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Think about your face all the time
Climbing the wall I'm stuck behind
Before you left felt so strong
Now just feel strung along
You spun webs of silken lies
I am the prey you caught that dies
One day say you love me
Next nothing at all
Since I've still been waiting for a single message or call
Something has changed the way that you feel
More likely
Feelings weren't real
Your words can con anybody with enough charm
What do you gain by causing me harm?
**** relationship with stupid mistakes
Suspect are choices you intentionally make
You are a person I don't even recognize
Where best friend stood is a stranger with blue eyes
Happiness stolen by time's vicious stare
****** up to the point beyond repair
We are both ruined
Nat Lipstadt Nov 2020
when you accept the ‘I love you’ invite, coolly quietly
understanding this is but a summarizing way of saying,
let’s enter the gated fence to friendship, locking in & out,
the delving reveals to follow are truths more costly than
any fiction, you see only the too real, how much pain can
exist, survive, be survived, quietly thrive, just beneath the
skin’s preternatural strong thinness, holding us in, together
while yet a sieve, separating the granules of our composition,
the coarser fail to penetrate the finer cells, the molecular level
is where the sensory Alice in Wonderland world coexists with
the blunt exhaustion of so much agony, too much, and in the
early morn these words appear of their owned and freed volition,

do what you must do to repair yourself

...and you confess to understanding that to heal oneself,
you must heal others, and that separate and unequal
sorrows can somehow heal each other, praying for ex,
exfoliation, exhumation, excalibur, expelling all the ex’s
so new skin self repairs, a great miracle that, and that
human reparations are a thing you alone initiate, inhale,
fostering a belief that !we! is the solution, the only...

for those who will understand instantly, willingly and gasp at the recognition...
Mose Nov 2020
The sound of the ending cue.
It’s colored in a grey hue.

No battle left to bellow.
Footsteps that use to echo.

Words that have already been spoke.
All that tears that have already soaked.

A surrender to the closing.
No longer are we apposing.

A welcome to the end.
There is nothing left to mend.
Cardboard-Jones Oct 2020
She took everything from me.
There was nothing left to identify.
She replaced all my insides with a darkness I can’t hide
And whenever it came down to my needs,
It was “What else have you done for me?”
My momma said
Love should be a treasure.
My momma said
Love should give you pleasure.
Well I guess I’m new to love.
How do I get lovin’ like that?

You say you’re what I’ve been missing.
You say you can get me feeling so high,
And we’ll never hit the ground, that this high won’t come down.
Gave a wink and blew some kisses at me,
Mmm just sweepin’ my feet.
My momma said
I just need a refresher.
Well maybe you
Could be my professor?
I’m sorry, I’m new to love,
I can’t take much more combat, no.
If you’re not new to love,
How can I get lovin’ like that?
Tanaya Jul 2020

If I leave, would you weep?
Would I still be cradling you to sleep?
Or will the thought of me keep you awake?
When I'm gone, would you then know what was at stake?
When I die, you'll see the breeze
Will it make you weak in the knees?
Like maybe I did, one lifetime ago or a half
Or will you blow it a kiss on my behalf?
I don't know how you'll cope,
I don't know who you'll blame.
But of one thing I can assure you-
Nothing will ever be the same.

If I'm gone, will you cry?
Would you mourn, or want to die?
Would you write a rhapsody in my name,
Or accept denial, and call it all a game?
Please don't cry till your eyes are sore..
Accept it! Reality isn't real anymore.
Existence is a sham, now do you see?
Who do you think is dead-
Is it you or Is it me?


My eyes are now closing, I see the wind blow
I see the stars and the moonlight put up a fanciful show
Still dreaming of your silhouette waiting by the sea
All of the sensibility dawned upon me-
If and when I'm gone - you wouldn't care
Sure, for 6 days, in the voids you will stare
On day 7, once you down all that caffeine
You won't miss me as me, but as just a change in routine
On day 40, to the memories you'll bid adieu
As day 50 comes by, your life is as good as new

So convince me now,
Before I slash my soul with this knife
That bogus is not the only definition
To my presence in this life
Before your life fills
With unjust guilt, grief, and despair
Please learn to value me-
While I'm still there...
Or do you still don't care?
Amanda Kay Burke Jun 2020
We have both been trying hard
Results aren't what we'd hoped
Past creeping in to haunt us
Use substances to help cope

Believe we could get so much more
So close to the life we planned
Few inches from the finish line
Cannot escape the drug's command

Your detachment is what hurts
I treat you the same in return
So removed from love we share
Trust a reward that will never be earned

Something changed between us
Don't have the same look in your eye
Need as much as I did back then
You aren't even required to try

Invest equal portions of yourself
You mean each word you say
Promise is simple to start
Not easy to finish all the way

New problems arise out of thin air
Relationship steadily falling apart
Will you be able to understand?
Truly know the ins and outs of my heart?

Be the man aspired to be
Person who's honest and kind
Just around the corner
So challenging to find

We battle vices
Demons on our backs
Inside our heads
They stop us in our tracks

I know addiction is taking its toll
My body
And brain
Successfully worse than you and we both know it
Fact you don't have to explain

Most our fights are started by
Own stupid insecurity
Love me when I'm wrong
Can't seem to compromise or agree

Leave in pieces like you always do
Eventually you'll come around
But your presence lately feels more like a ghost
To your side I remain bound

I will be the first to take the step
Forward in the right direction
At night the fear races around my skull
Are lives past the point of correction?
Sometimes I am afraid we are too far gone to save
queen of hearts May 2020
if the worst thing I do to someone
is love them a little too hard
then I think i'm doin okay
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