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Jon Thenes Sep 27
We treadmill experience
through the repetition of act
and retapping of memory

We loot from ourselves
trying to obtain
a moment absent from the self

We put essence to exhaustion
and wind ourselves ground

We have moulded a depression

Since WE have achieved this
WE can muster an opposing goal ?
Z Sep 6
Her gaze got the best of me
Burning bright and mahogany
I framed my fervor in filigree

hollow gestures, a pantomime
She just wanted to pass the time
Nearly twenty, too juvenile
To be anything more than tactile

A crowded room, a compact tableau
I still look for her where I go
A stubborn habit, it’s hard to quell
Maybe too callous, but I meant well

A little less than fortuitous
Resolution eluded us
Two strings, discordant synchronies
Why bother with antiquity?
I've been listening to Hippo Campus a lot and I love the way they write so this is a *very* basic attempt at the style! Thanks for stoppin by
Trout Sep 2
Mushrooms fill her eyelids
Covered with the scent of broomsticks, bruises, glue sticks.
I feel it moving, with one inside
Talk to Japan
One’s still inside
One’s still inside
The feeling sticks
In me of me
Jon Thenes Aug 17
Self Sickening Species

The Human Craving

The Gummy Decay
We Favour For Our Mortar

Our Truth-less
Clunny Actions

Sweet Tooth
We Solder On
Indulging Our Senses
Till Everything Is Flavourless
Thank of you guys ...for introducing me to the word ‘feening’
When the evening comes
Everyone is moody
But only the stars in the sky
Can tell of my kind
When the insects whistle
"The birds are silence in their nest"
And the men are noisy with their nets
Throwing in the forty five cl seas.

Catching up their vibes
While the feeling lives in me
Starring at faces of different colours
But their smiles justifies
The tale of joy
And the reasons are still
value in my thought.
This poem is about everyday drinking habit that is now unstoppable in our society(ies).
Seanathon Aug 1
How to let old habits die?
To let the quiet stillness of the mind be
To be content
To be accepted
To be both the present and the virtue
How do you let old habits die?
The trick is
To let life breathe
A Habit
Carl D'Souza Jul 30
Are bad-habits
actions we do on impulse
without carefully thinking
whether we should do these actions?
Do bad-habits
lead us away from joy and happiness?
Towards unjoy and unhappiness?
Like overeating makes us fat and diabetic?
Liking smoking cigarettes gives us lung cancer?
Like alcoholism wrecks our life?

Should we introspect
to become self-aware of our bad-habits?
Evaluate our bad-habits?
And reform our mind
to expunge bad-habits from our mind?
I've been smoke free two months today.
I haven't smoked and I hope that's how things will stay.
Please don't start smoking, it wasn't a good thing for me to do.
Please say no to nicotine because that is what is best for you.
Beer doesn't go well with love
   Like a recorder it takes you back
From words you don't want to hear
  To memories that made you love and fear

For a beer fills the stomach
    Yet it makes my heart spill the truth
Rather waking up drunk
     While slowly letting go of you
Vass Mar 24
At night you cry because you're afraid to die.
You wanna drink, get high and savor the blue sky.
Yet every morning you put on a suit and tie,
and live yesterdays lie.
Every change you deny,
you don't even give them a try.
It's time you say goodbye.
Your life is over, the void is nigh.
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