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Sasha Raven Feb 2
"Have You ever noticed, that in the words a poem - Poe(m), a poet - Poe(t), poetry - Poe(try), a poetess - Poe(tess) is hidden the last name of the mighty poet and writer Edgar Allan Poe? So, He has to be the greatest master of poetry?" - ©Copyright: Sasha Raven
She hides behind a raven’s wing
Drawing in, the cool night air
Those that bow to her cry as she sings
Know the honey, dressed as poison.
LadyRavenhill 2019
Dylan Jan 20
There I was just sat and loaded
ready to be self-exploded
when a little birdie called me
he did not proceed to stall me
instead begged harm to befall me.
He was getting me so flustered
while his tiny wings just fluttered
he did not seem to receive
as I begged him to relieve me
of the pain, he would not cease me.
i once again begged him to go
but no weakness did he show
he had set off to just guilt me
and with torment, he had filled me
'til he convinced my gun to **** me.
With no confidence in relief
and the only thought in me grief
i decided to be exploded
with the gun that was still loaded
i pulled the trigger and then floated.
There is a forest,
Somewhere around; Nowhere.
And in this forest on a barren patch.
Is a cottage.

On one side of the cottage there is a field,
That burns through night and day.
On the other side is a river,
Where it rains from dusk till dawn.

In this small cottage,
Lives a poet and his two pets.
One a Raven; as black as night.
One a Phoenix; burning brighter then light.

They fight and tease each other.
But although the Phoenix is stronger
The Raven always gets the better of him.
So the Phoenix rages on.

Every night, the house catches on fire,
And the field of fire consumes the house.
Causing the fire to grow stronger.
And spread through the forest even more.

But at 4 am in the morning,
The raven flies up to the moon,
And commands the winds and waters,
To put the fire out of the cottage.

Every morning,
The poet re builds the right side of the house.
Making sure the next fire,
Wont be as damaging.

But one day,
The phoenix turned from a fiery red,
To a midnight blue,
And burned not only the house, but the whole forest.

The river went dry,
The forest turned to ask,
The poet could not re build.
And the Raven had no water or wind to call.

The poet had to go else where.
But could only take one pet.
And although the phoenix burned brighter,
The darkness of the raven seemed safer.

The phoenix was enraged,
He became one with the burning forest.
He rose up to the sky,
And promised to reign heavily on them with ***** of fire.

The raven protected the poet,
And called on to the night,
And with one strong swing of her wings
She blew out the fire that consumed the phoenix and the forest.

Out of the ash,
The poet could re build nothing,
But the Raven offered him protection,
Under her dark wings.

In darkest of nights,
He was protected buy the calmest.
In the heat of the fire,
He feared to burn out and cease to be.
William Jan 4
I can still close my eyes and feel her neck,
even though I haven't touched her in ages.
Lower to her shoulders.
Higher into her hair line.
Translucent down adding to the sensation
of already soft warm skin.

I can still close my eyes and see her lips,
even though I haven't kissed her in ages.
Supple and light pink.
Slightly parted and sweet.
Innocent and oblivious to the longing
of my rapidly beating heart.

I can still close my eyes and smell her hair,
even though I haven't stroked it in ages.
Framing her perfect face.
Dark with subtle rich tones.
Fragrant from fine products and the combination
of her intoxicating natural scent.

I can still close my eyes and wrap around her,
even though we are no longer together.
Breathing synchronized.
Facing into each other.
Blissful and at peace in the warm embrace
of our ancient and eternal bond.

I love to close my eyes.
For my star.
William Dec 2018
Gasping for breath,
hair matted against your face.
Light cascading down,
sweat slicking our embrace.

     You've never looked as beautiful,
     as you did that hot day.
     You planned to break it off,
     but joined with me in every way.

Our love is raw,
our shared **** intense and true.
Our bond is flawless,
I want no more than you

     You've been my living fantasy,
     my best and only friend.
     Life can get so complicated,
     but we don't have to end.

I want to _____ you.

see, feel, smell, part, lick, bite, rub;
join, f*ck, love, ride, mount, seed, pump;
fill, taste, eat, dream, own, rock, watch;
bend, know, wet, kiss, pin, split, touch.
For my star.
William Dec 2018
Star-crossed lovers are doomed to fail,
but fail at what, I ask?
To be star-crossed requires love,
and that's a gift; no task.

A moment spent in your embrace,
worth years of being lost.
I'll take our moments without pause,
even if those stars are crossed.

For to cross we must intersect,
and that meant meeting you.
Without that union I'd be a shell,
False life, no being true.

So in the end I want more time,
no matter what that means.
Your kisses, touch, and very scent;
demanded by my genes.
For my star.
William Dec 2018
This hasn’t been a love story,
it’s been a story about love.
One bigger than us, more above
and beyond; take inventory!

You are My Star, my life’s quarry!
Raven dark, not white like a dove;
Pull like a black hole, no story!
Home is your gravity; our love.

Life can be cruel, viscious, gory.
Trials faced? Ours are unheard of!
But through we still fit like a glove.
We laugh, cry, embrace the glory
of US! Little bird; OUR story.
For my star.
William Dec 2018
Soft dark silky braid
A feather loosed and floated down
From Raven in flight
For my star.
William Dec 2018
Forty seven years of being lost
ended in a single moment
when I first laid eyes on you.
Found my purpose and place;
a true sense of self.
Now you must find
your own truth,
your path,
For my star.
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