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Sarah Flynn Oct 18
my hands are in your hair
and your hands are around my neck,
and you’re choking me,
but I’m letting you choke me.
and it’s hard to explain
because I am not in control, you are.
but I am choosing to let you have control,
and that choice makes all the difference.

my ****** did not listen
to my voice saying “no,”
but he did not take away
my ability to say “yes.”
I am a **** victim.
I am a woman who enjoys ***.
I am allowed to be both.
and if you can’t understand that,
you are part of the problem.
Kitten Yvad Jul 27
i act like these words you hear
were actually words in my head
they were inarticulate untranslatable thoughts
and feelings, before all that i’ve said

and they weren’t words
and i couldn’t say them
and i talked slowly

and you listened slowly
though you know me
i am just me, I want it badly

take me ,
gently, but not
i want it badly
Kamilla Jun 26
“Is anyone listening?” Cried my conscience
Teary-eyed and locked away at the back of my mind
Staring in horror,
At the disgraceful scene laid out before her
“No feelings, no right… no consent.” She screams
Clawing at the darkness,
Unable to speak through to me
“Is anyone listening?” It was my turn to cry
Teary-eyed, locking myself away in my mind
What causes more pain, regret or guilt?
Cattatonicat Jun 24
Angel face, where did you come from?
Living two lives, for your boredom
Are your two lives from the same place?

Angel face,
You sacrificed us for your boredom
I never gave you my consent
Looks like it wasn’t a sacrifice
It was a manslaughter
Please put me down.
and yes I know I’m covered with fur
and yes I know I meow
and you say I’m cute
because I am...
Please put me down.

You can brush me
and stroke me
do not pull, push, or poke me.
Feed me food right now.
Please put me down.

If YOU do not like something YOU walk away;
I’ve ran to every corner
under every bed
yet you still find a way

so I scratch you
or bite you
rip and ruin your rug.
Day after day, hug after hug.

Mom says if I do it again
she’ll go to adoption
give me away
—that’d be the day.
Please put me down.
She came from a small suburban town,
Her conservative parents shaped her background.
Her dreams were withered down to a trickle,
She had to be married off as per the societal shackles.

One fine day when her age was “right”,
Her parents shipped her off with man they considered a knight.
It was the beginning of a lifelong nightmare,
Every night a pair of patriarchal cuffs she was made to wear.

And thus with each passing night,
She was subjected to his vicious smite.
Her cries for help were paused
As marital **** was never stated in laws.

I welcome you behind these closed doors.
I have no other skeletons buried in my wardrobe.
Lela May 7
I am so mad that I have to live in a world where
**** jokes are funny
catcalling is normal
touching with no permission is not a big deal
and where boys complain that they have to ask for consent
But feminism is bad, right?
Argha Wadadar Apr 18
Consent was trivial to you,
you thought, my flesh was ready for you.
you thought, me being friendly,
an invitation for you to violate me.

I was afraid, of the consequences,
you were groping your next prey.
I was afraid , of myself,
empty void nesting inside me.

I contemplate, did I do something wrong?
or was it you all alone,
the answer is obvious, yet
I scrutinise myself to sleep every night.

The wounds may heal,
but the trust is lost,
the shadows will scare me,
for the rest of my life.

I have decided to,
deem you insignificant,
at long last the woman in me rebelled,
overcoming the fear and shame.

I will speak out,
not in a whisper, but aloud,
vehemently, to end this injustice,
to end this torment within.

More Power to the survivors, fighting out there.
Thankyou for reading.
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