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Eloisa 1h
Sometimes the simplest of things spark memories.
Memories of great importance in our lives.
Every moment and each event in our past planted something important in our soul
Monisha Sep 18
मुझे तंहाई अच्छी लगती है,
ख़ुद से बातें, सची लगतीं हैं,
बस हाथ में चाय या काैफी की प्याली हो,
और पुराने से कैफे  में,काैफी ब्रू की महक हो
और ऐसे में  कुछ यादें बस यूँही याद आ जाती  है।

टेबल अगर थोड़ा  गहरा हो,
थोड़ा घिसा, थोड़ा मैला हो,
कुर्सी थोड़ी कड़ कड़ करती हुई
अपना अस्तित्व जताती हुई।

कॉफ़ी का मग या चाई की प्याली,
चीनी मीटि की बनी हो,
गाड़े नीले या हरे रंग की,
लकीरें समय की समेटे हुए,
समुद्र की तरह  सब जानने वाली, समाने वाली।

दिन हो तो, भीनी भीनी सी,
इठलाती, बल खाती किरणें,
श्याम हो तो, पुराने लैम्प की,
हल्की, मघम रोशनी,
ऐक अरसे की याद दिलाते हुऐ।

सोच कर थोड़ी मुस्कराहटें आती हैं,
और आँखें नम सी भी हो जाती हैं,
जब कुछ लम्हे परचाईयों की तरह
एक जुट हो जाते हैं।

कितनी बाज़ुऐं इस टेबल पर टिकी होंगी,
सामनेवाले की कही सुनने के लिए आँखे झुखी होंगी,
कितने अरमानो की कश्ती,
समुद्री गहराइयों में निडर गोते खा रही होंगी।

वो कश्मकश से दूर,
पर, किन्तु, परन्तु से परे,
मीठी, मासूम और कुछ करने की चाहत लिए,
वोह पल याद आतें हैं।

और फिर सोचतीं हूँ,
वो यादें रंगीन थी,
ज़िंदगी की तरह, बेहतरीन  थी,
और आज का क्या विचार है,
चलिए आज कुछ और यादें बनाते हैं
कल कॉफ़ी पर उनको याद कर जाते हैं।
A poem depicting the passage of time, celebrating the past but also mindful of the magic of the present.
आज तिमी
जस्तै देखे
भन्न मन थियो

म नै हो त्यो
भन्यै भने
बोल्ने शब्द थिएन
शैली : मुक्तक
विषय: यात्रा स्मृति
As a child I used to hide from monsters under my sheets -
They weren’t under the bed, they were in the kitchen.
I could hear the echoes of their whispers curl round the edges of the door.
They‘d often push it open a crack.
I’d pretend to be asleep - that’s where I felt safest;
Sometimes I’d convince myself I really wasn’t conscious.
They’d slither away when they saw no light in my eyes to extinguish.
But they’d always leave the door open.
I used to watch the light from outside fight the shadows
I used to urge it to win.

By the crack of the door
I would crouch and listen  
And what I heard
Was my mother weeping,
“I wish my daughter would change.”
I stayed quiet so she wouldn’t hear me.
Every night, I got quieter still
Until she began to say instead,
“I wish my daughter would speak.”
And I wished I could give her what she wished for
But she didn’t understand
That it had been easy for me to **** her daughter
But seemed nearly impossible to build her a new one.

Things changed for me then -
I grew tired of watching the light try to harness and tame the darkness
(Or maybe the other way around).
I’d before felt things were black and white.
I’d seen the darkness as evil
And longed for the light,
But as time went on I learned that demons lurk in all wavelengths.
I was fickle; I flocked to the winning side.
I became convinced that darkness was safety,
That in it I could project what I wanted.
Then whenever they’d move away from the door
I’d tiptoe to close it.
Everything happens for a reason,
one of the important lesson I learnt with the change in season
and people.

Some moments hurt, scar and engrave
an important lesson.
Protecting you from future treason
Making you deal with it even better.
Some moments exhilarate happiness and positivity
Fueling you with love and treasuring the memories.

