My narrow cave is zero colour
a thousand winds that blow over
only blow away kohls yet to see an eye.

The sunrise beams out in the morning's hush
as do the sun basks in the swift uplifting rush.
Ah, only to miss out again like yesterday,
there was a cave it tried to highlight.

Then lost me in the dark find a Moon
heavily tilted yet over a shady turf!
It's a secret
Often a vanishing silhouette
into the manifold shades of the night
beneath the endless stars!

It's open in plain sight
seen many a time
in mesmerising first light!
Above me is the wide blue sky
beneath my feet is a patch
of land sprawling far way.

Oh ask me not which direction
am I going this or that way?

East, west the north or the south?
The little bumblebee before
my eyes is flying every way!
It’s in my soil that maybe only
a patch of mundane dust.
But the water within it
must not come close to tear
or else no rock from space
will hit the one and only
finest cut the polished earth.
But it can no longer hold
onto its lubricating drop
of water at its very heart.
Losing it to some
one’s harrowing cry!
Shofi Ahmed Dec 2
The sea is deep or is it
compare to the deepening
drawing down moon upon it?
Shofi Ahmed Nov 29
Mirror, mirror!
You are so clear.
Pure like clear water
I see not your colour.

'You can see my inside
it's your picture!'
It whispers to a candle
curiously burning
in front of the mirror!
Shofi Ahmed Nov 26
The sun is not
    for one day.
       The same sunrise
          is new every day!
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