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Dove off the deep river
it has been a long while now.
Chirping eerily beautiful
anthem of evening the bird flock                          
back to the nest picked their ways
Still, I am in apparently shallow desert.

Nope, I am not lost counting
the low hanging stars but
stopped feeling lonely in the desert.
The moon over the dunes draws closer
I happened to witness then like the star
for heaven, why no one needs a ladder!
Shofi Ahmed Apr 7
The show is poetry in motion
even on the black canvas of the night
it remains a live showdown the stars
one that's hardly dark in the dark.

The fireflies fly through
highlighting in silver lines
that could barely shed new light
amid the spectator stars
eye on upon it from the far.

The sea in black in the night
billows with full of ink
only to wish to ink a beauty spot
above its forehead on a shining Moon-dew.

Looking down on it from the stars
the sea in black is bedewed with moonlight.
It’s not that there is no red no purple no colour
it's the garden of every morning's new sun
in bloom in the shady bud of the night.
Mar 26 · 1.7k
Lockdown Home is Big
Shofi Ahmed Mar 26
Buy the top guns in the world
now all in one same album.
Trump, Jinping and Putin
their ode to the public
now meticulously is one same lyric.
Get in, stay in, the home is big!

Believe it or not, it's big
Bigger than Times Square,
Palace Square or Tiananmen Square.
But how they are so sure
have they seen my home or yours?
Yes they say and surely not alone
in one voice they sing, love it
or loath it lockdown is sweet
they saw the next big thing.
Dare not follow their coronavirus lyric
it could be the grave the next we step in.

What we see now, what are we to learn?
When the Almighty wants to whisper
there can be no other power broker.
In no time the sky can turn upside down
and lo back to the basic home flies the lark!
Current British poet laurate wrote a poem on the same theme see below. Two poems eyeing on the current lockdown phenomena from a different perspective. His one is more consoling while my poem insists more on taking a note on our dependence on God.

The question is, comes a catastrophe and of course we should try to overcome it by all means. At the same time, we may pass on without diving deep, without downloading the attached massage that it may come with. We can just skim through the email. But how long can we survive before seeing another catastrophe unfold on us? Because we might be ignoring an attached message.

Lockdown by Simon Armitage
And I couldn’t escape the waking dream
of infected fleas
in the warp and weft of soggy cloth
by the tailor’s hearth
in ye olde Eyam.
Then couldn’t un-see
the Boundary Stone,
that ****-eyed dice with its six dark holes,
thimbles brimming with vinegar wine
purging the plagued coins.

Which brought to mind the sorry story
of Emmott Syddall and Rowland Torre,
star-crossed lovers on either side
of the quarantine line
whose wordless courtship spanned the river
till she came no longer.

But slept again,
and dreamt this time
of the exiled yaksha sending word
to his lost wife on a passing cloud,
a cloud that followed an earthly map
of camel trails and cattle tracks,
streams like necklaces,
fan-tailed peacocks, painted elephants,
embroidered bedspreads
of meadows and hedges,
bamboo forests and snow-hatted peaks,
waterfalls, creeks,
the hieroglyphs of wide-winged cranes
and the glistening lotus flower after rain,
the air
hypnotically see-through, rare,
the journey a ponderous one at times, long and slow
but necessarily so.
Mar 17 · 227
The Secret of Rose
Shofi Ahmed Mar 17
The splendiferous rose
in picturesque shape and colour
aren't all its beauty treasure trove.

But how a rose is a rose
the flower by the thorns
next on the lane adjacent
to the utterly opposite heck
the very uneven grotesque!
Mar 16 · 472
Coronavirus Black Hole
Shofi Ahmed Mar 16
Oops all of a sudden we are shunning to come out
though our bird by design laughs all the way to Mars.
We don't want to because of a coronavirus bug
but it isn't an alien came out from the far
the monster broke out from our very thin air!

Come, see our space bird the spacecraft
hops up on to the solar world like a breeze
as if flying one tree to the other tree.
Hang on its yet to sing the story
from our epic album of technology.

As it crosses the trap the Van Allen Belt
it goes through like a seasoned pro
and blinds the moon on the first go!
Oh amazing what it sees on the next mo
a man-made bird in Mars landed its foot.

