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Shofi Ahmed Apr 20
I will keep the rose where it rose
you can see, in your mirror.

I wish I could pave it out
the most polished path.
Nothing new though
just like the flower blossoms
freely living in fine flow!

The first light upon
the rose shines out
moments of lightbulbs
on the midday canvas.
Hummingbirds sing after
the buzz from the other worlds
fly all the way over the rainbow
lo they pick up the leaning sky
only to rebound back to
the green grove rose on the soil.
My only wish then
with me, I have your mirror!

If I can I will pour all these in it,
velvety polished like the time
carrying all in all but make no show
for the only show is your mirror!
Shofi Ahmed Apr 10
One step walk
thousands of smiles.
One rose flower
sing tons of birds.
Bask in pop out
first thing at the sunrise!
Shofi Ahmed Feb 20
Something is missing
since a long ago.
When I remembered
before me, I could not
see my mirror.
Shofi Ahmed Feb 12
Plays the flute
on the moon
far afar.
But beside me
the sea goes viral!
Shofi Ahmed Feb 6
I took the plunge into your sea.
Oh, you know what?
I am now hooked forever
on its colourless colour.

******* out a cloud-bubble.
Black or white, it doesn’t matter.
Sprinkle some drops
in your pious colourless style.
Watch, it shines and sizzles
in renewed hues
across the land and over the blooms.
Still, in the end, remains a potion,
an intact drop:
The untouched ocean down the moon!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 4
I sniffed a smell of your rose.
Oh, you know what?
It’s enough to thrill the bone.
Just leave a scent in the air
and pop in, take your turn
into a new buzzing centre!
Shofi Ahmed Jan 2
We will laugh out
and meet again
under the same cloud.

With the rays of gold
when the sun fills the leaves
together we will walk again
down the trees
and on the streets.
Without the fear
of catching a virus.

Not long from now
we will pop out
down the low hanging sky
holding a blue lotus
before the world
again a blossoming flower!
2021 new year leaves gold sun world tree street hope
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