4.9k · Aug 2015
Girl that Eats Shoes
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

There once was a girl on the news
They say she liked to eat shoes
Keep on your feet
When it's time to eat
Or you may be the next victim to lose

1.8k · Aug 2016
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2016

How did I become such a loser
How can I make my life better
How can I get all this done
How long can I go on

1.3k · Apr 2016
Renee 'Wisera' Apr 2016

I once went on a vacation
I didn't take any relations
So quiet and nice
Stayed two extra nights
Oh! What a wonderful sensation!

I just got back from Colorado with my boyfriend and it was lovely!
992 · Jan 24
Some Days I Feel
Renee 'Wisera' Jan 24

Some days all I feel is pain
Pouring down on me like rain
Feeling sorry for myself
and everyone else

Some days I feel so happy
Shining on me bright and snappy
Basking in all my love.
Snug as a glove

Some days I feel so angry
Perhaps, I am really hangry
Not my best mood
Needing food

Some days I feel it all
Terrified to wonderful
And in between
so it seems

955 · Jul 2015
Painting Life
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2015

I'm an artist
My canvas is my life
I'll make everything beautiful
Through even the pain and strife.
Because isn't it the worst of times
That we look back and see
The vibrant colors, stories to tell
Painting our lives brightly?
Reds of passion
Blues for pain
Yellows on the nice days
Keeping out the rain.
My favorite days are purple
Or perhaps maybe green
Days full of mystery
Or in a forested ravine.
But whether days are good or bad,
Black, green, blue or even plaid,
After all is said and done
My life will be an amazing one!

894 · Sep 2015
A Battered Woman's Thoughts
Renee 'Wisera' Sep 2015

Paranoid and scared
Feeling unprepared
Where will you strike next?
I hate having to guess
I don’t know who to trust
Even when I must
I can’t stand and fight
I don’t have the might
How do I protect?
When I don’t know to expect
Run, run, run away
I’m too terrified to stay.

770 · Jun 2015
The Struggle
Renee 'Wisera' Jun 2015

I struggle and try each and every day
Trying to get all my bills paid
Take care of my kids and myself
I'm quite sure I need mental help
Can't afford insurance, though that's what I sell
I can't find a way to get out of this hell
Work real hard, rewards on the way
That's what I keep hearing them say
I need a car, I need a bed
While still keeping my children fed
No help for me, my husband is gone
Destroying my dreams before he moved on
Went back to school to get my degree
Not quite so easy now that I'm thirty.

I struggle and try each and every day
Trying to keep my bitterness at bay
Not understanding why nobody wants me
Even when I was just a baby
Always coming in second best
Never fitting in with the rest
They say I'm gorgeous, smart and kind
They tell me I have a beautiful mind
I would have thought with all my talent
Life would be less of a challenge
Wishing people would stay
In my life, they run away
Times are hard, times are tough
Not many stay when times are rough.

I struggle and try each and every day
Looking for happiness along the way
I don't have very much time to play
But I need it to keep depression away
Play with my kids, play with my dog
Make glass beads and write in a blog
Sometimes I'm hurt, sometimes I'm mad
Sometimes I just feel really bad
I can't give up or give in
To do that would be a sin
Even though my heart is torn
I'll keep marching through this storm
I struggle and try each and every day
Because giving up just isn't my way.

731 · Nov 2015
Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2015

Today is for giving thanks
Even though life is hard
For things like our piggy banks
Don't go very far
I'm thankful for my wealth
In opportunities, family, and friends
I am thankful for our health
May we keep it til the end
Although there's more I'd like to have
I'm doing very well
So lets celebrate, love, laugh
and ring the dinner bell!

