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Shofi Ahmed May 9
If only it were
like a strand of your hair,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!

Just like a one perfect sway
into the all-encompassing curve
of the ever-smooth, perfect circle
captures the ultimate decimal of pi!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
If only it was
like a hair of you,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!
Like the all round one
perfect sway
nets the ultimate decimal of pi!
Shofi Ahmed Jun 2022
Rive! Split apart,
up and down
circle both ways.
Let the pearl be
down the sea
and the star
up on the high
find the sky.
Not a perfect circle
yet to scoop the last
decimal of Pi
it's fine.
Let a loophole be
only for an eye!
Shofi Ahmed Feb 2022
The fairies of colour
lovely might give you
the whole ball of wax.
With the algorithm on your side
but how long can one hold the water  
walking on a deep spinning earth?
Forever closing in never a perfect circle
there is a fine gap an unseen other side
maybe until the moon if ever
reaches out to the deep walking earth  
the pi creeps in the sun follows by!
Shofi Ahmed Feb 2022
The moon sways
down the sun’s half eye
for it every mo
is the elephant is in the room
before the sun zooms out  
deep down from the pi.

Magic is uncracked within
that first light breaks out
dawns in the eternal night
is a shiny tear in the speechless
witness’ open eye,
on the tight lips, deep runner silent pi!

Men on the painstakingly polished circle
may have hewn out riveted eyes.
Up more is set free deep down the pi,
bottom in anew, in open paradise!
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2021
A human jumps over the other side of the wall
the pi was on the way, abyss of decimal ocean
kept expanding deep and wide but the formula
was handy on her hand she could nail it down.
Perfectly squares the circle, the ocean in a drop
and peeps up over the irrational chasm for good
scaling at the highest high Fathima moons!
Deduces straw by straw the maestros' dream ascension
potion-polished taking Ma pauses in liminal crescendo
between past and future, here and hereafter, circle duo.
Limning out chiaroscuro in light and shadow
oh, nothing is like it in plain sight or the world in toto!

Raw Fathima moves on the shadow nature follows
clustering atoms ever spin in the space in between the two
impossible to fathom, couldn't do in Makkah and Medina,
remained untouched, uncharted while there she was living
in encrypted fashion wholly secured yet full functioning! 
The intelligent design, blueprint is in her elements
and the breakthrough exponent is in her eyes
she is the original can show the way.

Truly the only one feminine zoom passes the irrational pi,
the most complex chasm yet mathematically goldmine.
Beyond the mass eyes and their painting canvases
in the daylight that get lost though at the twilight but us
are victorious; since a human being bears the moonlight!

The night at the twilight may take the sun into its veil,
as a little mole into its star-vanishing fathomless trails.
The rainbows are already shaded into Fathima’s black hair
bolder than the dark matter that has the cosmos
glinting off it’s edge, the story goes on for the mass
‘Paint in bold black before the sunrise’ Fathima matters.
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2021
Imagine the bird of time
the sun is on the fly
shining the quantum of time.

From the bottom
the Planck length in the east
flying round the clock to the west.

Half way through
it could be at the twilight
but it sings a swan song.
Nothing is a perfectly round stock
not even the sun’s clock.

Around the two fine points
in the circumference of a circle  
no length is a set fixed
minimal Planck length.
Always be an irrational gap
breeding anew pi decimals
never the same nor ever ends.
Always new, a little more,
an uncharted ****** mole!
Shofi Ahmed Sep 2020
Pi with love won’t die
it’s irrational but rational
between the infinite Creator
and finite creation.

A creation is dead zero
somewhere being irrational
with the eternally Irrational
That can’t be thought,
or felt let alone be seen
is beyond the imagination!
But Qun Be the very creating Voice
at the beginning that
was allowed to be heard!
Giving the rational reason
the creation revives on a tangent.
Turns on to a perfect circle counting on
both worlds perfectly closed!

Follows the Voice in the nothingness abyss
pleasantly resonant throughout
the deepest and darkest hours showing light.
Suddenly the creation becomes so relevant
finds love that was in creating the creation.
It starts to discover its own
seductive narrative arc:
The vital three acts
the beginning, the middle and the end!

But finds no true end
therefore no middle in the middle
no, begin in the beginning.
The creation in the creation
floating in the void nothingness
starts to see the Irrational for good!
Vindex Jul 2020
I love it
I love it all


My life is complete
When I can spend all my time with it
A treat
When we're never with split

It is my power

It is mine
No one can rob me
It had the roots of an old tree
It will be with me for all of time
All of my friends will agree

It's true I have thought about others
Just brothers
No lovers
I will only have one true love
None are above
Or will even come close
This shows
What numbers can compose

All adding up
I've grown up

The stats show
What I think I already know
Life fulfilled
I'm thrilled
And nothing left to subtract
These are words I will never retract

It is my hero
It's math
I want to enjoy my passion
Fill my life with its distraction
Poem recitations are on my YouTube channel Vindex's Vids
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