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Oh, Ophelia,
sweet cherub
face, bathed
in moonlight,
doe eyes filled
                with woe:

You are a figure
of my affliction,
falling softly at
midnight, a
delicate dis-
position, fragile
                as soft snow,

a garden you
invite me to,
opulent trees of
treason, you
are the siren’s
call at dusk,
pulling me away
from the

K Apr 17
What is it worth to fulfill an addiction?
You don’t have to shout that loud to get
Someone to listen
A scratch to an itch
Only puts more dirt under the skin
It looks like the only way out
But it’s the only way in
(You said)
To a world where you belong
A world of no feeling
A world of the numb
I thought maybe
One day
It would be my turn
To scratch my itch
And ***** my skin
Causing my own need for relief
To thicken
But I wondered to that garden
And Eden wasn’t there
Alcohols cloak is temporary
And she takes away the wrong memory
I don’t need to forget
I want to forget
The wasted birthday wishes
Blowing out my candles
My eyes so tightly shut
Five years old
Knowing way too much
I’ve learned to ignore the itch
I know that pain fades
Sometimes it stains
But satisfactory can be made
In a reasonable way.
Dlusionl13 Apr 12
It's a haunting melody, something unheard
In the echoes of scorching words
And the ringing memories of violence
In the sound of shattering dreams and broken glasses
It's the trembling sigh of a soul undeterred
Like the searing quietness of a cry perturbed
In an aftermath of the storm
Its a silent silent world

It's the demise of love, an illusion
In the game of duties and responsibilities
As the world hanging on by lies burns down
A poignant smile of content blooms
On the lips of a crumbled spirit
And amidst the destruction
A vindictive soul stays
Maybe it was not affection or concern
But just a sweet sweet retribution
Flynn Apr 10
Referencing wisdom
Chinese / Japanese / Other
you will encounter
a metaphor using trees
to impart knowledge
on confronting affliction

"bamboo that bends", or
"the oak that breaks in a storm..."
yes, even agreeable
                                               - partially

Openness to change
I can appreciate... but
to destructive change!?
Therein, my inner conflict

To resist violence
and to fall instead of sway.
Stoic refusal
to accept ancient wisdom.

In how to remain
- the teachings of confucius

Lying, pondering
hearing groaning, resisting.
I now realise,
like the oak by my window

                                               - I will fall.
Flapping flames fall from above
A reflection of affliction
Kissed by death when time is up

The transference of one

To reimburse the curse
a cycle continues of the young
From which we all grow older
to become shards of the sun
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
aennij Sep 2019
There are lots that makes me smile,
like dogs and cats or other stuff.
Having it as a list, surely, it'll  be in pile,
some I smile only because I have to, some I smile then laugh.

Like good arts and music,
great literary pieces that I enjoy,
or for all one knows, maybe an interesting topic,
who knows, anything can be a joy.

Like when you force yourself to be happy,
it could be goodbyes that should end plain.
Perhaps, pretending to show gaiety or felicity,
that's when we smile in struggle and pain.

Smiles are diverse.
We smile in satisfaction and glee.
We smile in affliction and agony.
Sometimes, its caused by the best feeling, every so often, by the worst.
Humaira Fatima Aug 2019
‏یہ سانحہ محبت کا
گزرا کچھ ہم پہ یوں
  روح تھی گھائل
۔۔۔  اور تھیں مضطرب سانسیں
بس اس کا ہاتھ تھاما تھا ۔۔۔۔

How Love happened to me?


My bruised soul
was exhausted,
Out of breath.


I just held his hand ...
When it comes to languages, Urdu will always be my first love. Still, I will try to do the English translation so that it is easier for the readers to understand.
Tess Jul 2019
There is a pain so intense no one can bare it
not the strongest or the bravest
this is the pain of being in love

the perfect agony
the painful ecstasy

it is not the affliction of love
love does not burn so much
the love for friend of family
does not reduce people to their knees

this is the agony of ‘in love’
the first glimpse
the first touch
before you see they are also human...
maureen Mar 2019
midnight whisperings say
'i'll take care of you'
yet morning words declare
'i don't need you'.

you hold me so gently
like a new set of china—
yet pour inside me
hot, scalding, tea.
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