Our space bird spreads the wings
far from the Moon from the Jupiter
tweeting from our science pages at par
from the planet after planet raising the bar.

But now all stay home it's risky to walk far
perhaps we forgot the unseen hole is deeper
what's lurking nearby then the black hole afar.
Where the moon lits candlelight isn't by the stars
far from venus over the sea is closer to us!
Mar 5 · 302
Looking for God
Shofi Ahmed Mar 5
Looking for God
but can't find the truth.
Look for your soul
can you see it at all?
Feb 29 · 783
Where is God?
Shofi Ahmed Feb 29
Goodness is soul
see it sprinkles
across the board.
We can count on
every nook
every angle.
Where it is
in the whole
there is God!

No pain no birth
but the mother
only showers love
to her newborn child.
It may not pop up
but with food
for thought
God's love for
the creations!
Feb 27 · 501
Life on Earth
Shofi Ahmed Feb 27
The home is under
           the leafy tree.
The graveyard too
         is not far to see!
Feb 25 · 334
The Run In The Water
Shofi Ahmed Feb 25
The singing rain
touch down
on the ground.

The sun swims down
eyes on the river dance
rhyming with the water
the sea is never far.

The light of heaven
keeps hanging low.
Bestows on the dust
some shimmering
rays of gold.
For its wishes
just has one more:
When the rain is done
and the rose is out
sipping in the last drop.
Beneath that it will
step in its best foot
with all the sky blue.

The sun is rolling down
Oops on the halfway
down the sky
it takes a pause.
The run in the water
is never gone.
Off the neigh null
of the last raindrop
flowers a rainbow!

Deep down the core
the giant earth
is caught in a dew!

Let alone the billowy
seven seas give
the stunned earth a push.
The full geometric spread
of the solar world, it can pull!

Yet to catch up with the run
in the water drop in its core!!
Jan 31 · 391
Flying Bird
Shofi Ahmed Jan 31
The free-flying bird
always eyes on the high
looking for new blue skies.
Whenever will it own
a little bunch of the tree
it sits on as it flies?
Jan 22 · 117
The Pain
Shofi Ahmed Jan 22
When the pain is no more
the mortal world will be gone!
Jan 17 · 662
Great Wall of China
Shofi Ahmed Jan 17
The Great Wall of China
goes on mile after mile.
Keep walking high
rise onto roofless towers!

We have day and night
a coin has two sides.
There are here and hereafter
hell and paradise
a mundane earth
and a heavenly sky!

Walking on the wall
one might wonder
to take which side
left or the right?
Both look same now
but was built
to save only one side.

Choice is yours
turn on to either side.
There are good and evil
for the chosen better you
see what’s pops up?
Meet the sun rises high
in the silhouette of a great wall!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 13
Take the right step to rise perfectly straight high
and rip the reward is the opening of paradise.

The road ahead is all clear an open space
down on this lane, nothing could reach the end.
Things small and big, all fit and can disappear in it.
So you won't see a sun appears on the way
nor can you find a guide a flickering star in the dark
your sway is your best bet it got to be laser-sharp.
There is no hard shoulder on this way
miss it by an inch you can loose forever!

The black canvas of the night is not always dark
the sun can descend on it painting the firstlight
exposing up in heaven the source of the daylight.
There is hope there is light up in the high
as long as there are a man and a woman
never give up we must reach out
to the enduring heaven's light at last.

A woman indeed plucks up the courage
she never had to look up to the stars
be it for the guide or the light in the night.
Fathima herself was the full Moon every night
is thanks to her Godsent innate light.

With it, she can bask in the full spread of the pi
on top of its short decimals mounting high
constantly as if countless stars in the sky.

The time and space down the sun
and that under Fathima's light
is a far cry from each other
but can live side by side.

Like she points out:
'A circle is masculine
while the pi is feminine'.

Pi forms the circle while it's fine prints
decimal dots continue to spring.
Sprawling trillions of new digits
the bandwagon is still increasing.
Connecting the dots is an untouched dream.
The full moon pi picture is in veil
unseen at large, yet in short 3.145 it can live!  

