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Alexander Feb 15
I can sit
               and I can cry.
                                This blade on my wrist
                                                    Doesn't help my mind.
One cut, two cut, three cut, four
                       I don't want to be here anymore.
                                          She doesn't love me. She never will
Maybe I can have just one more pill.
                   Five pills, six pills, seven eight nine
                                              I don't want to be alive
                                                               never leave
                      but you
                                            just left.
Come back........
s Willow Feb 6
Tonight is a night of sorrow,
a night of loneliness.
Songs of death loom in a dark forest.
Wolves vent their struggles.
The beautiful one awakes.
Wisps of death surrounds her pale form.
A timeless dread fills me.
Her inky black hair cascades over
Frail ivory skin.
her full crimson heart aches.
Black tears streaming,
streaming from her wrists.
Tonight is a night of new life.
Shadow Dragon Dec 2018
You ask me how
I will do it.
I never told you
but I will slit my throat
in front of the person
that anger me the most.
I wanna see blood, red
and frighted eyes.
Scared for life.
Matt Hews Sep 2018
Cold to the touch
Sharp to the bone

--—— -

Warm as life
Red as
Josh Overson Jan 2018
I never wanted it to be like this
She knows no bliss...
Because I can’t give it.
Slit your wrist or run away quick.
Somethings ****** in my head,
I’m missing a bit more
I can’t keep score
But I’ll keep your core
And ******* sore
Not your body
But her ardor...
I can give you no reward my darling..
Just this cheap fervor
Godlink Nov 2017
He sat at his desk
with notions of doubt,
his life had no path,
his life had one out.
He grabbed out a knife,
slit wrists wounds abound,
"I deserve all this ****",
His very last sounds.
BirdShark Oct 2017
Slit your wrists
Cut your tears
Close your fists
Hide your fears

Melt your face
Brand your hands
Quit your race
Give up your land

Tear your skin
Rip out your hair
Hack your shins
Fight for your share

Break your bones
***** your teeth
Kick the stones
Smash your feet

Grind your flesh
Mince your eyes
Wish for your death
Now you’re blind

End your life
Forget your grief
You can rest
6 feet underneath
My poetry seems to keep getting darker, but maybe my mind is too. I'm not depressed or suicidal, but recently my dreams have been revolving around suicide.
"Slit your wrists, cut your tears" Was stuck in my head for a while, I kept repeating it to myself (even though you obviously can't cut a teardrop). Then I wrote this poem.
Sienna Luna Jan 2017
This is hard

like yanking teeth

or rising up

from a warm bed

at the beginning of winter.

This is hard

like stepping out of

quicksand or thick mud

like pulling a sled

up a steep mountain

in the midst of

a hazardous blizzard.

This is hard

to lie and lie again

but instead of

shrugging off those lies

like locusts or pestilence

or bugs or mal intent

a sanction needs to be clear

and fully carried out.

My actions need to reflect

past words as rough and as raw

as a sore throat

swallowing cold water.

To persevere is to not give up

even when my mind is trapped

in the heaviest of slumber.

I have to do what needs to be done

even though I'd rather

slit my wrists or cut off my thumb.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
Benedict had slit
from wrist to forearm
with a razor blade
liberated from some
old guy's razor

the nurse bandaged up
after stitching up

you want to be back
in the locked ward again?
she said

he sat on the wide stairs
blue carpeted
I want out
he said

well this is no way
to get out is it?
she said
eyeing him
taking his pulse
looking at the watch
pinned near to her breast

he sensed her
finger and thumb
on his wrist
slight perfume lingered

patients passed
on the stairs up or down
wide awake or drugged up

a nurse walked down
eyed him
she said

the other nurse said
maybe just attention

not time for that
she said replying
then walked up and away

what do you want?
the nurse said
go backwards or onwards?

he eyed her
I want out of here
one way or the other

she sighed
let go of his wrist
if the doctor sees this
he'll have you
locked up again

Benedict rubbed the bandage
it was now sore
and pained him

you need to think
she said

he saw only dark mornings
and darker nights
and an endless corridor
of same following same

the nurse walked down
and away

he rubbed his arm
looked at the white bandage
and pink plaster

he was sown up
once more
he was Humpty Dumpty
on a wall
waiting to fall.
wraiths Aug 2015
i'll ******* slit your throat if you touch the ones i love.
stain their pure skin with your fingerprints and you're dead to me
and everyone else.
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