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Good Morning
Is the SECOND thing
That comes into
My mind

I Miss You
Is the FIRST
Genre: Romantic
Theme: Bond
Nathalie Jun 29
Golden opportunities in our lives are the ones that usually come without warning.  They poke from behind the unexpected and greet us with surprises. When we are open to receiving these offerings by surrendering our thoughts about their arrival; embracing trust and letting go of trying to control or manipulate the outcomes, we move in a state of witnessing the miracles that are meant to manifest from this divine timing… the unfolding begins.

Far from the land of sun
Close to the soul
Me myself and I
Wish you
A better tomorrow
To see you, better
With a hope

Very next time
Genre: Experimental
Good Morning
I wish
To the one
I feel
State of peace

Once in the blue moon
My greet is addressed
He said

Yes just
Once in the blue moon
And that day

I really get confused
**** !!
Is everything all right?
He said
Genre: Experimental
Theme: Weight of wish, Good Morning
He/She wakes up
Before the sun rises
With a wish
To greet
Whom he/she believes
As the closed one

"Hold on"
Said the reality
Helplessly, he/she prayed for you
“Let the peace be with you”
This could be, what silence is
Genre: Observational
Theme: Reciprocation || Respecting a space, when they give their 10%, give them 20%, If they give their 100%, give your life. If they give their 0%, remember it is time to wish, stay blessed. Nothing to say.

Note, hint, how to read: If you are gentlemale, just read he, and if gentlewomen, just read she.
Maria Etre Mar 7
I overdosed on my cupid's arrow
I trip and fall
at that first
Mystic Ink Plus Aug 2018
People will always smile at you
If you allow them to

Do initiate first
Genre: Experimental
Theme: The Lost Wisdom
Pao Jun 2018
Not with a smile spread across my lips
Or an energetic laugh
Making my two friends holler with joy
As I spill out a witty remark.

But rather
With downcast eyes
Glaring at the shadowed pavement
Hoodie dangling from my shoulder
Stack of binders desperately trying to slip from my grip.
The moon beginning to make its descend
Behind the towering bus stop
Teenagers huddling around each other
Whispering into the muggy dawn.

My brain fuddling with sleep deprivation
I was always exhausted
Nothing satisfied my body  
Not the ambitions
Pumping in my veins
Strolling down the bustling streets
Of the city that never sleeps
Committed to land a position
As a front page writer
For the New York Times.

This routine of waiting
For a dream so far out of my reach
Is monotonous.
A cycle I can't quit
Even if I was granted the choice
I wrote this for a scholarship opportunity during my senior year of high school. I didn't get the scholarship.
Maria Etre May 2018
I am she,
a year old
in your
31 in mine
have we
met before?
it feels
it's just more
Mystic Ink Plus Feb 2018
During a day, the One
May rise or fall,
May found or lost,
May get strong or weak,
Like a slow dream
Sun greets us
With sincere smile.

What am I, talking about?
I never paid Sun for being so faithful
I doubt, you don’t too
Though Sun greets us
With sincere smile.

They say, Sun burns
They say, Sun heals
It’s not Sun making choices
It’s you, who decides.
Shared from my Anthology, Canvas: Echoes and Reflections, 2018.
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