Fathima can fly her lock of hair
in the lurking air of the transcended pi.
Because she is the primitive feminine
God's secret feminine opus!
An immeasurable black hole in between
the short and transcended pi runs like a river
and dances new on every riverbank
in the many curls of her jet black hair!

She lent out a hair to the planet earth
and crossed over here like a silhouette
without spilling out the colour
of the transcended end of the pi.
The earth takes it in the core of her heart
as if it would keepsake it forever.
Weaving the pi in Fathima instils the hair
tied it as a perfect circle the first and the front one
of the only ideal circle duo in the universe.

The motion inside the hair is the earth's finest fluid core
none is as deep as high as proportionate a perfect flow.
No time is as revealing no music is as sweet in this orb
no force is as mighty nor as a prevailing giant to explore
it's the cause of gravity and the heat at the earth's core.
the play of spirit and matter in the mix first and foremost
thanks to the pure resonance of 'Qun' be the word of God!

The way to the earth's core is exposed to none other
save the Angel of Death the lucky one.

See both sides of the one lofty sky swathed in countless stars  
but the day and night render through still remains an unseen one  
Terra is shalet zeroed in Fathima is heaven on earth!  
Up in the sky-high bank turning the starry bowl upside down
Fathima took no star nor a pearl diving deep down the Arab water.
The brightest luminary came after Muhammad (PBUH)
in veil from the Night of Measures and into the flipside in the night
she's gone without lifting the veil but left her penetrating mark.

Few could find the shortcut contemplating on this blank canvas
till to date, the Moon looks down into the abyss down the sea
looking for a mirror in the bottom in the as above so below matter
since God Sent Fathima touched on the all-inclusive primitive water.

She just raised a drop up, and the sun got caught up in the sky
the ancient fold of time still unfurls with the sun-kissed flowers
for the new hands yet the fingerprint on the sun remains only her!

Azrael heads to Fathima around the year 632 after death
touches down in Medina on his usual thin earth he steps.  
But this time a little mundane dust couldn't be thicker
He keeps descending deep down to the earth's centre
following from Medina there the angel locates her
inside the perfect circle a closed geometric figure.

Fathima is the female headline her secret is not all known
when she used to visit the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)
he would stand up for her hold her hand and kiss it
and seat her on his seat, she would do the same to the prophet
when he would visit her like they did know each other
in and outside the spheres of heaven and earth!

She is the embodiment of the infinite feminine variations
the first spiritual woman created following God's word Qun.
Her is the mother tongue of the ever diversified feminine lingua
no one woman on her own can rhyme with her alone.
She has no peer her rhetoric is unique like none other
from planet to planet the galactic run up on the starry ladder
climbing high up the mountain heaven yet streams out like oval
off their rock bottom stone until that unleashes the final run
in perfect circle delving into the rhythm of the loop at the centre
made of Fathima's hair charged by 'Qun' God's uncreated word.  

Prophet David can sing on the bank of the river
and can see the fish are jumping to him out of the water.
The masculine is open form eye on everywhere
but not her the woman is in juxtaposition her
all-inclusive schema supplanting the details rest only on her.
She is the unseen world within the world at best imagine her!
Such an inwardly open door indeed opens the door for nature
to vanish if she wants to at the sight of the whole matter
before the scientist on ultimate discovery nature can disappear!  

The land, the sky all can flower within her
can align with her down the rainbow on the high.
Her words can spread through like the smart cloud that flies far
over the lands and valleys but not even the wind none other
gets a sniff of the potion and melody it caries until it rains down
at the targeted place without a hurdle, she moves on far ahead
such a soul needs no after death lift from the angel of death.

Before Azrael Fathima loses the arc of the circle then and there
so not the earth but giant Azrael can take the pressure!
Marked by a fluid discharge since then she is cooling this moisture
In Shaa Allah God willing when she ajars it so it will be elixir, not fire!  

Draw a straight line, but it won't be perfect
it keeps bending, fly straight touching the sky
the flight path won't look like a straight line
it would be like the crest of a crescent moon
like curve touched the sky, like climbing up
atop the pyramid is not going high straight on
it goes up from the widespread seked slopes.

Like the stock market chart moves never
in straight lines but in a zigzag pattern.
Move big but start small, the golden ratio
is always 1.618 something is never the full 2
but gives the formula to design flawlessly on the go
from micro to macro level all the way to the true north!    

