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I wasn’t looking for love
when I met you.
I was tall, lanky,
a loud girl you could say.
You were quiet, unassuming,
curls untamable.
Years passed without much there
between us.
I fell in love with you
beneath the stars-
in a crowded tent, fighting off sleep,
near the great big fire and its loving heat,
running through rain,
roaming around,
I fell in love with you
when I was young,
too young to know the world,
to see its demons and feel its pain,
back when my heart was open, fresh,
and trusting.
And I’ve stayed in love with you,
through your darkest days and my twisted path,
my heart is bruised now,
stitched together, tattooed with your name,
but loving you all the same.
Ju Temo 3d
I never knew the pretty sky was so indifferent
So blue and so blank
Standing there without a response.
Surrounding me as it just watches on
As my head is weighed down
As my shoulders become heavy
As my knees want to hit the ground

Nothing is working.
The problems just stack on
Its books are piling on
Showing me that it can.
The distribution isn’t even
Doesn’t matter.
My back not sure if it will give out
Perhaps, just waiting for the right time
To truly become another future
With a wishful past.

A hand to alleviate it wouldn’t come
A wishful thinking of a story
A movie that would get blistered by real life
I’m already getting burned under its sun
Beating on without a care
Quickly chafing off the careful wrapping
Around how it was supposed to go
Preserving the candy that shouldn’t get *****

On this day, it got exposed to the true air
It cracked under the pressure
The lines show the map of the world
In your mouth,
It’s ready to break a tooth

A lean against the wall
Trying to hold my body up
Against the weight of my thoughts
As they swirl becoming poison
Sticking to the sides of my mind
Within this tornado
The sun shines on.

The breeze flutters the leaves beautifully
Showing all the sides of its colors
It reaches my face coolly
Washing over my thoughts
Increasing the turbulence
The starker the contrasts of green and blue
The blunter the world reveals itself to be.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
Empty eyed as it looks on
Keeping cool as everything collapses
Hands restless trying to catch all falling
It’s slipping through my fingers
Too quick to grasp and hold.

To give up is an option that comes up.
A whisper infiltrating with the sweet air.
To shut my eyes
And un-focus my gaze
But I’m surrounded by multiple paths
All escapes paved with yellow flowers
Each and every pretty without promises
Petals covering every space
Not showing any holes in the ground
Until I’ve already fallen in
Wanting to turn back.

From inside the well
Or from the sidewalk
The sky looks the same
Coded with a thousand cliffs
Unable to decipher their meaning
Constantly shifting as the time comes
What seemed so stable
Becomes all blurry in a glance.

To exert a force in my arms
And hold my body up
Against this pressing weight.
I let out a breath that traveled miles
Pushing away my thoughts for now
I stand up off the rail
And try another time.

Not a single cloud passing by up above
The world remains colorfully calm
And the sun makes the leaves greener
A few seagulls fly by overhead
The challenges weigh down on my back
While the pretty sky seems bluer
Ju Temo' is a freelance poet that is inspired by songwriting. All other poems can be seen at:
He woke up early and began to pray. The same way he began each day. He held back tears and fought off fears; his heart told him just what to say.

His life thus far had rocky roads. His back was bent neath heavy loads. He had no joy; no rest or peace. His constant pain would never cease.

There was no hope; no love in sight. No dawn to end his pitch-dark night. Yet somehow still he soldiered on; his prayer became his marching song.

Eloisa Aug 8
Your flaws and scars are part of what makes
a stronger you
Be proud to wear all of them.
They are a reminder of the battles you’ve won and the trials you’ve endured.
No struggles and accomplishments define
who you are.
Be proud to carry your wounds
and your stories.
You’re not broken.
You are more.
You’re a warrior.
Poetic Eagle Jul 22
some people break your heart just to see you bleed
It's better to be motherless
Than have you as a mother
It's better to be motherless
Than praise you as a woman
It's Better.

Your fertile ways of pretence
Has paved a hatred too strong for life
I'm disgust of my rights
For you have made me despise these sites.

It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
I'm at end with understanding of your crooked lies
Edging happiness with the sharpest of tools.

It's better to be motherless
For I care not what others say
Painting I, with ungratefulness
I'll take my stones as hard as they come
It's better to be motherless
Than to be called your child
In troubled times and hard times,
I get strong and my faith shines.
Even if I'm down without dimes,
That's the best time God shines.

At the end of my very last try
when curled up and ready to cry,
faith nudges and urges me to cope
That's when I reach for dear hope.

In the middle of my roughest storms,
I fight to hang on to the bull's horns
Even if the wait is long and perilous
I stay determined and remain courageous.

Even though I waddle in some trials
I toughen up and walk the extra miles.
Even if the walk lead to unfamiliar places,
I'll always reroute and finish my races.

When does the faith of a man shines best?
Freedom comes not for free
Fetching heavy the fee
As poverty brings comfort a warning
Totaled by tears,
Roots please shamelessly
Bringing forth belongings to thee.
Suicides on my mind..
I wonder what it's like?
That care free eternal darkness...
No more chains or emotions,
Just a lifeless carcus.
Fed up with being down at the bottom so often,
Rotten from my date of birth..
Designed to fall from this earth..
Lost confused and forgotten,
Feeling like nothing.
Worthless and unloved..
Fed up with this life...
I'm so close to the edge...
All I need is a shuv...
A push or a touch...
Depressed in my bed...
Try to sleep my troubles away..
Maybe these pills will help?
Or maybe they won't..
I feel to go and dance on the train tracks,
Like grandad.
I used to think you'd watch over me,
Hopelessly... I was wrong.
Your dead and your gone...
You left your daughter shattered in tears..
And her son to pick up the pieces..
No help or support...
A devoured report..
Three attempted suicides my heart has been crushed..
The queen of my world reduced to not much.
******* life and the bitter taste you leave me..
All I ever did was try but words for this escape me..
So suicide is on my mind, that blissful quiet exit.
No more monetary madness no more prospect of being homeless.
I toss and turn the idea round and round my head..
Am I better off alive? Am I better off dead?
This world is harsh and cruel but I can't take my life..
My little brother needs me and so does my mum.
Endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt endless hurt
NM Feb 17
Truth is, life is full of thunderstorms.
And we're all driving as fast as we can to escape the dark clouds overhead.
But every now and then, we pass under a bridge.
And for that split second,
There's quiet...
There's tranquility...
There's peace.
And in that brief moment, we forget the rain.
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