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Ivy Leigh Apr 23
I'm depressed
I'm a mess
I'm afraid to send that text
When you said
I could spend
Any moment with you to mend
Oh my heart
Needs to start
After hours spent apart
I miss you
Yes it's true
But I'm looking for a cue
That doesn't have to do
With the constant need to *****
Baby you're all I need
And you even make me scream
But beside all the ***
Where will you take this thing next
So I need a little change
That wherever you go
You will loosen up the reigns
Amanda Apr 17
I spent most my life fitting in
Shapeshifter in my own skin
To squeeze to whatever size
Matched the proportion of everyones lies
About trying to be as fake and perfect as everyone else is also trying to be
by Michael R. Burch

Flame within flame,
  we burned and burned relentlessly
    till there was nothing left to be consumed.
    Only ash remained, the smoke plumed
  like a spirit leaving its corpse, and we
were left with only a name
ever common between us.
  We had thought to love “eternally,”
    but the wick sputtered, the candle swooned,
    the flame subsided, the smoke ballooned,
  and our communal thought was: flee, flee, flee
the choking dust.

Keywords/Tags: dust, ash, spent flame, smoke, spirit, corpse, common, name, divorce, separation, parting
Mourning over
The morning
Disappeared now after the noon
Slumber time will be very soon
Finality cannot take it away
Taste it or waste the day
A mystery to us all, we all have it or not enough of it
Always saving it, but there is nothing to be saved
We all spend it daily sometimes spent wrongly or too quickly

All time is the same, trade it for memories to last a lifetime
Time is elusive and persistent nothing special today
Sam Feb 5
It was 2 years ago in Luisiana, I promised to never walk on one of that town's street again. I was off the beaten track. It was dark and a very dangerous night. I couldn't even imagine how scared I was to death that time when I realized I was suddenly being held at gunpoint. I could still remember the scent of the alcohol on the man's breath and how it felt like when he clutched my shoulder. Even the hoarse voice he has when he told me to be quiet will always be in my memory. At first I thought it was a prank – that maybe it was a fake gun; but of course it would be stupid to risk it, I thought, so I just raised my white flag in submission and handed out whatever I had. It was a traumatic event for me. And even now, I still have the feelings of being anxious and frightened every single time I was reminded of that street. I was spent. But thankfully I am, because there is a God who's always there with me.
21, Copyright © 2019
Sam N. de la Rosa
All Rights Reserved.
Donna Jul 2019
Smile chat hug giggle
Make the most of simple joys
Life goes really quick
Hello everyone I hope you all been okay :) I’ve been spending much quality time with my family **
Much love and Happiness to you all ❤️❤️❤️
Nolan Willett Jun 2019
Maybe I went a hair too far
And maybe should have cared a little more
Maybe I said some things I shouldn't,
But you said you loved me for my candor
I was never one to apologize
And I hate that about myself
But even so I’ll never call you back
Or collect my things from your shelf.
Just know I’ll not forget
The time we spent together apart
Talking about poetry silently
And bashing modern art.
Did you see the signs?
That I valued time most when I spent it alone?
That I love that Keats quote,
“The poet has no identity of his own.”?
For even this is a manufactured feeling
I tell a lot of lies
I never had a loved one
And I live a lot of lives.
What do you want to hear today?
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