Fathima being the original feminine eyeing at her
she can tap in the knowhow of naturally feminine nature.
And discovers the immanent pattern - the world
is pre-designed and measured is never a coincidence.
The creatures' creativity, scientist's science
is to follow, discover working formulas like phi and pi.

Play along it works until an unknown hour strikes
comes with accurate knowledge dead on time
numerically correct never miss taking life away
as if it was calculated beforehand before the birth.
A newborn is born for a limited time
already set but no one knows when it goes up  
is a deadlock clock but it isn't so shrouded
in the blueprint of the creatures' grand design
there the clock ticks safe and sounds it never dies!  

Fathima hailing from the other side of the pool
eyes on the ever live pre-design side of the creation!
Then its corporeal face was only a water drop,
the primitive one looks see-through but dead zero
knowledge of its lively other side of the pool.
She comes closer and perfectly mirrors both sides
that shines through on her reflected face on the water.
An absolute new image that livens up the dead part
Bang - Big Bang! It gets the spark for the corporeal world
to explode out from the very first drop of the water!

The appearance of Fathima was miraculously instrumental
by the grace of God, it showed up the finite and infinite, 0 and 1,
future in the present and the death and life on the play!
Nature tends to follow suit it just saw the perfect role model
it moved big bang, but banged out only to its corporeal set!
A far cry from being at par symmetrical with its infinite reality
like the precursor image of it's Big Bang that it aspires to be!

Fathima leaves the door open elevating a perfect circle,
not a straight line, follows the pattern to take the variations
into account in the very first matter, the water drop.
She zooms in more into the abyss irrational portion
and aces the circle with her hair leaving a muslin fine
empty open zero at the starting point at the bottom.
The ocean of the pi digits, the DNA of all things material
banged out of it, still, the zero is numberless irrational!

All things, within oneself and in a set constantly vibrate,
strive to align with the enduring reality of itself.
The atom vibrates to reach out to its immortal proportion
that doesn't die and is in the know of its lower base.
The planets are in a defined circular orbit, accurately measured
just the apex on top of their dynamic pyramid the pyramidon
is tucked away; they too have an irrational portion in the circle.

With the finest spin, they zoom in the spacious universe,
in part and like the sun outside the constellations round they go
never miss a target line yet to re-discover Fathima's perfect circle
the origin of their digital essences' breakthrough
the door to their transcended destination de jour.
Lo the matter turns the last stone pulsing across the cosmos
the mortal horizontal spread, the spirit returns home.

The earth has a line in its swansong it has a place in paradise
it's not here to stay for good neither to perish forever!

Matters form and break without losing the rope,
it's not to paint the shades of the eternal blue.
There is just an irrational portion in the circle
at the heart of the earth, as above, so below.  
The deep the high the perfect circle
up and down the centre of gravitation for all!

At even and at odd the vibration within the matter is fluid
somewhere is parched there the arch matter must make a splash.
Far away on that dark beach, the full-fledged sea of the matters
outpours its billowy potion with the Moon on the frontline
the physical world's most glowed up firefly!

The seven seas swell up smoothly into the moonlight-dip
oh, the waterless Moon at the core is still fasting.
Led by the time the sweet swan punting along the waves
streams down the watery inner circle of the planets.
In the Moon, it's stuck no water in the last waterfront
where paradise is on the other side of the pool!  

The sun dips away into the night
bathing the horizon in shades of pink and gold,
the dazzling hues soon turn to taupe.
Drawing down painting the picture in full colour
only to find the time is up on the halfway,
yet to print a colour copy of the night!
The other unseen half is passed down to the Moon
tiptoeing in slow motion in the depths of the night
barely keeping the head afloat in a fathomless ocean
of shades of black hails from where knows none.  

The sun enkindles the moon half-lit keeping itself away
in the shadow as if comparing the shades now it knows
a mehrem a veiled female is ahead not to look on or
compared to that the sun has no light or true are both.

Wrapt in the eternal night beneath its black mole
once the moon on the front approaching most close
directly down to the centre of the earth eyes on
over that inlaid string hairy black perfect circle
never did it turn back the same gaze is still on
orbiting around the earth in synchronous rotation.

