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You are gone,
yet everywhere
that I touch,
see, with my sensitive eyes
and heart.

You are gone,
Yet we never stop looking.
We know you're out there.
Each morning we call the
the jails.

You are gone.
Day after day
we hear nothing.
We wonder,
we hope,
we pray that you
are alive.
That no one has hurt you too badly through the night.
That you've not hurt yourself too much to come back from.

You are gone.
Yet the shadow of you is here.
It is everywhere.
Your shadow floats down from the
moon light,
and at night
covers such deep sadness
we know then that we miss you beyond the stars.

The You
that was You..
Losing an adult child to drugs is devastating beyond words. It hurts so bad.
Amanda Mar 2019
Your labored breath the solitary sound
You continue to strive for perfection
Not knowing why you are not good enough
Where you drove off my affection

Going crazy chasing changing answers
Cursing past mistakes large and small
Violently flailing out of vindictive frustration
Wondering if I even love you at all

Thought you to be a reasonable guy
I am looking for that face
Focusing on how wrong I must be
As I deliver the coup de grace

Your instinct is fighting with logic
See your strength go weak
Hidden emotion weighing shoulders
Shut your eyes and do not speak

My heart caves in, I take your hand,
All the time taken from you
It is too late to return it
Together the months we break in two

Words cannot mend or explain
Tried ways to make you understand
Slowly truth seeping through
Pain I inflicted was never planned

As I sit with ice inside my bones
Love between us all but ceases
I am forced to carry the guilt of leaving you
Your life in a million shattered pieces
Written October 2018
Daniel Feb 2019
I can´t resist anymore,
I simply want to hold you,
wrap my arms
around your
delicate body.

I know you´re shattered
but I will be
your safeguard
protecting you
from any more damage,
your detective
searching for
the tiniest pieces of you
and your long-lasting glue
sticking you back

I will try my best
to stick your pieces
and again
and hope that
my presence makes you realize,
you are whole with
and without

just **** cheesy
s Willow Jan 2019
I saw the hurt,
the night killing the day,
the day kills the night.
An eternal battle.
The dark of dusk
The bright of dawn
distracted us
from our fears.
Our frears of
I’ve seen the hurt.
Kate Red Nov 2018
I spent 3 years loving you.
I poured my heart out yet you left me.
You left me because of the freedom that you wanted.
Yet there you are, looking for another relationship.
I’ve been questioning myself, thinking that I wasn’t enough but I realized, you’re the one who can’t be contented of me.
You wanted something more.
All I did is care for you.
All I did is think of what’s best for you.
You left, not because you needed freedom,
But because you wanted someone else.
Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
I don't know why,
Why I escape the shades
and curse the sun for getting me warm!
I don't why my soul is flinching the world!

The horror of nights and that grimness
of days, don't let me sleep or remain awake
I don't know, if I am still living or
This life has deserted me before a long!

The soothing music tears me apart and
That lethal silence intimidates my fragile heart!
I don't know if I still belong to myself or
I have been snatched away before a long!
Shah Fahad Sani Jul 2018
O God !! I can't convince and
they can't feel......
Change their hearts if
You won't change my tongue
Shah Fahad Sani Jun 2018
A blink of words
That can't be said
Or even be written
She is poem of thousand words

She is fierce and gentle
All at once
She's a song
An unending song

She is a sparkle
She is a shine
She is the only thing
That i want to call mine

She is my everyday
And an everynight
She is every morning
And an every twilight

She is all i know
She is all i see
She is a sweet melody
She is an  unmatching rhythm
Rahmmie SA May 2018
I'm scared to write;
Cause I know the words;
"I messed up really bad"
Will come out of nowhere.

It just did.

I feel like I'm in limbo;
I'm a mess.
I messed up something good,
Something great.
I think about it and my eyes water;
I think of what's going to happen next;
And I involuntarily shudder.

I put myself first for once.
It doesn't feel like I put myself first.
I feel like I just convinced myself.
I convinced myself to destroy;
My source of happiness;
Inner peace.

I messed up really bad.
The deed is done.
This time there's no turning back;
But *******,
I messed up really bad.
So sad right now.
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