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Rama Krsna Apr 4
these five syllables
lies the universe...
angels and demons
me, included too

so do
the five elements,
the past, present and future,
and the states of waking, dream and deep sleep too...

this is where
the atom gets to pirouette
thanks to his cosmic breath
which reverberates
the mantra OM

in that sentient golden hall
with a thousand pillars
the enchanting damsel of illusion
who once shared half his body
stands in total surrender🙏

bound by duality,
she’s awestruck
at the sight of his pantomimic dance
spanning eleven dimensions
which even crushes saintly time

© 2021
In this poem the universe is seen as an evolution of the primordial cosmic dance of shiva witnessed by the great goddess kali

This poem is dedicated to the great Sivavakkiyar.
What's happiness?
Happiness is elemental
Neither sentimental
Nor detrimental
Beyond definition
Undefinable term of utmost importance
A feeling of a state of mind
You find other feelings, experiences closer to it
Subtle differences
For subtler minds
Joy, pleasure, ecstacy, ******, bliss, ananda
Close relatives to happiness
No nested sequence
Of concepts
Indicating comparative closeness
True mental state of happiness
Excludes all negativities
Feelings of thrill, excitement, enthusiasm, sensations etc.
May accompany it
Happiness may be alloyed with negative feelings, thoughts towards someone
Satanic happiness it would be
Happiness is there to experience
What's the use to define it
Never give importance
To whys and whats
Concentrate on how
To achieve it
Healthy body pre-requisite
To attain happiness
To proceed and follow methods
Religious or spiritual discourses often tell
Strive to achieve and experience happiness
The way it suits you
Happiness is there to experience
Elusive though it is!
Prompted by a one-liner question poem. Hope readers may find it useful.
Walking  through a field of flowers
Where time stands still.
Where there is no yesterday nor tomorrow
A silent promise to fulfill.
Where there is no pain nor sorrow.
A soothing feel is all you
The hope to meet  you  here and always
Where peace begins and love   prevails.

Shell ✨🐚
Garden of love, a field were time stand stills.
Feeling innerpeace in the presence of love!
Aŧül Aug 2020
Oh, my heart,
You were lonely.

Oh, my heart,
You were grim.

Oh, my heart,
I finally found her.

Oh, my heart,
No longer grim.

Oh, my heart,
No longer lonely.
My HP Poem #1876
©Atul Kaushal
hybridstorm May 2020
My race is one most different.
It revolves around a power most supreme.
But I can see it not.
Or hear it either.
I can only feel it, a burning fire in my soul.
I keep on running,
Although I know the destination has been traced,
several times before.
I keep running my race for me,
the only queen of my seas,
the only one ever to captivate my heart,
and keep it with herself
"Casablanca" is my all-time favorite movie.
I usually only watch a movie once. If it is a
great movie, twice. "Casablanca" I have
watched probably 50, 60 times. Why is that,
you ask? There are many reasons. Every
scene is iconic. Bogart, who was expelled
from Andover, the school from which I
graduated, is not handsome, yet he emotes
a singular masculine appeal. I wish there
were a real Rike's Cafe Americain. I would
go wherever it was, even though I neither
drink alcohol nor gamble. Virtually every
actor and actress plays her or his part in a
scintillating way. The story line keeps me
rapt, even though I have seen the movie
so many times The Paris scenes are the
most romantic I have ever seen. When
Bogart helps the young married couple
from Bulgaria get enough money to get
to Lisbon, then to America, by cheating his
own casino, my heart, too, is softened.
And the dialogue at the end of the movie
is trenchant, unforgettable. But, to be
honest, the most compelling reason I have
watched "Casablanca" so many times is
that when Ingrid Bergman and her movie
husband first enter Rick's, I instantly press
"pause." Then I spend as long as I wish
staring at Ingrid's face, the most beautiful
woman's face I have ever seen, and I have
had the good fortune to see many beautiful
faces of women up close in my life, but none
as radiant and mesmerizing as Ingrid's.

Copyright 2020 Tod Howard Hawks
A graduate of Andover and Columbia College, Columbia University, Tod Howard Hawks has been a poet and human-rights advocate his entire adult life. He recently finished his first novel, A CHILD FOR AMARANTH.
Mark Toney Oct 2019
Sweet, succulent Elberta Peach
It's tell-tale blush within my reach
It's that time of year again
A peach to die for and then
I have to have another,
The ultimate peach, brother!
Sweet, succulent Elberta peach
It's tell-tale blush within my reach
8/8/2018 - Poetry form: Octelle - Copyright © Mark Toney | Year Posted 2018
Try Dec 2018
you can't game & watch the clock,
that's how you lose another stock,
she run away with your cash,
its a smash and dash,
over in a flash,
at least you still got to tap dat ***,
sitting back puffin da herb,
think how its so absurd
that 69 be the cap
in smash,
that's the ultimate smash,
****** innuendo
right in front of your face,
hurry up and get your fix,
that taste,
that glaze all over her face,

© Try
for all those who are enjoying Super Smash bro Ultimate
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