The never-ending night, becoming a night indeed
it's coming to an end so soon in our time.
In Shaa Allah I will see it with my eyes before I die
in the Night of Measures in an odd night in Ramadan
Fathima from the transcendental end of irrational heart
will turn on top of the curve opening for the first time
a 9-degree angle in the circle at the centre of the earth.

Instantly the leading force, time will get the first sniff
of the other world, so peaceful heart-melting serene.
Rapturous time feeling an ounce of the enduring peace
for the first time cutting all the corners with ease
will be propelled into its yet uncharted golden mean.
Scurrying to the peaceful abode time will be on its wings
across the globe, people will be stunned seeing
how first the times pass from then on incredibly quick!

Fathima, the first spiritual woman on duty, will start
pulling her hair back off the circle at the centre
Juxtaposed in between the worlds of here and hereafter.
She will take back every inch of it, the heavenly bodies
will feel the pinch of her every little subtle pull
that too will be a boon helping them perfect their circle.

Soon she opens it just 9-degree wide at first
the Moon will see a glimpse of the first drop of water.
Without it, it's living perched without the water of life
soon that's destined to rain down and the Moon
back into its original pond shall revive!
Mapping the pi's whole infinitesimals playground
finally, Fathima will turn the circle upside down
before the stunning sun rising in the western sky!

By now under Fathima's hair's shaded closed circle
it must have sailed far over the blue sky in the other world.
Billowing with the breeze over the sea of uncharted water
and stacking to the brim with all that it could discover
humbly stood like a cloud in that corner of the sky.

The time is finally ticking fast for it to rain down with love
as if paradise's welcoming schema rendered in waterpaint drops
for the Moon, the most glowed up firefly over the sea of matters
can sip in the water, at last, breaking its fast with elixir!
It's their heavenly adopted, Miʿrāj performed, primitive water.
The Moon with the seven seas will leave off the corporeal shell
gliding gracefully with this stately water nymph as if it never dies
and will make a splash plopping into the pond of paradise!  

For the matter ultimately is water and its extent is sound
Fathima will fetch it the water of life and take it to the next life!
Oh the matter shall do both die and revive with Israfil's sound
the cloud will fly out of the dead water on the ground,
like the earth with chorus songs of the rain revives.
When that a melodious nymph in the water makes waves
see paradise is here the Moon over the sea can't take off its eyes.

Hang on though they all set ready on their horizontal span  
to pull in such a fluid yet colourful descending like a rainbow swan.
First chaste Fathima will evaporate her hair's perfume away
that's yet lingering in the water warming it up to its premium
no crowd then can see where this heady, fragrant cloud will fly!
There are the momentum and delights where it well alight.

Israfil might then blow his trumpet swooning the world away
the secret will remain secret exception is noted in the Qur'an.
A strange sound will silence the chorus of the innate digits
collapsing the floating cosmos bubbling on their music.  
The corporeal circle will collapse as if there is no base no pi
the melody of the first word Qun means Be will still be loud
supercalifragilisticexpialidocious so how can we all expire?

Israfil too will play his reviving trumpet pure mellifluous
and In Shaa Allah numerically perfect Fathima will rise
amidst the resonant Qun as like she did in the beginning
when except prophet Muhammad (PBUH) there was nothing!
Now the earth once zeroed in beneath her hair will follow her
the stunned terra will discover Fathima took her hair away
only to shift the constellation up onto the upper world!

The old songs of the planets the chorus of the digits will revive
from the zero bases in the core the digital panache that dance
planet upon the planet as if they are always at the perfect hertz.

Indeed that is yet to come, the arts of the fine layers
opening from the irrational pi, the finest one is to flower
when Fathima will unloop her circled hair at the centre
piercing the very immanent irrational cut
that no creation can fathom only the loving creator
Allah will turn odd to even in between the here and hereafter
then the ocean stuck in deep salt shall turn to enduring potion!
The As-Sirat shall turn to be the bridge to paradise
the body shall revive with the enduring soul forever
and with ah Fathima couple shall enter paradise In Shaa Allah
with the rhapsody 'all praise is for Allah' Alhamdulillah!
Jan 13 · 836
Imagine Her
Shofi Ahmed Jan 13
She is the unseen world
within the world
at best imagine her!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 9
Beautiful Bangladesh naturally is pretty cute
on second thought is a masterstroke.
You gotta see it to believe how stunning it looks
as if the sunrise rendered a beauty spot
gladly put it on the morning rose!

