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Once I was meet a mole in the wood.
The mole was blinde and cannot see me.
And I was asking him.
A mole, how do you live?
Indeed you blind and cannot seeing.
You cannot see how grass is blooming.
You cannot see the seasons moving.
You cannot see how water streaming in the brook.
I wondering, I ramping and I'm screaming!
How you live?
And mole was answer very softly.
Like it is was a secret.
I do not need an eyes to see you.
I do not need an ears to hear you.
I do not need a words to speak.
I'm able to hearing and seeing via my heart.
I'm very closely lisen to that.
My heart is leading me.
Anya Jun 12
I’ve discovered my strange passion for whack a mole
And mind you, I’m the mole
Whacked away
To the point that I’m buried deep deep under
And the saddest part is?
I’m also the one doing the whacking
Anya Oct 2018
Once for the witches rabbit hole
And twice for the foxes hymn
While one began to pluck her mole
The other tricked and teased men
Though two and the same
They’re known for different years
And both are to blame
For trickery and fears
Steve Sep 2017
While flying in the sky
A falcon played I spy
With his eagle eye
He spied a little mole
Crawling out a hole
Swooping to the ground
He hardly made a sound
To cause a ripple in the day
But he stole the mole away.
From a plane
Shofi Ahmed Jul 2017
maybe a mole
in the mountain of space.
But the story is bigger
than any epic tale.

It's the one scoops
the bottom line
of the bottomless space!

Small simple finishing
tells the complete tale
'as above, so below'.
One that takes into
account all the matter
and the entire space.

The story goes on
The fine earth takes its place.
Now the mountain
sits on the mole space!
The Dybbuk May 2017
We're just 1 mole of inches away,
Just 9,501,262,626,262,624,256 miles away.
I hate being able to do math
Maloi Jul 2016
I stared at her
I knew then she’s unique
But I saw confusion
Still thinking if she’s real

I stared at her
Saw her lovely eyes
Not blue but brown eyes
It is so deep that I want to dig

I stared at her
She looks like always trying
I want to reassure her
That she’s already enough

I stared at her
I realized she’s beautiful
Even though years grew on her
There’s one thing I love about her

The mole above her right eyebrow

Then I put the mirror down
No longer staring at her.
Just a piece of Art to remind that I should appreciate and praise myself sometimes. I hope I could love myself more. :)
Isaac Middleton Nov 2015
I would let your fingers
into my shirt
to carve pictures
into my back
with your nails,
and I would guess
your drawings
as a game.
You would always veer
from the mole, but
sometimes you
would accidentally
scratch it;
I would
always apologize.
Joshua Adam Jul 2015
The A to Z of Choosing that Special One

Actions speak louder than words, some say
Belonging to that period of time, we call day
Considering their impact on others, we may
Develop that strategy, and keep negativity away

Endlessly searching for that special one
Frankly speaking, will that time ever come?
Going to convince yourself you've won
How to deal with failure, calling yourself dumb

Investigating a way for you to have fun
Jack of all trades, yet master of none
Keeping the truth from under the sun
Laughing at you, you turning numb

Managing those feelings of despair
No one knows of those cries you fear
Over and over you say that you care
Predictable enough, when you pull out your hair

Quickly running to gain that control
Relying on your friend, in whom you've trusted your soul
Standing there alone when all takes its toll
Then finding out, devastated, she's been that mole

Under that pillow, the one you once wished to share
Victory to those that you thought had a care
Willing no longer to ever bring near
Xenophobe is now that condition you bare

You've now learned one of many more lessons to come
Zealous in choosing that someone to call, "Special One"
How often have we placed our trust in those we believed to be our closest friends. Tragically, how many times have we been mistaken. Even worse, they are the ones having hurt us the most, when and how we least could have expected it. Only after do we recognize that we must reevaluate in whom to really place our trust.

— The End —