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Violetempath27 Oct 2020
That Frank Ocean song came on.
You know which one.
Thought I would turn the station
All of a sudden I notice a smile appear across my face.
A smile that incinuated forgiveness, comprehension, and a positive opposition.
At that moment you were released.
Ex you are now an example and blueprint of certain aspects.
Ivy Leigh Feb 2020
Why was I relieved
to betray
and live up to the negative
expectations I fear
any partner may have for me?
The fear that I could
give them any reason to leave
or any hurt if they stay.
I remember it felt soft
and generous
to sit on the hardwood floor
and finally forget myself.
The thing I cherished most
in my subconsciousness
was that I know they understood
the kind of thinks I hold onto in my heart.
Plus, they didn't change size
like shrinking or even growing,
and I wasn't afraid.
Until I remembered the person
in the next room
who was just waiting for this
to happen.
p.s. may need some light editing

EmperorMoth Sep 2019
I didn't want to let go...
of all of our memories
of the long lost nights talking
of the dreams we'd share to one another
of the interest that was once mutual.

I didn't want it to change...
at least not into this
i liked you so much
i couldn't tell you what this feeling is.

But you let me go, and I fell on your shallow ground...
i wasn't the prettiest, so you didn't want me
i wasn't the funniest, not entertaining
i'm not the most colorful, so you didn't see me
but you used to...what happened?

Yet, after I told you that I couldn't watch you disappear...
and although you didn't seem to care
somehow, i felt relieved.

Because it wasn't you that I was going to lose...
but just another part of me.
i saved my self, and i got away.
i truly cared for you
after all the things telling me not to...
and you let me get away.
thank you
Shadow Dragon Aug 2018
You left me in the dark
just for me to know
I was in the shadow too.

After all I'm not surprised
I recognize
you must carry on.

Now that the thunder starts
I might let you know
that you could have done better.

I said things I shouldn't
and didn't say other things
that I should have.

I don't know if I feel relieved
or sad in a way that makes me
go to the heartbreak hotel.
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