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Josh G Sep 4
Friends, oh friends
Where did you draw that line?
We're shuffled around, bagged up and shelved
And somehow that's just fine
You claimed you'd help me when I needed it
And now I'm suffering is this what you meant?
You pushed me away, scared to take action
While this burden rolled down, gaining traction

I spiraled down, cracking to the core
Empty bottles of pills all sprawled out on the floor
You grew more distant while I tried to reach out
Plaguing my mind with these crushing waves of doubt
I expected more and I was let tragically down
As my problems spread and gained all of this renown

I was broken, I was battered and sore
When did helping, become such a chore
But I forgave you, for all of your faults
It just hurt me, to watch this friendship halt
You preach about helping by noticing the signs
But when I was apparent you just ignored mine
Now years have passed and we've grown up
We don't talk but that's good enough
Please dont feel sorry, for the things that you did
I hold no grudge, for we were just kids
I wrote this more as a song but figured I'd share it anyway. It's about some times I went through during/right after high school.
liv Aug 25
i hope videos of me
pop up in your one year ago
memories on snapchat
and i hope they pull at your heart
like they do to me
bakunawa Jun 16
i'm sorry
if i was
never able
to tell you
'fix yourself'
you totally
blocked me out
(or blocked me away?)
i was too busy
fixing the things
you broke----
like your own trust
and i did trust you too
just saying
and our
if you could still
call it that
which by the way
you said
'ayokong mawala ka kuya'
that will lose it's value
if i translate it to english
because for some
unknown(lol) reason
i still treaure those
(broken promises are just words right?)

and umm right now
i'm sorry if
i couldn't reply
so quickly
that you're asking
for help----
i'm too busy writing this
which by the way
you should really read
when i publish it
probably when i've moved on
and umm
i can laugh about it already
but really, at the moment
all i can think about
is how
i wasn't even able
to tell you
'fix yourself'
before you broke me completely
because i was too busy
by myself
and apparently hurting in your behalf
since apparently you're 'too cool' to cry for me.
don't worry, after i write this
i'll probably
not say those two words again...
and i'll probably
fall head over heels for you again...
bah if i ever let you read this
that means i've either succeeded or quit?
but for now
i will try to fix you
fill in the blanks
umm septemer 2017---- finally got to publish this
please laugh
just laugh

and umm btw, to avoid any sequels nope i quit mkay? done, g'night.
Faith Apr 30
The day brings hope;
The night taunts with flashbacks and horrors.

Pleas for blissful ignorance,
Go unheard.
Time for that has passed.
Winter cocoons me in frost,
That summer attempts to thaw.

You remind me of all of this.
Once my thoughts gather themselves,
I realize I still feel the same:
Splattered across the four walls,
Within the room,
You murdered me in.
Every weekend, I walk into that one room.
And suddenly,
I close my eyes and feel again every memory we've made.
Everything in that room reminds me of you.
And I wonder, for how much longer will I feel this pain in my chest.
For how much longer will I see your cold eyes whenever I close mine.
For how much longer will I end my days tortured by the memories.
I messed up.
I was suppose to be your punishment.
But in the end, I became your prisoner.
Pradeep Apr 28
His mind screened the last show.
In the realm of this life, his final bow.
Like an old tube light, the screen flickered,
one moment clear, the next made hazy
by a teary curtain.

First scene,
7 decades back,
when he sat on grandfather's lap,
a cozy cave of warmth and cracking bones
humming in harmony with the antique ceiling fan,
licking pieces of jaggery,
sucking his hand dry, bitten finger
making him more cranky.
Earlier, mother had said with a frown,
her forehead an outline of a banyan tree,
"Enough sweets, your mouth looks like
the front gate, when opened wide".

Tears ran down, then and now.
Mother's rebuke and restriction
was the end of the sweet world
he knew. Till ...
the old man put out his hand,
like a magician removing his hat,
and there lay, in the center of the palm,
like an oasis in a desert, two shiny
diamond chunks, chunks of jaggery.

