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Amelia May 6
My heart shattered into
thousands of pieces on the
cold, hard ground.
Shaking hands attempt to piece them together
but they are unable to,
unable to fix me -
I have to fix myself.
I feel like when our bodies and souls meet,

we melt together into a formless mass,

reshaping us into one mind of love and understanding.

Without a positive example of love,
how could someone ever love again?

Love is always the answer and the medicine.

Fight fear with love...
In his autobiography Muhammad Ali said:
"A man get old quick when he don't get love,
an unloved man is the endangered species.
A man gets brain damage and ulcers when he ain't around love.
A man minus love is a wrinkled man
but a beloved man is smooth.
The people who love you demand more of you."
John Seth Mar 27
You think that your damaged
Beyond repair
And no one will love you
Its in your stare

I try to convince you
You are so strong
I hope you stop thinking
That I am wrong

If only you could see
The things I do
Through the damage and hurt
You would construe

You are worthy of love
And so much more
Maybe someday you'll see
And you will soar

I pray its not too late
CautiousRain Mar 17
It might delight me to have you,
if we weren’t damaged goods,
but I know I haven’t the foggiest
how two broken people are meant
to mend together;
we haven’t the hands to glue.
even if my hands would stop shaking enough to glue us together, somehow, I'm not sure a repair like that could last
My heart has a hole please help me repair it,
It feels like an abyss so black and so cold..
Don't panic don't threat I've a needle and thread,
Will just patch it up with a cloth patch instead..
Cross hatch the stitching so it never comes loose,
My boy you'll be good you could call it brand new..
Amanda Feb 12
You may never understand
How much pain I have felt at your hand
How many tears I cried over you
Or the number of days I almost didn't make it through
But it gives me some small amount of comfort
To know that you must feel some kind of hurt
Just looking in the mirror and the devil you see there
Knowing you've damaged me too badly to repair
You may not see them suffer the way they made you suffer but believe me their biggest punishment is who they are
m h John Jan 23
Don’t cut pieces of yourself

To cover other’s wounds
you’ll only hurt in the end
is how people get broken
and love,
how people get fixed.
s Willow Jan 2
My Existence can be summed up as a broken robot beyond repair
Rally works and when it does
***** up the job.

Left behind as trash.
No one wants it.
Could be used to creat new,
probably shouldn't the new will start broken.

Over all I am nothing but,
a broken robot beyond repair.
Ken Pepiton Dec 2018
If money is not the problem...

right? Goes wit out sayin' jus'sayin'

sup posed over your mind? You know?

Confirmed bias to ward what
ward off evil?
toward, in the direction away from evil

do anions attract cations?
how do things go
round and round, if positive attracts negative

and negative attracts positive

What is the problem, old man?

I can't say.

Stateless state asked for a cookie,
cookie monster,
as prophesied on Sesame Street

accepting cookies
will some day be the only way

strangers may arrange dangers
tested servants arrive saying please take
my cookie so the quants
can see
they are blind
otherwise, just think
these things as your bias confirms

they were intended.
a question I was asking and answering and so on
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