513 · Sep 2015
Shy Limerick
Renee 'Wisera' Sep 2015

There once was a girl named Renee
She never knew what to say
When people come near
She shrinks back in fear
Of the ridicule they send her way

492 · Jan 9
Determined Limerick

I just can't get it together
Problems, including the weather
Plan and try
As time goes by
They can't hold me back forever

484 · Oct 2016
I Long For the Forest
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

I long for the trees
Sun shade and sweet breeze
Beauty to bring you to your knees

I long for the trails
Made by animals with little tails
With imprints in the dirt from their nails

I long for the streams
and the things that it brings
Little fish, frogs, and other things

I long for the birds
That make their song heard
Cheers and lullabies without any words

I long for the boughs
The bark is comfort now
Like a friend that's always around

467 · Aug 2015
To Write a Poem
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

I wanted to write a poem today
The words just would not go away
None of them rhymed or went together
Random words going on forever
Follow them, see where they go
Falling down the rabbit hole
Bounce along, one, two, three
Letting thoughts run freely
Cheerful, sad and depressed
The feelings held within my breast
Let them out, let them go
That is how the story’s told

458 · Aug 2015
Let Us Talk
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

I don’t ever know what to say
Living life in an awkward way
Am I really supposed to care
About the way you do your hair?
Do you want to talk about the weather
Or if that jacket is real leather?
Let us talk about what we do
The books we read and our passions too
I want to know about who you are
Or what you need to fix your car
Tell me about where you have been
Who you help and how you sin
Tell me what makes you happy
Especially if your day is crappy
Leave the small talk to the rest
I just... could not care less

431 · Sep 2015
Mean Limerick
Renee 'Wisera' Sep 2015

There once was a girl on her own
Others actions she could not condone
So cruel and mean
She tried not to be seen
And then grateful they left her alone

390 · Oct 2016
Rising now
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

Humbled by life
Not by strife
All the same
Holding blame
Each unique
Let us speak
From the ground
All around
Rising now
Help us how?
No oppression
Free expression
Let us see
What will be

352 · Oct 2016
Muse Limerick
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

My goodness! I'm on a roll
Inspiration without the toll
Thank you my friend
You're a godsend
For relief from this relentless black hole

Temporal Fugue has me cracking up
351 · Jan 9
Confusing Feelings

I don't know how to feel
It seems this isn't real
Our love so deep for years
Ended with bruises and tears
Now you're gone and dead
Relieving my feelings of dread

No more reasons to be afraid
No more asking me to get laid
No calls in the middle of night
No more arguing and fights
It's hard to be so sad
When what's gone is the bad

Yet, my love was deep
Your future I wanted to peep
Improvements I noticed were made
Can't make progress from the grave
So now I sit here bemused
Devastated. Relieved. Confused.

The father of my children was tragically murdered by some random mugger. I miss him and I'm glad he's gone. Terrible......I know.
343 · Jul 2015
Following Society
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2015

Time, time, time, time
Not enough to make this rhyme
Running around here and there
Things to do, everywhere!
Daughter goes there.  Son needs that.
Stay active.  Don’t get fat!
Running round and round again
Fast food is my friend.

Money, money, money, money
Not enough, not even funny.
Work real hard.  Get that check
Got to pay to fix the deck!
Rent, utilities and food
Buying stuff to improve my mood
Fitting into a world that’s fake
I could really use a break.

Smile, smile, smile, smile
Goodness, it has been awhile.
Cannot let them see me crack.
On this work, I’ll break my back.
Have to work, need the pay
To retire, maybe someday
Whew! Here we are again!
Finally it’s the weekend!

Drink, drink, drink, drink
Today, I don’t want to think.
Keep on going, don’t give up
Have some liquor, grab a cup.
Watch some shows.  Play some Games.
Wake up with more body pains!
I guess I have more to do
Now to see the doctor too!

Bills, Bills, Bills, Bills
Make that money, take those pills
Take the meds to feel better
Getting mad? Go write a letter.
Fear, anxiety, and pain
Is there something here to gain?
Who gains? What do I get?
Surely it’s more than regret.

Whine, whine, whine, whine
Trying to make it all fine
No response to my letter
I just want to feel better!
Feeling powerless and dumb
Stuck underneath someone’s thumb
I don’t know how to make the change.
This system needs a rearrange.

