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Let me keep in secrecy the troubles that have befallen me. For if she sees the worries written upon me she's sure to make note and in turn ask me for my reasons of longing. My sudden unbelonging for it is not here I want to be, cast into shadows walking amongst the lost and forgotten treading on a muddy Valley floor whos paths were long worn and trotted with many a misery, and snare. Please let my feet not fail me nor my minds eyes bury me in fear. Let these tribulations befuddle me no more instead place my mind on beauty and lend me a message of hope and prosperity a figurative ladder to reach heights of lights gleaned with Emerald ethereal glow and plate colors pure as snow glown in strewn out rows across the skies like Aurora Borealis
Ivygail Mandani Aug 2021
In life, you will not always get what you want
Sometimes, you have to wait for a long period of time
Sometimes, dreams will always haunt
and it will last for a lifetime

Life may either make or break you
but you have to stand still
and don't let yourself be in blue
because if you do, you will be killed

Challenges will come and go
Trials will always be your friends
but God's blessings will always overflow
and it will be superior in the end
SiouxF Apr 2021
The trials and tribulations you go through
Are testament to who you are
And the strength in you,
For you will never be tested beyond your means,
So hold fast to your values,
To your dreams and desires,
And show them who’s wrong
And who’s right.
A Psalmist Mar 2021
Phoenix in flight, watch him in the sky
Engulfed in flames, ready to die
Phoenix in flight, watch him crash and burn
All things pass, today is his turn

Phoenix in plight, see him struggle to survive
Headed to the ground in a fiery nose-dive
Phoenix in plight, see him succumb to his fate
Extinguished by his own destiny innate

Phoenix in fight, look at him glow as an ember
Dwelling on the life he used to remember
Phoenix in fight, look at him flicker a flare
Letting go of the old, grasping for air

Phoenix in light, behold his bursting blaze
Reborn from trial in a smoky haze
Phoenix in light, behold his glory
Scorching a new chapter to his story

Phoenix in might, witness as his radiance shines
Fueled by desire to become divine
Phoenix in might, witness as his brilliance flashes
Because no matter what, he will rise from the ashes
I'm not  the same as I was a year ago, and that doesn't have to be a bad thing.
Thomas W Case Jan 2021
When it's quiet, except for
the fan in the hall
and apathy crawls across the
floor like a spider
and the enemies are
thicker than friends
and the brain dries up
and the flame goes out
and writing a decent line is
like panning for gold...
it's a long row to ***.

When nothing touches
you but the rain
and the wind, and the
pain from the sins of
your youth
and every fruit in
the garden is rotten
and you take a bite
just to keep from starving, and now
what you know can't be forgotten,
it's a long
row to ***.

When each pain is new
and every sorrow is fresh with
the opening of the eyes
you're blind to the darkness
of the world
you see it all too well...
it's still a
long row to ***.
Josie Stewart Dec 2020
Looking back on this turbulent year,
I see so many beautiful colors
which shine through any passing fear,
or incessant trials whether small or large.
I often get caught up in momentary
hardships, losing sight of all the glories
but if I neglect the good it carries
I may miss the opportunity for memories.
Written December 7, 2020
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