers and bares
Were the prime predators
Even in The Garden,
Snake said as,
As snakes say as,
Where the language of choice I know,
Not to be English.
And if your dainty, sky-locked eyes soul and mind,
Remain unfazed by kid killers, or rampant rapers,
But try to censor my ******* ****?
The Vault Mar 26
Let me smash
Let me smash
Let me have a slice of that ***.
Welcome to random **** I say at work that I shouldn't say at work.  This is a little insight into my messed up mind.  You're welcome.
Justyn Huang Dec 2018
When I can't tell if
My underwear is
clean or not,
I sniff it. But
of the smell
I still wear
it anyways
since my
*** always
be so
Just a joke-ish kinda thing - there are so many serious poems out there lmaooo.
Kinsey Dec 2018
All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
To be pretty and normal like them.
To be the cheerleader
To not be the freak.

All I ever wanted was that hour glass.
A figure like my mom and sisters
To be long tall and desirable.
To not be like me.

all I ever wanted was that hour glass
But nature wasn’t kind to me.
A cups, a skinny waste and a round fat behind.
Are what I got instead.

All I wanted was an hour glass.
Not just 90 pound of low self esteem
And a round fat ***.
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