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Anastasia Aug 14
Cherry on top
Cherry on bottom
My heart is sinking
Straight to the bottom
The crickets say
They are ashamed of me
And the mosquitos take their aim at me
Cherries are crushed
No longer sweet
Rotten and bitter
False retreat
Writing at night
Gives me strange thoughts
Cherry on bottom
Cherry on top
At night
Is messing
With my mind
I need the path,
That I do not have.

Kicked while I'm down,
Lost in surveyance of my barren mindscape.
Littered with hopes and dreams,
That were just too far from reach.
Not even worth trying for anymore.
Kicked aside like tin cans on an empty highway.

I dare not even muster the strength to take a harmless peek,
Because emptiness isn't worth the effort.

Standing in the center of an endless road,
Going in no particular direction.
I don't know where to go.

~Robert van Lingen
Kee Jun 18
They won’t always make you smile
A lot of the times they’ll make you cry
You’ll hate everything about them
Until there’s nothing left of them for you to want to look at
You despise them
Until you remember that
Nothing had never been in their favor
But neither had yours
Love had not bloomed for them in the way they wanted
And it wilted quickly
Except it didn’t come back again next spring
A love unrequited I suppose
Nonetheless it hurt
Family that couldn’t be family
Friends that could never be kind
But just diggers instead
Users instead
Liars instead
Drug addicts instead
Pretending to live instead
Grasping onto dear life itself
That’s what had been pounded into them
The realization that
No matter what
It just wasn’t enough
So this hurt, fragile being
Could only do one last thing
Be numb
To not feel anything
Instead of everything
To make it all go away
That person had given up any chances of ever being whole
You can’t always hold a grudge over someone who’s had too many scars
To even want to make anything right in this world anymore
You can’t blame them for being hurt
For wanting to end it
But you can
Tell them it’s selfish
That you love them
That drugs aren’t the only ones who care about them
And someone,
want to see them smile again
Invisible Jun 7
This ship
I've sailed for years
Watch it crumble

Watch me land on an island
In the distance
Far from home

There's nothing for miles
But shades of blue
Watch me lose myself

Watch me as I fall
In to deep waters
I can't get out of

I can't do it anymore
I can't breathe anymore
Watch me suffocate

Watch me wail
As I choke on
My own tears

Everything blends together
It is all the same
Watch me let go

Watch me as I sink
To the bottom
I've hit rock bottom
Had this idea for a while.
When the weight on your shoulders becomes too much...
You sink.
m h John Jun 6
the penny
has to fall to the bottom
of the well
before the wish
can come true
don’t be afraid to hit rock bottom
Arrow May 14
I tried not to look into your eyes
Cuz I knew if I did I'd drown
I swear
I tried harder and harder every second
But I ended up reaching the bottom.
You said you would take me higher,
To a place where I don’t feel so low.
You promised me you would deliever
But you only take me lower.

You were my angel.
You bought me up to heaven,
Holding me by the hand.
Then you dropped me back down.
Sending me plummenting into the ground.
I fell into a new low,
From the highest place one could go.

I am digging below rock bottom,
Reaching a new low that I didn’t know I could go.
Lower than low.

This is my new low.
The grave I dug for myself to lie in.
I look more dead than these skeletons
It is too deep for light to enter,
There is no love down here,
Only hate.
Erian Apr 9
Catch me
If you can
But I'll still hit
Rock bottom
When it ends
it's a nasty, wicked cycle
around and round it goes
and wherever the cycle ends
that, nobody knows

they look at you and they decide
where they want you to be
to change the place that you are in
to change that, well, you have to win
to win you must already be near the top
and when you're at the top you always win
near the bottom you almost always lose
and when you lose you move on down
the top people stay at the top
the ground people keep sinking low
supporting those on the top

it's a nasty, wicked cycle
around and round it goes
and wherever the cycle ends
that, nobody knows...
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