Look at my  
eyes    and
its   hidden
trusty   habits.

  No need  to
ask  rabbit.

Your   tuition   and
school  going  days
are  not still

One  day   i  have  to
talk   with  your
shadow's  moving  area
at  day  time.

Look  at   my  feet's
  motionless  movements.

Surely  you  have  to
find out  the
frequent  frequencies
of  true  romantic  sense.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I still miss you
Out of habit
You are my first
After all
And since then
My heart is different
Ever since we end it
Am different
And have been trying
To hide my heart
So **** hard
That i have been building
Walls and walls
Around me
So no one
No one
Could ever break me
Like you did
How you made me feel
So weak, Vulnerable
Hopeless, Broken
My walls were doing fine
Before u came back
I hate that you have
That control over me
Over my heart
Jane in Jeopardy Dec 2018
How can a wound be identified--
When people only heed tears
but only with blood;
but only to tears
will the eyes bleed.

People can be ignorant--
For their hearts,
may no longer be filled with blood
but rather tears
circulating till they cause
tears deep within.

These tears each person has in life
forms a unique habit
which does not come in free size;
Some will drown in it
before anyone identifies
the wound.
habits = clothes or conduct;  tears = dual meaning
AuEcologica Dec 2018
Morning coffee—
You are what you wear when you are alone.

Alvira Perdita Dec 2018
old habits approach me like dealers
in the darkness. their faces hidden by shadow,
their intentions vivid as they whisper
wonderful promises of release,
of escape and of freedom.

i tell them no, push them away,
i attempt to stray towards the light.
they grab my wrist and spin me around,
holding tight as they look me in they eyes
and whisper "you're not going anywhere".

i try to hold out, but the fear is building
up inside, and i'm not sure if i am strong enough
to fight back, to win this constant battle.
i want to scream for help, i want to cry out
in desperation, but i am drowning.
Id go back to the first moment
   Where your eyes shined brighter
When your lips curls up everytime
        you called my name

When your hands never grew tired
      holding mine
        As Cigarettes were my yesterday's comfort habit ,
     I got addicted to you more.

     I used to think love tasted sweeter
      the longer you stay
This time I need that time machine
        to get another taste .
Oh I cry everytime I fail
trying to bring back what was once ours
Im not smart enough to create the impossible time machine to go back in time
but I'll be wiser to change this today
and pray for what fate molds us to be
Not Lauren Oct 2018
Burning heart
Matching soul
What will it take
To feel a bit whole

Spinning head
Cloud of smoke
Just one bad habit
To fix what's broke

My throat still aches
I just wanted to feel awake...
I light a cigarette, knowing I’ll throw it away once I’m done, which is when I remember you.

I’ll watch the smoke furl; tainted hues of blue creeping higher before dissipating into the distance.

The embers of solidarity illustrate the breath of stale decaying ****, pretty soon I’ll need another fix. I’ll need to taste you, draw you in, where you’ll entwine with the promises I swallowed.

Your picture has become a blurred line in my vision, I can barely recollect our final collision through anger tearing apart your portrait. There’s little to be done but wait, wait for the smog of regret to clear, I’d open a window, but it’s still your ghost I call home.

I don’t want to be left outside the world you never intended to keep me in, it was my own mind that locked me inside as I waited, breath baited under the static of a story too cliché to be tragic.

I’ll break before I break the habit.
ethan gaskill Sep 2018
instead of saying
that we've moved on
we should say
that we're in recovery
because we're all addicts
in need of love
ready to fall
into our same old desperate habits
the moment we get a hit
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