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Her faced oozed frangelico;
a sweet reminder that she was top shelf.

You striped her skirt to the floor,
eyeing her chastity belt made of condoms.
Unbeknownst to her father, you stole the key.

His shotgun alarmed you but not enough to stop.
The laws about minors stumped you but not enough to stop.

Unlocking my belt, she prays.
On her knees.
Mouth open.

She carefully places the cross that looms over her bed in the bin.
Marriage can wait, this can't.
You realize in the morning God wasn't with you.
But the hole in your ****** was.
She leaves a trail of broken heart
in her wake.
Like the River Styx, but
very much alive.

On the outside,
one would look at her and say
she's a faerie nymph
flighty, giddy and naive.

She treats boys like playthings-
they would say,
draw them to her and spit them out
her pixie pranks bereft of benevolence.

They are Theseus and Leucippus
heroes victimized by false love
they say,
the underdogs.
She is to blame.

On the inside, however,
it's a different story.
They fixate on her,
fall in love without consulting her first.

To them,
consent is an idea
and an abstract any-thing.
Something to be taken lightly or disregarded

You see,
consent is more than a verbal yes
and consent is more than ****** thing.

Consent is communicating your intent
before acting on it
and getting permission.

So it should be the same with falling in love.
No one owes anyone anything.
Best friend, dark loner type, new boy/girl in your life,
consider this before you vilify someone
for what they don't feel.
We played wake the dead by Chevy
A cemetery of granite soils soaked
      in high school hormones
She said yes   again and again and again
"May---I's" met with    more, more, more
Together, we came to met that Irish Deity,
      and when I asked her to marry me
-----She said "Yes!"-----
And the word became flesh
> From my manuscript:
   Coal Seams, Company Town Vignettes
> As published in The  Pennsylvania Poet's Society magazine, Pennessence
mae Dec 2018
the line between

consent and assault

is blurred in my memory

if i gave consent - but i was only a child - while he

was three years ahead, a senior

taking advantage of a freshman

is that considered non consensual

even though

i did not say no.

this memory has been suppressed for over two years

i don't remember many details

other than his hand pressed against me

like a hot iron that burned me if i moved,

my shaky breaths of terror he took as pleasure,

i thought it was normal

that i had to reciprocate

that i had to be okay with it.

he flirted with me the days leading up

to that night

it was seductive and it worked

i was lured into his trap

my ignorant brain didn't know any better

it was the beginning of high school

i thought it was normal

i thought i consented .

my lips had just touched another boys before

a sad excuse of a kiss,

i was inexperienced beyond belief

nowhere near ready for his hand to be on me.

i could not even say no

for his family was there to

when he sat next to me in the back seat

he automatically assumed power over me,

while i

was powerless.

i told myself to let it go

that it meant nothing and i would get over it

he was my best friends brother

i couldn't dare risk our friendship

over something

i might have

consented to.
*trigger warning*
written the night i was up crying over what i may have done to myself
Luna Jay Dec 2018
I don’t speak for everyone,
I can only speak for me.
I don’t want a silly toy to
Make me feel weak at the knee.
I don’t want a handsome savior,
Riding in on a white horse
Just so years later I end up
Sad, fat and divorced.
I want to be myself,
Open and free.
No one on this earth
Who should chain me.
Not outside of privacy of my bedroom.
Can you blame me?
Luna Jay Dec 2018
Equal or I walk away.
Or I cannot stay.
Does not mean stuck in our ways-
Just expect to be treated with respect.
Discuss our decisions
Or the visions of us dies.
Open communication-
Not entangled in webs of lies.
I refuse to be used up,
Laid out to dry.
I don’t have to die,
Not yet.
Get wreckt.
moon child Dec 2018
"You're so ******* ****"
After she got done ****** me.

"Hey you up?"
4am from a man working at the liquor store I frequent.

"If you weren’t such an *** tonight I would’ve liked to cuddle with you"
A bartender at my regular bar.

"Hey I'm not complaining. You can beat my *** anytime."
An uber driver after I jokingly said I would beat him up. He was a retired police officer.

"Come on. You never even gave me a chance!"
A close friend of 3 years who was upset that I started dating someone else and not him. He didn't talk to me for over 2 years after.

"Seems like you're taking whoever's available at this point."
My manager after I disclosed to her a **** that happened to me days prior.

"Come on, can't I just get a hug?"
A stranger in a bar.

"What? What what's wrong? Come on."
A man in a bar when I wouldn't drop the fact that he had just stuck his hand on my **** and between my legs.

"Well you have to be careful that you're not flirting or being too nice to men."
My father after I told him about an uncomfortable situation with a bartender hitting on me.

Do not call me babe.
Don't call me dear
Do not touch me.

I am not
DJ Nov 2018
“You’re worth so much more”
“*** isn’t what everyone wants from you”
“You’re body isn’t the only reason guys like you”

If it isn’t,
Then please tell me,
Why every guy that talks to me
Winds up wanting to **** me?
I’ve been told all my life,
That it’s okay to say no.
That no means no.
But when it really comes down to it?
It’s really hard to say no.
Especially when everyone just wants to keep their ***** warm.
All of these things are things that I have been called
Because I said no.
I’m selfish because my body isn’t meant for just me,
It’s meant for every man that wants to touch it.
Rude because “no” is a violent word.
Pure because I must be untouched if I don’t want to *****.
***** because I’m no fun and keep it covered.
My worth is not determined by how many people want to **** me.
My worth is not determined by how my body makes others feel.
My worth is not determined by my body.
My worth is not determined by you.
So stop thinking it is.

It’s okay to say no.
Don’t let anyone touch your body that you don’t want.
Communicate with your significant other.
Tell them what you like,
Tell them what you don’t like.
And as cliche as it sounds,
No means no!
Because even though you might get called names,
Or told that you’re just being selfish,
It’s not true.
And if they say things like that to you,
Then they don’t respect you.
And why would you want someone who doesn’t respect you,
Find out what you look like underneath the clothes that armor you?
It rumbles and roars
The rage I harbor in my bones
Unsung song of contention
Bitter and bilious in my mouth
Because when I tried to speak,
nobody was listening

Boundries of consent are drawn at home
And maintained before being extended
To a world where Xanthippe is a slur
Between giving up a career and giving in to a creep
There isn't much of an option

Shame is the best weapon after fear
In the arsenal of patriarchy
Ammo of choice for its sari draped agents
To keep young women in line lest they
Sprout a tongue or mind of their own

Decades of silence has fed the fire of rage
Licking and moulding my contours
Till I turn into Jael yielding pen
Refusing to be a collateral any longer, ready
To nail Sisera, with or without a Barak to celebrate
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