Some people come as blessings
Building homes in our hearts;
Helping us sail turbulent waves;
Acting as starlights in our dark sky.
While some leave us lessons
Vacating their homes in our hearts.

Twist is some, come back
and some only stay a flashback.
Some are are sent for exile
and some come back to reconcile.
People come and go.
Some drawing a smile on our face;
creating a beautiful and positive impact.
But leave for certain reasons,
To those people I am thankful,
to have had my paths cross with them.
And grateful to the ones who’s chaos and storms,
I survived and bloomed from.
Not forgetting about the ones who stayed
even when some left,
Appreciating them for still standing by my side till the very end.
Here’s to ones who drifted and faded. Here’s to the ones who became closer. Here’s to the ones who left, leaving me to bloom. Here’s to the loyal ones, who fueled with me love and strength. Here’s to the ones who who came back, making me believe in forgiveness, hope and chances.
Rae May 28
Unavailable for your games and wicked schemes :
Unavailable for your nonchalant attitude and your confusing words .
Unavailable  for my voice constantly repeating the same thing to you and not being heard .
Unavailable for your lies .
Unavailable for your high pride .
Unavailable for your “ Cocky persona “ when others are watching .
Unavailable for the  countless “ I’m sorry and   “I’ll do better” .
I’m unavailable for the broken promises
And the missed calls , and putting up with you through it all.
I was always available to you but you were always “ unavailable ” to me .
So now I’m unavailable because I’m tired of trying.
No more excuses ,
mind games ,
and crying
Unavailable to you and anyone else
Who think this type of relationship is satisfying .
I was thinking about what a lot of women go through to be loved and even my own personal experience and that’s how I came to write this .
Alicia May 22
Knot in my stomach
Hands wrapped around my neck
Stuck in a nightmare
That never seems to end

The walls are closing in
I'm running out of time
Trying to escape the memory
Of an unspeakable crime

Bound by a loyalty
That my own body betrays
Becoming a casualty
Of his cruel promiscuous ways

Silenced against my will
Robbed of my integrity
Cursed with the knowledge
That there will be no penalty

Can I just rewind?
Get it all out of my mind?
But there were real monsters under my bed
They lulled me to sleep every night

The time when it feels like life is throwing you fire

That moment when you decide to temporary mentally retire

In hopes to repair and recover

Before you got to get your thoughts together

A timer ticking, with less than four days.

Then you realise 2 days have slipped in a foggy haze

Another 12 hours disappear in a blink while I’m stuck in this maze

Mind jammed on repeat, running same old relays

Life on the brink, Useless skits stuck on replay.

Disaster strikes it’s second hit,

With the bowel empty, out of ****,

tired and wired

In some serious need.

Next door possesses my ****,

clock strikes 2am,

no hope for the action called- boomerang

thoughts doing laps- thinking-

Why did I leave it there for so long?

Drug-enduced thoughts shift the blame,

How could they do me so wrong?

By not returning Billson after borrowing,

Leads to plan B’s decease.

The creation of black death to ease the worrying.

Now in search for some other sweet release.

Should have prepared a stash of sleepers

But I’ve used them all up,

Option C – A pill with effects like ******,

Zanexe don’t stand a chance anymore,

Immune to those dowsers, always needing a top-up.

The familiar stench of the chemicals on my skin,

Reminds me of all the times I swore I hated this sin.

Yet here I am again, where on earth do I begin?

Perhaps when I had my first lapse,

6 days ago, 2 points and didn’t collapse.

Which fertilised the seed planted by an addict

1 month off a year clean…

I was truly recovering

Then hell froze over turning my skies unclear,

That tickle got me thoughtful with the unspoken words - ‘I gotta have more’.

For of cause tomorrow I know I will be sore,

With that familiar dismantling pain,

For I have walked this road before.

For it I search, an act previously well-rehearsed

Found and purchase ordered,

I reach into my purse,

And as easy as that, transaction recorded.

- LetterGoddess
lila Mar 30
every time the doorbell rings
my heart stops and sometimes
i think i start hearing things
small flashbacks
of broken childhood memories
and apologies falling through the cracks
but i can’t seem to forgive you
after all that you’ve put me through
because, i guess you forgot
but you hurt me too
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