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Juliana Apr 2021





Maria Etre Jul 2020
The day my kyboad boke
I ntced the importnce
of each letter
but still made sens
of the whle messae
my keyboard is broken
like me
so some leer will be missing
hoefllly yo can ndersand
i'm broken
and like my keyboard
i'm missing things which
i can be cant be wihot
if yo can ndersand this
then maybe yor broken o
becase yo ndersand my brokeness which
is more then i ca say abot alot of eole
my keyboard is broken and i do no feel like using the onscreen one.
Madeleine Mar 2019
My life is like a keyboard explained to you in
You see life isn't always perfect
Or easy going but can be rough & will be
For when it does
I try and Esc those who are poison to my life
where I just need to Tab and skip ahead a week
or maybe a month
that doesn't always work so I try and find an Alt way
if all fails
push through to the End
Shift to the new chapter 
and delete them from your life
social media and all
You see, Sometimes, subtracting people is perfect
But adding new people to your life
Can be even better and much more so rewarding
I like to enter into a long dream 
so I can wake up and start over
some days feel like I am on caps lock and everything is drastic 
or way too exciting I just need to scroll down a bit to save some energy for the rest of the day
Some days I need not be alone
but to insert myself into healthy groups
full of positive vibes and energy
if I stay with healthy relationships
my f8 should be well off
but don't quote me on that
if I ever get to crazy
feel free to tell me to backspace 
and just chill
I don't want my life to be just okay & full of JK's 
but rather full of spontaneous adventures
while trying not to be a jailbird one day
I know we belong together
for that is why W and E are next to each other
like U and I
but don't #perfect us or we are like many others
so if you could let me clear my mind
and focus that would be great
for I am @ a point
where I shouldn't be worried about $$
and the % I make
to help do things for you and I
because it isn't about 
money but taking
one letter one word at a time
Spelling out my future is up to me and me alone
Yes, it can be influenced by those around me
Or maybe I haven't let myself learn to say No
To you making decisions for me
Maybe it is about time I say goodnight
Take a rest
At home where I feel safe
Like putting pause on life to
Meditate and think about what is next
Before hitting play once again
I am not locked in a box without a key
For I am the key to  my life and
My day can be bright without you
For you have dimmed me to where
I don't even know myself
And my true self is hidden to just
To fit your mold of a friend
Or a significant other
Sometimes I need to rewind
My day in my head to reflect
On what I can do better for the next time
But for now it is time for me to say goodnight
And bid you farewell
For you were a virus to me
That I couldn't seem to get rid of
You are no longer the mouse that controls
What I do
For I connect better with those
Who are the opposite of you
And those who let me be me
And not try and control
What I do
Who I am with
Or my hobbies
I so much enjoy doing
So maybe if you still want to be my friend
Find a  copy
Oh wait
You can't for I am one of a kind
And you need to leave
So I am going full screen
Because I am me
In my own world
I know I am not the center of attention
But I have my own times to shine bright
And its not every time or everyday
But that is alright with me
Sleep tight now
For I need to recharge my batteries
so as i was reading i realized i had ideas to finally add to this.
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