Pop into a country of mass people
you could be walking down the singing birds
hanging low nearby our princely open doors.
Every one of us knows in the heart
we are sitting on a land of pure gold!

Should you bask in at the crack of dawn
as the crackling light of heaven stumbles upon
follow the first light that gives you your cue!
Besides the world's ******* Aladdin's
three wishes came true: the longest beach
the biggest tea gardens and mangrove forest,
in ***'s Bazar, Sylhet and Sundarbans.
Take your peep eye on in every direction
ah, moments await you on both sides of the pool!

Vividly mesmerising the Bengal of Gold,
a narrative in words can't always be told.
Sometimes it's said with whispers of old
in the shade of bamboo when that flute is heard
expect it to be carried to you by the frost-kissed air!

Hang onto your cameras even though
you walked passed the twilight in scenic Bandarban
seen the sunset in Kuakata is de ja vu ambling down this nook
you might feel walking one step down beneath the Moon!
Jan 5 · 434
The Earth's Swansong
Shofi Ahmed Jan 5
The physical matter
has a line in its swansong
it has a place in paradise
it’s not here to stay for good
neither to perish forever!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 3
The celebrity star shows up
hardly anything lurks in
not much to see inside
all that there is is out!

Then there are some
unknown, unseen ones.
For them inside the day
there is also a night.
Therein the Moon roams
wanes and waxes
beneath the silver lined stars.

Then there is a sea too
down at the bottom line
reflecting all crystal clear
the galaxies up high.
Their solemn lullabies
keep them awake all night!

There it goes for a deep dive
nothing can stop the punter
it's the everyday story of our sun!
Dec 2019 · 376
It’s in the Heart
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2019
May be forget the mouth
But how can I deny the heart?
Dec 2019 · 399
Hooked At The First Sight
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2019
If I can say a word
or two to you under the sun
wait, o gorgeous butterfly.

Up in the high is blue sky
allis clear on your way
but one has lost the eye.

It happened last night
not in the dark
but down the full Moon
above a glowing firefly.

Every star was eying down
there was light on the ground.
So charming was the hairy dark
wrapped around a flame of light
burning, waving, raising high    
a pair of silent closed lips
that besides the passionate sky
had the earth too hooked by.

Up and down was enticed
musing on the magic
what did it swallow down!
Will you blame me then
if at the first sight
of it lose my eye?
Dec 2019 · 661
Nightingale on the Rose
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2019
Ask not the rainbow
what did it paint first
the first light?
With its first splash
of colours on the rose
it begs in the eyeballs
of all the stars.
Listen to the nightingale
why it still cries?
Dec 2019 · 467
Winter in London
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2019
The autumn just walked away it’s last few steps
Once again the freezing winter is upon us
Empty trees watch the leaves falling down
No more songs the birds deserted with the blue sky!

Oops, hang on, God’s nature works wonders
in the light and in the dark, likewise.
The leaves have not flown away
When the sun is tucked away
Think of these remote canvases
that also need some lights.
And the trees nearby love
to throw a leaf a blanket on all of us.

Truly it’s time for aspiring gets up
- dreaming sun is indoor on its warming amber.
Who knows you or me who might see first
Snow White on our snowy way?
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
God before penning the very first word in the book of creation
He knew the last that reflected in inking the very first drop
composing the bottom line that gravitates every creation.
In the know so much so what was yet to be He could call on
indeed assembled all the future humans on the Day of Alast
when He asked ‘Am I not your Lord?’ Yes, we said aloud.
Responded to Him long, long before our physical birth!

The whole shebang was in the beginning in the first set out
Bounce before the Big Bang the number zero before that
and within its circle was a marvelous exponent the pi
constantly pops up with the reasons to be alive!
The first creations were even before all of that
Foundation was laid the stone is a man and woman
indifferent grounds sprawled the eternity in between  
that embraces the two with its endless varied beauty
making them truly the distinguished two for the one reality!