334 · Jul 2016
No Comfortable Lies
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2016

The world spins around but I'm left behind
Always from the darkness I find inside
Screaming for help trying to survive
Ending alone my comfort's my mind

I don't want your lies telling me I'm great
You try to appease but its far too late
I am failing, no room for debate
Opinion without action won't help me relate

I take responsibility when things go wrong
Working hard and carrying on
Trying to learn when help is gone
Comfortable lies won't help me be strong

I don't understand why some tell people that they're doing great when it is obviously not true.
308 · Apr 2016
Sad Limerick
Renee 'Wisera' Apr 2016

So depressed all I felt was pain
Outside all it did was rain
So I sat and thought
All on my lot
It’s my confidence I need to regain

305 · Jun 2016
Dark Weather Friend
Renee 'Wisera' Jun 2016

People come when skies are grey
When their problems won't go away
Never accused of a fair weather friend
I'm the one who sticks to the end
But when their stormy skies have cleared
I'm alone, no one comes near

Why am I so easy to forget?
Why is it always not yet?
I always feel left behind
When is it going to be my time?

Feeling forgetable
302 · Aug 2015
Need to See More Good
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

I need to see more good in the world
Trying to help but I’m just a girl.
Ignorance has gotten insane.
People! Can’t you hear what you say?
Oh, you’re just trying to make a buck?
Obviously, you don’t give a fuck.
Oh, I forget, it’s a value now
To only think of ourselves
Maybe I’m just getting old
Sick of doing what I’m told
I don’t want your television
Pollution and slave driven prisons
Keep Calm and Carry on
That’s the motto when something’s wrong?
No! Do something about it!
Don’t put up with that bullshit!
Now you say you’re only one
Nothing will ever get done.
Change starts with just a few
We must stand up, me and you.
Because everywhere I look, all I see is pain
What are we going to do when nothing else remains?

300 · Feb 9

Everything is happening too late
Wading through pools of anger and hate
Talking to people who can't relate
Patience is gone no time to wait

For me work is not going right
I wonder if it's out of spite
Bitch should watch out for my bite
This may end up in a fight!

Not really but what can I say
She needs to get out of my way
This isn't the time to play
Wrap it up and have a good day!

300 · Aug 2015
No Place For Me
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

There’s no place for me in this world
I’m just not like the other girls
I know, all of them say that
And also complain about how they’re fat
But going on I just can’t deny
The more I lose, the more I try
I’m not insane, thin or pretty
I’m nonconforming but a little witty.

There’s no place for me in this world
I’ve noticed as my life has unfurled
Maybe I’m the loser here
Sometimes I want to disappear
But even if I ran away
My problems are still here to stay
Trapped in place to figure it out
So I’m plagued with mountains of doubt

There’s no place for me in this world
Except to take care of my boy and my girl
But how do I get them the things they need
When the system is corrupted with greed?
I don’t know the rules or how to win
This game of life we’re living in
The system is set, I can’t give up
Stuck in a cycle of self destruct

There’s no place for me in this world
Searching for the things that are real
Am I just giving up?
Each time it’s getting tough
Relationships work and school
Failure seems to be the rule
Maybe I should just give in
And conform to the world we’re living in.

283 · Apr 2016
Work Limerick
Renee 'Wisera' Apr 2016

I sat all day in a chair
Grinding my teeth and pulling my hair
As the seconds tick by
I could just cry
For being forced to live my life here

244 · Aug 2015
Loneliness and Fear
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2015

I’m feeling kind of down today
With so many words to say
I want to feel loved and cherished
Before my spirit starts to vanish
Won’t you cuddle me, hold my hand?
Not move off to another land
Hold me, don’t go away
I just want you to stay
I’ve fought these feelings for so long
Like this, I just can’t go on
When I needed someone, there you were
But was it just because of her?
Revenge, is that what’s in your heart?
Is it time for us to part?
Should I go ahead and go?
Should I just leave you alone?
So many have left me over the years
So many miles shed in tears
Are you the next one to phone?
To tell me I’m to be alone?

