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Shofi Ahmed Aug 17
You may be strolling
along a muddy path
yet the birds sing
atop the Eden's tower
deep down you're a wonder!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 16
When I pick up my pen
        She comes first.
When I land on the dust
         I am a stranger!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 16
Summer is loading full
             just one bit more
                     London is On!

Busy bus only 20 miles
           per hour
      tube  it
take the underground!

Meet down the various clouds
               though the sun oft
     picks on the gray paintbrush
the bumble bees fly on bright path
       daffodils are yellow
                   eyes are black and white.

The colour plate is full
                     down the cloud
                          go by underground!
Shofi Ahmed Aug 15
Just the least
      just a pinch
               is magic
stirs the seven seas!

Your pretty little
          beauty spot
            is big indeed!
Piques the waxing moon
            revealing new skin.
Ah therein the day
           at the end of the day
dips into the depth of the blue
            never sleeps
roams in starry dreams!

Neither Earth or sky
               is deep or high.
The first light drops
                upon the rose.
The secret is secret no more
              sings the nightingale
interpreting the dream
          down the whole lit up sky
yet a twilight comes on the way.

Just a glance of you
wraps the entire show away,
towards depths so profound
and heights so high
yet unseen by any eye!
Shofi Ahmed May 18
Today is my birthday
my family enjoys a matter of joy.
For this day my mother added
one more new boost
in the fold of time
or one more leaf falls
at the end in the autumn
or indeed on more nightingale
it’s for time to unfold!

I for one a date of birth
still not in the know
makes me pondering
when my mind was born!
Birthday mind autumn leaf nightingale
Shofi Ahmed May 9
If only it were
like a strand of your hair,
like a glimpse of you
in your mirror!

Just like a one perfect sway
into the all-encompassing curve
of the ever-smooth, perfect circle
captures the ultimate decimal of pi!
Shofi Ahmed Mar 28
Never shows the hand
but gives a rose.
Leaves up to you
with your views
with your thoughts!
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