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Shofi Ahmed Aug 16
Summer is loading full
             just one bit more
                     London is On!

Busy bus only 20 miles
           per hour
      tube  it
take the underground!

Meet down the various clouds
               though the sun oft
     picks on the gray paintbrush
the bumble bees fly on bright path
       daffodils are yellow
                   eyes are black and white.

The colour plate is full
                     down the cloud
                          go by underground!
TomDoubty Apr 10
“London calling to the faraway towns…”*
[The Clash]

God man, trinket man, fake leather wallet man,
Drugs man, drumming man,  dancing on the street man
Antique man, eel man, bus man, trades man
Boots man, bagel man, feed me I am hungry man,
Fit man, gay man, straight man, trans man,
Chinese man, white man, "oi-back-to-where-you came from" man
Business man, rugger man, beautiful wife and kids man
Eco man, hipster man, shouting man, shaking man,
Scowling man, scumbag man, shuffling don’t come near me man
War man, drunk man, cruising near the bushes man
Watching man, medal man, pickpocket poor man
Box man, sleeping man,think he might be dead man,
Lost man, lonely man,
Looking from the ledge man
Johnson Oyeniran Aug 2022
-Jack The Ripper

Gloomy cloaked figure lurking in the dead of night,

Could hath sworn I saw him wielding a knife.

Is he the vile notorious killer,

Who came to be known as Jack the Ripper?
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2022
It's a much sweeter today
than yesterday indeed.
Radiant meadows are on fire
beneath the trees
indulging blue fairies'
summer bowl of sun shines
abundantly overflowing
lavishly enough to render in
every rose of humming bees.

Pop up to flowers and bouquets
maybe the song on the birds' lips:
Time is today to jump in
on a London summer clement scene!
Steve Page Jun 2022
No, not a melting ***
you know, the kind you get in industrial kitchens:
heavy, stained, covered and sealed,
left to boil and bubble, leaving questions
about herbs and spices and what we’ve concealed.

No, not a melting ***
but a large, glass salad bowl, the kind you place
in the centre of a garden trestle table
glistening in the sunlight,
with two oversized dark wood serving spoons
and a glossy drizzle of vinaigrette dressing.

The glass revealing every shade
of green and black and red, yellow and white
teasing us with every crunch of each anticipated bite,
each variety and shape, inviting us to participate, to fill our plates
and in this feast of an adventure, to celebrate
what we are - together.
[Re-write after Arvon retreat June 2022] I dislike the image of a melting *** - it paints a picture of lost identity.  I prefer the picture of a salad - combing flavours into something colourful and worth celebrating.
Steve Page Jun 2022
Quote from Paddington in Paddington the Movie

“Mrs. Brown say in London everyone is different, but that means anyone can fit in.  I think she must be right because, although I don’t look like anyone else, I really do feel at home.  I will never be like other people, but that’s alright, because I’m a bear.  A bear called Paddington.”
I think there a little of Paddington in all of us.
Northern Poet Jan 2022
London is dead
And the streets are on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

He's had one too many chips
And stuck his hands in the fryer
Cheese, wine and BYOB
But a party wasn't his desire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

A Tory boy at heart
Doesn't know the cost of bread
...For a start
Lying has become
His favourite art
Funds his chums with millions
They only eat a le carte
While the working class struggle
On a horse and cart
Outside Downing Street
You can hear the choir
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Full of lies and deceit
Tory voters should have kept a receipt
In the House of Commons
How the **** does this man have a seat?
A once proud nation
Now knocked off our feet
In Trafalgar Square
You can hear the Town Crier
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Higher income tax
No money back
No guarantee
Trying to get rid of the BBC
The Tories even had to apologise
To the ******* Queen
This situation is beyond belief
The screams are getting higher and higher
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

No respect for the NHS
This country's in a ******* mess
Ran by monkeys
Who can't even dress
Led by a *****
Who we all deteste
It's time for this muppet to retire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar

Brexit was his plan
And Grenfell was neglected  
The pandemic sent this place
******* hectic
Someone please get this clown ejected
London's burning
And the city's on fire
Boris Johnson
Is a ******* liar
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