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Once upon
a nightmid dreary,
there once was a man
from Nan
named Pym.
That one lim
Eric?k is about him.
**** it.
At all
Like the Christ
I expected
Like waiting for Harry
To come save
Me when my
Hero was always Neville
From the get go
Why didn't she tell me though?
My guess is she
Had her
Long Bottoms
B D Caissie Aug 16
A black raven ruffles on a stone by a hollow. It beckons you come where none want to follow.

Your pain and your sorrow his promise to bury. The cost is your soul to hell it will ferry.

Look away from the shadows and the depths of the sea. For none of those things want to see you set free.

So the next time the black raven's squawk doth beckon. Alas, it's call is the harbinger of depression.
William Jul 27
In my heart, and my mind
I'm flush against your back
with my arm around your waist
hand pulled up against your chest

Face nuzzled in the crook
of your graceful neck and shoulder
the scent of your hair and skin
with every single breath

Paradise. Nirvana.
Shangri-La. Elysium.
Heaven. Idyll, Eden.

Unintentional poetry from a text
Sasha Raven May 30
If everything right is wrong, go left, if everything left is wrong, go right, You can't stay in the middle ... - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Sim Apr 7
I don’t need you to like my poems.

I need words to cut open your skin,
verse to rip through your caged heart
and, when all metaphors will disappear, ravens will wine and dine on your spine.
Sasha Raven Mar 28
They always ask You first: "What are You?", instead: "Who are You?" They will like You for what You are, and not for who You are ... - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
Sasha Raven Mar 28
I have to hide, how do I feel!!!
Want to be made of shiny steel ...
You are digging to Yourself a hole ...
Give me Your soul — the whole?
So, what do You fear the most?
You believe, You become a Ghost ...
Long ago, I see, You have died!
So, tell me, are You satisfied?
You look like Death, like the bitter grave ...
But, to Your emotions, You are not a slave ...
In Your mind, You have buried all Your friends ...
And, is it a lie: "But, friendship never ends?"
Sasha Raven Mar 25
Monica, please save us from this H*ll,
save the planet, where we live and dwell ...
Those Machines are giving us a command ...
It is a tyranny! Look! Drought land — the sand ...
Monica, and I will never ever understand ...
Wow, They rule us with an iron hand?
Yes, They have us, now, and They control ...
In the nights with weapons They patrol ...
Shorten this, our flesh will not be saved!!!
We are all exhausted being enslaved ...
We made angels, into demons They had turned ...
Master, Monica, all the humanity is now concerned!!!
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