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Shofi Ahmed Mar 10
Wish I have that
raised brow.
Let alone eying
the moon on the highs
but up to your eyes.

Neither do you
let me down.
You touch down the abyss
seal the bottom of the sea
before my teardrop falls down!
I S A A C Feb 19
the room is suffocating, I am spiraling
I thought this was my season but I am unwell
there's so much I want but so little I have
I feel like I am stuck at the bottom of a well
can see the light and life above but I remain in my broken shell
I want to feel even a little bit more secure
I want to smile and sing with the birds
my foundation is shaky, my will is breaking
waiting for someone to save me
I tried to save myself with no help
I tried to love myself to no help
I tried to do it alone with no help
I tried to run from it all with no help
I just really want to be held
I just really want to be felt
make the most of these cards I was dealt
Mysterious Mind Nov 2021
What is poetry?
A form of self expression?
A release to the emotions bearing weight on your soul?
A chance at hope in the most dire of times?

I find myself asking these questions as I stray towards words during my visits to rock bottom. When life has once again wronged me, and these emotions are brewing into an unforgiving storm. There are no expectations here. There is no room for outside judgment. It is just me, a pen, and an empty sheet of paper.

So why is it, that through the thunder of this storm, as the rain pelts me to my core, I find myself met with expectations of my own self expression? Trying to mold these feelings into something presentable, acceptable, beautiful, even.

These emotions know no boundary, they feel no sympathy toward the rules of the world, they only crave release from being locked inside for far too long. They are messy, angry, chaotic, uncomfortable. There is no perfect format to present them in. There is no time to mend them into something pleasing. There is only expression.
My poetry has always been a form of my deepest expression. If you can even call it poetry. This site has given me an opportunity to release these trapped emotions in complete anonymity, which has been a great gift. Even despite posting non-poetry on a poetry site.
mark soltero Oct 2021
slowly chipping away my manhood
with my lips pressed against the cylinder
sweet and softly wrapped around
ready to take the blow

ridiculous in my silly little ways
my desire to die was unkind

the bottom of the bottle is bittersweet
but only if you want it to be

the salty bedrock tastes like hell
life in pain is okay
you're already dead that way

you only left small burns in my heart
I bet you never even felt that
but I never cared it seems
and I think that's only fair to me to believe that
Just Melz Aug 2021
Blackened tides crash down upon my shores
And I'm swept away by an opaque shape
Taking a form that I can see less and more
With each passing wave
The sun becoming a distended silhouette
Obscured by the disembodied figure
Taking me deeper
Tugging my heart strings like a marionette
I feel lighter and less real,
Then a surreal glow engulfs me
And I'm suddenly pulled from my puppetry
I feel the sun finally
And it's you
A beacon of light from the depths
An exquisite view
A soul with all the shattered pieces
That align perfectly with mine
Now that I've discovered what peace is
I'm enamored as our hearts intertwine
By some grand design you've made me better
Together we will shine, now and forever
A response to a poem he wrote for me on HIS birthday.
Brumous Mar 2021
Waves crash as I look into the azure sea,
all this greatness is what I see;
and things I can never be

As I dwell in regret;
in this vast ocean
you thought that
you can never see the glimpse of light;

When you've hit rock bottom.
Every time that I look at the home section; all I feel is envy and the helpless pain of the void;  I try to fill always remains fruitless
"red pants
burning bottom
soft cream prescription."

"pantalonasi rosii foc
dos colorat
prescriem crema."

"les pantalons rouges
quel bel cul ardent
douce creme prescrite."
Haiku can be Fun
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