231 · Oct 2016
Time to Change
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2016

Failures all around
What a way to lose your crown
Confidence not found
Hard to fight when you're feeling down
Success is great revenge
But it feels like its all pretend
Now its time to change
Rise up and get things rearranged

196 · Apr 2016
Not Partners
Renee 'Wisera' Apr 2016

Hard to come back from vacation
Realizing he doesn't want your kids
How can I be with this man
Without the whole package I'm just tits
Damn! We're good together
But it's not just you and me
I could love and be with you forever
But they're more than responsibilities

Always giving and kind I never would have guessed
The reason we don't live together is because kids make a mess
I really want a partner so I don't have to sleep alone
Someone who is closer than a call upon the phone
Before it didn't matter but that's not anymore
Now that we're getting serious I need so much more
If my kids are so annoying you need to move on
This isn't a partnership when each night you're gone

We've been dating for years and he dropped this little bomb. He doesn't want to live together because "your kids annoy me sometimes".
166 · Oct 2015
The One
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2015

There once was a girl who despaired
Of ever finding somebody who cared
Then one came along
Sexy and strong
Who dispelled all of her fears

156 · Jan 10
Hope and Planning
Renee 'Wisera' Jan 10

Sunshine pouring through the window
Better days ahead
Warm winds are blowing now
Nothing left to dread
Weather can change at anytime
Must stay vigilant
For if there is a hurricane
I'll have no incident
Right now shine down upon me
I will soak it in
For right now we're happy
I don't want it to end

151 · Oct 2015
Girl On Her Own
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2015

There once was a girl on her own
Others actions she couldn't condone
She waited for some
Who weren't quite so dumb
For with them she'd be better off alone

142 · Mar 1
Off To The Sea

Shaking in anticipation
Hoping no precipitation
Packing for the occasion

Then once I am on the go
Waiting because lines are slow
There on time? I don't know

Arriving taking it in
The salty sea upon my skin
Forgetting how things have been

Time to relax, time to play
On vacation I get my way
So for now I enjoy the day

133 · Sep 2015
Girl by the Square
Renee 'Wisera' Sep 2015

Once was a girl by the square
The girl had super long hair
She tripped when she walked
As people just gawked
So she went absolutely nowhere

131 · Apr 2016
People Come and People Go
Renee 'Wisera' Apr 2016

People come and people go
Wish I knew it was you though
Don't make promises you can't keep
Especially when you're on your feet

People come and people go
Me? I just let 'em roll
But what am I supposed to say
When little eyes look your way

People come and people go
Always leaving me alone
Let us see who is next
To be just like all the rest

I'm missing old friends and old lovers today.
109 · Aug 2016
I'll help you
Renee 'Wisera' Aug 2016

Emotions swirling inside of me
Outlets not what I need to be
So much I feel like it's blindng me
Keeping my heart from flying free

Sometimes it's hard when you're doing well
Watching family go through hell
The same ones who were there when I fell
How will it go? Time will tell

Balance, here is the key
I'll help you. You helped me
I want to do more but honestly
I still have my own kids to feed

102 · Oct 2015
Real Dreams
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2015

Do you ever feel like this is a dream?
That the world is not reality
Maybe I was thought into being
And the illusion is my fragility
Perhaps we work together to create this world
Everyone doing their part
Working together for life to unfurl
Creating us from the start
Some may say its the work of Gods
And I suppose I agree
For inside each one of us
Is Gods ready to be free

83 · Nov 2016
Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2016

You and I just couldn't be
I am fire and you gasoline
Now you're gone and it's devastating
I just realized you still loved me

The father of my children was murdered this morning
80 · Jul 2016
Bad News
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2016

I saw her eyes tear up as she recognized the signs
Trying not to scare us but it's not my first time
Selfish thoughts, what am I going to do
And thoughts of my baby and how she'll pull through
I am so scared I can't even express
Remembering last time and all the stress

72 · Nov 2016
Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2016

Lonely life, lonely love
You're the one I'm thinking of
If you ever see me pray
Know it was for you this day

38 · Mar 30
Happy Birthday To Me!
Renee 'Wisera' Mar 30

Happy birthday to me
I really have to pee
I'll have another drink now
Dance til we're dizzy!

— The End —