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Renee 'Wisera' Nov 2017
Energy sizzles under my skin
Teeth clenched
Muscles ready to dive right in

Even water sits like a stone
In my stomach
Wants to come up from thoughts alone

Poised and ready with nowhere to go
Hands folded
I'm feeling ready to explode!

Anxious about what will come next
Eyes wet
Nothing to do but to progress

So tired but trying to go on
Body sore
Naps are nice but it won't last long
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2017
So much energy
Plenty to do
I can do anything
Except what I need to

My thoughts are a whirlwind
I want to escape
I can't drink liquor
When I'm working late

I can watch movies
Play games on my phone
Reorganize my desk
Sing a long song

When it comes to it
I'm just depressed
Life's going nowhere
Memories repressed

Keep pushing on
Take a deep breath
Practice mindfulness
Repair whats left

There is only today
What I don't get done
Won't go away

Grab up that energy
Make a big push
Write a little poem
And GET OFF YOUR ****!
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2017
There once was a girl in a mood
She couldn't shake, so what to do?
To the keyboard
Writing up more
Poems to help her get through
Renee 'Wisera' Oct 2017
Today is a rough day
I'm feeling all alone
There's some I could reach out to
But none will help me through it all

Nightmares and flashback are haunting me today
Visions of fear, helplessness and pain
Happy thoughts of mine just float away
Held back tears flow down like rain

I know those remembered time are over
Though I still feel vulnerable
No ones coming to throw me over their shoulder
But who's next to show me ****?
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2017
They say happiness comes from within
That’s what they say but in the past it hasn’t been
Now I’m expecting to win
Work real hard and turn away from the sins
But this isn’t working at all
I’m doing my best but still dropping the ball
Telling me to start small
What else can you do after a big fall!?
I don't know what to do
Plenty of talk but my choices are few
It's time to do something new
The first hardest step is to choose
Renee 'Wisera' Jul 2017
I dreamt of you last night
And the night before
Your parting really wasn't right
Only way to hurt us more
I never stopped loving you
That's what hurts the most
I don't know if you loved me too
Now I'm haunted by your ghost
The dreams are always pleasant
Walking, talking bout the kids
After waking I just resent
All the *******, drugs and digs
I miss the you that I knew
Every single day
But in the end it wasn't you
And I can't give up today
Renee 'Wisera' Mar 2017
Happy birthday to me
I really have to ***
I'll have another drink now
Dance til we're dizzy!
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