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Steve Page May 11
Do I look bovver'd it's botched?
You wanted bespoke and that’s just what you got.  
I’m chock-a-block with jobs,
so this the best of a very bad job.

It might look bog standard,
but remember it was already cack-‘anded,
so just shut your gob
with all your talk of you being robbed.  

Look, your ladyship, you might well be miffed,
but I’m sure you can make do with a little skew-wiffed,
so ‘and over the readies and make it swift -
I’ll walk away and we’ll call it quits.  

You know me and my rep round this manor,
if you don’t cough up I know a right tasty geezer
who will breeze over ‘ere and wrap each of his fingers
round a whole lot more than your French wind-ders.

- That’s a lot better, you’ve got a nice gaff
and I’m sure neither of us want all of the faff
that goes with ‘ard feelings and still ‘arder stares
through broken front wind-ders and costly repairs.

You know what I mean?
I was channeling Bob Hoskins for this one.   I'm from south east London - and some of it rubbed off on me.
Steve Page May 2
When I tell you of my story
Will you lean in or turn away
When I share the cause of my hurt
Will you weep or find an escape

Can I trust you with my story
Can I rely on you to stay
Please tell me now not later
It's late, too late for games

If you stay to share my story
They'll be laughter with the tears
But they come with me as a package
With the wounds under repair
Relationships are tricky
Nylee Apr 22
I always felt that i was rare
my name was written
for a beautiful fate ahead
i believed and I cared
but maybe I was just a spare
it is evident as of late
or it was like this forever
my eyeglasses weren't clear
so now that i see
as I compare me and her
and them, it feels so obvious
but there was nothing
I could have done different,
so I was blissfully unaware
I don't have another pair
and there is nothing to repair
it is a line to follow ahead
where life is not fair.
Carlo C Gomez Mar 25
Her body pulls away, outlying

Ask the mountains
Question the clouds

What is rotation's logic?
Have we spun fallaciously all along?

Communicating with inexact words?
Kissing off-target?
*******, an imprecise expression?

She settles now on unapproachable horizon

Learn from the shore
Understand the sea

Neither dare, nor desire, to claim
For the indignity or cumber of a difficult collide

Start anew by holding hands
Discover the "we" in you and her

Ever so gently, allow her to orbit
The offered affection
On her own terms

The heart will again probe for
A returning circuit to attachment

Her body will move closer
cynthia Mar 20
please be gentle with me.

In Japan, when a piece of pottery cracks or breaks,
they fill it with gold and celebrate its character.
but I have not been filled with gold trimmings
or cherished for my scars
and you have not been kind
to the chips in my soul
or the cracks in my heart

I am held together, barely,
by the glue I found in the junk drawer
and the sheer luck of having not been
dropped in a while

but you are steadily chiseling away
at all the good pieces I have left

I trusted you to hold me
to put me in the cabinet behind clean glass
and you left me in the microwave
full of day old coffee that was already burnt

I am trying to stay
but I'm struggling to remember
why I ever had faith in you
in the first place

please be gentle with me
Sweet coma canopy,
brain bath in solemn loops,
a gentle washing away
of handprints,

Makes the bed,
blanketed by dreams,
rest upon reimagined partitions,
instead of the jagged edge,

But there are holes
in the architecture,
pliable infrastructural tunnels
to navigate through,

Lucky termite splinters
the mind, this delicious library,
and feasts upon before all acquired
souvenirs settle into books,

It's then a young turtledove lifts
off toward October next,
searching for the dry twigs
with which to build closure.
Inspired by an art exhibition of Oscar Oiwa, using only Sharpie markers.
Millie Feb 6
Like crawling out of the rubble
From an earthquake
I gape at the devastation around me
And wander towards “home”
Ptax Kuro Jan 13
In general, most things
moved to other rooms after disinfection.
Some of them, of course, kept the smell,
and were immediately thrown away.
Clothes were selectively
used as workwear or rags.
Found weapon was returned
to a safe. Under the iron bed there were even
two extra rounds. One tooth
with a caries mark.
The rest idled in closets.
Ptax Kuro Jan 13
Initial plan
was to completely replace the window,
but before that, the jambs
were fixed.
And so no one took out the frame
anymore. Only decided
to hang new curtains.
(The old ones were not thrown away
but hidden in another room).
Ptax Kuro Jan 13
The construction remains
that had been knocked out
along with the lock
had to be torn out of the inner door.
They were completely sawed out
and a fresh piece of timber
was installed instead. The bar
could be glued to it hence the door
is wooden. There was no desire
to get new locking mechanism.
On the contrary, there was an idea
to get rid of them in every
other room, at least of those
that can be closed
from the inside. The oblong socket
was drilled into restored door
and then stuffed with a regular
roller latch. Installing the door skin
completed it's look.
Strike plate on the jamb
remained the same, it was approximately
the size of the
roller (only slightly deeper).
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