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Amy H Aug 2020
sometimes silence is the verse;
a cave of visions
where still, the air surrenders
to water and time
seeping through rock
as cuts that carve my heart.

a stream flowing inward,
each drop knew sun but now
reflect the bit of light it meets
and carries life below.
in cold and dark this fortress
makes rest for weary mind.

I wasn’t always thus
but you would never know.
a soul is built
from life eroded.
come, guest of mine~
walk through what I have made.
Amy H Jul 2020
Comet Vernon never stays.
the specialty is a fly by
in the dark of night;
zooming long away
then drifting close,
kissing your stratosphere-
just not enough
to melt it’s core.
~~the razzle dazzle show~~
would end for us all
if Vernon was ruled
by gravity
<--more than velocity.-->
cover your eyes
if comets aren’t your thing.
best not burn yourself
by it's luster.
Come and go, man.
Amy H Jun 2020
sing me a tune, Band Man
rock me to weep.
take me to heaven
on a song I can keep

my heart has a melody
you seem to find it.
the rhythm surrounds me
and in my soul binds it

rolling and swaying
we feel the same groove;
laughter in unison
as one body move

no time to be weary
on memory wings;
when this bird comes flying
we leave all the things

behind us is worry,
lose anger and fear;
we have only music,
a few happy tears

ride into the moonlight
on serenade of peace;
its waves will hold and thrill us~
may magic never cease.
This is when I know I am still me, finding a write in all the fray.
Amy H Apr 2020
looking past mundane and bore
the isolation such a chore
remember what we do it for~
to not repeat a sickly lore.
the pestilence in days of yore
spared neither emperor or *****.

though we now find common fight
absent kin is not quite right
or lover in the dead of night
too far to hold my body tight.
I ask with no one in my sight
when parts this darkness for the light?

I miss the skin and velvet touch
and loving in our dreamy hutch
but we all know this feeling-such-
to bear it with a hopeful hunch
to greet with kiss and ardent clutch
when time has healed the world that much.

so care for neighbor with a prayer
sing a song and bless the air~
‘tis not so much we can not bear.
observe the quiet for it’s rare.
and finding outside beauty fair
feel happy you’ve the time to spare.

until it comes I inward gaze
and see my soul is still ablaze
with hope for man and better days
amidst this heavily pressing haze.
we shall emerge with better ways
of sharing in the heaven’s rays.
We are in this together, apart.
Amy H Jul 2019
it’s roast on the roll
and no au jus.
I haven’t had my
dip in you.

the daily grind
that fills my cup,
isn’t quite
the pick me up.

every tedious
task or chore
passes on
with nothing more.

you didn’t leave
and nor did I,
but something’s gone-
I can’t deny.

there is no draw
without a laugh;
the fun has left
the other half.

it fizzled like
an opened pop;
without some Sun
the flower flops.

it’s kinda sad
but what to do?
my roast was meant
to have au jus.
when it hasn't been the same
Amy H May 2019
Nothing is fixed;
like stars that
drift the sky by night
as Earth journeys round
in spite of Orion’s might.
The Sun that sets
ne’er regrets a day
on which it shone;
but all that’s grown is grateful
for the heat and it’s rest.
While Earth and heaven shift
the flowers die,
and stars implode.
I shan’t look back with tears
at love I had
and left in change of years.
All the light that shines
from years away
can sometimes find me, still.
Life and love keep going.
Amy H Mar 2019
a wild heart can’t be broken,
a tame heart keeps the beat,
a heart like yours is spoken
within the sensual heat.
it’s sensitive and open
but careful and neat;
love in the smallest tokens,
the gestures we repeat.
so take the love that’s woken
into your soul so sweet-
a melody unbroken-
and make your mind’s retreat.
For Dollface.
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