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Mistella Dec 2019
A voice is heard often
Like a lion roaring in a den.
He wants to come out,
Roar once again, slake his drought.

But another voice is heard again,
It rebukes the lion and closes the den.
This voice sounds like that of a man
Who wants to do all, but has no plan.

The day isn’t too far
When the tumult will turn into a war.
Face of lion with a body of man, I see,
None is ready to set the other free.

This war of the voices begins with the sunrise,
And ends at the moment I close my eyes.
This is the way where monsters tread,
Head’s alive, while the heart’s dead.
Poetic T Oct 2019
I'll never walk in your footsteps.
                         because you walked

that path and it was personal to you.

I may shadow you, as I take wonderment
          in the delicate breath of each moment

you trod upon the soil.

Showing that for some, we will never tread
               upon others imprints.

But we will not look above, but always
                     below to see that some paths
are worth following,
      stepping side by side to others life.

Make a path anew, follow the footsteps
                of others you look down too.

But every path is unique, no path trodden
                   is ever the same in life.
Deleted Sep 2019
It's not a wonder the night is more peaceful than the day.

All the loudsnout pigs have hit the hay, and the wolves may come out to paw and play, pale fur shining under the moonlight, without a sinning sunbeam's glare to darken his gay prouncing.
Trot trot, winter is comin'!
B D Caissie Aug 2019
With each day I tread carefully and each day my foot winds up in my mouth...
K Balachandran Jan 2019
Softly treads winter,
Her quick bear hug exudes lust,
On hold for an year!
Elizabeth Zenk Dec 2018
and I will learn to tread forward

the twisting, winding, twining godforsaken roads
the endless forked paths.  
through muddy thickets,
lush undergrowth,
and soggy marshes
I wander,
and I will learn to tread forward.

the dismal, interminable, harrowing roads
the treacherous pathways
that lead straight to death.
through unforgiving fog,
cheerless sunless mountains,
and on the footprint of war
I plod,
and I will learn to tread forward.

unearthly, obscure, eerie roads
the traumatic passageways
that bring memories of the walkways before.
through the eye's rainstorms,
shrill heinous screams,
and across the self-fought battlefields,
I limp,
and I will learn to tread forward.

I will always learn to tread forward.
I'm trying to tread forward.
Tahirih Manoo Aug 2018
The path i tread has many unknown particulars

The good choices appear in only perpendiculars

I find at times I get trapped in the luring  circulars

I seek the butterfly but i come across confused caterpillars

The path is flooded with sad, intrusive manipulars

Some are merely spectaculars

Whilst some dare to strike your jugulars

...I wish to find spiritual teachers but I'm surrounded by lost seculars

I peer and search even using my invented binoculars

But this path i tread has very few, calm examplars
A hidden path among all paths
KM Hanslik Apr 2018
There are so many soft spaces in my head that tell me
to be gentle, to tread lightly on foreign ground;
but they do not realize that where I am going,
there are no land mines waiting at every tread of feet, no
dark things hurling themselves out of corners to
devour vulnerability.
Where I am going, the world will break open beneath
the weight of what I have to say,
the world will listen and
Where I'm going, there are no land mines and I do not need
to map the spaces between here and your doorstep
I have found the perfect remedy for all of the sickness
this place and time causes you,
I have found that the only ailment worth noting is
what's in our own heads and mine
will be full of sharp jagged things before the month
is over.
It is only self defense and a reason
to learn fighting skills, but I feel
that the way the world sharpens our teeth for us is a necessary
part of becoming who we are.

I will put the soft things to sleep now;
I do not need them where I am going.
Linus Stevenson Feb 2018
Like the soles of our shoes
We slip and we slide
We tear and we rip
And we leave pieces behind

Like the tread on the bottom
We wear and we tear
We grate and grind
Until nothing is there

Let us turn time back
When our feet did not stumble
When our shoes stood firm
And the path did not fumble

Let us mend the tears
Let us replace the tread
And once again stride
With passion ahead
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