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Jenny Gordon Mar 31
...whence?  I know, I know, you've the florist's packet of preservative mixt for your cut flowrs don't you?  Good luck.  


Lo, tulip capes so thickly clustered they'll
Ne'er blossom, like sardines is it from hence?
Wait greenly by the back stoop for a sense
Of April in the wings.  And jonquils' hale
Green tendrils wait likewise for that detail
I guess, as maids whose innocent suspense
We fail to notice, full of vain pretense'
Auld lies as if such might at last avail.
Girls have been known as flowrs, since oh, in tour
God's Scriptures told us that, I spose.  Aye, do
Men ink laments of this or that as twere
It's thus:  "...her virgins, pure, deflowrd--" they knew.
These latter days we are taught lies, (in poor
'Scuse know by instinct) and cut flowrs down too.

*NOTE:  googling Wordsworth's invocation and tribute to heady "jonquils" supposedly they're our daffodils.  That two-beat term was more useful and etc. in L4. Ls 11-12:  I can't recall whose line and sonnet that is.
Donna Mar 28
Pigeons are cooing
Sweet daffodils blossoming
And I sipping tea
:)been in my garden tis a  lovely sunny day **
The white rabbit sleeps
Where daffodils are blooming
Gently overhead
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku #88
Jenny Gordon Mar 16
sigh* as evidenced by which pieces "trend" being depressed is tops, while beauty is left to rot.  Whateffer.


Blue skies.  And golden light with shadows' pale
Forms on the yellowed lawns and blacktop hence,
Sweet minutes whose eye seems tis April's, whence
My heart yearns 'gain to walk free and avail
Me of which blossom?  Daffodils to scale
Shall send green nubbins up til for intents
Their frilly golden heads can nod from thence
To playful breezes while wee violets hail.
Yea, soon Magnolia petals shall bestir
'Gain to soft winds, and pink-tinged satin woo
Thoughts of a bride upon the aisle as twere.
For now we'll have our refried beans and do
Dessert in birthday style with cake in tour
And ice cream for the Ides of March' ado.

What would you like to discuss, eh?  Floor is open...
Johnny walker Jan 31
I Can't wait for the buds to return to the trees snowdrops and daffodils and the warmth of the
Birds returning back here from Africa to sing their morning wake up
call to build their nests to raise
feed their young oh how I long for the returning summer to put away the winter clothes
For now, I'll sleep away the
winter days to wake again
on that beautiful first spring morning
Awaiting the buds to reappear the trees snow drops daffodils
the first day of spring birds singing their wake up call
Kiara Hoxie Dec 2018
Over the mountains you may find
The wind blowing clouds over the sky
Lovely flowers blooming
Under the mountains looming
The wind will sigh
Making the trees wave
The reeds will cry
Their joyful tune
The daffodils will dance
In the bright light of noon
And the willows will shake
With every breath the wind takes
FreeMind Oct 2018
You are laying down in a field filled with daffodils
The birds are singing happy tunes
The sun is shining just for you
You are looking up into the sky thats filled with cotton clouds
The long growing grass is keeping you warm
The butterflies are dancing just for you
You feel safe
You feel at home

My darling, My love, My little daffodil
Let me wrap you in my arms to replicate that feeling
Let me kiss you slowly to send shivers of joy down your spine
I need you and I want you
To feel safe with me
To be at home
Our home
October 10, 2018
For a long time now I would write about my trauma caused by an ex boyfriend. I am over with that now.
I found a muse.
Sandra Lee May 2018
Peter Balkus Apr 2018
In Winter's cold,
and in Spring, when the dead
come back to life,
and in Summer, when rain,
or happy faces under the sun,
and in Autumn,
with beautifully painted skies,

whatever season,
whatever weather,
daffodils and roses
are always blooming in her eyes.
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