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Shofi Ahmed Jun 2021
Leaning into the bud of the night
                      the moon is still wake
                           tonight sleep no one!

Ask me not why?
     Narrative is the tuberose's
                             and the fireflies'
                                    me too is wake!
Jay M Mar 2021
Air of crisp breeze
Lingering scent of pine trees
Fine needles of evergreen
Stars above, twinkle and glow
A scene so calm and serene

All about
As though they had fallen to Earth
Little ***** of humming illumination
Yellow, like delicate embers seemingly flow
Without care or doubt
Like fragments of fire from a hearth
Drawing ever nearer
A vision almost never clearer
As the nights rise and fall

- Jay M
March 6th, 2021
Found it in the journal! Took me long enough, haha.
Jay M Mar 2021
Calm and content
Not a thing to lament
Air crisp, delicate breeze a whisper
Sky faded with evening glow
No need to whine or whimper
Let it all go

Far above, distant celestial lights
Dancing, scattered across the vastness
A scene so beautiful, so serene
Soaring in lesser heights
Orbs illuminate yellow
Floating throughout the darkness
In the distance, trees of evergreen
Little insects waving hello
In the fading, evening glow

- Jay M
March 8th, 2021
I left version one at my dad's house, so I wrote another version today.
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