Amy H May 4
I could write you in
between the lines,
slipping in nuance
like a kiss in the sheets;
but would you stay?
I wish to keep you in
the way you’ve gotten
neath my skin.
Hold me close
and whisper,
“take my body
feed my soul.”
A script we two
make the love
and write the prose.
Amy H Apr 23

with mischievous smile
and painted skin,
if ever man should fly
it would be him.
the world a ground
for wanderlust
(no place could
keep him in)

has bid goodbye
while up he climbs
on quest
to clear his mind.
Africa, Andromeda
mountain peak to star;
no limits of time
or place too far.
‘ere he leaves
this Earth, before we all,
one rock
will surely call.
atop its peak
he’ll stop to rest
Everest, Sam,
ever rest.
For a departed mountain man, my friend.
Amy H Apr 19
I’ve been
by a smile,
a touch,
a laugh;
an interlude
that lifts my mood.
And after a while
I’m aware
of the sea,
the sun
warm on me,
the waves
breaking hard
round my tiny isle
in the midst
of life.
My boat may rock
in the ocean sway
and the salt
can sting my skin;
but an island-
my secret rest-
waits in my dreams
just close enough
to see
when I close my eyes.
A little journey
I someday make
when bid back
by a smile
I desire.
Sweet distraction.
Amy H Apr 15
I am having problems, punctuated!
by punctuation...
What beguiles me most- you ?
Is that in my (mind) is an idea
so screamingly!!! fantastic that
I should be !¡YELLING!¡
but unless the world can C me—-
and they DON'T—-
then it is up to the limits
of punctuation...
(Insert "Punctuation for Dummies")
and the abbr skill
of 1 feeble and weary writer
to pick from the limits
of her keyboard;
stifling the ~~flow~~ of thought
along the way;
to finally impart such an originally
insignificant thought.
just having fun.
Amy H Apr 9
a million little things
make me smile;
like star light that glitters
in my eyes
when it touches me again.
memories and stars,
the brilliance
of left-over light.
Stars like memories, ya I write for fun.
Amy H Apr 9
intensity is measured in
a  m p s
m i  a  p
a  n  s  i
z  d  i  r
i       o  i
n      n  t
g      a
Power me up baby
Amy H Mar 16
the lover’s rent
is paid in pain;
the memories you’ve made,
are hiding in the dark of mind
waiting for the night.
and when you hit the pillow
with no one lying there,
these visions seep
from misty shadows
to taunt you
as you drift to sleep.
a gasp,
you grab your chest
as if to hold your heart
to rest,
and from this place of madness
find the past is still the best.
the love you lived in
kicked you out;
a homeless, hapless mess
you wander through the visions
from this open wilderness.
it’s cold
it’s isolation
no fire to warm your face
for love has left you out again
you must find new space.
find it deep within.
face the memories
make your peace.
the pain is there to taunt you
until your rent is paid.
The price always has to be paid, and usually after the goods are gone.
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