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Sasha Raven Aug 7
So many coins, in the crypto flood,
but, only a few — running in my blood ...
I HODL them, and yes "To the Moon",
they will explode, very soon, soon, soon ...
Sounds cliche, but there is one more coin,
I HODL it, I would invite You: "Let us join!"
I do not care, if the rhythm is just so wrong,
the producer will arrange this — one more song ...
I break the rules, I am writing what I feel,
TajCoin is mined with this Blockchain wheel ...
And yes, my poems like always, not so long,
be Yourself, I do not walk with the throng ...
Neeloo Neelpari Oct 2018
With darkest kohl
And bright eyes
I look upto you
I try to decipher
The meaning behind
those caring eyes
And sweet smile
Caressing my extended hand
You softly murmur
Is it necessary to name our feelings
Aren't you happy with me
All relationships are fake
Be it blood or world
Why give name to our relationship
Let it be the way we are
Sometimes near, other times far
Yet always in each other's thought
Caring, praying, wishing for well being
Listen, O beautiful!
A bit of sindoor in the parted hair
Is not really a sanction of love
Close your eyes and feel
On your Ajna, the warmth of my kiss
Let it be the eternal beauty spot
The beauty of my feelings
For you..
The kohl melts down the rosy cheek
A beautiful bond is built
Beautiful than the Taj
Tougher than the Wall of China
Sweeter than honey
Innocent like the smile of an infant
A relationship that crosses all barriers
An eternal unnamed bond
So pure as Gangajal...

© Neeloo Neelpari
Taj- Tomb of eternal love, one of the seven wonders , built in Agra, India, a big tourist spot
Gangajal - holy waters of holy river Ganges, India
Äŧül Jan 2016
I was the Crown Prince,
Prince Khurram was my name,
Of Emperor Jahangir I was the son,
Shāhjahān was the royal title I took,
Shihāb al-Din Muḥammad Khurram
Was my formal name.
It was I who got the Taj Mahal built.

You criticize it as wastage,
As an old man's obsession,
An egotistical marble effigy,
A mark of wasted resources,
And a ******'s rare ambition,
You may detest it's purpose...

But I built it out of sheer love...

Love for power,
Love for wealth,
Love for health,
Love for ruling,
Love for display,
Love for strategy,
Love for history.

I want to be remembered.

Just as I want my poetry in marble,
Pure white poetry to withstand,
In the tests of time to prove me true.

Forever, you'll remember me.

And my crazy love for my Mumtaz.
My HP Poem #994
©Atul Kaushal
Nandini Jul 2014
When you read them you said words were dead
Only mausoleums could be created of them
You spoke the same tongue " words"
And yes you were right ! your words
entombed my living heart but in your love

But these same words archived hope
Only the true seeker could find
What if they created mausoleums ?
I marbled them
with the turquoise white of my tears

Intricately chiseled with love's essence
Only sunlight could ride with the breeze
Into its minarets laid around you , my life confined
As now you slumber in the deep of afterlife
Under the canopy of the crescent moon

Yes I created a mausoleum
A mausoleum of undying love
A mausoleum that crowns you
A mausoleum I called "Taj"*

Few lines I wrote reminiscing the Taj Mahal!
What an example of boundless love beyond life!

— The End —