I don't know how to feel
It seems this isn't real
Our love so deep for years
Ended with bruises and tears
Now you're gone and dead
Relieving my feelings of dread

No more reasons to be afraid
No more asking me to get laid
No calls in the middle of night
No more arguing and fights
It's hard to be so sad
When what's gone is the bad

Yet, my love was deep
Your future I wanted to peep
Improvements I noticed were made
Can't make progress from the grave
So now I sit here bemused
Devastated. Relieved. Confused.

The father of my children was tragically murdered by some random mugger. I miss him and I'm glad he's gone. Terrible......I know.
Chara-Ruth Ward Aug 2016

It comes like a wave. Washing very slowly over oneself.

By Chara Ward ©
Nelize Jul 2016

I was on the edge of jumping
to my fate
but there You were sitting
in the sunrise, so late…

between the rays of grace
sitting and staring upon Your face
You saved me
You saved once again

the false and broken strings of this melody
I can no longer ignore
my heart it felt so dizzy
broken between the waves
of what would seem
like a fast approaching door
a fast approaching floor…
but then I felt
a feather dusting at my heart
lighter than my body weight
would feel in mid air…
it was Your Love, your neverendin’ love,
Bridging my way back
to life
jumping my way back to life.

Most of us have reached a point where we thought of suicide - much fewer have actually gone to attempt it, and fewer that pull through with it. When I was in high school, I was sitting on a bridge one day, staring down at the oncoming traffic on the high way, thinking how quick my death will be here. When I looked up, the sunrise was in front of me. The Lord felt very present within it. He lifted my brow, my heart, and I felt very relieved.
Nath Rye May 2016

everything was in its place in my nightly ritual
my room enveloped me with a feeling of security
i had episodes of my favorite show, ready to be played
and my favorite midnight treats all in a bucket

a well-deserved break from negativity, in the safety of my house
but i still felt empty.

see, the only way for me to really feel at home is to
open my closet, reach in its darkest corner
and grab for my only memory of you- a sweater
that's obviously seen better days
but it had your smell, your warmth
and finally, as i wrapped it around me,
i felt relieved.

and that's a problem.

... or is it
liz Apr 2016

At some point
you just pull off the Band-Aid
and it hurts
but, then it's over and you're relieved
and you can see the wounds
for what they really are
and face the truth
that you're already healing.


Caoimhe Fidgeon Mar 2016

But I'm so very glad I said no
And let you share my sheets
But not my body
Even though it's all you wanted

Lala Dec 2015

I didn't want to wake up. I was having a much better time asleep.
And that's really sad.
It was almost like a reverse nightmare, like when you wake up from a nightmare you're so relieved.
I woke up into a nightmare.
-Ned Vizzini

From, its kind of a funny story.

Thank you for reading.
Tiffany Scicluna Feb 2016

Pen and Paper are my only friend.
They know my deepest secrets,
And all the words that I've withheld.

Pen and Paper are all I need,
To finally be able,
To feel relieved.

Pen and Paper,
A Cigar and a Lighter,
Take me to a world
That I can only dream

Grant Horst Feb 2015

Once upon a strange sunrise
I got lost and time died before my eyes
I feel like i'm too far from my home
My body now races and my mind roams

I can see my feelings
I can feel my thoughts
Caved into weird dealings
My perspective tied in a knot

Hard to gain control
of which I don't understand
Seemingly an eternity,
only a tick of the minute hand

Unsure if I can withstand the heat
My soul  is a bright star, but unmanned
casting a radiance like a helping hand

An uncanny force attracts my waves
into a cave slaved to the dark abyss
I'm moving closer to the grave concave
a hiss of fear followed by a shivering kiss

As I enter, I see my troubles carved in the wall
Regrets, fears, sorrows that I've yet to overcome
I'm appalled by the amount, too many to count,
my overwhelming hate frees my mind from the drought.

And in just the blink of a smile,
I'm lavishly released from my personal dooms
Eager to set foot in the aisle of a new lifestyle
and I sit up never happier to be in my own room.

rambling a late night after studying. An unexpected journey
Lala Feb 2015

Have you guys ever had that little voice in your head that basically tells you all those bad things about yourself know matter what?
You could be feeling the most beautiful person in the world. You could be feeling so amazing one day and that little voice just tells you otherwise. Just telling you that voice is from the enemy that is your own mind attacking you. So, what you need to do, is to tell that voice to just shut up. Literally. You just need to say shut up! Tell yourself your amazing, your gorgeous. Screw everything else and just kick the voices out of your head. I know to many people that had that voice that told them so many bad things about themselves, when theres nothing wrong with them. They tell themselves their worthless, their useless etc, but you know what? Their amazing know matter what. Every single person is amazing. So next time you hear that little voice, kick it out of your head. Tell yourself your amazing.

Tell the voices in your head to go away. And when they do, you'll feel relieved. Smile and be happy.
(I know it's not a poem, but it seems like too many people seem to be struggling with this, so I felt I needed to share.)

Thank you for reading.
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