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keep whispering
piercing promises
until my ears started to bleed
make me believe
make me believe
you won't ever leave
What the **** you know about getting upset?
What the **** you know about living in debt?
What the **** you know about pinning up ket?
Then wondering why you have no self respect

What the **** you know about living a dream?
What the **** you know about leaving your team?
What the **** you know about being a fiend?
This is the first time I seen you on the scene. .

What the **** you know about breathing this poverty?
What the **** you know about not eating properly?
What the **** you know about using candles to heat and light your so called property?
Five days straight eating  nothing but broccoli

Maybe it's just my own shadow that's stopping me
Got me under lock an key
But when I break free they'll be not much stopping me
The weight of the world will not get on top of me  
My grandfather already clocked you watching me
If I could do anything
I would be controlling clocks
And go right back to that mouldy box
With the broken locks
And the electrics off
Those days when I would sold me socks for cake and drops
Whist cooking rocks
***** this K detox
I feel like a baby fox
Thats I been ***** by all 3 bears and goldilocks
But day by day with my tool box and theese building blocks
I'll build my very own fort knox
Il see the light shine when I stike the  fire from my matchbox
Listening to my old jukebox
When you were younger they planted a seed
To seek to sucseed
But over time this seed
Succeeded in greed
Now what do you really need?
Material possessions
Just to feed and breathe
Or maybe just belive
we can all exceed
And create something positive to leave
Brandon Darby Mar 2018
Every time I look into your eyes I hate myself
I hate myself because I love you
I hate me,
I hate myself because I let you go through heartbreaks
I hate myself because I was to late to save you your heart
I hate myself because I wasn’t always there for you
I hate myself because I couldn’t wipe away the tears when you cried
I hate myself because I didn’t make you smile when you were frowning
I hate myself because I never found you earlier in life  
I hate myself because I didn’t hold you at night when you needed someone there
I hate myself because I wasn’t the first person you thought of in the morning and last person before you went to sleep
I do love myself because I will be your last everything
And I love the thought of that
You might not always be someone’s first but you can be there last
BladeRunner Aug 2017
Playing games
To shield myself from everything
That could hurt me outside
My shattered core
So when I for once want to reveal
My broken soul
Noone belives me
Rebecca Cerrone Sep 2016
You're in a never ending cycle of telling yourself you are never quite good enough, asking "What am I lacking?" What a trick you play on yourself, and it seems you have lost yourself while you question your worth.
Come to me, let me help build you up. Feel me right here as I put your insecurities to sleep. Let me remind you even at your worst that you will always be enough, remind you that you are deserving, and that you are worthy, until you believe it for yourself.

-Rebecca Cerrone
Fucking tired Dec 2015
If I were to travel
around the world
would you believe then
any of my words?
Andrea Armstrong Sep 2015
You inspire me to keep writing.
You inspire me to continue fighting for what "I" belive in.
You make me want to prove you wrong.
To show you I'm so much more than a torn page in a book.
To show you everything I do doesn't come from a dark place.
What I listen to, what I write & what I say. You belive it comes from an evil place.


Song: James Arthur X
By: Long Live The King
Irony Aug 2015
The dreams that i hold,
yes the ones locked beep in my sole.
the ones forced to hide,

hide from the fear of discovery.
yes the dreams of, flying,
high in the night sky where stars cover the world like a blanket.

the dreams of dancing on a well light sea ,
as lights fill the sky.
the dreams of watching the world from above.

the dreams that i hold,
yes the ones locked beep,
within my soul, where my demons hide.
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