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Brumous Mar 9
Waves crash as I look into the azure sea,
all this greatness is what I see;
and things I can never be

As I dwell in regret;
in this vast ocean
you thought that
you can never see the glimpse of light;

When you've hit rock bottom.
Every time that I look at the home section; all I feel is envy and the helpless pain of the void;  I try to fill always remains fruitless
"red pants
burning bottom
soft cream prescription."

"pantalonasi rosii foc
dos colorat
prescriem crema."

"les pantalons rouges
quel bel cul ardent
douce creme prescrite."
Haiku can be Fun
karly codr Jan 16
tea leaves
sink to the bottom of the mug
escaping from
the metal chamber
that holds them
becoming a layer
of grit
waiting to be found
Every cloud has a silver lining
Behind the cloud the Sun still shining
Precipitation cloud vanishes
Flies away
The Sun shining
Rock bottom
You have solid foundation
Raising your skyscraper
Cobear Dec 2020
Follow me
I can show you were the bottom is
Taylor Dec 2020
My ears finally
I’m acclimated
Motion sickness over
The world is still
The room is quiet
It’s been so long
Choking on air
Praying for the crash
Now here I am
Where I belong
A bitter peace
Feeling empty and full
Lost and found
All at once
I’m alone
But smothered by you
I hate it here
But it’s home
I want to leave
But I know I’ll come back
So why bother
And knowing how I’ll come back
Choking on air
Feels almost as bad as staying here
With you
Amanda Kay Burke Dec 2020
Use imagination to picture a face
On top of mine
Empty space
In future if you find your attraction fading
If necessary to keep doubts from invading
Never want you developing a wandering eye
The alternative may mean admiration is a lie
Past chemistry we could not debate
In the present my body you are hurt by or hate
Patience no easier to get
Further than a different planet
No more mapped than dark side of the moon
Yet warmer than the bottom of this blackened spoon
Patience is cost effective
Scarce to find
Patience is free
Rare in the mind
Patience is waiting for me
For me to be a new somebody
Written 1-7-20
Butterfly Jul 2020
You blush without the red face.
Cleaning out my drafts
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