The fingers healed,
he looked up at the magician's smiling face,
dug up like the roads to school,
his mouth's front gates missing.

The kid bent, sucked quick,
lest he's seen with the jewels,
studded with harm and love equal.

On a whim, he looked at the front door
and beyond, at the real gate, big and open,
beckoning him to a life of jaggery
and potholes,
like the road to his school.
In a 74 year old's last week, his memories start from his childhood.
Though the setting and language is Indian, I believe human emotions are universal.

Jaggery - a coarse dark brown sugar made in India by evaporation of the sap of palm trees. Jaggery is used as a substitute for white sugar while making sweets.
bakunawa Apr 23
           explicit beauty...
                expressive beauty...
                    destructive beauty...
   you still look so angsty
       staring into my eyes
               sating my thirst
             hearing my cries
cold hand of abuse
         hand of love
         hand of loathing
         hand of passion
                  so many words
                  to  call them
                  but they are my hands
                  guided by yours----
                           creeping down
                           worn out pants...
          ­   your eyes
             your lips
             your chest
      i­t was never just
      your body that I liked
                      your hands...
                    ­    way you graze me
                    softly, slowly, gently.
           everything moves in flashes
                just like before---
                          how you bite your lips
                          how i catch my breath
                   how you lean in forward to whisper
              ----love me
              ----love me
                                 ----love me
                                 ----love me
                                 slowly getting
                      just like the old times----
              ----love me----
        the way i think of other things...
        just to slow down the time
        then i try my saddest to stop it...
             because i just know it's the end
                                              if i do it now.
                ­     this is where i belong
                              inside you
                   this is where you belong
                              in my eyes
                ­                      .
 ­                                     ?
                          ­            !
           ­                                                               it­ feels
                                                           ­                damp
                                       your face tells me victory
           but your cries tell me you're in shambles
           Could have noticed it before----
           ­     now it feels more like moans of defeat
                                                        mo­re than of joy
                     so this is how you felt like?
           my hand covered
           in what you slathered yourself in
                          ­    after
                   ­           after
            ­                            disgusting.
                i'm not catching my breath
                after an extreme ride in disneyland
                          it's more like taking a breather
                          after foolishly running away
        as i look the empty space
        beside my bed
        the photograph of you
        half drenched in my sweat
                 it's not passion
                                            it's just dread----
             and shame
             and pain
             and longing
             and regret
         as i walk you down the isle
         to the drawer where you belong---
the flashes would end
for the night
                       until the next
       and your ghost
       again whispers
       closely beside me
----love me.
     ----love me.
          ----love me.
               ----love me.
                    ----love me.
                         ----love me.
                              ----love me.
                                   ----love me.
                                        ----love me.
                                             ----love me.
                                                  ----love me.
                                                       ----love me.
                                                            -­---love me.
                                                             ­    ----love me..
challenge: explicitly sensual by imai; title taken from imai
I can still taste you
You’re there in the back of my throat
My tongue is swollen at the thought
My taste buds are bitter
Even drinking water hurts
I have never felt so broke
I’ve brushed at my teeth so hard to try and scrub you off  
My gums are now bleeding
My lips are chapped
But no matter how much I rinse you’re still inside my mouth
I can’t spit you out

I’ve torn at my skin
I want to peel you off
But you’ve woven yourself so far in
Deeper than any tattoo I have
I’m covered in burn marks
I am so red
Itching all over trying to scratch you out
My nails are chipped my flesh looks so angry
I can’t help but scream

Why won’t you get out?

You’ve caused me to rot
I am a living skeleton that belongs deep in the Earth
I am alive my heart it still beats
But even when I take my last breath
I will probably look more alive than this

It hurts to walk
It hurts to move
All I can do is cry
All I can do is remain still
I’m choking on my tears whilst you dig your hands into my brain
Tearing up my mind
This is all in my head but you’ve caused me such damage
That I am falling apart from the inside to the out-

Why won’t you get out?
Kellin Apr 3
My eyes have become a resting place for all the memories I've watched us make, there is such irony in the constant replays
Though you are no longer here, I still see you
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