God made them with love from the bottom of the heart
Oh the bottom is nectar and more so the rose in bloom
embraces a sweeter debut flowering off a honeyed bud  
God's ink flows, the sweetest ocean bellows, from the start
and to the end, all that heard it mellifluous!

Before the cloud basks in the blue dancing in the air
then rains down in serene melodies bedews the atmosphere.
Oh the all transparent ocean of God's first drop of ink goes viral
Fathima rises from the midst, the first spiritual woman swims out,
sipping every drop of this potion ‘there is more’ she clamoured
The begins the end yet no end God’s first creations triumph!
Nov 2019 · 609
The Spring of Water
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The spring of all water
of all the rivers
is not the ocean but
a drop of nectar!

Not to mention it’s the spring
of the moon and the sun
and the earth’s elixir!
Nov 2019 · 629
Britain General Election
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
Brexit, make it
or break it
for the better!
The vote is in December,
cast it, it's your power!
Forget not on the poll day
Do come out
Give it your Midas touch.
Nov 2019 · 670
The Sun On Top of The Tree
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
Shining on the peak
The sun on top of the tree
for how long will it be
keeping the day floating
on the bright side of the quay
will delight the sight of the bee
before it takes its daily dip?
Back into the night will it flee
there it may have left the key!
Nov 2019 · 599
A Small Dew
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The ancient rose
still dips in a still dew
it will not dry.
The seven seas sway
rock on the way!
Nov 2019 · 609
The Golden Ratio Matter
Shofi Ahmed Nov 2019
The golden ratio matter is 1 solid firm,
still, it's a waxing and waning moon
hanging low over the 0 ocean of life.

What loses plops deep in the zero null
is destined for a hike, a graceful bounce!
As if the hard science turn in the romance
like a rainbow cheerfully pops out
tantalising every looking eye.

The colourful cutie is a stealer of the eyes
is a killer for no hand it's up for grab!

Though it does come close by
gives a look down to the ground
like a garland of flowers laying
against the blue wall of the sky!

Vividly shows up is not a far cry
from the birds on the trees
tweeting on everyone's way.
But have you heard
a rainbow did one ever touch?

The matter too on the cutting edge
in the golden ratio cut flown off the petals
blossoms in zero matter formless fragrance!
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2019
The night never runs dry
the full moon is super cool
so are the bubbling stars
on the banks of the sea rivers!
The next stop is starry fair
but there is a catch to hop up there.

You got to do that
meet the condition of the night:
Ambling like it down the full moon
with blindfolded eyes!

You can ask how long
but ask not why.
For the length of time
think of walking it away
until the nightingale chimes out
upon the rose bottoming out of the night.
And for not asking why
because the Moon in the dark
never loses its sway!
Oct 2019 · 805
Before The Blink Of An Eye
Shofi Ahmed Oct 2019
Before a split second
that shows up.
And gone before
the blink of an eye!
Sep 2019 · 630
The Sun On The Run
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
Eye on the sun  
up from the blue hill
descending down
waits for none.

Something is better
Not seen in the light?
The sun is on the run.

Maybe it's in the night
I wonder though does
the Moon see what's inside?
Because the black box
the night is yet wrapped
with countless stars!
Sep 2019 · 1.0k
Half of the Story
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
Hand on the thorns
and eyes on the rose.

Singing ravishingly
a happy song
is only half of
the story is told!
Sep 2019 · 841
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
Give in love
but never give up!
Sep 2019 · 773
Polymorphous Earth
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
////                                  /////
                         Terra is rosy
               'shadow and light'
                      and evergreen.
                 It's never a world
                                 this is it!

            Numerically perfect
                             is scientific
            painstakingly poetic.

           Walk along the beach
                             never think
                   you are alone see
  the clouds fly in sheer bliss
      The ocean of the rivers is
                       forever flowing.

                        It's a mundane
                   yet hallowed holy.
      The artists' kaleidoscopic
                       the pious men's
         immanent metaphysics!
Sep 2019 · 617
Good Night
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
When the eternal night
once again wraps up the sun
the Moon opens the window
to the forever countless stars!
Sep 2019 · 478
The Poet's Pen
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
When the poet's pen
lends on the page
the magic can begins.

Goodness knows
who and what will read
and touch the dream!

