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In my dark room,

Listening to the ***** din of Sin

City streets

concrete weight of after hours

My window ajar

to let the outside air in

while chain smoking to the whirring sirens'


of harpies' in heels

clucking and squealing

(laughter as sharp as their stilettos)

midnights past

black rubber tires burnt

From black boulevards

vehicular collisions'

sounds stalagmite, metallic


against the hum of sleeping traffic


this hollow city like a wide amphitheater

with the occasional Harley motorcycle's

Growling thunderous fuss

waking car alarms

               (a choir of infants' high pitch wailing...)

The desert night's siroccos

outside my 2nd floor apt. window

in dark rooms

where my silence is a deep listener

and my mind a curious wanderer,

where the walls

not only keep out

but carry every conversation

in such a cryptic void

a spark is gleaned,

a firefly wisp of an epiphany

we are not separate

you and I

        city and fly

        burrow and groundhog

        dam and ******

we are unread books in dark rooms

waiting for the absolute

truth’s boon

we find

in one another

to be known

to be keenly seen

Igniting past horrors

loudest pains

from this city that strips us;

our pages open like Window panes


no matter how **** the chapters

we will have known

joy being

a passerby’s “J”

Your emblazoned story

is also mine /

Up north & southern

swamp willows

breath and sultry kiss.

All humid human wish

Sweating the nights awake

Until dusk is dawn

And light drains the sinew

All screaming sins made few…

Steaming shadows

shattering length wise

In lieu

of bright carpets made of morning

Green grass and dew


our day yet written New...

dreamy like

fireflies in dark rooms,

a simple story

                (a night sky full of story…)

Each light our eyes touch

Fireflies in dark rooms.
Revised repost
I saw the constellations in your dreams through a telescope

The navy blue skies that reside in your eyes were painted with nebulas of hope  

A figure made of a million stars moved around to the music of your heart

And a dreamy eclipse wearing a ghostly white waited for a new start

With just one glance into your hopes,  I was staring at the sun, the moon and the ethereal skies

It seems I was looking into the windows of the galaxy to escape to a world of glowing fireflies
theforest Jan 12
you found me
in a deep dark forest
you spoke
and fireflies lit the way
every step forward
is a step closer to you
At first there were two,
two just became a multiplier,
of those red fireflies
dancing to the sick beat
of zooom, broooom and wshhhh.

They flied further as I rolled forward;
left to right and right to left
they wiggled, never overlapping;
just above, below or beside the other
it created beautiful chaos.

Trapped in time of ****** stars,
accelerates as orange turns green.
Yellow trails, red fireflies
sped past through me;
everything became blur.

The pair of red fireflies flew unstoppably, and that was the last thing I saw.
8M Dec 2018
One, two, three, four, five, six.
Six fireflies were in my jar.
Smiling, I ran to the arch.

I told him, "The bugs will make you happy."
The arch didn't move.
I tilted my head.
"****** arch, be happy."
The arch still didn't move.
I stomped my foot in rage.

"Be happy!"
I looked down and saw some pretty flowers.
I picked them up and threw them at the arch.
"Arch, please be happy."
Arch, please move.

Please, please be happy.

I knelt down and sobbed.

My life was never the same since the fall.
I lost everything.
My house, my parents, my friends.
Now this arch is all I have.

And even then, I don't think it'll be enough.
May or may not be connected to this:
n e o Dec 2018
my momma told me that the darkness is something I should never fear

light will always be near

and though she won't be forever here

fireflies will always be there to illuminate me anywhere and everywhere
ily mom ♡
Scurry hurry
Shaking hands shaped by worry
tie the knot of plastic
A bubble home for the hard green cup
where brown and white
mixed lay married.

Wash rush
Dainty legs in dark blue denim
hasn't time to be romantic
A worn out sister played by hope
shuts the door panting.

  It clings to a robust tree
  head hidden under rosy pink    
  protective shield
  edged in yellow

  The fireflies

Sticky webs of empty lies packaged in boxes of deception by the wizard that doesn't work
sit dead on the small bedside table
like the results they provide.

