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Aubry Jul 2020
If i could write the world a song
it would start with a drop
all pray for it never to stop
the people would join in on the melody,
they would all belong
every word that was uttered would make you fall in love
no one would be waiting for heaven above

there would be no insecurity,
no violence,
no doubt

There would be nothing you were living without
it would make you start wanting to live for today
and let you get over the fears of yesterday

when the song would end the world would stop
it would no longer feel like a ticking clock
the birds would still sing
and the wind would still blow
why the song ended no one would know

but from that day on goodness would flow
through the wounds of the people, the world used to know
this song would show how its ok to fail
but if you keep on singing you'll surely prevail

so don't stop singing my wondrous song
because believe it or not you DO BELONG
Luna Wrenn Mar 2019
keep whispering
piercing promises
until my ears started to bleed
make me believe
make me believe
you won't ever leave
What the hell you know about getting upset?
What the hell you know about living in debt?
What the hell you know about pinning up ket?
Then wondering why you have no self respect

What the hell you know about living a dream?
What the hell you know about leaving your team?
What the hell you know about being a fiend?
This is the first time I seen you on the scene. .

What the hell you know about breathing this poverty?
What the hell you know about not eating properly?
What the hell you know about using candles to heat and light your so called property?
Five days straight eating  nothing but broccoli

Maybe it's just my own shadow that's stopping me
Got me under lock an key
But when I break free they'll be not much stopping me
The weight of the world will not get on top of me  
My grandfather already clocked you watching me
If I could do anything
I would be controlling clocks
And go right back to that mouldy box
With the broken locks
And the electrics off
Those days when I would sold me socks for cake and drops
Whist cooking rocks
***** this K detox
I feel like a baby fox
Thats I been ***** by all 3 bears and goldilocks
But day by day with my tool box and theese building blocks
I'll build my very own fort knox
Il see the light shine when I stike the  fire from my matchbox
Listening to my old jukebox
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