The Sun might
turn the light off
for the cool Moon.
And the stars will never
show up in the daylight.
But day or night
in a poet's mind
they shine so bright!
Sep 2019 · 2.0k
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2019
The beauty the eyes crave to see
He has the heart ravishing quality
The reason the mind would agree
The one pure purpose to live
The ears love to hear that melody
The perfection sought after for eternity
And the best of the thing is
We are no strangers the reason being
out of His love we came to be!
Aug 2019 · 3.1k
Love of Life
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
The blue of my deep ocean
my sunrise at dawn
the red of my rose.

My fiery beauty in the gentle breeze
My evergreen earth and missing heaven
on the other side of the wood
My golden old, present of now
and future fairytale
The song of my nightingale.

The colours of my day
lapis lazuli hue of my sky.
My graceful white cloud
over the rainbow
My serene night in the shadow.

My golden ratio design
My solemn rise for the star
over the hashed twilight hill  
when the day is done!

My love of life
My joy my patience
My secret made for heaven.
My Sun at the peak and my Moon
on the other side of the pool.
My homemaker above the storm
My fluid innermost.
Aug 2019 · 500
The Sun at My Home
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
The sun is a small paintbrush
every morning it rolls with colour
and paints at my home the first light
exposes it as new as ever!
Not by the Moon nor by the star
but by me my home my planet earth!
Aug 2019 · 484
Something Is Missing
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
What will you do, should you do
If you are led pass to fly
far from the sight at the twilight?
Slip into a tucked away serene sky
Keeping your head held high
Sway free by posy astro ewers.
And as you please pick n fill them  
With your so exquisite star-flowers!
Then you may well fancy reaching out
to the Moon bubbling on the edge of the night.

If you then swing back at the day peep
Wake up listening to the nightingale singing
Now can you interpret what is it saying?

Or when all is in place something is missing?
Aug 2019 · 605
Live Your Imaginaton
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
Making the global village
a success story.
Live out of your imagination
not your history!
Aug 2019 · 495
Red Rose
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
A treat for every eye
a potion for every cup
a room for everyone.
One day the sun
will drop into a lap on earth.
It looked red, red
the first day it shone
is still the same red rose!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
The earth without the light
is unseen not because it's dark.
Every morning shines on it
a new picture-perfect sunrise!

It's the sun's upside down heaven black canvas
the arch painter can paint on it from afar
off the sky until it takes a nap in shadowy twilight.

The earth by the sea isn't a beauty only skin deep
beneath its barely scratched surface billow seven seas.
Over the abyss down this way nothing is dark
with all the stars wake is half-lit clement moonlight.

The waxing moon again will be full looking on the sea-mirror
but won’t drop in the deepwater can’t touch the bottom line.

****** earth a veiled beauty packs the power flow in the heart
so fluid in its midst the river, the sea, the ocean all run melodious!
Aug 2019 · 432
In Love
Shofi Ahmed Aug 2019
Up and down
Far and near
In love closest is tear.
Jul 2019 · 459
Show Your ID
Jul 2019 · 1.2k
When You Are With Me
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2019
When you are with me
forever is not long.
The sea is a drop
so sweet a potion.

The earth is not
too big is short
I can walk along.

How can I compare you
only with the rose
you are much more.

When a dazzling day is gone
a half-lit world in bloom
full of stars we can tour.
I wonder just a one Moon
how many stars and lullaby songs
can it count on
that to you the stars croon!
Jul 2019 · 558
The Beauty
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2019
Before beauty
God created
beautiful human
is to be seen and sense!
Jun 2019 · 1.5k
God versus Intellect
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2019
With intellect alone
can't find God.
God is smarter
try with love!
Jun 2019 · 674
The Perfumed Rosy Soul
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2019
Given that a body
veils its better soul.
I pondered upon
looking at the beautiful rose
whats more does it withhold?
Its heady fragrance
made me wonder even more!
Jun 2019 · 560
Move Big Start Small
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2019
Move big start small the golden ratio
is always 1.618 something is never 2.
But gives the formula to design flawlessly on the go
from micro to macro level all the way to the true north!
Jun 2019 · 672
Don't Give Up
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2019
As long as a man
and a woman is, hear,
we are not to give up!
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