Boxes and boxes of cozy containers
and cards of capsules
47 I counted them
current and extras
They choke my sight
then I am groped by the smooth blue robes worn by the youthful shepherd
posing aside a grey rock looking yonder
into the distance as insta-natural as possible in a pastel painted picture framed in wood against the wall.
  Unstable molecules in tiny airtubes,  
  many, breakdown and explode
  like little landmines
  A bio-luminescent lit ***** assaults a  
  dense night flashing brilliant
  to find a mate
  Six strong neon-green throbbing blinks
  Six slow seconds of unimaginable
  wordless dreamless dark.

  are bright.

I turn my head
The whole unsettling mass of reality
is torn apart into vibrant colorful morsels,
then reassembled
as my eyes  


"Oh God, if you're here, heal her now
and you'll have me. Show me what those confident tongues so eagerly confess.

Another sticky empty square
covered in thick black-strap molasses
slapped to the face of the fool
who likes sweet things.


What happened to the omni-this, omni-that CEO of God enterprises?
"Go on Death" is what that means
"Go on Death do your job" is what it does

"It's your time.
It's to test your faith.
Gods plan."
All slogans for the man
who believes and dies.
  Culture creates the fool
  Hope keeps the fool
  Belief kills the fool
Thanks for doing what all those boxes
and all the pictures
on all the walls of the world do


Her face,
a gaunt kind of skin-to-bone sight
a bad flavor
like a meal with no taste

Her mouth,
*****-lipped, framed by dry
delivers deadly blows to a heaving chest
that says; "Give me air"
yet lungs say no

is ****** from the pit of my cold stomach
then up through the spirit of a warm heart
I plaster the feeling in the shape of water.
My eyes puddle

I weep

It sticks



Fluttering as a twinkle
through soft beams of sunlight,
the drop glistens
then dies
on the pink and blue checkered blanket.

All I have to offer are busky palms
to soothe this battered body
before you are torn apart by what
puts things like us together.

I swallow her frame

Her calf - bone

Squeeze and move

Her thigh,
my hand wraps completely
pinching a sausage sized piece of muscle
not big enough to walk
between plump thumb
and meaty middle

Squeeze and move

Her hip bone is angular
It fits flush in my hand
like the hard front peak of a cricket cap
when held above the grid

Squeeze and move

My chunky tentacles massage over
wire-thin barely blue throbless veins
that decorate her meatless paws
and twig-like fingers.

Squeeze and move
  It's after midnight
  Thick curds of desperation push
  again, through a splendid backside
  a special toosh
  slogging a dancing night-fever
  to beat the two-to-four,
  a beam as bright as a green day
  cuts through the black pitch of night


I hold her hand
A thin filling between two slices of mine
I look at her eyes and turn away

Have you ever been pulled from the center of  your heart, ripped head first through the narrow ***** of your own chest, tossed aside like a skin-sheet onto a concrete glass-covered floor then squashed beneath the majesty of a billion dancing floor-clapping feet attached to a shapeless void shapeshifting as slideshows  between all things gone, here, and still to come, stopping on the body of a small blue boy that sings in ghostly echo;
"Don't turn away from this.
Look till you see me through the eyes of another because this too
will happen to you
Clap clap clap clap!
I'm coming for you.

Trapped in a square tunnel made of brick, walls wide enough for one bus no brakes to speed through, no escape,
I accept what will squash me
I Face it
I Stand before it

I stare at her eyes staring back at me
A deep dagger stare
Two parts steel
until there is only steel
It melts

I simmer the room in soft whisper;
"It's okay. It's okay. It's okay."
I hold her hand,
patting the top as I warm the bottom
I smile for her, at me
I smile back, as me
  A skillful mimic
  Here I come
  I have light and breath
  I see yours
  I come at night
  Not for genes or ***
  I hunt and gut
  Hawking down I come as death

The gaps between her labored breaths become bigger and for a second I drift at the sight reappearing on the sandy dunes of an empty dessert space pushed by a dying wind I can barely feel.

A sharp salty tang toils the tip of my tongue and brings me back to her.

Her eyes

They have changed








That dessert

And that place where

*The Fireflies Lose their Light
S Nirmal Kumar Nov 2018
Flickering lanterns
Lit up the night sky
Luminous fireflies
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