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Michael Opoku Nov 15
i touch my soul and release the ON switch.

The darkness beckons like an aborted child full of possibilities never explored.
Potential never reached.
Heights never teached.
Things never speeched.
But life goes on thrashing like a rude animal, desperately devouring all in its path with no end in sight, and no table manners.
Trembling slowly, my hand reaches into the abyss for a drop of light to comfort my flickering life force. The only channel of hope that now rushes with the ferocity of a dying turtle, with no home to speak of.

TICK TOCK, click clack, the only sounds that remind me that reality never shuts off.
Where’s the remote?

It was never invented.

My shadows play dead to my consciousness, never there to teach me my concrete lessons.

So I scratch my bed stings, reminders of my past, itches of my present, and marks  in my future.

The fade to black is my only resolution.

The gavel sounds and I pinch myself, hoping it’s a dream, no it’s just a scheme, ultralight beam?

The ticks turn into Morse code. Translation?

Start over.
Katy Sauer Oct 28
Frigid fingers running down my spine
Wrapping around and squeezing my lungs
Coating me in thick layers of ice.
I'm forcing my feet flat on the ground,
Gripping onto the present so tightly
My knuckles turn an **** shade of bone white.
Eyes darting, landing on things
In the now, hoping to not get lost
In hidden movies that attack me from the shadows
Mental VHS tapes that replay in high definition
Making me doubt my sanity.
Terror running so deep that I reach for blades
To carve not just into my skin
But my very own identity.
Chopping off chunks to store the flash flood
Without drowning in the swamp.
This saving grace rapidly turning
Into the one and only thing, I may not survive.
Shards, past broken off come back
So brittle and sharp they threaten to pierce
My heart at the slightest wrong move.
I have lived through one war only to enter another
That seems to have higher stakes.
Panic freezes my veins and leaves
Beads of cold sweat on my flesh.
I am paralyzed and frigid.
Gasping for each and every breath.
Katinka Oct 26
we play activity
and we have to mime
****** things as *******
and it is all fun and games

it´s your turn
I am supposed to guess
You act like you pushing someone down
like you are hitting someone

I give up
How could you not guess that
you laugh while asking me

You give your friend a fist bumb
as he tells you nicely mimed

How, I wonder
How can you nicely mime ****
How can **** be nice

you guys laugh

you look at me laughing and say
so you like being *****
I mean it is a kink right

I don´t say anything.

you wouldn´t know
You laugh
but nobody ever took you arm and didn´t let go
nobody ever grabbed your ***
nobody ever catcalled you on the street
nobody ever followed you
pushed you down
you never felt the weight of another body not belonging on yours
never felt someone crushing your wrist
never felt ashamed for your body
never felt ashamed for your gender

you were never told what not to wear
to not get *****
you were only told that people who do
want to get *****
you never experienced ****

But for me
for us survivors it is not a joke
not a kink
not a fetish
or fun and games

for us it is a trauma
a nightmare
late night shivers

for us it was ****.
for us the things you joke about are real.
Josh G Sep 4
Friends, oh friends
Where did you draw that line?
We're shuffled around, bagged up and shelved
And somehow that's just fine
You claimed you'd help me when I needed it
And now I'm suffering is this what you meant?
You pushed me away, scared to take action
While this burden rolled down, gaining traction

I spiraled down, cracking to the core
Empty bottles of pills all sprawled out on the floor
You grew more distant while I tried to reach out
Plaguing my mind with these crushing waves of doubt
I expected more and I was let tragically down
As my problems spread and gained all of this renown

I was broken, I was battered and sore
When did helping, become such a chore
But I forgave you, for all of your faults
It just hurt me, to watch this friendship halt
You preach about helping by noticing the signs
But when I was apparent you just ignored mine
Now years have passed and we've grown up
We don't talk but that's good enough
Please dont feel sorry, for the things that you did
I hold no grudge, for we were just kids
I wrote this more as a song but figured I'd share it anyway. It's about some times I went through during/right after high school.
bakunawa Jun 16
i'm sorry
if i was
never able
to tell you
'fix yourself'
you totally
blocked me out
(or blocked me away?)
i was too busy
fixing the things
you broke----
like your own trust
and i did trust you too
just saying
and our
if you could still
call it that
which by the way
you said
'ayokong mawala ka kuya'
that will lose it's value
if i translate it to english
because for some
unknown(lol) reason
i still treaure those
(broken promises are just words right?)

and umm right now
i'm sorry if
i couldn't reply
so quickly
that you're asking
for help----
i'm too busy writing this
which by the way
you should really read
when i publish it
probably when i've moved on
and umm
i can laugh about it already
but really, at the moment
all i can think about
is how
i wasn't even able
to tell you
'fix yourself'
before you broke me completely
because i was too busy
by myself
and apparently hurting in your behalf
since apparently you're 'too cool' to cry for me.
don't worry, after i write this
i'll probably
not say those two words again...
and i'll probably
fall head over heels for you again...
bah if i ever let you read this
that means i've either succeeded or quit?
but for now
i will try to fix you
fill in the blanks
umm septemer 2017---- finally got to publish this
please laugh
just laugh

and umm btw, to avoid any sequels nope i quit mkay? done, g'night.
Faith Apr 30
The day brings hope;
The night taunts with flashbacks and horrors.

Pleas for blissful ignorance,
Go unheard.
Time for that has passed.
Winter cocoons me in frost,
That summer attempts to thaw.

You remind me of all of this.
Once my thoughts gather themselves,
I realize I still feel the same:
Splattered across the four walls,
Within the room,
You murdered me in.
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